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Some things are supposed to be understood. The Congress didn't go out their way to make the statute IDIOT PROOF, but perhaps they should have in this case.

As loath as I am to do it, the most ready citation on this question is that of Chief Justice Taney in Dred Scott, who wrote:

"The right of naturalization was therefore, with one accord, surrendered by the States, and confided to the Federal Government. And this power granted to Congress to establish an uniform rule of naturalization is, by the well understood meaning of the word, confined to persons born in a foreign country, under a foreign Government. It is not a power to raise to the rank of a citizen anyone born in the United States who, from birth or parentage, by the laws of the country, belongs to an inferior and subordinate class."

Oh, and for SirenDrake who likes to wave away citations because she thinks I make them up, here's the link to Taney's Opinion.

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1) Bald assertion is a waste of time. You cannot find any reference to anyone in early America calling a native-born person a foreigner. Your personal prejudices do not count for anything.

2) Your misreading of the 1790 statute is woefully inept, but if you can't see it for yourself, I doubt anyone can explain it to you. I would give you a reading list, but it would be over your head, plus you probably don't give a rats ass about learning anything: you're too comfortable in your ignorance.

I got a bunch of Intense Debate notifications of comments by you that I quickly skimmed and decided were not worth reading.

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I know you were using "vacations" as a verb, but it is a present tense verb, and that implies ongoing or anticipated future activity. It is not properly used for a single trip. If you said "vacationed" it would have been accurate, though irrelevant.

As for friends, I know a lot more about some of the people who post here than you do.

When you find yourself in hole, stop digging.

I am not aware of any significant point left unanswered, but with this TOTALLY SCREWED UP commenting system, it's certainly possible. You, however, are really not worth the trouble of responding to.

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No American Founder would have considered someone born in the country a foreigner.

A person cannot be "born illegally in the US." There is no US law against giving birth.

You could just stop talking and you would come out a lot better.

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Good point. If obscenity, profanity, name calling and unfounded personal attacks were the criteria for deletion of comments on this site, I would guess more than half the comments would go. SirenDrake would get an award for unfounded personal attacks.

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In normal English usage "vacations in Russia" implies a pattern of behavior based on repetition. I've only been to Russia once and am not planning to return.

Foggy is not my only friend on this board.

That makes you zero for two. Care to try to double your score?

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It's not what I support, but what the law is. Personally, I don't see much difference between foreign crooks and domestic crooks. Would you argue for a constitutional amendment making the children of anyone convicted of a felony not a citizen?

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Just so you know, I'm hitting a thumbs up on that one.

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I'm afraid that all attempts at irony are over your head.

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I have read a great deal from the founding period, and there is not a huge amount to go on. I found two principles that I think are the most important.

1) Preservation of liberty. The Framers wanted the spirit of the revolution to continue through the ages. Based on the statement in Bancroft's history, they believed that only one who was born and raised in American society, who learned the American way of life from his first breath, could adequately lead the country in an authentic American way.

2) Avoidance of foreign intrigue. It's abundantly clear that the Framers were worried about an adult European coming to the United States, using foreign money to gain influence, and then become president and involving the United States in the political squabbles of Europe. Foreigners had their own agenda.

The natural born citizen requirement (which I understand to be either "citizen at birth" or "born a citizen in the US") succinctly excludes anyone the Framers would have called a "foreigner."

I read somewhere (and I don't remember where, or if it was true) that during the war, Washington chose exclusively American-born persons to surround him, so that he might not be betrayed. If you want to pursue this question, the key phrase to search for is "Commander in chief's guard."

Speaking of the revolutionary war, did you know that Maryland voted Lafayette a "natural born citizen" of the state?