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Not to mention the fine ladies and gentlemen with 'original' Mangustas.

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And don't even get me started on Esperante and Marcos Mantis and Virage drivers.

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10 liters per hour, 2.5mpg.
According to my calculations, the 2CV averages 6.58mph.
Blistering pace in the (18)40s.

Even so, I want to do that.
Though I'm even more tempted by ChampTruck's ruleset.

Edit: This coverage is great. I kid because I love. And a slow 2CV joke is too good to pass up.

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Magnificent. It's the opposite of a bad 4x4 conversion, with the sills jacked up higher than the tops of the tires, yet, at the same time, it's also the opposite of an RX300.

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I only learned about this car recently, searching for a Mystery Car match.

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If the goal is sheer speed, weight is still everything.
Less weight needs less downforce that generates less drag so there is more power to accelerate.
I'd create a much smaller tub.
Switch to true rear engine for a much shorter wheelbase.
Crank up the boost for 1000 hp.
And land my 800lb Deltawing in the catch fencing at 250 or so.

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Poll needs another option:
ZQ8 only.

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She is fast, thorough, and wicked with a sawzall.
She is ripping out the interior, and installing wicker chairs.

I want a girl with a deft touch and a big... hammer.

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I heard that Sunday. It never sounded dated before. But then Weezer came out with a 90s nostalgia song, so maybe we're in for a renaissance. Maybe the song remains the same.

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Saw one of these at the dream cars exhibit. Beautiful. That blue...