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It does sound like Mississippi may have granted the first marriage license, so that's something positive.

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Yes, that sounds much more like lying than changing one's mind.

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Tragically, I am unable to read minds. I recognize that this is a major limitation on my part and one I am working on. I don't know what the teacher's motive was for doing what she allegedly did here.

I did not single out SJWs here like you did. I wrote "PC/safe space/SJW" deliberately. Given that the PC/safe space/SJW influence has been in place at many colleges and universities long enough for education majors to have been exposed to it during college and then to have graduated and entered the workforce, it seems at least possible that there are some teachers out there who have been influenced by some of it.

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From everything I've heard so far, it sounds like they are leaning toward attempting nullification. Hopefully, the reasonable voices will prevail.

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rAmen! If you don't like same-sex marriage, don't marry anyone of the same sex. I was just thinking about this today in the context of "If you don't like abortion, don't have one." They aren't content to live their own lives; they need to interfere with how we attempt to live ours. And like you, I am sick and tired of the legal imposition of someone else's religious beliefs on me.

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I wouldn't know. I wasn't alive at the time of the Crusades or the Inquisition.

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One of the interesting things about this case, if I understand it correctly, is that they aren't suing the school or the district but are going after the teacher personally. I thought this was an unusual move, and I'm not sure how it could impact the various options for settlement.

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I wondered whether this could have something to do with the PC/safe space/SJW stuff trickling all the way down to elementary school. I suppose that could be a part of it. Then again, I suspect there are Christian parents in some areas who would applaud this teacher for doing what she allegedly did here. They wouldn't want their children potentially being influenced by a child who did not believe in their preferred gods.

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Right, I think it is natural for children to want their families to both know and love them. Keeping part of one's identity - a part one considers important at the time - hidden from those to whom one wants to be close is not usually something one desires. It begins to feel like whatever love and support there is might be less than genuine (i.e., if they knew what I really believed, they might not love me).

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Here in the South, it is difficult to get through the day without seeing the Confederate flag. Private citizens fly it on their own property and adorn their pickup trucks with it. This falls under their right to free expression, and it should give parents plenty of opportunities to talk to their children about what it means and about how widely the meanings vary. It becomes a different issue, at least for me, when a government that is supposed to represent all of us is promoting it.

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