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Add my voice to the chorus praising the car, but refusing it entry into the muscle garage. It's an easy, instinctive decision, but why? I voted for of all the other front wheel drive V8 siblings. I voted for the Bonneville GXP, which even shares an engine. The Northstar is different in character from a 350 or a 502, but still works in the Frankenstein-big-motor-regular-car formula. The Aurora could have been a monster, but the problem is, that was never the intent. Being deliberately de-tuned from Cadillac-power puts the stake through the muscle heart.

Would I vote in a Seville? Perversely, I think I'd be more inclined to both the Aurora and the Caddy if they started out with a V6, and the Northstar was somewhere to go. Maybe I'm seeing both cars in the same way as the hoons who vote against the full size Imperials and Mercurys that are textbook muscle cars to me. I didn't grow up with big blocks and carburetors, so all of them are special and muscular. I grew up with my own versions of what then and now seem like low output V8s and go-faster plastic cladding. They weren't replaced by smog-choked four cylinders. They were replaced by more powerful V6s. Soon, the four cylinders will get to 300hp, and the generation behind me will block the TL Type-S, Legacy Spec B, and other monsters hidden in plain sight.

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Pretty sure that's a Lambo, dude.

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This time, Madam will please refrain from attempting to clear the hedge or, God forbid, the water hazard?

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Well, not this century.

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I think this is the first Lexus in a long time that is a future classic.

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Bigger car. Bigger clowns.

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Crap. Stupid close together buttons.
Now someone needs to fix AT and FReeMan's points.

Will help fix AT, but don't know how.

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The front works better than expected - excellent.
The little concave rear detail - excellent.
The side profile - do you realize how good this is going to look when it gets turned into a wagon?
I'll be in my bunk.

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All of them.

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Have you all gone blind? Do you not see the shape? Every past hero reflected in the silhouette? The simplicity and the detail baubles? Do you not hear every burble and rustling leaf and wooshing breeze? Do you not see the winding road? Do you not see the curves? HAS THE WHOLE WORLD GONE INSANE? *hit by offscreen dart*