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Welcome back home, Bhakti! My most special, favorite cat was lost for two months a couple of years ago. We'd left for vacation, she'd gotten trapped in a bathroom and then jumped out of a poorly-secured window to escape, and our cat-sitter friend just assumed that she was shy, so she had been missing for two weeks by the time we noticed! I was terribly sad for the entire time she was gone, not knowing what had happened to her. Finally, someone who lived less than a mile away contacted us, thanks to a giant yard sign that I'd made, to tell us that his neighborhood had been feeding a cat like her. We drove over there, I got out of the car to call for her, and before I could even finish shouting her name the first time out she bounded from the bushes! It's the best feeling in the world when they come home!

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I sew a lot, and when I saw that photo of the mug rug, I thought, "Oh, that is so beautiful! I want to make something like that!"

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My daughter absolutely treasures her handprint, and she loves the sculpture that she made, too.

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I'm kind of into this idea these days using vintage sheets, too. I really like the look of mismatched, busy (but sorta coordinating) bedding, and vintage sheets are GREAT for that.