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would be allowed to keep its centrifuges but would give up the aluminum pipes that attach to them to make them operational.
Aluminum tubes!! Wasn't that one of the fictions that got us into Iraq? Kerry dares say 'aluminum' inum in this context?

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OBL was once yer good-jihadi.

I'm not even buying her stated intent. Neocons want chaos, they want it called their ~solutions~, they'll flatly lie to you just to push them through, and they'll fund the problem ostensibly 'solved.'

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...leading to a problem, probably... e.g., cheer it, then you eventually hear: 'sure, you like when Hez kills with drones.' ...which brings up the tired (imo) solution in the AW movement of treating everything black-hats-v-black hats so as not to be accused of siding with someone else's enemy. But thinking three moves ahead rather than one, that solution means that USrael's former targets remain witches-properly-burned ( / 'well, aren't you glad Saddam's gone?') rather than humans unfairly demonized or absurdly misunderstood, or the best though now lost solution to the problems the US clearly unleashed (which some not ostensibly AW folks bring up sheepishly), and AW thus becomes/remains irrelevant to people trying to decide if there is a reason to take a general position on war. Who cares about the last war if it was about 'removing' someone that you even agree ~deserved~ it? Then we get to feel even more relevant, anyway, probably exactly because of the hole that leaves us in. Uphill battle, you see.
So I'm pretty much cheering Hez. They're facing a situation more important to their interests than anything the US ever 'faced' in the Middle East, Europe, Latin America, SE Asia... or pretty much anywhere it actually bombed.

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If I recall right, the arming-the-moderates bit a la Syria gos back at least to Hilary...and apparently Susan Rice (Mz 'Heartbroken')...and perhaps a few other (said Eric Margolis, for one) "[...] Amazons." Oughta wreck an HC presidential bid, at least.

The incompetence defense shouldn't work: long prior to "lethal aid" there was "a growing need to" ~clean up~ terrorists there. They were on board to get into Syria on some pretext or another...apparently some were persuaded Ghouta and siding-with AQ couldn't be 'it.'

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simply insisted that he saw no evidence of “bad faith” by the Pentagon in keeping it secret.
She, apparently. Of Beryl A. Howell:
"She previously served in law enforcement, and in public and private practice as an attorney, counsel to Congressional committees, and recording industry lobbyist." --yet also judged a case on BitTorrent: "gave lawyers representing rights holders carte blanche to retrieve the identities of thousands of BitTorrent users."
"Howell is married to Michael Rosenfeld, an executive producer at National Geographic Television & Film.[3] They have three children.[3]" know, I think we tend to assume GTMO is a USg thing, rather than another freeby. Wonder just what 'good faith' there is in secrets on this particular matter. Faithful to who?

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Should be less ambiguous treason to arm & fund FSA now that their trading buds are publicly declared 'the enemy.'

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This happens on the 13th anniversary of Donald Rumsfeld declaring that DoD lost track of ~$2 trillion and a 'war on waste.' Even calling waste at the Pentagon 'a matter of life and death.'

...I suppose it's too late for congress to defund ISIS... ...what with ISIS' lack of 'vision' and all.

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Should be a treason case in there somewhere.

...there was also funding the Taliban by protection/passage money on US military supply routes... Many would call it incompetence, some would call it laundering. As long as the former excuse works, nobody hangs...

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That's probably still exploitable, but who against remains to be seen. Won't be Nuland ('cept possibly amongst us), and Obama may be long gone before all the cans-o'-worms it could bring up settle down (e.g., the likelihood that Gladios A and B are running concurrently now). And it probably won't happen until there's something horrible that the USg both wants distance from and can see pinning on them.

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they could quite readily escalate any such incident beyond all reason
Lesson #5437 in the cultivation of one's Evil Alter Ego.
If I were evil, and hence looking for ways to get do-gooders to fight eachother (most importantly: rather than me), I'd find expendable morons to persuade that they're working for one side, load them up with cash and gadgets, give signals sufficient to get a few of them caught, screech from one side how awful their treatment is, and screech from the other side how awful it was what they were doing.
One caveat: not all steps need be taken if one or more are taken for you by chance. E.g., it might not be necessary to persuade someone they work for one side if they already are...

But how could that possibly work on modern folk? Well, they bought the GWoT, didn't they? Have a little faith.