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Why don't we give the saracens our launch codes while we're at it?

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9/11 was the saracen 's greatest victory over the West since the 12th century. There is no possible reason to build a mosque at Ground Zero other than to rub our noses in it.

These monsters are doing the "happy dance" on our graves, with "useful idiots" like Obama and Bloomberg providing the music.

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I find it comforting that the saracens have the launch codes.

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The Fact is, up until recently, virtually all of Southern blacks were Republican, that being the party of Lincoln. There was a whole batch of Southern Democrats, called the Dixiecrats who were against the first civil rights act, were big in the Ku Klux Klan and had a long history of racism.

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I'll bet that if Hitler claimed to worship Wotan, Obama would fall all over himself kissing his heinie.
Placing islam on the same plane as Judaism or Christianity exhibits a total ignorance of history. The saracens want nothing less than total domination and will like, kill, cheat, or steal to achieve these ends, including the use our own sense of tolerance and justice against us.
Allowing this abomination to be built at Ground Zero represents the triumph of wishful thinking over reality.

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If it weren't for the taxpayer-financed welfare system, this monkey would never have been born. Talk about watering the weeds.

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Thanks for the history lesson, dude.
It may be silly, but it ain't news.
What's your point?

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The only proper place for saracens at Ground Zero should be UNDER it.

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The only place for saracens at ground zero should be UNDER it!

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The only place for the saracens at the WTC should be UNDER it.