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I'm just sorry it took me so long to be able to do so. Things have been crazy around here. Going to be time for a break very soon.

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I just saw this story. For those who haven't yet, here's a link to a brief summary: http://www.cnn.com/2014/04/19/us/new-jersey-athei...

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True. We do often get a parade of Christians stopping traffic to carry a large wooden cross down one of the busiest roads in town, but that it about as close as it comes. I am kind of bummed out that I missed it this year, although I can't say I really liked the delay it caused last time. Fortunately, Easter is not the only time they do this so I'm sure I'll get to see it again soon.

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For me, marijuana legalization isn't about feeling good as much as it is about (1) saving money that is now being spent on failing enforcement efforts and an overcrowded prison system, and (2) being honest about the science in that it really doesn't appear to be nearly as dangerous as some would have us believe. I don't imagine I'd be any more likely to use it if it were legal than I am now or to encourage others to use it.

The death penalty is even easier in some ways because there is considerable evidence that it does not work as a general deterrent. Combined with even a handful of cases where criminals on death row have been exonerated by DNA evidence, and it becomes even clearer that it accomplishes little.

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Plenty of Christians have bad experiences with church and remain Christians. Plenty of atheists do not have bad experiences in church and become atheists. So yes, I think you are right that many of us are atheists for reasons that have next to nothing to do with how we were treated in church. I'm sure there are some atheists who became atheists after being mistreated, but this does not seem terribly common. Like you said, most of us found the beliefs we were asked to accept to be lacking.

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"We're more comfortable being alone now." Yes, I think you may be on to something here. By living much of our lives online, it is almost as if we don't notice how alone we may actually be offline. I don't doubt that this may be a contributing factor, especially for those who are not using the Internet for learn anything.

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Enjoy your break! Mine should not be far behind.

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I can definitely relate! Like you, I never thought that not selling something would be a limitation, but it does seem to be. I run ads because I am not willing to pay all the costs associated with my blogs myself. I make just enough from the ads to cover my expenses, and that's fantastic. Best of all, my blogs with ads also cover the expenses associated with the couple ad-free blogs I write in other areas.

I have found that most of the pro-blogging information is aimed at those with a product to sell, often books. Much of this information is not relevant to me, but I do stumble across some gems every now and then.

As for spending time chasing readers, I'm with you there. I use a variety of automated short cuts that let me have a social media presence without having to spend more than 2 minutes a day doing so. Aside from that, I focus on writing content on the blog. Would I have more traffic if I was more active on social media? Yes. But I'll give that up not to have to deal with the frustration it brings.

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The person making the claim (i.e., gods exist) has the burden of proof, not the atheist. If the person claiming gods exist cannot meet the burden of proof, atheism is the rational position.

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I'm convinced. Stay home and watch Cosmos it is!