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Does craigslist exist in any markets where the Aston Martin IQ Cygnet were sold? That would get my vote as the least aspirational vehicle from an aspirational marque.

Dropping down from the "exotic" requirement, and focusing on the "aspirational marque" aspect, I give you a overpriced Cavalier Cimarron:

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JPS Norton F1.

Failing that, an unmolested FD RX7.

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You're absolutely right about the reason behind the inflated prices on the MKIV Supra. That is also a driving force behind the prices of the aforementioned FD RX7. Previously inexpensive cars like the S13 240SX and the AE86 have similar causes for their recent (albeit lesser) increase in value (if not directly attributable to the F&F franchise).

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You call out the Supra, but have you checked the prices on the MKIVs? They are priced higher than FD RX7s, and can rival higher mile, early NSXs for price, having originally sold for roughly half the price.

As Maymar above noted, the 240Z is appreciating rapidly these days. Sure, there aren't many (any?) Japanese cars that parallel the 2000GT for value, but there are certainly many that are at least appreciating after their initial decline.

Compare current prices of a lowly Suzuki Samurai to its MSRP, and you'll see that collectibility isn't the exclusive realm of the flagship cars.

If the GT-R ever starts depreciating, it'll probably never dip below 50% of its price when new. It can't drop much before the market would exceed the supply.

It may be a while before it starts to appreciate, but it'll hold its value pretty well throughout.

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I "missed" the Razor fad, having gone through my scooter phase about a decade earlier. In my neighborhood, in the first years of the '90s, scooters somehow trumped bicycles, and we all had them, but they looked more like oddly proportioned pedal-and-seat-less bikes. The fad came and went in short order, and we were back to bikes in a year or so. What we had looked similar to the image below.

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My favorite punchline to that question has always been "to prove to the raccoons that it could be done."

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It is certainly bad ass, but $8k? It looks a bit rough for $8k. Granted, looking a bit rough is part of its charm, but that charm is in driving a truck that says "I don't give a shit." As anti-hipster as this would appear, spending $8k to look like you don't care shares a bit too much of the hipster affectation.

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Randall's servants were excited to hear that he had recently acquired a new Chrysler, assuming that it meant an end to carrying him around everywhere. They were later saddened to hear that it was a New Yorker, because, as is well known, New Yorkers don't drive.

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Best guess is that the hatch glass was busted at some point, and due to the dearth of 3rd-gen F-body parts in England, the owner was only able to source a Firebird hatch as a replacement.