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'Math is hard.'
- Barbie

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You'll just have to get it valeted.

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"A wrench through the wheel spokes, propped against the brake caliper, would hold the wheel in one position and allow me to loosen the lug nuts on the other car."

This is why I get excited whenever the junkyard is selling lug wrenches for some ridiculously cheap price. I go for the ones that also have a prybar on the end.

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You have seen him do amazing things, and you want to see him do more amazing things.
There is no dishonor in that.

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Aircraft, spacecraft, and military gear are the only equipment that comes close to being properly engineered, properly tested, and properly maintained. Everything else has a large degree of good'nuff.

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If you actually get the tooling...
and the CAD...
and the wiring diagrams...
and the factory calibration programs...
...then I'm on board to handle legacy support.

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In order of decreasing helpfulness:
- I like the Flex.
- Garden variety minivan
- Six door limousine or, better yet, Checker Aerobus
- See the next article for more suggestions.

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Dave: 'I told you we didn't need a ski lift when we've got a Mopar! Didn't I tell you, son?'
Rita: 'What's the plan now?'
Dave: 'We ski to the bottom, then use the car to drive back up again!'
Rita: ...

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At a glance, I think it's a Subaru 360.

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The FWD Monte Carlo SS is not as fast as it should be, not reputed for fine handling, too heavy, with styling both grotesque and bland. Terrible in all the traditional muscle car ways, and a the closest adherent to the muscle formula on the list. As with all the GM front-drivers, the classical soul of a muscle car trapped in the wrong platform.