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Except for the birthers with their fetish for Obama documents, no one has ever clamored for Obama's college records.

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I fully believe that you understand why we consider the official records accurate and sufficient, and the so-called anomalies that birthers hang their theories on debunked. But we're talking about college records, and college records don't have any relevance to presidential eligibility unless you think that his college essay says "I want to go to college, but I know I'm not eligible to be president." In fact colleges don't keep applications very long, and the only thing one could hope to get related to Obama is a transcript.
Neither Trump's tax records nor Obama's college records speak to eligibility, but you are saying, if I heard you right, that if the people demand a record, a candidate must show it. Of course, Obama isn't a candidate any more, but Trump is, and his tax records are being demanded.
I believe that Trump's tax records, should they ever come to light, will show that he pays little or no taxes. What do you think Obama's college records will show, and please make a case for why a college record would include what you think it might show.
I personally think that birthers make such a big deal about Obama's college records solely because it gives them an excuse to paint Obama as secretive. They don't really think there's anything in there. But with Trump's taxes, I have something specific I think they show.

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He either spent money keeping his college transcripts unpublished, or he
did not. If you cannot show where and when this money was spent FOR THAT
PURPOSE, then you and Pierson are just making stuff up. Raw assertion is
not an argument.

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We were talking about college transcripts. Bush refused to release them, then a reporter got hold of them and published.
As always, you change the subject rather than concede the point.

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"If there is controversy and the American people ask for records then
those records must be provided." Why is this true? Did you just make it
up. Does it apply to Donald Trump's tax records?

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Well, since you posed the question, you answer it.

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The title of this article presumes that Dennis Montgomery actually did a forensic analysis of Obama's birth certificate, but did he? Detective Mackiewicz of the Sheriff's Office made a list of things Dennis Montgomery claimed to have done, but did not deliver. On that list were these items:

11. Birth Certificate analysis for fraud.
13. Prove three different software versions were used on BC.
14: Provide proof CIA watermarks are contained in BC doc.
15. Provide other know[n] CIA unrelated docs that contain same watermarks.

Given the fact that Montgomery is a notorious con man, and that he never delivered these things he claimed to have, I think the reasonable conclusion is that he was just stringing the Sheriff's Office along, and that he never had such things.

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Perhaps we have a difference of opinion about what "propaganda" means. When I use the term I mean: "information, especially of a biased or misleading nature, used to promote or publicize a particular political cause or point of view.." I would emphasize the words "biased or misleading." Yes I do make derogatory comments about right-wing politics. I don't have a problem with Republicans and conservatives in general, only some in particular. But derogatory is not misleading. I go out of my way to try to be fair, and not to mislead. The site was not created to defend Obama or Hillary, or to get Sanders elected; it was build to honestly examine the claims of the birthers, and to report on what they are doing. The site was not created to promote ANY point of view. I can't help it if birthers are wrong. If I have a dim view of Sheriff Arpaio, it is because of what I found out while reporting on him, not because he's a Republican. Any time I let bias get in the way of truth, or I say something misleading, then I failed in my mission.

What's your mission on the Internet?

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OK, retribution. That flags a very old memory. You're talking about Keyex v. Bowen (2009). There was a threat by attorney Woocher in an email attached to his Declaration that made it into the Court record in that case.

Alan Keyes' attorney Gary Kreep had issued a subpoena to Occidental College that was improper, both because it failed to meet the notification requirements of California Law, and because there was a pending motion to dismiss in the suit. Woocher asked Kreep to withdraw the subpoena until after the Court decided on the motion to dismiss. This is the threat:

"Please be advised, in particular, that in the event we are forced to file a motion to quash and we prevail in that motion, we will seek the full measure of monetary sanctions provided for the Code of Civil Procedure."

So, in fact, your "major financial retribution" consists of an assessment of the cost of filing the motion to quash. ROFL.

Kreep refused, and Woocher filed a motion to quash. It was granted, and no demand for costs was ever filed.

The key point is that Woocher didn't work for Perkins Coie, and he represented Senator Obama pro bono. Your claim of "vast amounts of money" is crazy.

You have to realize something. I know the material from original sources. If you just quote birthers, you will almost always be shown up as wrong.

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Of the past 8 US Presidents, how many of them voluntarily released their college transcripts prior to leaving office? Or drop the "past 8" constraint. How many of the 44 US presidents released their college transcripts prior to leaving office. (The George W. Bush transcripts were released by someone else after he refused to release them.)

How do you define "rare"?