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I am really wanting to see a PC-console multiplayer kicking in for an EDF (either in this generation or the next) so we can get some good old PC-console multiplayer like in the Dreamcast days. The last one got a PC port, this one hopefully will as well, and the next one should be a PC-XBOXONE-PS4 online experience! Or maybe it will be PC-XBOXTWO-PS5.

I can't believe there has to be such barriers in this day and age... but I won't rant about that, nay, I'll rant about the fact I HAVE YET TO PLAY EDF 2025. Still, I really want to keep playing EDF:IA, but alone will feel like such a drag and I already feel that, despite not having unlocked all the weapons ever, I have seen the end of it, ya know, from having beaten the game on the hardest difficulty already. Given the life of my Xbox 360, I'm hesitant to bring such a beast-of-a-game I know I'll be pouring lot's of hours into on my console. I fear it's a matter of time before it dies on me. I'll cross my fingers for a PC port for now.

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And I forgot to mention, while we can give sick paint jobs on cars and whatnot... we can't tag on them! I saw a truck the other day that looked like it came out of Jet Grind Radio. It would be nice to be able to do that, and then randomly see that ''decorated'' piece of work of yours go around the city. I don't expect someone in a lambo being too keen on doing that, but ya know some no-name delivery trucks sometime just go with it.

Or OR, even see some workers (in a GTA-like game) scrub the graffiti you did in some area... and maybe, if you get busted, one of the potential consequences for petty crimes could be some manual labor sentence, and one of them being scrubbing off graffiti... graffiti that YOU did! O HOW IRONIC.

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Haha, don't get me wrong, I'm not trying to convince you to get a PS4; I'm trying to convince you to check how Warframe runs on your PC (if you have any) and get to convince yourself you are playing an Xbox version of it with an Xbox360 controller... alongside PS4 players.

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(just got around reaching this podcast, talk about laggin' behind!)

I've made it a point to get Vanquish before the end of this year, but I'm so concerned about how more awesome it might be compared to Warframe, I'm afraid I wouldn't want to get back to Warframe once I'd be done with Vanquish! Not to mention that, given it's been so long since release, I'm also a BIT concerned about whether I'd be able to find a copy anywhere.


On a Spartan note, the day I showed up all dressed up as one for work, was still warmer than the day I did the same in Saint-Zénon (where I had another costume party... which is 140km North of Montreal. oh and the party was in November):

Would you believe that -10ºC feels considerably colder than -4ºC? Crazy stuff! Might have had something to do with me having wet feet from stepping in the snow in sandals... or maybe also me being half naked. Yeah, must have been that.

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The thumbnail for this article made me think of NASEghasts.

Well, more accurately, of this image in particular:

Must have been the color palette, and that guy's expression... looking like he's about to turn into a NASAghast. If you have a chance, and if you haven't already (and have a lot of spare time [and kinda are into that stuff, the comic isn't for everyone, really]), sink into The Adventures of Dr. McNinja!

It's like Deadpool and Batman as one more-or-less super hero.

About Out There though, it seems to be an interesting ''ISS Commander'' simulator! From the few interviews I've seen of Col. Chris Hadfield, and the couple anecdotes about how things ''tended to be on the verge of going horribly wrong on a daily basis'' up there, it sounds like Out There could be the closest thing to what it might be to command an International Space Station... of the future!*

*ya know, one going around planets and whatnot.

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EDIT: found it, the badger comic:

... also, my favorite comic:

His ''irrational fears'' are pretty wacked too.

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Does this mean you'll still come play Warframe with me on PC instead of PS4? We can troll PS4 players together! Tell them ''how great the game feels when played with a USB Xbox360 controller''?


I wouldn't be surprised though that the PS4 allow you to use a USB Xbox360 controller if you want to. So I guess that ruins it for my trolling days.

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... though I bet you're glad it wasn't a bucket full of bullet cases you tipped! Skyrim issues aside, this looks promising!

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Too true, I once ranted about something here (it had to do with bots, or more importantly, lack of bots) and how many people might not feel the craving for that 'something' if they never even experienced a proper version of it, hence, never feeling the need to request for it. Like a little happy African child enjoying himself in the dust, unaware that, while he IS happy with what he's got, he could be getting better.

