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eight equals equals FarCry2

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I tried finding AJ's SEGA shirt on google based on the detailed description (and back story), fell on this:

About buying games cheap, I feel bad for having paid only £2 for Vanquish. That game should never be this cheap. I know this is more or like 5 CAN$ (which is still cheap) but I couldn't help but think of that one time I went to a local game store back in the summer of 1998, and saw a used copy of MYST on Sega Saturn for 2 CAN$ which, in contrast, I thought at the time was WAY too pricy for such a piece of... wasted CD-ROM.

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Animal Crossing the Trenches? I'd buy that.

Imagine the awesome stuff you could level up as the conflicts escalate (and/or move to other eras of warfare)!




*mine doge detonates self and tank*


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aaand it took about 2 hours and a half. BUT NOW, I have enough cat food to acquire the NINJA CAT!


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I can't get enough of The Battle Cats; considering waking up at night to use all my energy. I wonder how long it'll last.

I also wonder how long before I cave and do all those stupid things which grant me 1 cat food per action.

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O man, I thought I was the only one with the largest collection of ''Notes'' and ''Letter'' in Skyrim! I actually had to delete a few because they started to bug out at one point (the game doesn't like it when more than one of your friends die at the same time, and the courier seem to be utterly confused about that).

Speaking of Skyrim (yeah I might stick with that one for a bit), there is this mod, Frostfall, which include hypothermia and survival camping:

Pretty awesome, and gives a new meaning to ''home away from home'' or, if you fancy it, a permanent home in the land of permafrost! Mostly you try to make it fast, get a fireplace going so you don't freeze to death as you settle for the night, and try to leave when you have some time for traveling as soon as you had a good night of rest... but I can see this being more than just utilitarian, but then that's just playing a hermit. Which can still be a thing I guess.

And in Hearthfire DLC, you could build your own home! It was heavily scripted, but you still had more customization capabilities than when buying a home. Building all 3 available ''mansions'' fully (because they can become quite the imposing properties) takes an awful lot of time and dedication (and gold). This may just be the last ''achievement'' I get to stumble upon in my Skyrim life!

I really liked the idea of a futuristic ''cozy space station Japanese apartment of the future'' in Phantasy Star Universe. Your room had a place to set up a shop to sell your items. You could decorate everything in there and even throw parties if you felt like it (and/or were sick of farming). It served purposes both in the multilayer and single player mode.

In Warframe, they recently added a player-ship. It's very compact, but it's basically the ship that sends you in and takes you out of every mission. The possibilities for customization are rather limited to say the least, but you have a little spot to stare at the sun and surrounding celestial bodies (usually where you last had a mission. I'm quite found of the Jupiter environment). You can craft weapons and access your arsenal there in a manner that is less ''sterile'' than simply clicking on a button in a menu. It isn't much, but it definitely adds to the immersion.

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Middle-of-the-wilderness, Manitoba, waaaayy north! Gonna enjoy the dry cold and auroras for a year at least! Maybe more, depends on if my gf and I are still working there. I do intend on going back to Montreal maybe for some time in the summer days, or the UK! We'll see how things go and then think of travel plans. Meeting up and gaming with fellow AR people would be awesome though! Feels like it's been forever!

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*10 weeks later*

I have recovered, yes! Took me about a week though. I'm not as young as I used to be! But yes, been busy planning a move across the country as well as MANY OTHER DISTRACTIONS (mostly, WARFRAME).

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Actually, I'll do more than just leave that here. I'll add more on the matter.

One day, somewhere in the Spring of year 2006, I have been graced with the possibility to enjoy FREE freedom-to-do-as-I-please-away-from-work (read: took semi-forced unpaid vacations because of REASONS. Those were harsh times for the video-game industry. Or maybe just the company I worked with. I don't know, POINT IS I was perfectly fine with the idea of having 2 surprise weeks of R&R).

And so, I went to E3 in Los Angeles. There I saw bunch of hot titles and rooms full of props and boot-babes and... a particularly unattractive section that looked like a weird dealer's room from an anime convention. At first it gave the impression of being the backstage of the main event floor's, or worse, the ''we couldn't afford being on the main floor, but YAY! we may have ruined ourselves just to have a spot somewhere in E3, BUT WE ARE IN. God-I-hope-we-can-find-a-buyer'' room.

That room turned out to be the most interesting of them all. I saw a PS2 controller made of buttons that you lock into your joints to create combinations of moves that allow you to FIGHT LIKE A DUDE FROM TEKKEN, as you play Tekken, a mouse that moved on the x y and z axis, and a thing you put on your head to play a game.

That game was more primitive than Pong itself. If I had to give that demo a name, I'd call it ''mind wrestling''. Because it kinda was just that. You'd put a helmet on your head, and then someone else would do the same. Now without trying to look too constipated, you'd try to figure out what way to think or ''be at ease'' (I don't remember really) to push your bar as far as possible, more than the other person. Kind of like arm wrestling and tug-of-war, FOR YOUR MIND.

I didn't think much of it, but thought it had potential, given I figured works of fiction had already been made with the idea of controlling a machine with the mind. Back then, I only knew of Macross Plus the anime, but apparently in 1982 this questionably poor movie with Clint Eastwood called FireFox (written in SEGA font) came out and it was all about flying a plane WITH YOUR MIND (in Russian). I kind of only got to know that last bit today from replies on the site of the article I just posted here though.

But yeah, awesome stuff.


A mere TWO YEARS later, I stumble on this:

It's insane, it's got so ahead. And now, today, we just learned (well, I just learned at least) that they are planning on making that tech be used to flying freakin' planes.

Now I tell you, if we're ''getting close to fly with our minds'', I'm pretty sure we have a safe mastery of the tech to map ''a mere handful'' of controller inputs.

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From a site we all know and love:

I'll just leave this here.