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This has been on my shelves for far too long. I thought the movie would prod me to read it but then I heard the movie stunk so I decided not to see it.

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Oh yes, Americans are consumed with safety - I think mainly because we're consumed with finger pointing. I was amazed when we were in France and were allowed to walk on top of Pont du Gard and there were no railings. That would never happen in the US. This book sounds really interesting.

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People who are willing to risk everything for their convictions inspire me as well.

I thought the movie version of The 100 Foot Journey was so much better than the book.

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We didn't see the sun much last week either so I know what you mean. Thankfully, the sun is out here and it's warmed up some. I hope you love the book!

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You must have had a birthday! The Harry Potter set is lovely!

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I love when I finish up two books so close together like that. Enjoy your holiday!

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Carl and I saw the movie when we were first married and it gave me bad dreams so I have no desire to read this book. You're a brave soul! lol

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I really need to make the time to read Unbroken - it's been on my shelves far too long. I'm so glad Winchester found a home with y'all!

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I'm glad you're feeling better, Amy! Happy New Year!

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I'm glad the book is as good as that adorable cover!