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I flipping love these link ups! They're procrastination ammo! LOL!!
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My mother once dyed my hair ORANGE on "accident"......... Yahhhhhhh - Not so good. LOL! I was also 8 years old when she did this, LOL!
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Pop Tarts around the world and glowing with ENVY of how luscious these look!
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I blog once a week. I schedule tweets throughout the week. Tuesday is my blog day. That doesn't mean I don't visit other people's blogs throughout the week (ahem, it's Wednesday - lol)... But I don't beat myself up if I don't get to 98372483284372 blogs all in the same day. I am a people pleaser and I do love making new friends and leaving encouraging comments/or advice... But again, I am only human, with more than 5 jobs, so I cannot kill myself to do it all the time! ;)

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My parents are convinced that they took me to Disney World when I was little, but I don't remember the trip AT ALL!!! They LIED!!!!!! They totally just didn't want to take me! LOL!
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Oh baby!! I used to eat Cashews like a horse eats hay, LOL! It was BADDDD but sooo good ;)
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May we travel to Australia together and bring those butterless buttery cookies!??!?!?!?! Mmmm Yes PLEASE!

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Butternut squash - is my favorite!
I chop it up with all my might.
The effort is worth every minute
Because I love my butternut.

Uhhhh do you like my sad attempt at poetry today? lol!

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I don't even know what my positives would be because I never skip a day of working out, even if I have a broken leg, LOL! That's probably a bad thing, right? lol!!!

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I flipping LOVE these round up POSTSSS!!!! I need to grab me a meat bagel to fuel my brain power to check everything out ;) THANKS for the link up - LOVERRR!
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