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I always forget about the Unitarians. Virtually none of the Christians I have known during the course of my life have been willing to recognize Unitarians as Christians.

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Ah yes, that Twitter follow crime is some good stuff. My favorite is when someone publicly announces that they will unfollow or block anyone who follows a certain person. Of course, if someone did that to them, it would be "harassment."

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It should be safe in an atheist group to identify oneself as an atheist and speak openly about one's views on religion. As you said, it may not be particularly safe to express one's views on politics, feminism, or other subjects outside of atheism, religion, secularism, humanism, etc. But in the other groups, one could not assume this. The hiking or chess groups mentioned could be filled with people who would condemn someone for being an atheist. They could also have a political slant where they condemn everyone who deviates from it. So one thing the atheist group has going for it is that it should at least offer the opportunity to speak openly about some - though not necessarily all - of these subjects.

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Of those I've watched, I'd estimate that I've been disappointed by about 70% of them. I've also learned that I really dislike atheist-theist debates. But I've found some good videos too, and I recognize that many people would rather watch a video than read something.

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If there is, I haven't found it yet. I've been fairly happy with MarsEdit, but this would not be the case if I worked with as many pictures as you do. You might give Ecto a try and see what you think. I seem to remember it handling images better, but it has been years since I tried it.

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I don't like the term either. I recognize that this is primarily because I have a hard time separating it from the supernatural or mystical, neither of which holds any interest for me. And yet, some of the more important aspects of how spirituality is usually defined by those who study it (e.g., awe, transcendence, interconnectedness) require nothing supernatural or mystical. And so, I can consider it potentially useful in that way.

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Good point about Reddit. I sometimes forget to mention it, but I have had positive experiences there too.

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Beau, are you on Facebook?

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Hi Bill. Experiences here will vary. Some atheists have found acceptance, and others have had a hard time. Depending on what part of the state you live in, you may have an atheist group in your area. If not, Twitter and Facebook can sometimes be helpful in finding like-minded people nearby.

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Here are some recommendations for learning about atheism: http://www.atheistrev.com/2008/10/atheism-101-rea...