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I have some of these in my fridge, waiting for me to SCARF!
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There's a first time for everything? lol
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When I get MUNCHY CRUNCHY it's generally because I did not eat enough protein during the day.... And my trigger food = SALMON or SPAGHETTI SQUASH lol!!!
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MMMMMMMM eggplant! :) :) I love the stuff but definitely don't eat it enough!

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I give you so much credit for taking care of your large family/ young children yet still getting all the blogging done!!!! PLEASE don't forget to pat yourself on the back! :)

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After working out is ALWAYS best! ;) I am glad you found something that motivates you!!!! :D

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I IF every day and I have been doing this for 12 + years, before it was popular. I just was never really a breakfast person and my family sort of instilled that in my brain - well more like my dad. I typically eat my first meal around 11 or 12 and then my second meal at around 6 or 7. Then I am done. Two meals and that's it. No snacking, nada. I feel great this way however I do know a lot of people who cannot handle it and get dizzy after not eating for an hour or two. And as you experienced, you were crabby and tired. I guess my body is just used to it now! ;)
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Aw man! French Toast. I haven't had that in about 12 years at this point! I remember when my mom would make me "French Toast" too - it would be super healthy, ezekiel toast covered in protein powder and egg... Pan fried. That was pretty dang good, not going to lie! ha!
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I am so jealous of your ability to pick up on languages so easily!!!!!!!! I remember throwing FITS when I was younger when I was being "forced" to learn another language! Ugh, I wish I weren't so STUBBORN! lol

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You don't have to tell me TWICE to eat more fish! I probably should eat LESS! LOL!!!
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