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What's most notable is that electronic newspapers and dirigibles were expected to be around concurrently.

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I have two Kindles. One is a non-backlit e-ink version, the other is a Fire HD tablet. If I am actually reading electronic books in good ambient light, I use the e-ink. If am reading in bed at night with the lights off, or playing Scrabble/surfing the web, I use the Fire.

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Andiamo, fratello. Non monopolizzare tutto lo spazio dell'hangar aerei!
("Come on, bro. Don't Bogart all the hanger space.")

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Muscle car or not, the '66 2+2 has been on my bucket list for many years.

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Ah crap, does that mean I need to find a new place to park my plane now? Damn.

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The VW NSF cars look waaay backdated to me, the SEAT Mii treatment especially. It's like a joint GM-Toyota concept car from 1996.

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It's pronounced "BALL-ade." Like testicle sweat fortified with electrolytes.

(Just kidding, I have no idea how to pronounce it either.)

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IMHO, nothing works as well on '60s pickups as old-style slotted mags, without too bright a polish on them.

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For car stuff, it's the local AutoZone or Advance Auto Parts.
Actually, no. To be perfectly honest, the vast majority of the time, it's wherever these guys decide to get their parts, which magically appear on my vehicle...

For OE motorcycle (and previously, PWC) parts:

For hard-to-find, obsolete and used parts, as well as aftermarket accessories:

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"We won’t cover wear and tear items, just big stuff."

And that's where your plan goes to crap. In most cases, people don't get new cars because the transmission or engine have ground themselves to dust. It's all the little things that go wrong and turn them off. As I pointed out a year ago, it's not drivetrain and suspension upkeep that's prohibitive on the Town Cow, it's all the little stuff, the "wear and tear items" as you call them. In my car, dash switches are dying one by one. The odometer and tripmeter are both kaput, as are the A/C and two of the power windows (not for the first time). Only three of the element wires in the rear window defroster still work. The engine and transmission are fine, the body is virtually corrosion-free. The suspension and paint are shot, but it would be a fairly practical thing to put new suspension bushings and shocks on it, give it a new coat of paint, and buff everything to a shine. But the little things are what will send this car to the salvage yard. I truly loved driving it, and would be content to drive this same model well into the future, but all the "wear and tear" has soured my driving time.

Unlike your aircraft analogy, automotive components are not built in such a way to facilitate complete, frequent, repeated tear-downs. Much of a modern car is designed for easy and efficient (i.e., cheap) initial production-line assembly—not subsequent dis-assembly and re-assembly. Furthermore, it makes sense to keep planes a long time because regulators mandate regular, expensive maintenance labor on them whether they are new or old. Also, planes don't get exposed to nearly as much corrosive, caked-on gunk as cars do. A lot of cars simply rot away from road grime. There's no such term as "sky grime."