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I just taped a VIDEO RESPONSE to the IRS: ***Please note, the Tea Party I organized was in 2009!***

Jenny Hatch 
Colorado Tea Party Organizer

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Thanks, that was the best overview I have read so far...

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Excerpt also posted and linked:

Good Job Larry!


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Yes, and when that happens during an election year to an editor who is promising to releasing videos that will help in vetting a sitting president, well sorry to be so mean, but only those who are dumb as a rock would assume he died from natural causes. I am ANGRY, ENRAGED.... The sadness will come later, but right now I want those tapes that he was martyred for to be published.

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Sheesh, I wonder who would be served by Andrew not being alive anymore. I guess it is time to release the tapes, slowly, one at a time, don't wait guys, do it today:


PS Yeah Right, Died of natural causes after being systematically poisoned and hit with directed energy weaponry for the past three years. It slays me, these murderers who act as if God is NOT in his Heaven quietly observing and recording all that they do. A day of reckoning and judgement is coming and the truth about Mr. Breitbarts death will be known and those who took him out will be accountable to God for the evil they have done to a young family by taking away husband and father.

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I feel sick, sad, and overwhelmed. God Bless his wife and family...

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I am glad you are pounding this story Lee.

As a gang rape victim I am outraged by the ideological coverups that have covered a multitude of sins around sexual assaults by leftists.

As lead organizer of one of the 9-12-09 Denver Tea Parties security was front and center as we prepared for a five hour evening event. In fact I told my organizing partner Anthony that if anyone was assaulted during our event then we had failed as organizers. The Colorado Rangers and Capitol police provided perfect security.

Ironically, when I reported certain incidents to the police of being stalked and attacked by leftists, I was completely ignored.

Justice is supposed to only be blind, not deaf and dumb too.

Keep fighting for justice!

Jenny Hatch

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I was at the meeting and the Superintendent handled it like a true leader. He politely listened while parents vented, (and helped a little toddler color in her coloring book-very sweet), and then when it was time to get down to business he allowed those of us who had come to brainstrom ideas to work together to share ideas, while acknowledging the deep distress of those families who have been a part of the Options Homeschool Community.

As a homeschooling parent for the past 20 years who has tried a variety of school settings for our five children, I am thrilled with what I heard at the meeting yesterday. Boulder Explore is about to become a very important part of our life.

Jenny Hatch

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The enjoyment Evangelicals will get from open mormon bigotry in the media won't be so secret, they can barely contain the glee now..

As for your concern about the emotional well being of me and my people, I have dealt with rejection and bigotry against my faith my whole life. I grew up in the same Detroit mormon congregation as Mitt and our parents were good friends. They weren't as snobby as you sometimes project here at Hill Buzz, but rather were friendly, down to earth people. I attended girls camp and youth dances and parties with Romney grandchildren and they were funny, self depricating, and kind, even though George Senior was governor of the state.

Faithful Mormons get a daily reality check every time we open our scriptures and read the stories of fellow travelers in Christ who throughout history were beaten, murdered, and maimed for our faith. Many of us descend from pioneers who were chased out of illinois back in the day, who lost property and family members during mob actions.

We also are continually warned by church leaders of the things that have been prophesied:

I was a strong Bachmann supporter and am now on the fence about who would help turn things around. While I understand how crucial the presidency is, I think we should all be working hard in our states to send fiscal conservatives to congress in 2012.

Thanks for a great post, I am going to share it on Facebook with my mormon friends and family...

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Thanks Kevin, I am absolutely clear and prepared for what this year will mean for the Mormon people, the question is, are those who wrap themselves in anti biogotry prepared to defend our right to live our faith and teach our religion to our children?

Jenny Hatch