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Fail. The cat's posture shows he's not happy.

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Oh my. I love this. I am this, and I struggle with the same things, especially the FIX THEM part. Thank you, it's nice to know someone else is somehow on the same brainwave.

I'm going to actually print this out and hang it up.

Thank you, Joslyn.

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Hahaha, love it Tracey! As a fellow New Jerseyan, I can totally relate. Except my life focuses around the Parkway instead of the Turnpike. How nice that our little state has not one, but two high-speed pseudo-Autobahns!

Signing off from Exit 88 (Rt. 70 Lakewood/Brick)!

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Make one small ripple and see where it goes. Then make another. Smiles are contagious, there is no harm in smiling and you might never know how far your ripple went or what positive effects it brought to bear.

Simplistic? Yes.
But sometimes that's all someone needs.

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Fantastic. Saw it on Elephant Journal. Found it here, posted to Facebook and Twitter.
Now I'm going to go read all your other comics, glad I found you! :)
PS... "dickfinity" is genius.

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Simply. Fabulous. Keep up the good work and don't let the haters get you down.

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That was the saddest, most depressing Calvin I've ever read and I'm sorry I did. Time to go pull out my Complete Calvin & Hobbes and cheer myself up.

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Not trying to be flippant or funny or nasty... this sounds a lot like George Carlin, he liked to play with language that way and definitely had the same philosophy, especially later in life.

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Love it! Great analogy... I adore simple analogies, they make the lesson so much easier to remember. And to share!

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I'm in love. Best. Post. Ever.