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Yeah, seeing some of those reviews made me want to look up all sorts of other paranormal products and read reviews. Very entertaining.

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Interesting. I don't recall encountering many Catholics that had a problem with Halloween. Some preferred to ignore it, but I don't remember them organizing to prevent others from enjoying it. That always seemed to be more of an evangelical Protestant thing. Good to hear that they are having fun with it in the Philippines.
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I do get on it periodically, but it usually fades quickly when they realize I'm not going to give them the sort of responses they seem to want. Of course, being small enough as to be insignificant helps a great deal too!

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I'm hoping the day will come when we will collectively discard religious interference like what you describe here. Those who want their own behavior to be guided by religious traditions can comply with them. The rest of us should be free to toss them aside.

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Oh yeah, I remember having one of those Magic 8 Balls. I don't recall hearing evangelical outrage over them, but they certainly opposed any sort of fortune telling so I would imagine that they didn't like them either.

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If they were to become aware of widespread misconceptions about their religious beliefs or practices, I would think that they would want to get accurate information out there. Judging by the success of their video, I wouldn't be surprised if we see more of them.

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If you are really interested in megaliths and the terrestrial explanations for them, you might enjoy this film and website: http://ancientaliensdebunked.com/

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The investigation into what should be reopened? The presence of large stones? Because their presence suggests "some kind of unknown intelligence" we haven't yet identified? Isn't this just the god of the gaps argument again? Maybe gods put the rocks there, carved out the Grand Canyon, etc. This is what Michael Shermer has described as the result of "patternicity" and "agenticity" in that we see connections that aren't there and decide that higher intelligences must have been involved because we lack alternative explanations.

I've never met anybody who denies the existence of UFOs. The existence of things in the sky some of us cannot identify is not remotely controversial. What is controversial is the assumption that these things we cannot readily identify must have an extra-terrestrial origin.

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People have experiences they cannot explain all the time. The fact that someone has an experience they cannot explain does not mean that nobody else can explain it. This is true for gods, ghosts, UFOs, and all sorts of other things. Just because I can't explain it doesn't mean it is inexplicable. And even if it was inexplicable, that certainly doesn't make it supernatural.

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Yep. They pull our emotional strings, and we dance like puppets.