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That's like hypnotizing chickens.

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"Iran Air flight IR655 flew every day out of Bandar Abbas—a civil as well as military airport—on a scheduled passenger flight to Dubai using established air lanes. The Italian navy and another US warship, the frigate Sides, confirmed that the plane was climbing—not diving to attack—at the time of the missile strike. The U.S. radio warnings were only broadcast on 121.5 MHz, not air traffic control frequencies and mistakenly identified the altitude and position of the plane, so the Airbus crew, if they were monitoring "guard," could have misinterpreted the warnings as referring to another aircraft. Captain David Carlson of the Sides later said that the destruction of the airliner 'marked the horrifying climax to Rogers' aggressiveness'."

Put the weapons out there and eventually some idiot will pull the trigger. Confirmation bias is a bitch sometimes.

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Meanwhile where is the Wonkettz Dix Pix Gallery? I thought the new site overlords value community participation?

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Bwaha, that was so funny I could shit.

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Will I have to attempt to write WHILE having night sex? Because I can do that (potentially).

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My orgy's are always awesome. I invite you to disprove that statement sometime.

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"Mad shout to my hubby bestie who was in there plowing all mah ladeez last nite!"

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Wilcox may have meant well, and I genuinely grieve his death and the circumstances thereof, but he make a critical mistake, and a very basic one at that: never advance on dangerous people, whether you know them to be armed or not. Retreat immediately. Always. Unless you have NO RECOURSE, get yourself secured and then be a hero if circumstances allow. And if people are shooting at the roof and telling you to leave, that's what you do. Draw your concealed weapon in case you are being led into an ambush I guess, but always always retreat from danger if possible.

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I forgot Poland.

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She earned every penny. The entire media superstructure conspired to make her teen years shittier than necessary. Katzenberger was her unofficial financial godfather then, probably seeing to it that she's kept happy to this day. And come on: you want Jenna Bush pimping her ho box out there without a fährenbalenz counterpart? That's crazy talk.