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Homebuilt Safety Sports Racer Wagon

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More revs, more compression, more cubes. Turbos are more efficient than superchargers, because they capture exhaust gas expansion in addition to velocity and static pressure. Rule of thumb: half as much power to run a turbo as a supercharger. But my back of the envelope math suggests that in-cylinder compression is even more efficient, and I believe the trend towards higher compression even in OEM turbo motors is evidence for this. The SkyActiv gas-diesel comparison is the strongest case.

More revs are, in my opinion, more exciting than more boost. That's subjective. Also subjective is your stress level trying to tune a wastegate and blow-off system full of unknown unknowns, which can grenade your engine at will.

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'92 Accord. In the family since new, I bought it 12 years ago for $3k. Still running it because (1) I can almost drive it in my sleep (2) money is freedom and (3) it has never stranded me.

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I have no idea, but get him into an art program before something terrible happens.

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Here we see the elderly Abraham endorsing his son's foray away from politics and into a successful and ongoing motor-vehicle business.

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It's a new kind of oven called a microwave. It cooks your food with... uhhhh.... science!

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The Paganis and Koenigseggs tend to be the ones where it's done right, even if it's overdone.

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I think the Mazda Roadpacer is an even more egregious answer.

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Didn't that have a lot to do with existing right-of-ways and land available for setting up railroad, telecom, or other types of lines?

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I'm a little unclear: To get an HSV W427, should I crash a car in Colorado or Australia?