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Yep, that does seem like good advice. Especially the kick in the teeth part.

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Outstanding take on the issue. I agree completely about irrationality being the default. And I'm glad you mentioned Sagan. I've been looking at The Demon-Haunted World sitting on my bookshelf and thinking it may be time to read it again. I can tell by how tattered it appears that it it one to which I have frequently turned over the years. Might be just what I need for some holiday reading!

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Although the answers likely differ for different bloggers, I think you probably captured the big ones when you mentioned burnout and feeling like one is saying the same thing over and over again. I saw this happen at a handful of the blogs I followed for 3 years or more. Content gradually morphed from all atheism all the time to far more diverse content, with posts dropping in frequency, and eventually disappearing altogether. Many of us have branched into things like freethought, politics, and other topics that are peripherally related to atheism if at all. That's one of the reasons I've been able to keep going.

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Thanks. I'm not trying to be negative here, although I suppose I have been feeling that way lately. It seems like there is a massive audience out there that is absolutely desperate for outrage, tribalism, and conflict. By comparison, the audience for reason and freethought seems tiny. I think that's part of why some get frustrated and give up. Almost any of us could more than double our traffic and reach if we abandoned reason and went for the outrage. It isn't like this is anything new, but for some reason I find it more depressing lately than I used to.

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Of all the things that have been tough for me to learn over the years, I think one of the most difficult has been that there are many people out there who truly prefer the happiness that is often associated with believing things that are not true over the more complex (and almost certainly less positive) emotional experiences associated with the pursuit of truth. I think I understand this better today than I used to even though I still struggle to relate to it much of the time.

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I have certainly heard from some people who are hoping that this is exactly what Trump accomplishes - destroying so much of the system that it has to be rebuilt. I can relate to the frustration, but this seems a bit like a homeowner deciding to burn down his house rather than fixing a leak.

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I see no real inconsistency in thinking that personal responsibility is a positive thing and supporting social safety net programs. I can think that personal responsibility is a good idea without wanting to see those who can't pull it off suffer. I can certainly imagine extreme cases of the sort conservative media loves to push in which someone abandons all pretense of personal responsibility to take advantage of the system; however, I am not convinced that this is a common outcome.

Most of those I've known who have utilized safety net programs have done so temporarily, getting off the programs as quickly as they could. I realize that some conservatives want to obsess about "welfare queens," but I don't see many people getting rich on government aid.

Another consideration is that many of the safety net programs are aimed at families. If I screw up my life, I'm not sure what my children suffering has to do with my personal responsibility. If I become too sick or disabled to support my family, I'm not sure how government assistance undermines my personal responsibility (unless we assume that it is my fault I got sick).

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Agreed. I don't dislike Pelosi, but I' not sure she is what the party needs now. More of the same is probably not going to cut it. And speaking of Pelosi, this doesn't sound good: http://observer.com/2016/12/pelosi-confirms-plan-...

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It does seem like persecution is an important aspect of one's identity for many Christians, almost as if the belief that one is being persecuted for one's beliefs is part of what it means to be a Christian. Makes me think of the victimhood narrative certain other groups have embraced.

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I did actually look into the price of an electronic subscription to the Times. $200/year was too much for me, especially considering I probably wouldn't read more than a few articles a month.