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No arguments here. I like the X-type (although I'd rather it have been cheaper and wearing a Ford Mondeo badge). I don't think the assignment required that the answers be shitty cars.

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I wanted to post the same Cimarron that I posted last week. It's still for sale, but since it was so far from me that I only found it through search tempest, it's not quite fair when there are plenty of late model examples of similar luxury badgineering from which to choose.

Do I post a Fusion Lincoln MKZ? How about an F150 Mark LT? How about a Tahoe Escalade? Ooh, I know! A Camry Lexus ES!

Nope, none of those. I'm going with this Mondeo X-Type for $5500.

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The regulation shouldn't be that all vehicles require a back up camera. It should be (something like) "A driver should be able to see a person or object 24" tall located 60" from the rear bumper. If the sight line from the driver's seat precludes this, a back up camera must be installed."

I don't see a downside with such a regulation. It accomplishes the same thing as the sweeping mandate of "backup cameras for all" while possibly even encouraging automakers to consider better visibility to design out the need for such a camera.

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I'm still waiting to find a woman who would let me name our kids Carter and Holley.

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It's entirely an optical illusion based on the shadow. I copied the image into paint, and "erased" the shadow, and it looks straight centered.

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Get those bitches some banister back chairs. Bitches love banister back chairs.

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Does craigslist exist in any markets where the Aston Martin IQ Cygnet were sold? That would get my vote as the least aspirational vehicle from an aspirational marque.

Dropping down from the "exotic" requirement, and focusing on the "aspirational marque" aspect, I give you a overpriced Cavalier Cimarron:

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JPS Norton F1.

Failing that, an unmolested FD RX7.

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You're absolutely right about the reason behind the inflated prices on the MKIV Supra. That is also a driving force behind the prices of the aforementioned FD RX7. Previously inexpensive cars like the S13 240SX and the AE86 have similar causes for their recent (albeit lesser) increase in value (if not directly attributable to the F&F franchise).