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Sometimes we eat at the British Beer Company in Falmouth. While you're eating your burger you can look out over the water to Martha's Vineyard only a short six or seven miles away. At night you can see the lights on in their homes. I love the ferry ride to the vineyard. Breezes and salty air. One time there was a whale swimming with us and sounding. The captain stopped the boat so we could enjoy those huge puppy like eyes and sounds of this enormously powerful creature. Great day! Enjoy the ride. The Cape and Islands are a magical place. Come visit if you can. September is best. Not so much traffic.

I can't even imagine the excitement of boarding the ferry to Edgartown .... to be handed a set of keys ..... to open the door to a really spectacular home like that. This home is HGTV's finest yet. Good luck everyone!

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Being there would be fun. Getting there.......not too much fun :)

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Today, that fantastic and efficient (and expensive) spray foam insulation is being put to the test along with the Pella windows. Let's see, according to my brother, about six miles away, the snow should be almost to the bottom of the windows. Especially with the drifting. The pics from my brother's house looks like the peeks of whipped cream. Almost zero visibility. Maybe snuggled on the sofa with one of the beautiful throws, light the fireplaces and put some cookies in that enormous oven and some good movies. Heavenly :)

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The Kennedy Compound that people see on TV is in Hyannis on the mainland. It was up for sale a couple of years ago. Not sure what's happened to it now. The neighbors wouldn't let it become a busy museum on its small street. Ted's son built another family house behind the compound and I'm pretty sure they still have that.

Jacqueline Kennedy had a house on Martha's Vineyard in Aquinnah on the west end of the island. Unfortunately her house was not too far from young John's plane crash site and not to far from chappaquiddick where Ted Kennedys car accident was and Mary Jo Kopechne died. Caroline still owns it, I think. The Dream home is on the other end of the island. Only good things happen on the east end of the island ;).

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Sounds like it would be great to have breakfast at Carley's house :). Or she and her family could join us in this Martha's Vineyard beauty :). I adore this home....more than all the other dream homes.

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Can't wait to get my hands on that stove for all kinds of food. Guess all the holidays would be at my house. :). That's ok here. What a fun place to entertain.

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Love the courtyard view from the bedroom. And the size of the bedrooms. Not too big, not too small, just right.

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A Question.....the copper downspouts don't have any extensions on them to divert water away from the house. A few empty out on the bluestone patio and the rest just end a few inches from the ground. This doesn't sound like a good idea. Any ideas? My son thinks they will add ugly extensions after the contest and photo shoots end :)

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Love the skylight most of all. Can't help but notice that this house, like most others, have high hat lights placed in a bad location. If you're standing at the counter your body blocks most of the light. Lights should be just a few inches in front of the cabinets so they shine down on counters and aren't blocked by the cook. I can live with it though :).

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I would do just about anything to stay in this home! I live just on the other side of the ferry ride to MV in a much less grand home. This architect/builder has a sterling reputation in this area. I'm guessing that you could rent the house for those 8 or 10 summer weeks for ten thousand a week or so. Wouldn't take long to pay those taxes :). I just love this house (except, maybe, the kids room colors).