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Considering the Taurus has a transverse drivetrain, and the Intrepid has a longitudinal layout (didn't know/never noticed that), I think they need to adjust the settings on their copier.

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And not smarmy. Push yourselves.

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... and in America, there is meat and produce year round. And they drive their personal cars right through the middle of the store.

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So what you're saying is, you're on the next flight to Milwaukee.

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This has been the sort of week that makes the hybrid Bentley seem really profound. Bear with me. The Rolls-Royce 100EX, its silence, its grace, its pace, its majesty, was limited. And perhaps all the more alluring for it. Now, Bentley is taking a page from their book and will aim for half the range under the majesty of electric power, with the venerable V8 to ease range anxiety and charge times. Profound, and forehead-smackingly obvious. Yeah, it's been a long week. But that's still cool.

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In this case, it seems like the much more practical thing to do would be an engine swap into an 'acceptable' Focus. This is impossible in California and has various degrees of possibility depending on the emissions laws in your state. Your mileage may vary.

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I've ridden in a bunch of these things, and I'm not even a member.

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I can understand if someone accidentally one or two on a touchscreen.
But why would you accidentally the whole thing?

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For a moment, he thought he had gotten away with it.
Then the horrible evidence fell from its hiding place at the back of the car.

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I like this plan equally as much also.