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A normal comment thought by most sane people. Maybe it was Methodists who flew those planes into the twin-towers!!!

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The quran being translated-- It works quite fine when it is burning.!!!!!

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I have already stated that i should do a few beheadings and maybe burn down about 20 billion mosques in Bradford!!!

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How about a ground zero mosque exploding on a Friday. Now i think that would be truly hilarious!!!

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We in the UK do not want 70 million rabid Turks in the EU or UK. They should rape children in heir own back-yard!!!!

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Quite politely I say to islam, fk off you perverted animals. If I buy a book of the Pope or chess and want to burn it, that is my decision. I would rather burn politicians but I would probably be arrested for air pollution offences!!! NO SURRENDER.

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Israel come home and forget it. They are taking the piss. Forget USA they dont give a shit with the muslim in the shite house!!!

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She is a muslim. They are born with taqiyya, and so cannot ever be believed!!! Look!! here is a good muslim, see, they are not all bad. Well yes they are, they are all animals, lying animals who think it is alright to rape children and stone women to death!!!

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mohamad was a murdering raping paedophile. As that is the truth, I expect front mag to become appeases and dismiss this as they did my other truthful comment!!!!

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We will protest peacefully until the police and UAF start their dirty tricks as usual!!!