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It was a nice time, and a lot of people had a lot of fun, while they were also enjoying their freedumbs by making their opinions publicly known. So naturally conservatives are upset. But they're cool with football players who beat 4-year olds and kids shooting Uzis. Priorities.

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It's just as I fapped to. I mean feared.

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I thought Wonkette was Santeria?

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The very idea of ignoring my fuckstick is anathema.

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Also too Ayn Rand was physically repulsive, uniquely so.

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A night "out of" drinking? Is that the activity to which he resorts once he is "out of" meth?

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That's like hypnotizing chickens.

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"Iran Air flight IR655 flew every day out of Bandar Abbas—a civil as well as military airport—on a scheduled passenger flight to Dubai using established air lanes. The Italian navy and another US warship, the frigate Sides, confirmed that the plane was climbing—not diving to attack—at the time of the missile strike. The U.S. radio warnings were only broadcast on 121.5 MHz, not air traffic control frequencies and mistakenly identified the altitude and position of the plane, so the Airbus crew, if they were monitoring "guard," could have misinterpreted the warnings as referring to another aircraft. Captain David Carlson of the Sides later said that the destruction of the airliner 'marked the horrifying climax to Rogers' aggressiveness'."

Put the weapons out there and eventually some idiot will pull the trigger. Confirmation bias is a bitch sometimes.

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Meanwhile where is the Wonkettz Dix Pix Gallery? I thought the new site overlords value community participation?