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Thanks for hosting today, Rose! :)

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Great review, Rose! This sounds like an action packed series! And I love that the characters are just as well developed as the plot! Glad you liked it! :)

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Great interview, ladies! LOLZ @ her rebellious teenage phase! Stuff like that is why I'm glad I didn't have a girl. >.< But hey we all survived ;)

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Thanks for being on the tour, Sarah! :)

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Great review, Samantha! I love the university setting - any school-like setting are my fav. Glad you liked it it sounds like a great read! :)

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Wow this sounds really different and especially thought provoking for a paranormal which is really neat. I also love that it's set in England I always enjoy foreign settings since I've never traveled overseas. I like vicariously though the characters haha. So happy you liked it, Danielle! Great review!

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LOLZ this was hilarious! I do the same with songs and then I learn the real words and I'm like What? No mine sounds much better even though most of the time it's not actually words, just strings of letters together to make the same phonetic sounds bahahah. I never wear lipstick, though. That mess always gets on my teeth and makes me look like a moron so yeah, no >.<

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Wow this sounds like a really good read that gets your emotions into play, too! Great review! :)
My recent post Review: Find Me by Romily Bernard

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This Song Will Save Your Life was SO good! Frozen was terrible and so was Tumble and Fall so I would avoid those haha.

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First I super love your blog it's so cute!! And I'm glad you enjoyed it it does sound like a super original book that actually stands out in an overstuffed genre which is awesome and impressive! Great review, Danielle! :)