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What a great promotional mobile idea! SMS works very well with all age group and especially well when you can target a specific audience. Always be sure to work with a well-known mobile marketing firm! www.textripple.com

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Great inforgraph! The numbers really do speak for themselves but are espeically clear through this graph. It's really interesting to see the amount of SMS going on every single day. Hope to see more of these! www.textripple.com

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WOW! We've heard the statistics that SMS is more prevalent than any other channel but to see it on these infographs really makes the point clear. I especially like the one about spam on SMS vs. email. If you want to really reach customers, SMS is the only clear way to do it! Thanks for the great information and on with SMS marketing! www.textripple.com.

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Parent's with young children are an excellent marketing for mobile marketing via coupons, promotions and alerts. It may be, perhaps, that people are still not comfortable with location based marketing as it can be seen as invasive and often misunderstand as to how it works. It may be best at the current time to stick to regular SMS marketing that does not include location based data. The results of this study do show some great promise of mobile marketing making major impacts on retailing events such as holiday shopping this year. On with the coupons! www.textripple.com

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This information needs to be much more public so other companies can join in the cause. It is great however that non-profits have taken such a vested interest in the MICC. Perhaps when it becomes more publicized, more companies can get on board as well. Very good cause! www.textripple.com

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Carrier control should not influence availability of information to individuals. It seems ridiculous that these issues are no longer a large concern over wired Internet but have such a place in the wireless sphere. Perhaps the more publicized the MICC becomes, the easier it will be to pass.

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Location based is another way of saying, "shrinking of the target market". To reach everyone you must use a method that can impact the maximum amount of people such as SMS>

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The inforgraph shows how SMS still remains a desired source for a mobile coupon even on a smartphone. The mobile channel is definitely expanding at a rate larger than any other channel, which makes NOW the time to look into mobile advertising and marketing. I would predict mobile coupons to become so prevalent in the near future that customers literally can't shop without their phones and, alternatively, retailers cannot make a real profit without using mobile as part of their advertising and marketing strategies.

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