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I forget. Under which name was he licensed to practice law in Illinois?

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"Barack Obama’s real name is Barry Soetoro. There is no denying it. There is zero evidence that he ever “legally” changed his name to Barack Obama."

This, right here, is enough. Despite his parentage, despite his birthplace, or the lack of proof thereof... This is enough - or should have been enough - to deter him from ever having been sworn into any political office, going way back to the Illinois State Senate.

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Speaking of running interference for Kenya Boy...

Sen. Lindsey Graham: GOP-led Benghazi report is 'full of crap'
By Sara Fischer, CNN
updated 1:31 PM EST, Sun November 23, 2014

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*F* has been visiting ORYR/BR longer than a year. I know because he ran me off this site a couple of years ago. I'd been reading and posting here for a while when he showed up here. By "a while," I mean at least a year, probably years plural. (I go back to the days before the term "birther" was coined, back to pre-election 2008, at Texas Darlin's site. As I recall, Dr Kate was a contributor at Texas Darlin's and started her blog site when Texas Darlin shut hers down. I used to visit a lot of "birther" sites and I honestly can't tell you when I found this one, except to say that it was years ago.)

It wasn't long after he arrived here that he'd established himself as King Shit of ORYR/BR, self-appointed monitor and director/leader of all discussions. Being an independent thinker, I soon found myself out of King Shit's favor. I don't recall him calling me an obot but I did get tired of being called an idiot every time I posted anything with which he disagreed, so I just stopped commenting. Went into lurk mode and pretty much stayed there for the most part until the last couple of days.

Now that I've no doubt raised the ire of King Shit with my last couple of posts, I'll probably go right back into lurk mode again. I've got a life to live here in the real world and just don't have the time and energy to fight my real world battles and play keyboard warrior, too. So, King Shit can keep it. I just feel like I owe it to the rest of you, many of whom now find yourself in a situation similar to the one I was in a couple of years ago, to let you know that, should you decide to stop commenting at this site because of *F*, you are far, far from the first to make that choice. And to those of you who've really been standing up to the bully, I admire your tenacity and persistence.

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A straight copy and paste of Saska's most recent posted comments by *FALCON*, yet *FALCON* hasn't been a recent visitor to user ID Saska's profile page. DARPA Monitor, otoh, has.

Very, very interesting...

How do I know this? I'm not afraid or shameful about clicking user IDs. What you find out by doing so can be interesting. If you don't believe me, just ask DARPA Monitor.

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I clicked a bunch of user IDs intentionally and I'm not sorry for it. While a bunch of people were being accused of being obots and worse, I was trying to figure out if there was any truth to it by looking at past posts and posting habits. What I discovered is that there are only a few obots here and they are very outspoken in their obottery. The rest are patriots and, among them, are at least a couple of bullies.

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Or maybe it's just an endless supply of good coke.

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I've come out of lurking to say that Carson doesn't need to know everything. All he needs to do is follow Ronald Reagan's advice.

"Surround yourself with the best people you can find, delegate authority, and don't interfere as long as the policy you've decided upon is being carried out." - Ronald Reagan

How I miss Reagan...

Anyway, Carson is a genius. He's definitely smart enough to know that he doesn't know everything and also smart enough to figure out who does know.

Palin, who isn't a genius but is a very smart woman, as POTUS, would have been smart enough to do the same.

As for Hannity, I do believe his hands have been tied. The same goes for Palin, who once ticked me off really badly by saying that the birth certificate doesn't matter. I hope to one day know - not assume but actually know for a fact - what kept these otherwise mouthy patriots silent.

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He's as dumb as a box of rocks but that's not why he makes the decisions he makes. He chooses whichever option is worse for the US because he is intentionally out to destroy the country.

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The ways this whole thing has played out for more than five years now, full of plot twists and turns, so slowly, like some real life soap opera is grotesque. This chit is straight out of the Commie playbook, or Disinformation 101 and How to Play the Public 101 of the first year of some sick Commie Agent degree program.