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I adore swordfish! Your recipe looks fantastic! My wife would go gaga for this!
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Oh my! I love a good chutney and I bet having those sun-dried tomatoes really set this recipe off! Thanks for sharing!

1 week ago @ http://cookingchat.blo... - Grilled Salmon with Ma... · 1 reply · +2 points mango salsa, and it's such a refreshing complement to grilled food. I'm digging the White Burgundy pairing too. As you noted it's produced in a variety of styles, and it can be a challenge to find value, but well worth the effort!

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Oh....and I like Vermentino with pesto too!
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Great recipe AND wine pairing. Sometimes I think there's a misconception that just one wine will work with a dish. But both the Picpoul and the SB are great choices!

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OK...that's it! It's been far too long since I've had a brownie! I want! Great looking brownies and recipe!

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Your Dad sounds like a great guy. Thanks for sharing this recipe! Looks great!

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MMM...I'm gonna have to try these. They look great!

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Ironic that you posted about whole wheat croissants. I was in Starbuck yesterday tempted to get one, and I wondered why it is that I've never seen a whole wheat croissant. I didn't get one. But I was thinking that if there was a whole wheat option I could rationalize getting one. Yours looks fabulous!

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Tried the Tres Sabores last Friday at big Petite Sirah event "Dark and Delicious" - Very good!