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Somebody on the Hooniverse staff endorses you, so I have to assume you're a pretty alright guy. If we got together, we might really get along. (You're a Marine, and I was Army, but I won't hold against you.) But work and family commitments are a fact of life. My mom dreamed of getting to Europe her whole life, and she finally did it at 56. My dad got his first play produced at 58, his first book published at 71. At 51, I'm still working (slowly) to fulfill a lifelong dream of building a custom motorcycle. So when you tell me you must do do it now because you're 40, I must ask why. You chose other priorities, good priorities like raising your kids serving your country. At what point are you trying to have your cake and eat it, too? Having to defer your dream for a few years is not a tragedy that tugs on my heartstrings.

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When it's time to help a Hoon,I guess my question comes down to this: what sacrifices is this guy making towards his own goal? How long is he been saving, how much of the money is coming out of his own pocket? From his proposal page, it seems like he wants everybody to pay for this but him.I am more than happy to help someone do something meaningful, but I don't want to write a blank check for someone who's not doing something to prove they really want it bad enough to sacrifice for it.

And claiming he should get to do this because his "uniqueness" and neediness somehow makes him more deserving than anyone else does not help my impression.

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Hang on, I never said "go f*** yourself." I don't wish this guy any ill will. I love the story about how folks helped out Wan Lee, and would love to help out somebody like that myself. I didn't even really get offended until I read his statement, "I have the unique combination of ability and willingness to pull a stunt like this". Wow. (Really, Tom? You and you alone? You don't think that any number of other people could successfully do it if they were not out making a living?) And then he [originally] went on to say something about "and it takes a lot to support a family," as if, somehow, EVERY OTHER RESPONSIBLE ADULT IN THE WORLD don't have first-hand knowledge of this. [I just went back to find the direct quote, and that language has now been softened.] As I said, I don't wish this guy any ill will, but his proposal didn't make me say "Now THIS guy deserves to be the one to go!"

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Oh sure, bring that up. Way to rain on my rant.

And get off my lawn.

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I guess if he can hustle people into giving him money, that's a valid way to expend his energy and work toward his goal. I just know that if I took this approach to getting funding, I would be embarrassed to tell my father what I did.

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The key difference being that, thanks to its boattail seat, the vast majority of people hated the looks of the night train. Ditto the Norton Hi-Rider.

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Your statement, "self publishing a book isn't exactly cheap" is totally incorrect. You can publish a book on Cafe Press or Amazon for nothing up front; I've personally helped several authors do it. One guy makes decent money from it (probably equivalent to what he'd get in royalties from a publisher) because its a decent read and he's worked aggressively to market his book. The others have gotten diddly squat, because frankly they're lazy and what they wrote was awful to start with. But unlike this guy, they all managed to write their books while working and supporting themselves. I haven't published anything myself because I gave up on my only book-length manuscript after completing the first draft, and it's been sitting in a drawer for ten years. But that's how it goes. Should I ask the world for money so I can quit my job and finish it? No, because the fact I haven't finished it is proof I don't deserve it.

My point is, why should I pre-order his book? Has he completed a book? If so, is it any good? Lots of people think they can write a book, most (like me) don't finish, and of those who do finish one, few are worth publishing. Or reading, for that matter. This guy says, "I have several years of experience working in all aspects of magazine production, including writing, editing, photography, and digital production." Yet he can't get to a publishing house to give him an advance on his book? I would guess that's because he doesn't have a track record as an author. Since professionals who make a living knowing this stuff wouldn't bet their cash on this guy, why should I? His reward-before-effort approach makes me highly suspicious whether he has the fortitude and discipline to see things through.

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Wait, "buy me a scooter so I can write a book"? I'm shocked anyone is willing to publicly admit to this degree of self-importance, privilege and conceit. I've heard of being buttercream, but this guy liable to drown.

How about another idea: go earn your own money like the rest of us, buy yourself a scooter and go do your adventure thing, and after you've managed to write a book worth buying, I will be glad to reward you then. M'mkay?

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There was not much to discuss about the engine because it was unchanged from previous Z1s. While definitely a "bike you should know" that I will definitely feature in a future installment, the original Z1 was a dramatic but incremental performance improvement over the Honda CB750, and was in turn superseded by the liter+ UJM superbikes that would follow. The point of this article was that the LTD version was significant not because of its performance, but its appearance.

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