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I love the Obscure Muscle Car series, even though it often highlights how often manufacturers (mostly GM) have tried in vain to make a "performance" car, only to miss the mark entirely. You have given us food for thought, helping us develop an appreciation for what these cars are, but what they are not is muscle cars.

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"...totally original and complete."
Their understanding of the word "complete" appears different than mine.

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No harm, no foul. It’s not adding real seating capacity, but it offers the potential buyer the illusion of added utility. See also: 3rd row seating, and the rear “seats” in most 2+2 coupes.

That latter are almost decisively worthless, since they won’t fit anyone who isn’t also too small to legally sit in them without a car seat, which would then not fit, either.

However, there is one case where I can think everyone wants the middle seat:

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And through 8 seasons, you hadn’t once stopped to consider that Robin Masters might be a woman. Chauvinist!

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NOT finding hidden, undisclosed, condition issues that are indicative of a previous owner who could not have given fewer fucks about properly maintaining their (now your) car.

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Absolutely! Back in '88, my mother bought, brand new, a Reliant LE. Whether from her own inference, or if she was told it by some sleazy salesman, she will maintain to this day that the LE stood for "Luxury Edition."

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I'll be honest and say that if it weren't for Scott's car, this would have been far less likely to get a yes vote from me.

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Driven occasionally over a few years of ownership, then stripped down and caged to replace my Fiero as my LeMons race car.

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I doubt it's a scam. That seems fairly reasonable. These really aren't worth much.

How I got mine for $500:
Some guy buys a $1500 XJS without any idea what he was getting into
Takes it to shop to "fix everything"
Receives $7200 estimate
Tells shop owner "sell it for what you can."
Shop owner puts it on ebay starting at $500 with no reserve.

I was the only bidder.

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It's just far enough away that I'm not going to drive out to take a look at it.
It's just cheap enough that I don't trust the condition without looking at it.
It's just expensive enough that I can't overlook potential structural rust and buy it sight unseen.

If it were closer, cheaper, or less of a question mark regarding condition, I might have wound up with another Fiero.

I suppose I could ask for some pictures of the trunk corners...