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In my humble opinion, the issue of the burden of proof and where it lies has to be one of the things religious believers most consistently fail to grasp or willfully disregard. Atheism would be much easier if we could manage to get that one thing across.

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The comment to which you are replying was left in 2009. Unfortunately, the person who left it died several years ago. He was a great guy and is still missed.

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This sounds like a clear case of religious privilege, and it certainly is annoying. Laws should be applied consistently to everybody. All too often, it seems like people are eager to look the other way when it comes to religious institutions.

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I've wondered that too, although I would have expected a big resurgence of secular activism when Trump replaced Obama and brought in Pence, Sessions, and so on. I think this has happened to some degree, but you might be right that fewer people feel like these are high-priority issues relative to everything else going on. I'm sure you are also right about there being large regional variations in what day-to-day life is like for atheists. I need to be reminded periodically that Mississippi isn't exactly typical.

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I'm not sure that it is accurate to say that all SJWs are "trained" in anything. I'm thinking about those who are still in high school and wouldn't know a social construct if it bit them on the ass. Some may be fairly well-rehearsed, but I'm not sure this is necessarily true for all of them.

I view secularism as the desire for government to be neutral on matters of religion. Government should not favor one religion over another. I'm not sure that most SJW-types would disagree with this. They might want to stop you an I from criticizing Islam because it is "gross and racist," but I'm not sure that most would want our government to allow Muslims to violate church-state separation (assuming they don't want Christians to do so). So while I'd agree that many do seem to want Islam to have a free pass when it comes to criticism, I'm not sure this is mutually exclusive from secularism since it seems that their focus is less on government and more about PC policing.

Would I be willing to work with white supremacists? Good question. It would be very hard for me to imagine that we'd have many shared goals on which it would make sense to work together. If we did, I'd try. I've certainly come across plenty of atheists with views I find detestable (including white supremacy). If they are genuinely interested in something like ending religious privilege, I can at least try to work with them on that even if I find most of the rest of what they stand for objectionable. At least, that's what I'm trying to do a better job of.

I have little doubt that we will have to distance ourselves from some people. Some are going to continue to demonize us no matter what we do. If they make that choice, so be it. I just don't want to be the one to make it for them. In essence, I don't want to do the same things for which I've criticized the pro-SJW crowd: generalize from a few of the worst examples to the entire group, label them my enemy, and condemn them all.

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I think that the Democratic Party has done a better job than the Republican Party at not actively demonizing atheists, but that isn't saying much. Clearly, the Democrats still have a very long way to go in this regard. It seems like they are so afraid of appearing hostile to religion and losing religious voters that many have been okay with ignoring us or even condemning us. That needs to change.

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I don't think that all SJWs are necessarily postmodernists though. Many do not seem to have put much thought into that sort of thing and just appear to be trying to score points with the in-crowd (especially the younger ones). I'm also not at all sure it is accurate to paint all SJWs as not caring about reality. I find that many care about all sorts of reality-based things apart from their SJW focus. Thus, I don't think that a pro-SJW person necessarily has to oppose reality-based sex ed.

I agree that postmodernism is toxic, although I'm not sure it is mutually exclusive with secularism (though it is probably mutually exclusive with skepticism).

I am trying to be open to working with anyone who has something to contribute on whatever narrow goals we might share, and I think this is possible. That does not mean it is going to work all the time. I'm probably not going to be very effective working with someone who decides they want nothing to do with me, but that doesn't mean I'm ready to quit trying before that happens. In my experience, even the most ardent SJWs have good ideas every now and then. I don't want to dismiss them pre-emptively.

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From what I remember of their bible, the god in which they believe is supposed to be a bit more active and reliable than that. Moreover, I've had several Christians tell me over the years that "all" of their prayers have been answered. Perhaps they weren't typical of Christians in general, but at least for them, it would seem that relying solely on prayer would be a viable option.

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I'm not familiar with any of the shows you mentioned, but it is hard to believe anyone but a handful of the most die-hard racists not finding people of all races attractive. Having just seen a TV commercial for something called "BlackPeopleMeet.com," I have to wonder where the push to only date people of one's own race is coming from.

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Your experience sounds similar to mine in that I realized I no longer believed in gods before I knew what atheism was. It wasn't until I began reading about atheism that I recognized that I was an atheist. And like you said, that helped motivate me to want to learn more about it.