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Deducing that they think they have an audience that cares inordinately about who is friendly with who. That some party is or may be talking to someone other than them sometimes seems like it's especially "offensive" to them. E.g., not too long ago, you weren't supposed to be talking to Iran. And how 'bout that time when Putin, Obama, and Assad apparently conspired to deprive USrael of the main tenet of its perennial bloodlust, even as the Jewish Lobby came out of the closet after weeks of semi-covert pro-war pressure, then Ukraine got a coup and Putin became the new New Hitler? I take it those three weren't supposed to be on speaking terms; especially now Putin and Obama. So now two Palestinian entities have been talking lately, and that's so unforgivable that it's also to-blame-for something Israel did earlier. Anyway, rational or not, even ingenuous or not, there seems to be a pattern to point-to regarding this kind of --might one call it?-- jealousy. In this case it's three-birds-one-stone: suckers don't see a move Israel made as already nixing talks, and they get to stigmatize a relationship between two of their opponents.

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...I don't think it's too late to just call 'em Ghadafi Supporters. But you better throw them into the sea before put-up-or-shut-up time comes...

In any case I'm sure all of them had at least insufficiently repudiated Human-Amphibian Transmogrification and Improperly-Aviational use of Brooms. For the record, I condemn in the strongest possible terms both activities...just in case I someday "confess" to them.

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...then they dump the suspect (and the little dog, too) in the sea...

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S'pect the point of USraeli diplomacy is generally to exclude and screw some scapegoat or another. Potential secessionists in this case... You know you're on to something when they start calling you e.g. "a threat to [insert weasel-words here]."

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LOL! Ain't Pyatt one of the "midwifes" caught on tape? ...the arrogance of Kerry sticking Bad Cop stuff in that guy's mouth.

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"cynical provocation" --couldn't have someone legitimated by the USg for US consumption using the phrase 'false flag.' (A similar short phrase that's put comments in moderation at AW is quickly seen here: ). Else it could enter 'polite conversation' again.

Guessing the attack really was USrael/New Ukraine. It's consistent with, e.g., drone strikes breaking up peace talks during a period you've promised no strikes. USg, for one thing, seems to have elements that like making USg (and possibly others associated --such as this New Ukraine) into liars. Sorta: when in doubt, kill.

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The reality is that the Kosovo, Georgia, and Crimea episodes were all acts of aggression.
NATO wannabe Georgia tossed it's military into South Ossetia, both nations in Russia's 'soft underbelly.' Georgia had done that multiple times over twenty years, and I gather Russia withdrew after a swift victory. "also known as the ... Five-Day War or August War".
And Crimea should not have been an issue at all.

I think we might need to face that there's an impulse to condemn actions of America's opponents just to appear 'fair.' Or worse, for the sake of accomodating USraeli demonization of its enemies-du-jour. Also known as the "I'm not saying he's not a bad guy, but..." gambit. Basically preserving some of the Manichean impact for posterity.

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Trying for the third time to reply. Mentioned a book by Laird Wilcox both times and it trips the moderation system. It's also a book not mentioned in Wilcox's Wikipedia page --despite it being the most likely reason to be interested in the author. Submitting this is a test whether the censor-alert is about the author's name or the book's title.

Well, this posted immediately. The censors appear to be more interested in the title. And that book is described here:

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Pessimistic note: those who surrender today don't get to surrender another day...
But hopefully the 'new Ukraine' won't be running-out of men who'd rather donate equipment than kill.

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Wouldn't have to be sarcasm. To have earned the title Curmudgeon-- --of a whole state, no less --you might've had some transition point in mind. Lessers would've been imagining a time-that-never-was; wholly dependent on flashback harp-music.