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I don't think anybody is suggesting that we ignore anything. At least, I'm not. The question is whether giving the protesters what they want is our best option or whether there might be other options worth considering.

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I am not blaming the victims. As I said, I do not consider the counter-protesters to be responsible for the violence perpetrated against them. The perpetrators are responsible. My question is whether depriving the far-right protesters of what they want might be an option worth considering when this happens next time.

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Yes, I have no reason to think that Trump himself believes the "end times" stuff. Pence probably does, and it sounds like at least some of Trump's advisors almost certainly do. And like you said, there are many in Congress who at least claim to believe it.

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I guess that "end times" crowd must be convinced that worrying about their children and grandchildren isn't relevant because they'll all be raptured any day now. Of course, they have the freedom to believe this. My hope is that the rest of us will finally realize that it is not in our best interest to continue putting them in positions of power. We've been hearing all about Trump's many conflicts of interest, but belief in "end times" theology seems to qualify as a massive conflict of interest that is not receiving nearly enough attention.

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There are laws governing the sale of alcohol that have never had anything to do with religion. These are not blue laws. Similarly, there are blue laws that have nothing to do with alcohol (e.g., some states prohibit the sale of automobiles on Sundays).

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I'm sorry to hear about your cat. At the risk of being perceived as "hyper-emotional," I've always found losing pets to be a very difficult experience. I don't require imaginary friends or bridges to get through it, but losing a pet hits me harder than I expect it to every time. People and pets do die, and most humans experience grief in response to the loss of a loved one. For many of us, that is part of reality too.

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I think you've identified one of the many benefits we derive from exposing ourselves to views with which we disagree: doing so often makes us more effective in understanding and being able to articulate our positions.

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People use social media for so many different reasons. I don't have an issue with those atheists who use it primarily to criticize religion, promote atheism, and the like. But yes, I would expect to find more of this on a secular site. I would think that those looking to get away from religion would be happier exploring specific interests with those who shared their interests rather than trying to eliminate religious believers from the mix. For example, if I want to get away from religion and indulge my interest in horror films, I'd probably have more success on a horror forum than an atheist forum.

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I'm not talking about military decisions here. I'm saying that I find it hypocritical for the U.S. to argue that another nation should not be able to pursue nuclear weapons when we ourselves have done so. Set aside the weapon issue altogether if that makes it easier and imagine that we are telling another country that they cannot burn fossil fuels while we continue to do so. That would strike me as hypocritical.

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If there was sufficient evidence, I suspect I would believe. I'm not sure I'd choose to believe, but I probably would believe. I mean, I believe in gravity but I'm not sure I ever chose to do so.