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I can definitely relate! Like you, I never thought that not selling something would be a limitation, but it does seem to be. I run ads because I am not willing to pay all the costs associated with my blogs myself. I make just enough from the ads to cover my expenses, and that's fantastic. Best of all, my blogs with ads also cover the expenses associated with the couple ad-free blogs I write in other areas.

I have found that most of the pro-blogging information is aimed at those with a product to sell, often books. Much of this information is not relevant to me, but I do stumble across some gems every now and then.

As for spending time chasing readers, I'm with you there. I use a variety of automated short cuts that let me have a social media presence without having to spend more than 2 minutes a day doing so. Aside from that, I focus on writing content on the blog. Would I have more traffic if I was more active on social media? Yes. But I'll give that up not to have to deal with the frustration it brings.

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The person making the claim (i.e., gods exist) has the burden of proof, not the atheist. If the person claiming gods exist cannot meet the burden of proof, atheism is the rational position.

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I'm convinced. Stay home and watch Cosmos it is!

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I think you are on to something here by suggesting that much of this is a sort of reaffirmation of their beliefs. Maybe we should interpret it as a good sign that they find it necessary to do that.

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I agree. Religious spam is a good way to think of it, especially when they make no attempt to address the post.

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'Cosmic insurance' is a great way to describe it. I may have to borrow that one sometime.

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I don't think I'll ever be able to view doing the right thing as a waste of time even if it isn't successful. In this case, I do think that the public outcry was probably what led to the legislation being amended. As bad as this was, we came close to something that probably would have been at least a bit worse. While frustrating, I can't quite agree that the effort was wasted.

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Another commenter who doesn't bother to read the comment policy. Looks like a waste of everyone's time.

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Great point about the religious belief could be both a source of support for kindness and a source of bigotry. I have been told by some Christians that the kindness really only extends to their fellow Christians, but this is certainly very different from the sort of Christianity in which I was raised. And yet, some sort of bigotry seems almost inevitable when in-group/out-group polarization increases, especially when the out-group is considered evil.

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I imagine there are many people around the world who might argue that a country that invades other nations without provocation, engages in the torture of enemy combatants, and then refuses to hold those who ordered the torture accountable might also not deserve to be part of the world either.