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Children cannot be prosecuted or charged with slander. They know that.
I don't want to paint a picture of rampant little gremlins out to destroy every authoritative figure in their lives, but unfortunately many do understand that they have power.

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I'm a firm believer in God. Why I'd even say the reality of his existence is nearly 100% obvious. But I'm a firm supporter of the separation of church & state. Mind you it's often very hard to keep them separate. Each one seems to intrude into the others business, almost inadvertently.

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I'm not inclined to think that there's an unreasonable paronoia around.
As a retiree I considered becoming a school bus driver, but friends warned me that it was fraught with danger. The "kids" know how to "get you" if they don't like you.
A false accusation can ruin you even if you are exonerated later.
A camera in the classroom? Yes, I think we have indeed got to that stage. Anyone who is falsely accused needs to prove their innocence nowadays.
Mind you I feel sure that there are some guilty parties out there.

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Where do the English nationalists fit into this picture? For decades the only "English" person I've heard use the word "Britain" when referring to their country was the Queen. All my English friends have a strong preference for "England", they never say "Britain". About a year ago a picture appeared in an English newspaper of the Queen visiting a town in England. In that picture there were many England flags, but not one union flag! Not even a little one!

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I haven't been to NI for 32yrs, but I suppose the laws regarding marriage are similar here & over there. Here in Canada, it seems that a great many heteros do not want marriage, so they don't bother, they just co-habit. On the other hand homosexuals do want to marry. Here, there are laws regarding common-law relationships, & this appears, at the present time, to be applicable only to heteros. In these (hetero) cases a couple is deemed to be married if they have co-habited for 2 yrs. If they split up their possessions are divided as would be the case with an actual marriage. Homosexuals do not want to be included in that law. But there's a lot of pressure for equal treatment. So who knows?

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Because I believe in Bible prophesy, this subject is of great interest to me. However I'm not thinking that science will predict the coming catastrophies. On the contrary, I'm quite sure that many events will shortly come to pass that will catch science completely by surprise. (though certainly we can see that the earth is becoming increasingly active, & it seems certain that there's going to be horrible famines in the future, due to overpopulation, & pestilences due to drug-resistant bacteria)
I'm dreading it, but in any case we shall just have to wait to see what happens here.

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i wonder how many are leaving school without the ability to read & write. IMO it's the skills of the lower 25% that is the best indication of the effectiveness of our education system.

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Hey, easy on you guys, with your spuds & flowers etc. We've still got snow on the lawns here!
I had the same problem here with "junk" mail. I used to leaf thru them until I realized that that took an hour or more each time. Then there was the trouble needed to dispose of them. I put a little sign on my mailbox reading "No More Fliers!" That did the trick! (Mind you it was not the mailmen who delivered them here!)

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This is a matter that needs to be taken very seriously. There's a very obvious re-organization needed! -D.D.

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Well put IR ! & thank you for not giving us another anagram!