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...when viewed not from years removed and with the consequences of decisions taken known...
That's really the kind of garbage they should've been shoveling at their parole boards...if any. Even Jeffery Dahmer was too much of a man to pull the 20/20 hindsight bit--though I can't vouch for him forgoing the better-safe-than-sorry excuse (surely, in his world, his victims would've eaten him first, too.).

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Kinda like when congressmen who know whose butt to kiss end up overdoing it in certain public statements... only in this case Israel has to put some kind of explicit distance between itself and the servant.

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Might be handy to compare their public statements to Charles Manson interviews. Pretty certain the same psychological principle is operating...

So maybe they've figured out that criminal larceny is better for PR than multiple corpses?...

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I loved it overall. There was a lot there that might not have been so easy to condense.

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Steps 5, 8, 9 of 12:
Admit to God, to ourselves and to another human being the exact nature of our wrongs.
Make a list of all persons we harmed, and became willing to make amends to them all.
Made direct amends to such people wherever possible, except when to do so would injure them or others.

Seems like it just describes an apology with a lot of follow-through? Can't help but compare that to this weird word-for-word theme I kept hearing on Neocon radio for weeks: "He's out there apologizing for America!"
An apology is firstly an admission of legitimate shame...that's the apparent internal impediment to apologizing. And dishonestly denying that there is any legitimate shame would apparently aid addiction--if the 12 steps indicate anything.
I say facilitating the addiction is the very point of an artificial taboo on "apologizing."

So, Colonel, I'll go first. Ahem. I'm sorry I made WWII out to be about an "existential threat." I realize now that this was only to preserve the war iconography in order to allow me to sate my Manichean-themed cravings via binges ...wars in the future.

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I also hereby and forthwith demand that Kerry fess up about his extensive personal lingerie wardrobe.
Is it pretty well established that the basis for speculating on a prior weapons program is that some Iranian did buy the CIA's bomb plans from the Russian CIA asset--a la James Risen's State of War & the Jeffery Sterling trial?

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2nd link: ...Victoria Nuland played down Russia's plans on Thursday, however, saying that that "those kinds of announcements when made publicly … obviously have a rattling effect." [..] "When we look at what is actually happening inside Russia it is far less dramatic," she said.

...the very neocon at the root of the trouble ("let's Midwife this thing") moves to the Good-Cop/Voice-of-Reason position? Say, do they run that play often?

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But that'd make them Cyber-espionage Deniers.

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Many will ask 'why?' Why would I continue so long in my tireless determination to prove that the moon is not made of green cheese?

Such a long trip. So much of your life spent with your shovel as your only friend. And no guarantee of ever returning. (HELP!! And send food!). The pile rising ever higher--no cheese there, I know. The incredibly daunting realization, faced every time I look up, that there is a 'horizon' here, too--that I cannot walk to it and ever say that it is 'closer.'

My shovel weeps at such sights. I comfort it in vain.

Well, the answer is as simple as it is obvious: I'm kissing Israel's a$$, too.

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annexing Crimea without the consent of Ukraine
e.g. ...if I steal your silverware set, that'd be criminal. But if I 'steal' your girlfriend... it'd be presumed to be without your consent but no one need care.