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A Ranchero's a truck of a sort
And arch'ry's Bill's fav'rite sport
But I’ve heard it was said
When it came to the bed
Both of them came up too short.

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Ford's marketing team gathered to watch the archery exhibition. I guess they were unfamiliar with what "target demo" actually meant.

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Thanks. My caption wouldn't have made sense anywhere else. Even here on Hooniverse, it relied on long-time readers for votes.

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The drivetrain ensures that it wouldn't sell for LeMons money, but there doesn't appear to be much else of value there. It's already bid up beyond where I'd value the engine and trans, so I won't be the buyer.

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The seller is either a sucker, a liar, or both. His asking price of $52,900 is claimed to be "far below the original sticker price." If he paid more than that, due to dealer markup, he's a sucker. Based on my cursory search, all options listed would have stickered this car at just about $40k in 2002. $40k, adjusted for inflation is, perhaps not coincidentally, $52,973.

The likelihood that $52,900 is lower than the original sticker is virtually zero. I have to assume that he means "adjusted for inflation", but even with that, I have to question his idea of "far below" since his asking price is virtually identical to the MSRP adjusted for inflation.

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A mediocre platform with the biggest engine that they could shoehorn in? Isn’t that (or wasn’t that) the definition of a muscle car? While it might not adhere to the strictest of definitions of what a muscle car is, I think the spirit is there.

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Way too much money (and automatic), but cool in a "what a cool version of an uncool car" kind of way.

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Betty calls dibs on the wicker seats, while Nancy is staking her claim in the automotive fringe.

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Whatever points you might be denied for the Joe Davis heads not being OEM should be granted back as a bonus for starting at flathead.