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1. Make sure your small diameter tube frame meets all of the cage requirements of the places/races you want to take it.
2. Watch your weight distribution, and size contact patches accordingly.
3. Be ready to very thoroughly go through the steering to remove any amount of slop.

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Is it fun to drive even at mundane speeds, or do you have to commit like a maniac before it comes alive?

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Prizes of unfathomable no value.

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Please, please tell me all of the other terrible obscure models I've voted into the garage could do at least 100 on a mile-straight. Actually, there are probably a couple of gearing-limited dragstrip specials that might cut it close.

"Smokey Yunick could make it go 90" is damning by extremely faint praise.

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Just to be contrary, how are these going to help considering one of our biggest problems is proper merging at speed?

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It's like a roundabout with five smaller roundabouts placed inside it, which makes it into one mega-inner roundabout and one mega-outer roundabout in opposite directions with the five little ones still inside.

Someone get me off this merry-go-round.

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Doesn't come across like that at all. It's just that, since we I don't know anything, you have to fill in the background information, and that's how I learn. Going back to your comment about less-famous artists, all that matters is teaching about art as a whole. Not just this is a list of artists and examples, but this is a piece, and this is the context of color and technique and representation and abstraction. These were the thoughts at the time, these were the thoughts after. All of your articles have that nailed. I think you can explain the significance of any bike if you can place it in its world.

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As a non-motorcyclist, I deeply appreciate the edification. I look forward to the articles, even if I don't have anything to say. And am looking for any and all information on the Honda GP transmissions with more than 4 speeds (especially 8, 9, etc.) But it can be about either the mainstream or the weird. It does matter if the bike was important, but it matters more that it's interesting. And of course, both of those things vary depending on how basic or erudite our existing motorcycle knowledge is. Maybe you've been (correctly) thinking of your audience as a group of attentive Golden Retrievers. Don't forget: We are Golden Retrievers who know about ZAZ balancing shafts.

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That's a funny way to spell peasants.

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I think the jump seats (a la London Taxi) were much more common in big 30's cars that might as well be limousines. They probably also occurred in the Checker Marathon. I think most of the time, post '40s and pre seat-belts, the theory was just jam 5 kids on the one big bench seat (and floor boards, and package shelf), and call it good.