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A scam, I tell you.

"Just look at the first thing newly freed Gross did upon arriving back in America. He pulled a cowardly pox-on-both-your-houses stunt, drawing a vile moral equivalency between the U.S. and the brutal, fascistic island hellhole he just escaped."

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"Gross thanked a laundry list of leftists for helping to free him.

Among them were Jill Zuckman of leftist PR firm SKDKnickerbocker, Sen. Patrick Leahy (D-Vt.), and Reps. Chris Van Hollen (D-Md.) and Barbara Lee (D-Calif.). SKDKnickerbocker also employs former resident Maoist in the Obama White House Anita Dunn and Democrat operative Hilary Rosen."

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Here's today's news update to the one I mentioned above.
"Obama said the United States will cease what he called an “outdated approach” with Cuba, and take steps to normalize diplomatic relations -- including opening an embassy in Havana -- after American Alan Gross was released from the country following five years in prison as part of an agreement that also included the release of three Cubans jailed in the U.S."

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There are many reasons to be suspicious of Kenya Boy's - ahem - credentials but that isn't one of them. Kenya was known as Kenya when it was a colony of Britain just as Hong Kong was known as Hong Kong when it was a British colony. Stop muddying the waters with disinformation.

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SMRSTRAUSS goes way back. Jefferson's Rebels blogspot outed operatives Paul and Ann Strauss, Kenya Boy campaign donors and, most likely, Organizing For America workers, years ago.

Jefferson's Rebels updated info on the Strausses a number of times, including other monikers used.

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Letterman's a lecherous, libtarded POS. But we still don't need another Bush in the White House.

Even a stopped clock is right twice a day.

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New coverage of an old video clip.

"According to a recently released video clip, Kenyan Ambassador Peter Ogego spoke with the Morning Radio show in 2008. During the interview, which took place following Obama’s election, Ogego claimed that Kenya was 'proud.'

When asked about rumors that the president was born in Kenya, Ogego replied, 'It’s well known.' "

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You guys keep trying to figure out his motives and actions based upon how you, decent human beings, think. He doesn't think like you and I do. He's not concerned by the things that concern you and me.

He doesn't give a shit about giving himself amnesty. He doesn't care that he breaks laws. He doesn't give a flip about the Constitution or violating it. His oath of office wasn't flubbed because he has any compunction about lying with his hand on a Bible...or on a Quran, either. Taking advantage, being accused...none of those things mean jack to him. He could look you straight in the eye and lie without blinking. He could slit your throat and then change for the golf course. If he loses any sleep, it's due to snorting too much dope. He's not worried about what happens when he's finally revealed to be ineligible because he doesn't believe that's going to happen. Why not? Because it's not happened yet.

He's a sociopath. They don't think like you and I do. They aren't motivated by the thoughts that motivate us nor are they restrained by conscience or fears like the rest of us.

When he flaunts his ineligibility by making flip remarks, as he did yet again with this confession of being an illegal alien disguised as a humorous jab at the right, he not only pisses me off royally, he also proves what I say about him here to be true. He is a thoroughly conscienceless bastard.

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This is sick and I can't believe that even a putative POTUS would suggest such a thing at the White House.

I miss Ronald Reagan more and more every day.

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I had suspected that Kenya Boy has gotten so much thinner because of endless supply of good coke. I now wonder, however, if it's because he has acid reflux so bad that he has problems holding food down.

On the other hand, the acid reflux diagnosis could be a lie and the sore throat could be due to erosion caused by snorting cocaine.

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As I recall, the Hawaii customs documents for the week that includes Aug. 4 1961, are missing. Perhaps the purpose of losing those records is that Kenya Boy was brought into the country from Kenya on Aug. 4 1961. I suspect he was born at an earlier date and his Commie granny Dunham chose the date of his arrival into the country as the date of his home birth when she filed for his short form bc.