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Training for a marathon is truly a mind set - you have to truly want it, in order to ingrain it into your daily routine!
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WOW! I don't really like mushrooms but this tart looks rather flaky and tasty! ;)
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I need to MAKE my own energy drinks! Ha! I am a sucker for... GASP... Sugar Free energy drinks. **Lowers head in shame** LOL!!!

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I really need to get my BEET ON!!! And these donuts are a pretty AWESOME WAY of doing JUST THAT! :D

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I can only image how friggin' amazing it is to bite into one of those!
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Ugh. I have so many dang food allergies. In fact, I cannot eat any fruit, however, I can eat avocados (THANK GOODNESS!)

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I seriously love like um... ALL of these movies - LOL! I am totally a romantic comedy girl!

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Pineapple and Cashews in rice?!?! Say WHAT?! Never would have even CONSIDERED or THOUGHT about such a combo!

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Man, the last time I had REAL pizza.... Oh man, 15 years ago!? SO CRAZY!! That being said, I do really like gluten-free pizzas that I make! :)
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My eyes are driving me nuts right now. Maybe it's allergies in the air... Maybe it's the food I am eating or maybe... I am just getting OLD?! But I have terrible bags and when I try and conceal them... The make up just buries its way into the creases under my eyes. It's insanely depressing.