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and no player is required to play any format BESIDES the pre-defined sets of formats
its a bit like how you can make a .avi with b frames,
it will sorta work on some media players. but you're better off using one of the allowed formats

and why would you use the .ogg container when the .mkv container does ALL it does and more?

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err. no. xiph regulates .ogg VERY strictly
admitedtly there is a dirty hack called .ogm wich you CAN embedd some other stuff in.
but the plain .ogg container cant contain h264 or anything else usefull
only shitty video codecs like theora and dirac are supporte

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not to mention the only video formats you can PUT in a .ogg are horribly outdated. really bad quality. and generally just bad,
and the viable audio formats are vorbis (while good. still doesnt beat aac and simlar) or flac wich is waaaay to huge for this kind of aplication

where as in a mp4 you can put h264 video. wich is pretty much THE BEST video format around (compression, video quality)

the best h264 encoder is x264. wich is fully open source software. and one of the best decoders is also open source.

though mp4 doesnt really support subtitles. (nobody uses ttxt) so the best option would be using the fully open .mkv container.
it supports pretty much ANY kind of video. audio and subtitles combo you might wanna use
and you can embedd fonts and other data in it to be used by the player