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NO FLOUR = THE BOMB! I love love love how the no flour kick has taken over the blog world! :D
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Lightbulb just went off in my head! I never really thought about how all these arts and crafts activities back in the day were actually for brain stimulating purposes! Ah ha ha ha ha!

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I give you so much credit for blogging on top of all your other duties!!!! I say, blog when you can and don't stress if you cannot do it all the time, blogging is supposed to be FUN, not stressful ;)

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Pumpkin and really ALL winter squash are my favorite fruits!!! :) Bring em on THIS FALL AND WINTER :D :D

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Chickpeas are like Zucchini - they're making their way into every recipe I am seeing these days! And I FLIPPING LOVE IT!!! I need to just buy chickpeas and roast them, but then... I might get way to addicted and go CRAZYYY! And then cause a chickpea shortage! LOL
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I've never had plantains before! Do they taste a lot like bananas, because I won't lie to you, I am no banana fan! lol - I only like the smell of bananas and loved those Banana Runts when I was little (the candy).
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I want to shovel this in my faceeee! However, I would swap in butternut squash for the sweet potatoes! ;)

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I want to come over for CHICKEN & Garlic & ARTICHOKE night!!!! :) :) :)

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CRUNCH BARS are the SHEEZE NEEZE!!!!!! And you incorporated peanut butter - now these are like a reeses peanut butter cup crunch bar!
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AH! 14 years!!! That's crazy talk! But amazing! You're an inspiration! COMMON MAN OF MY DREAMS! It's time to get down on one knee so we can start our crazy fun life together ;)