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The F-type can be had with a manual now! This was news that we were promised (or at least it was hinted at) from the outset, but it’s good to see it actually happen.

The GT350 is very lust worthy. I don’t think that I’ve ever wanted a Mustang more. (Although I did have an unhealthy desire for the 2001 Bullitt at its debut)

The one that really has me wanting to part with my hard earned money is unfortunately only a concept.

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It's not really nice to call the booth professional a beast.

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Defenders tend to be priced a bit rich for my taste (or at least my wallet). I have, however, recently started having really bad ideas about buying a Discovery II. They are just so tantalizingly affordable these days. They can't be that bad, right?

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I was expecting something profanity-laden. I'd have let loose a string of profanities. Kudos for maintaining more composure than I would have.

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That looks a little rougher than I'd expect for that price. A little more money can get a much cleaner one. Occasionally, I see a 944 with an LS swap for sale, and it gives me bad ideas.

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Fucktons are metric? Not in America, they ain't!

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Ford’s Scapula Magnet Yellow was, though effective, a notable flop in the early years of the gender-attractive pigment wars.

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I never actually liked these, but...

Following the lead of Team Porcubimmer and their Homer, I have felt that someone needs to build a Thundercougarfalconbird.
If someone endeavors to build a Thundercougarfalconbird, it should obviously be built out of a Thunderbird, Falcon, or Cougar.

Partly because this body style doesn't lend itself particularly well to the Thundercougarfalconbird, I have been pretty good at convincing myself not to even shop for one.

And then...

Without specifically looking, I've found a (nearly) LeMons priced, manual trans Cougar. As I mentioned, this body style Cougar probably isn't ideal for building a Thundercougarfalconbird.

That doesn't mean that I'm not still thinking about buying it. I mean, what better car to add to my Jaguar for a second LeMons car than a different big cat?