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I will be sleeping through Feb 14th - LOL!!!

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I AM OBSESSED with the fact that there was a GLUTEN FREE EVENT AT WALMART (of all places) ! I love that gluten free has truly caught on! Remember even just 3 years ago, everyone was giving this "fad" the finger - NOPE! Not a fad people! Not a fad!
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OH MY GOODNESS!!!! These are like the Angelina Jolie of cookies! Sexy, dark, sultry and delicious! ha ha! Well, I guess we could ask Brad if this is actually true ;)

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OMG I don't even remember when the holidays were - probably because it just didn't feel like the holidays AT ALL this year! I am glad I am back into the groove here in LA. I am good without any holidays for awhile too - I am totally in work mode!
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I know me and my eating habits so well that nothing phases me. It doesn't stress me and I just enjoy the foods I eat to the utmost! I feel almost badly for people who just don't know what to do or log their calories - I could never. I will be honest, when I was younger, I used to - but it drove me insane, I noticed that it did and I stopped! Now I just eat, and eat a lot and I am thrilled :) My food allergies/intolerances honestly help me monitor my food consumption alone.
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I think the last time I ever had something like this was......... 11 years ago! OMG! How nuts!
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The drool streaming down my face could fill a reservoir!!

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HAPPY HANUKKAH!!!!!! Makes me want to eat some Hallah! If only I could! :(

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I saw the Tory Burch FitBit... I would TOTALLY ROCK IT! ha ha!
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I think I need to try and get over my aversion to sweet potatoes!!!! my mom ruined me, but I know so many people ADORE THEM!