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I think it would be great to see more Greens and Libertarians running (and winning) at the local and state levels. I don't think this has to be an either-or-scenario where they cannot seek national office until they do so, but I would certainly like to have the opportunity to vote for candidates from a wider variety of parties at the state and local levels. I have lived in a couple of states where this was more common than what I see in Mississippi these days. But then again, this is effectively a one-party state.

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What terrifies me most about Trump is that his behavior up to this point in the campaign strongly suggests that he is fundamentally unprepared to be an effective leader during the inevitable crises the next president will confront. I am no fan of Clinton; however, I have far fewer concerns about her making crisis situations worse than I do of Trump.

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As someone who voted for Jill Stein in 2012, I don't think it is true that we always vote against the other party rather than the candidate we support. This time, I would vote for Clinton if I lived in a swing state because I think Trump really is that bad. Since I live in a state that is going to go overwhelmingly for Trump no matter how I vote, I can look at Stein again.
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My guess is that the Clinton campaign has decided that they don't need to appeal to Sanders' supporters now that Sanders has endorsed her. I suspect that their calculation is that the overwhelming majority of Sanders' supporters will vote for Clinton as the lesser evil even if they aren't crazy about her. The Kaine pick suggests that they are more interested in appealing to Catholic voters.

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Seems like he's either crazy or pandering. I tend to think the former isn't quite as bad as the latter since much of it may be out of his control. I fear that he's probably a relatively smart person with no ethical qualms about pandering to those who aren't.

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It is hardly original, and you should be able to find some good memes to go with it - a White Jesus holding a baby dinosaur and a gun, etc.

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That's easy! Only "our" version is inerrant; "their" versions are heresies.

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I think that Republican Jesus is fairly different from the one mentioned in the bible and has largely been accepted as a replacement by many on the right.

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I suspect that there are several conservative members of Congress who are worried that they will have little control over a President Trump and that he would likely govern quite differently from what they would like to see. In some ways, that might be a good thing for those of us who are not conservatives. Then again, his temperament and lack of political record makes it tough to know what he'd do.

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I wouldn't get too hung up on the "take it back from whom" question. I think that many want to take it back from anyone who does not share their worldview, starting with those who are perceived as their political and ideological opponents (i.e., secular progressives). And I suspect that some also want to take it back in a temporal sense. That is, they want to return the country to a time when they perceive things as being better for them, even if this time never really existed because it is little more than an idealized version of their childhoods.