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Sheriff Joe Arpaio indeed did hire a PI to investigate an allegation made to Arpaio that the Judge's wife had made a remark suggesting that the Judge didn't want Arpaio re-elected.

There are two things about that allegation: Arpaio's team concluded that there wasn't anything that they could do with that allegation. The person who made it, IIRC on Facebook, refused to sign an affidavit. The second thing is that even if it is true, and Judge Snow loathes Arpaio, so long as that loathing was the result of what he learned in Court, it is perfectly proper for him to feel that way, and it doesn't constitute grounds for recusal. I am sure that many judges come to loathe some of the defendants that come before them.

As for the Montgomery material being junk, can you give me any reason in favor of it NOT being junk? Did you read the Drake/Weibe report?

Let me correct you for saying "contrary to Obot spin Arpaio wasn't just willy nilly looking to dig up dirt on Snow." I have never said such a thing here on or my blog. There is not sufficient evidence, in my opinion, to arrive at such a conclusion. I have never tried to make it out to be more than it is. I report the facts, and keep an open mind.

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You've descended into absurdity. That indeed ends the discussion.

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There is another thing said about Republicans: "They eat their young."

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"When people use loaded phrases like "thoroughly debunked" they are not reporting or giving you facts so you can evaluate and decide the merits for yourself. Rather, they are practicing a subtle form of mind control and telling you WHAT TO THINK,"

Is that why birthers always say "conclusively proven" along with their claims that Obama's birth certificate PDF is a fake?

I make no secret of it: I choose the "thoroughly debunked" language as a conscious choice as a foil to the "conclusively proven" language. They both are attempts to persuade. Neither carries with it an argument.

However the substance of the argument, which doesn't fit in a sentence that will be accessible to someone with the short attention span of the typical Internet browser, is that the PDF forgery theory HAS been thoroughly debunked by experimental results from a real piece of security paper with a BC image was scanned by a real Xerox machine and rotated by a real Mac using Preview, that produced the same sort of document, anomalies and all, that we see in the White House PDF. Anybody with the time can repeat the experiment.

The REAL 1961 statistical reports from Hawaii show that the penciled code "9" is the correct value for the race of Obama's father. Analysis of REAL known certificate numbers from August 1961 show that Obama's is in the correct alphabetic sequence like the rest.

So while I use the words "thoroughly debunked" for impact and persuasion, they are absolutely accurate. The birther "conclusively proven forgery" statement is absolutely false.

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I might mention that the Defense in the Montgomery v. Risen lawsuit cites the same experts.

You accuse me of being selective. What other expert might I select?

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To be specific, I see nothing whatever "horrified" in the kids' expressions. They seem quite normal. And yes, I would be exceedingly surprised if your abuse fantasy were true.

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And I must add that it is a very tiresome practice.

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Since Zullo did not make the Skalsky misidentification public, there is no grounds for a lawsuit. It appears that the court exhibit about Skalsky that appeared in evidence is a deliberate fake by Montgomery, not just a chain of mistakes.

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Zullo has not claimed he was investigating Montgomery. I have no reason to think otherwise.

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It's not just the Obots who say that Montgomery's material was junk; Arpaio said so too. And you talk as if you hadn't read the Drake/Weibe report. Here's the link again:


There is another lawsuit, Montgomery v. Risen, in which the junkiness of Montgomerys' software is being adjudicated.

The penalty for Sheriff Joe's contempt of court conviction (he's already admitted guilt) will in part depend on what Sheriff Joe tried to do vis-a-vis getting dirt on the judge. It doesn't matter whether the material was junk or not. The point I was trying to make is that one cannot claim that protection of Judge Snow was Arpaio's motive, when in fact Arpaio did nothing protective of Judge Snow. Three trips were made to a FISA judge in DC about the Montgomery material, but not a word to Judge Snow.

Oral arguments on the 20th.