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I'm sorry to see you go too, but I certainly understand the frustration and the desire to do something else. Had my primary goal been one of changing the minds of religious believers or those who hold other bad ideas, I don't think I would have lasted more than a few months. As it is, I find that every presidential election year seems to shake my "faith" in humanity.

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The sense of having less to say and the feeling that I'm repeating myself are things I can relate to as well. I guess my primary problem is that I'm finally starting to realize that some of the time I've been spending blogging is detracting from other things, but I'd probably be more successful at overlooking that if these other things you mention weren't there too.

I suppose the most obvious way to generate post ideas is to follow the news around the topics one is interested in. This seems to be the primary approach Friendly Atheist uses, for example. By essentially repackaging news stories into blog posts, he'll never run out of subject matter. I do that from time-to-time - I imagine we all do - but it has never really been enough.

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Reviewers can be recognized for their service without revealing which papers they reviewed. But yes, I do think that this is a problem with some of the approaches that aim to match reviewers to specific papers.

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They made a point of noting that several states have exceptions in their laws around age. It baffles me how any state would decide that it is acceptable for a 12 year-old to marry, but this is what seems to have happened in at least a handful of states.

I just checked Mississippi, and they allow persons as young as 15 to marry with parental consent.

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What about the Trump supporters who are themselves atheists? I'm guessing they don't find us deplorable merely for being atheists.

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You've given me some good ideas to try, especially when it comes to Facebook.

I wish Instagram wasn't so damn mobile-focused. I think I'd really like it if it wasn't for that. I just have zero interest in using my phone as a camera or spending a second longer looking at it than is absolutely necessary.

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I do think there is an important distinction to be made between a person who holds some deplorable ideas and a deplorable person. Some of the ideas Clinton was referring to (e.g., racism, sexism) can be characterized as deplorable, even if these labels have been misused to the point where some are in danger of losing their meaning. Labeling "half" of Trump's supporters as "deplorables" is a different matter. Even if it could be demonstrated that half have at least some deplorable ideas, I don't think this necessarily makes them deplorable people. Moreover, I certainly hope it does not make all of them "irredeemable."

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It would indeed be a great band name. I have to think there are at least a hundred bands that changed their name as soon as they saw the news. Hell, it is such a good name it made me wish I was in a band.

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I know that feeling too. It is especially salient with atheism, as there just isn't that much that can be said about one's lack of god belief.

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Good points. I'm sure there is evidence of that even here and even though I haven't seen much of it. Come to think of it, I do believe I've heard about a couple of churches closing in the past few years due to poor attendance.