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I do forget sometimes that at least some of them actually believe in demons. Fortunately, email like this jolts me back to their reality for a bit.

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I think that is definitely the single best argument for voting down party lines for a candidate one does not like. I hope it doesn't come to that, but I suspect it will. And if it does, we'll each have to decide for ourselves whether we can hold our nose and vote for the media-approved and party sanctioned candidate.

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Yes, I agree that attempting to vilify a police officer can inflict harm. If this is what you meant by condemning killings, then I would certainly consider this a form of mob justice with a potential to do harm.

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Yeah, when I think back to what I remember of their characters during the 1980s, it seemed like they weren't nearly as concerned about such things.

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I'm not sure how condemning killings inflicts harm on anyone. Protesting against a perpetrator of Catholic child abuse might rise to that level if it were to continue well after the desired outcome had been achieved. Unfortunately, it seems quite rare for the desired outcome to ever be achieved in those cases.

I don't know what motivates all the online outrage, especially when it continues past what we assume must have been the objective. That is why I asked in the post about what those continuing to express outrage over Hogan were aiming for and what our role in the endeavor is supposed to be.

As for the outrage being harmless, I'd have to disagree with you there. Losing someone's job is one thing; becoming a pariah along the lines of Michael Richards is quite another. But more than that, I think the real harm is to the rest of us. Whether we participate in the outrage or not, I believe we all pay a price for it.

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It certainly isn't fair to refer to everyone engaged in online activism or protest as a mob, and I've never heard "rushing" used in this way so I cannot comment on that. I do think it is fair to refer to people as a mob or as pursuing mob justice or online vigilantism when their primary goal appears to be one of inflicting harm on their target. If the intended outcome was job loss, then I'm not sure why the outrage seems to be continuing after that goal was accomplished. My guess is that this outcome was not sufficient for some and that they seek greater punishment. That's what I'm most curious about.

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Good points about context and character. My guess is that the majority of those now calling for his head do not follow wrestling, have little idea about the context around his wrestling career to which you refer, and are simply reacting to the sensationalized reports of what he said and the fact that he's a celebrity.

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There is, but just look at how many people consider certain ideas to be extremely dangerous and worthy of suppressing. Some are even willing to punish the expression of ideas they consider sufficiently dangerous.

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You are right that some of the stories that make us think about religious privilege receive coverage in the mainstream news media. But very little of this coverage explicitly addresses the issue of religious privilege. We tend to interpret them in that way, but I'm not sure most of the public does. But yes, anything that comes out of Trump's mouth is likely to generate more interest. Such is the price we are paying for allowing our news media to become entertainment media.

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I think that's a great way of looking at it. By sharing such content, you are raising awareness by making it more likely that people who have never thought about that subject before might now do so. As much as some of us complain about social media, I do think it has some good uses.
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