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I was just talking about this with my husband last night - when we have kids - we are not going to tell them Santa is real. I was actually surprised her said that - because he loves Christmas. I never believed in him, ever. My parents did not bring me up that way either. I don't want our kids to from the get-go not trust us!

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I live right next door to "The Hollywood Bowl" a huge concert venue - however, they have a summer series and then they sort of close up shop when the summer is over, however, just like you, summer is never REALLY over around here... ha! I should look into what they're hosting over there over the next few weeks! A cute little date night with my husband

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Mmmm! Looks so refreshing!!! <3

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Social Media Marketing is what put my blog even on the map! It's so insanely important for blog growth and reaching new people!

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I love iPhones (or smart phones in general) because I get to look back on all my photos and remember the days past!! I don't LIVE in the past, I just take a minute to remember how blessed I am! :)

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Ha!!! Starting the obsession with star wars at a young age! I love it!

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On my TO MAKE list = tortillas! I really want and need to make them because I LOVE eating with my hands and wrapping my food up!

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Didn't really celebrate Easter today and honestly, not sure I really will again until there are little ones running around ;)

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I am so insanely honored that you featured my blog post this week!!! :)

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The minds of young kids is just so moldable and I love how you're educating her about the bible right now :)