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Keep looking for them. He's just getting to the age where it will matter.

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Thank you!

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Great question. There are obviously a lot of potential semantic problems with this post - and in these scenarios.

I would say in terms of extending grace and loving people you can never be “too nice”. But, being “too nice” (and I think the too here is important, because we should always be nice), may mean we are enabling bad behavior rather than saying what needs to be said.

Jesus once went into the temple with a whip. On that specific instance He wasn’t being “too nice”, but He was doing what needed to be done - and, of course, He is always loving, because God is love.

Yes, to answer your question - I believe you can certainly be nice and still be a good leader. I hope most people on our team think I’m genuinely nice. I hope I’m not too nice when I need to do what needs to be done as a leader.

Hope this makes more sense.

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Thanks for you honesty.

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Absolutely. Your comment makes the post better. Thank you.

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Thanks! I do not disagree with anything in your comment. Nor does it take away from my point. It may be semantics and we can certainly debate those, but I'm going off of the Ephesians 5 - "the two shall become one" truth. That has to mean something. And, I think it means the two shall become one. Not a perfect one - anymore than we are to "be holy because I (Jesus) am holy" means we are ever perfect. It's a goal to strive for. A marriage is to strive for oneness. My ultimate completion is in Christ - no question. But, couples should strive to help one another become more like Christ. That's part of the oneness.

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I doubt that I can adequately speak into a marriage via email in a way that brings healing or even help. I would say there is an issue of trust on both sides here, in my opinion. Honestly, I can see both sides. I can see how your husband would feel he is not truly a part of you and your possessions if you are not equal in everything. A marriage is to be a sharing of lives. Marriage is the ultimate trust bond. If you can't trust your spouse, who can you trust? (Other than God, of course.)

At the same time, I can see where you would be concerned if this was his only way of helping out around the house. If I were advising him, I would probably tell him to start helping and then hope you learn to trust him.

It sounds like the two of you are at a stalemate. In my opinion you both need to expand your trust for your spouse. I guess the question is who moves first?

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Thanks so much.

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