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I can certainly relate to what you describe, and I think you are right that there are many facing a similar struggle. It shows the sort of damage religious indoctrination can do and how long it takes some of us to undo it.

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The issue you raise here about Sanders seeming a bit less objectionable than many others in terms of the PC stuff is one of the things I've struggled with a bit. I agree with this impression, although I have to admit that I've been disappointed with some of what I've seen going out on his Twitter accounts because it is more along the PC/SJW lines than I would have hoped for. It is hard to blame him or his campaign, especially since he does not appear to be polling particularly well among persons of color.

Of course, no candidate is perfect. There are some issues on which I disagree with Sanders, but like you said, he comes the closest to expressing the views I'd like a president to work toward.

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Yes, you are correct. I was referring to this one instance of him being denied a platform that had previously been offered to him and not a pattern of being repeatedly shut out.

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I've been following Dr. Dawkins on Twitter for some time. I cannot to pretend to have read all or even most of what he has tweeted since I'm not online that much during the day. That said, I have not seen anything from him to support the "doddering old fool" characterization. He has certainly tweeted some things with which I disagree; so has everyone else I have seen on Twitter.

As to your question about when I will stop giving him a second chance, I'm not sure how to answer it. While I probably wouldn't have sent this particular tweet, it does not upset me that he did so. If it did upset me and I decided to ignore it, then I suppose I would be giving him a second chance, so to speak. But until he says something I find extremely objectionable on Twitter, the issue of giving him a second chance hasn't been relevant. My reactions to his tweets have ranged from "right on" to "that's stupid," but I've not been offended by any I have seen.

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I absolutely agree that the NECSS is within their rights to invite, not invite, or uninvite anybody as they see fit. I don't agree with their decision, but it is certainly their decision to make. Like you said, I think it reflects poorly on them when they appear to be choosing sides in the internal conflict presently afflicting the left. Maybe that is inevitable or maybe I'm just being naive in hoping for something better.

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Learning basic manners would be a step in the right direction. No question about that. Still, I find it troubling that we are no longer willing to speak to our fellow humans. Instead of saying, "excuse me," we'd rather take photos of someone's crotch with our phones and post it on Twitter to shame them.

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The two places where those complaining about manspreading seem to congregate are Twitter and Tumblr. At least that is where I find them. And I do seek them out there. I've become a bit obsessed with this particular topic. It isn't so much that I marvel over the trivial nature of the complaints (although I do) as much as it is my fascination with how they feel justified in publicly shaming the "perpetrators" by doing things they would never accept if directed at them (e.g., posting candid photos of strangers' crotches online).

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Many of the ones who proselytize often seem to me like they are going off of a well-rehearsed script of some sort. And that does detract from my perception that they might be open minded about those particular beliefs.

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Something like Richard Dawkins suddenly being embraced by Internet feminists, you mean?

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Fortunately, one's willingness to apply a particular label to oneself does not seem to have much relevance to the utility of the label. It seems like many of the labels associated with personality disorders, for instance, would illustrate how labels one might not apply to oneself can still have utility.