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Maintain a strong defense against what? We are letting known drug cartels and members of terrorists groups freely come across our borders (and arming them thanks to our own government) while the decent, law-abiding citizens are being frisked at the airport and now are subject to indefinite detention. We allow terrorist training camps by the dozens to operate here on American soil while our Secretary of State negotiates a small arms treaty with the U.N. to take the only defense (and the only right) we still have. We have 70 socialist members of Congress and a fascist president who have successfully scrapped our constitution and rule of law. We are again on the virge of war because we have been indoctrinated that it is necessary again. Anyone feeling safer now with our current foreign or domestic policies isn't paying attention. And after our economy collapses......we're not going to be able to afford gas and groceries, much less a "foreign policy". Please come to the party folks.

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I absolutely respect Senator DeMint, but our establishment GOP has, by the non-conservatives it has chosen for us....again, shown that it is no longer listening to the American people, same with the DNC bringing us a radical leftist and calling him a Democrat. They've both earned the right to sit down and shut up. The conversation is walking away from them both and the majority of the American people, both sides of the aisle, are sick enough of it that they are willing to work together to support freedom like they always have. They are being Americans first.

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Ron Paul is right about a great many things. The establishment GOP has walked away from their conservative platform and gone farther and farther to the "big tent" progressive left. Not Paul. I voted for John McCain, he introduced the NDAA bill. I voted for GW Bush, he gave us war and the patriot act. Gingrich is a long time member of the CFR and the globalist agenda. Mitt Romney is also a progressive "Obama light" with many globalist connection. He's store bought more of the same and we can't take any more of the same. But aside from his not being in any way a "conservative" candidate, he's also the same guy who, as lame as John McCain's campaign and debates were in 2008, lost the nomination to John McCain. So what would conservatives be thinking putting a proven loser up against Obama? Only if you want to lose that election. The ONLY candidate standing up for American rights we are losing by the week now is Ron Paul. You're not hearing that from anyone else for a reason. I would like to make that choice while we still have the right to have a choice or voice an opinion, thank you.

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Because Obama cares what congress thinks about as much as congress has shown they care about what the people they were elected to represent think. Since they voted to pass the unconstitutional Obamacare and new NDAA laws, it's going to make it a little more difficult to hold up that magnificent document they just crapped all over to beat Obama over the head for an unconstitutional appointment. After 3 freakin' years of executive branch overreach which they have allowed, if THIS is what gets the congressional GOP's hair on fire they should check in with the rest of America. Or maybe this time they'll actually do their damned jobs......but I'm not holding my breath.

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What does the Federal Trade Commission really do and why would this administration want to replace it???

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Well, here's a real good reason some would be against it. When you read the statement on what the Consumer Protection Agency say it does, it looks remarkably like another agency we already pay for.
Remember that huge list of redundant agencies that the "Super Committee" failed to find anything to cut out of the budget? Are they planning on dismantle it that and replacing it with this new agency (which already has a director and everything)?