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well I've enjoyed your work, I'm not an artist so i can't judge on the art, I like it, it gives me something shiny to look at after I've stumbled out of work.

I'm considering a career change after 16 years of retail in a grocery store. thanks to the numerous pattings on the head and gentle pushes from my gf, I'm considering training to become a nurse. If it works out, I'll be happier, probably have more sanity and making more money than where I am now. This in addition to moving in with said gf, the creation of a man cave in the basement and potential marriage in the future, I think I'm either getting older or life on Planet Earth isn't disagreeable with me.

Just write at your pace and take your time, we'll be here waiting to read the next strip.

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I think the sad part is Hogan, Savage and the Warrior were to me the biggest names in the WWF and now only Hogan's left. You can't but wonder if that truly saddens Hogan and scares him to live healthier.

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I loved the streak seeing that I remember when it started without realizing it was going to be a Streak. No one else is going to be able to beat it. Honestly I think it's actually a good thing that a Wrestlemania mostly organized by Triple H and Stephanie was able to make this move instead of Vince who would have fought to keep it at zero losses. Changing of the times

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In a way I do feel bad for Orndorff, the WWF then while it made loads of money under Hogan, didn't want to take the risk of trying many other guys with the main belt then. I believe there were several guys who could have made great champions and having Hogan fight to get back the title would have just as good. Sadly we'll never know but the company has changed with the times.

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they could do it the same style as Wrestlemania match earlier in the night for the title, along with a match to determine the other winner, then those two fight at the end of the night.

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Bring back Hulk Hogan...just keep the kids at a minimal...they wore out their welcome

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how many guys have they tried elevating up to the next level from midcard, give them a run with the bigger titles...determine that person isn't doing it right there and then, push them back down to midcard. Meanwhile at the moment fans are cheering for Bryan and either taking the longer road with him or just sticking to the Triple H gameplan. It's no wonder the guys are walking on eggshells, risk it and burn out or fly below the radar

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here's my two cents...we've seen enough guys leave before or after Wrestlemania by now to know how behind the scenes work. the only way this could be a work is if CM Punk, Daniel Bryan and others vanish only to form their own stable to combat the Authority, probably with Stone Cold in a JJ Dillon's role. yes taking a page out of TNA's book but it works

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Never been a fan of Orton, he's always felt like the punk bully who always got his way by knowing the right people. Ziggler should have kept his mouth shut to avoid making waves, he's lucky to have a steady job, don't risk that

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I went to Mick Foley's stand up comedy last night at Webster, my friend saw Edge there for a second, Foley then teased everyone for the rest of the show that Edge was there but that we missed him