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I think some saw the name and weren't sure whether the organizers and attendees wanted men there. I'm not sure if it was about needing to be invited as much as it was not wanting to intrude somewhere if the preference was that this be more of a women's thing (which I don't think is the case). Then again, who knows? Some people seem determined to find something to be outraged about at all times, so I can't pretend to understand all the reasons the name of this march might have upset some.

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I think you raise a good point about how accurate knowledge of the positions of one's opponents can be helpful in effectively opposing them (as well as helping to educate them). Compromise does not always work and is not always desirable. It seems to me that tribalism often goes hand-in-hand with ignorance. By remaining ignorant of "the other," we put ourselves in a weaker position to oppose them as well as making it less likely that we might be able to come together on some issues or do something effective in terms of education.

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I agree. I haven't seen anything that concerns me in quite awhile.

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I'm not aware of anybody pretending that this is brand new or that it is exclusive to the right. I am not sure that the post truth phenomenon is the same thing as propaganda, outrage media, or religion. There is likely some overlap, but I suspect there may be some differences too.

I do think that the way Trump is doing it is a bit different from what we're used to seeing. He certainly didn't invent it, but he does seem to have made it his own.

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That's a good tip. I turned it off out of frustration awhile ago and this reminded me to turn it back on. I can't even remember what the problem was now.

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Very true. And it doesn't necessarily get much better with time!

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You might be surprised about what people would be interested in! I've gone back-and-forth many times on the question of whether continuing to blog is worth the time, and it always comes back to the realization that I find writing to be therapeutic in some way. If I knew nobody was reading, I might not write about the same sort of things, but I think I'd probably still write.

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Where can we find your blog?

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Wrote my first post in February of 2005. Doesn't seem like it could possibly have been that long ago.

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This sort of gibberish, along with the assorted personal insults in some of your unapproved comments and your long history of repeatedly disregarding the comment policy, is the reason why your comments are going into moderation. I'm happy to continue to approve the occasional one that contributes something of value when I get around to it; however, I'm not terribly interested in providing a platform for any more of the idiosyncratic nonsense about your "Spirit of Truth and Righteousness." There are plenty of places Christians can go to troll atheists and vice-versa. This blog is not designed to be one of them.