The problem with that analogy is that no, actually, that little African kid might not be able to get better, but US on the other hand, have already gotten better, but now no longer have it. To the point that we may have forgotten it or not even GROWN with it. I mean, one could say, given the advancements in AI and how it shows in GTA V, you'd think we'd be able to have humans & bots vs humans & bots... o wait, no it comes down to data of win/lose ratios not being fair since they'd be partially tied with the doings of non-humans... right, I forgot about that important egocentric aspects of many gamers out there... probably why the makers of Fuels of War, while they had done this AWESOME mod for the old Battlefield 1943, didn't add bots in their game. That, or they didn't really know how to CODE bots ever in the first place since, after all, Desert Combat was pretty much just a fancy retexturing and remodeling of the code found there (which, had bots) done by another completely different bunch of guys (ei: those who made Battlefield).

Which brings me to GTA V. The critics are all over it. Like, I'm seeing 10/10 and 97% everywhere. Needless to say, its Metacritic is off the chart, but then I ask myself, is this guy in this threat a troll or just ''a gamer who'll never be happy with any game ever'' (I mean, we all have our quirks: some will love the next CoD, others will rather play MindJack*):

But given the complaints (and comparisons) it seems founded in quite a few instances (not as bad as GTA IV in some fields... but still, GTA IV did have, at the time, a Metacritic similar to GTA V now, and it's not like they hadn't done better before! GTA IV felt lackluster in many GTA-specific fields alone, without needing to compare to other games to begin with). I won't expect the game to be AS BAD as he makes it sounds, but if Rockstar has done ''much better'' in other games for the field mentioned, and it's ''sub-par'' in those mentioned fields for a game like GTA V... ''accepting that those aspects are shit'' isn't what should be done by critics in then saying that game is a 10/10 when, clearly, on the market you have other games - games made by that same company - which have done better! It's like if we'd say ''forget about all the shitty aspects of MindJack** in the cover-base shooting or the story and acting, that game is definitely a 10/10 - IF YOU OVERLOOK THOSE FLAWS''. OBVIOUSLY this can hold true for ANY game when you think about it this way, duh.

*Yes! Mentioned MindJack***

**Mentioned it Twice!


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That's fascinating. I have heard (and never got bored of) the story of the ''Potter major fuck up'' from Operation Flashpoint, but never knew of the (near)immediate response by AJ in the next match. The reason I find it fascinating is simply because I can now not only associate the very ''stabbing of Potter'' aftermath to that very image (from one of my favorite artist), but I can now see meaning to it for, originally, as awesome as I saw that picture, I couldn't quite come up with a scenario that could lead to such a blindly brutal ''betrayal''. And in a sense, I came to think it void of meaning which, alas, had gone unappreciated compared to other pieces of work from the guy.

Well, now I have a hilarious scenario that matches the image to perfection!

To get to the grimmer serious subject of video-game critics and AJ's question (''Do you think this is going to get better?''). I'd say yes. I mean, 10 years ago, did we have anyone around the lines of Yahtzee reviewing games? While I agree he may not be the best example in criticism in the sense that he is almost look upon as a ''freak show'', and some may not even take his ranting seriously and just eagerly await his next ''review'' as a source of entertainment rather than a serious critic in and of itself, I think he still brings up considerably good points in most of his ''ranting''.

Before him, we had the arrival (around 2004ish) of the ''Angry Nintendo Nerd'', but really, that was pure entertainment rather than serious reviews and it's a hit or miss as well, not to mention it's making fun/raving about outdated games which, unless you are a fan of and/or lived under a rock for years, won't be able to enjoy at the present time. While they may be in the complete opposite of the reviewing spectrum compared to the sold-out ''GTA #, 11/10; Halo # 100% GOTY'' bunch, I think we're starting to see things balance out.

And really, I think places like Arcadian Rhythms are where the middle ground of reviewing is going to be found blooming. That way, perhaps slowly, independent critics will join the ranks of other more mainstream reviewing sites, at first joining the ranks of the ''sold souls'', but in time, replacing them. And if we don't ever lose, say, Shaun to any of the big names out there, perhaps this very little corner of the internet is going to become a beacon of its own. And it will be places like Arcadium Rhythm that ''those who refuse to be bought off'' will join.

Whatever happens, I think it's a step in the right direction, but I won't lie, I still think that a lot of reviewers will be bought off, and there will still be Metacritic existing out there, but perhaps people won't pay attention to them as much, silently nodding at the sight of a 90/100, but looking up where the % came from... questioning, doubting, investigating.

But if you bought all the Halo games before and are already sold to the series, there's nothing wrong with going with the other Halo but, truth is, even if ALL the critics would say it SUCKED HARD, you'd still buy it anyway, so whether it got a meta score of 100 or 0 matters not in the end.

Fans will be fans.