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As a former Christian, I'd have to say that the critical thing is that we do not give up. People can and do change. I suspect we've all heard from at least a few people who voted for Trump and now regret doing so.

Beyond that, we support the more objective players in our news media who still do investigative journalism. We refuse to fall for the appealing simplicity of ideological narratives and seek the sort of facts that correspond with external reality. We cannot magically change others' minds, but we can improve ourselves and help to make accurate information available to others. We can continue to engage those encased in ideological bubbles on both sides and do the work of trying to restore some measure of civil discourse. And of course, we can vote.

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I don't respect what they believe either, but I find that this rarely affects my respect for the person. Most everyone I know, including myself, has been wrong about many things over the course of his or her life. I do sometimes feel disappointed when I learn that someone is religious, but I can't say that it leads me to lose respect for them. Most of the intelligent people I know are religious, which shouldn't be a surprise since most of the people I know are religious.

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Agreed. I'm skeptical that she will actually run in 2020, but I think you are right that this would be a disaster. The Democratic Party needs to find a suitable slate of candidates, which would ideally be narrowed down to someone with a coherent and inspiring message.

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I guess I just assumed that the Bowling Green massacre must have happened in Sweden.

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I haven't written any books, but I am aware of at least one author with the same name. That must be what you saw.

I imagine there would be many people who would be interested in learning more about what LGBT people in Africa are going through. It might help bring some perspective to their struggles in the West.

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I'd be inclined to support such an arrangement too, as long as the religious tax exemption was completely abolished. Unfortunately, I don't see that happening. Taxation would widely be perceived as the state not holding up its end of the church-state bargain even though it has been clear for some time that the church is not being held accountable for holding up its end. It seems to me that the only way a religious organization should be permitted to be tax exempt would be for it to clearly demonstrate that it is providing a significant public good. Some churches could probably do that, but I think the majority would struggle.

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I'm not expecting much from them, but both have said at least a few things I found worthwhile. I suspect that if more people had listened to Milo and others like him they would not have been quite so shocked by the results of our recent presidential election.

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There are just too many things to be outraged about. I mean, it is easy to stay focused on what Trump might be doing to undermine our system of government right up until one sees a man sitting comfortably on the subway (which apparently has something to do with the patriarchy and might be "the worst thing ever").

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Yep, I can't count the number of times I've forced myself to listen to someone I find revolting and ended up discovering a good idea I would have missed otherwise. When we encase ourselves in ideological bubbles, we lose.

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And yet, none of this necessarily means Milo and others like him won't occasionally come up with a good idea. I'd hate to dismiss it just because I might not care for the source.