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Not selling out and leaving comments that simply say "cool" or "awesome" or really have nothing to do with the blog post in general are the worst offenders when it comes to blogging! There is nothing I hate more than receiving a comment that has nothing to do with my blog post, or asks questions about something when I specifically ANSWERED those questions in the post - clearly that person did not read/watch! :(

As for selling out - it's really unattractive to read a blog that is constantly being filled with sponsored posts...

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Actually, this is something I would totally love! A verse a week - that would be motivating! :) You can just re-read it when you're feeling a bit down and out!
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COMMENT on other blogs - because blogging without blogging friends just is not fun AT ALL!

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Oh these look WAYYY too addicting to keep in my house! LOL!
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Wait, seriously?! March... I cannot believe it's RIGHT AROUND THE CORNER!!!!

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Have you ever tried Bumble Bee Tuna Jalapeno or Sun Dried Tomatoes packed in Olive Oil??? I am utterly OBSESSED and eat it every day for lunch, so this recipe just got me VERY VERY VERY excited for lunch now ;)

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Minus the yogurt and cranberries and I am ALL OVER this recipe!! I would prob swap in some olive oil ;)

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I COULD NOT agree more! Seriously. Stop and smell the roses is the perfect quote to go with WALKING & RUNNING! ;)

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I do not and have no touched fructose or any sugar for that matter for 13 years BECAUSE of my gut health!!! It works!

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Holy Crap, I am drooling like no one's business over here!!!
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