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Personally, I'm not hating on him nearly as much as his parents, church, employer, and Mike Huckabee.

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Is there really such a thing as trigger warning plugins for Internet browsers?

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The question about an atheist being tried by a jury of peers is an interesting one. With the number of trials where a Black defendant was judged by an all-White jury, I'm guessing an atheist could be tried by a jury of theists. There is often quite a gap between what is legal and what should be legal I suppose.

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I have seen a few cases where attorneys complained about this sort of judicial bias preventing their client from receiving a fair trial. Of course, they all involved inappropriate comments made during the trial itself. I guess what I'm trying to figure out is what (if anything) someone in the jury pool can do in the situation I've described. I'm not sure this would be seen as bias in the same way as what you quoted but maybe it would.

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Funny! I remember the "look, they got a guitar" thing too. They must have tried that in a lot of churches. I don't know anyone who was fooled by it.

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A couple decades ago, I might have said that our neighbors are too bright to vote for someone like Walker. I can't say that today. Not after George W.

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And after each one, we get to hear about how whoever is responsible for them must not have been "a real Christian" because "real Christians" would never do anything like that.

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The only thing better than unfollowing someone with which one disagrees is publicly announcing that one is doing so and encouraging others to join in.

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I almost stopped at that point too because I had a similar reaction. I'm glad I kept reading though because I thought he made some great points.

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The fruits of anti-intellectualism are bitter indeed.