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My current favorite style of bike is the café racer, but if I had to choose a best era, it would focus around the mid ‘90s. Performance is asymptotic, and by the mid ‘90s, most performance-oriented bikes, both on and off road, were within a hair’s breadth of what modern bikes are capable of. Aesthetically, I feel that the styling plateaued around that time as well. Many bikes of that era still look modern, and in some cases (Ducati 916) have yet to be equaled.

My biggest fear is that by approaching the performance asymptote we risk market saturation. As new bikes are bettering their predecessors by smaller and smaller margins, the incentive to “trade up” to a newer model becomes less, and new bikes suddenly have to compete with 2 decades worth of production. We’ve seen it as Harley Davidson has been approaching saturation within its own “Harley or nothing” niche. As we get closer and closer to “everyone that wants a Harley has one” the years long wait list is a distant memory, and prices of used bikes have come way down after decades of being “depreciation-proof.”

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"If you can find a better car, buy it."

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It’s odd to me that “Oh, what a feeling!” is always mentioned as the memorable Toyota jingle, since when I think of Toyota jingles, the one that sticks in my head is “I love what you do for me, Toyota!”

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“Hey there, Little Red Riding Hood. You sure are looking good. Are those Osh Kosh B’Gosh?”

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Everybody else's?

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None of the C2s had external access to the "trunk" either.

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It's a unique hot rod done up in the least unique way possible, and I like it, nonetheless. $4,800 seems like a reasonable price for it, too.

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"Motorsports exemption"???!!! Does that imply that because a car is set up for motorsports, it can circumvent certain road-legalities?

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The first red flag was that he was willing to trade what I assumed was a ~$3000 bike for a $1000 car straight up.

We never even got to whether or not he had a title. Based on the perceived inequity of the proposed trade, I decided to check the going rate for the bike in question, and the first hit on craigslist was an ad posted 3 days prior about it having been stolen.

Overall, the thief wasn't very bright.

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I’ve never been a party to a swap. The last car I sold, I was open to trades, but I was fairly specific about my wants, so the likelihood of someone having any of the listed acceptable trades and wanting my car was pretty slim. I did have one prospective “buyer” offer in trade an obviously stolen motorcycle (not on my list of acceptable trades). I forwarded his contact information to the guy who posted about his stolen motorcycle, and heard nothing further from either.