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insisting the US and Russian wars against ISIS are two different things

You know, it really should've been significant just how conspicuous 'ISIS' was making itself in the days of execution vids, uniform Toyotas, etc., but everyone was busy expressing their contempt for the easy hate-object.

NATO/USrael/Gulf States (NUGS) have constructed a Bad Cop and at least two gradations to Good Cop. Bad Cop is reportedly best paid, and NUGS've rhetorically made it the only one acceptable to kill. Any homicidal deviation from whacking Bad Cop exclusively is to be tantamount to whacking something legit ("moderate rebels"). It could've even been planned that way at least partially so as to have 'lesser' terrorists to bate the real targets with (and, of course, for a route to launder treasonous aid up the evil-ladder with the serial 'whoopsies.') NUGS is desperate to have opposing gov'ts to project their own rapacity onto: they've been bugsplatting human beings for fourteen years... ...'real men' don't do that, you see, they 'confront' bigger entities. You know, Jimmy Cagney rather than Bif Tannen.

And, consistent with the idea that the low rungs of the evil-ladder were really just try-outs for the team--whether (Good Cop) 'moderates' had that figured out at the time or not--it's already been axiomatic here that 'moderate rebels' were never effective 'rebels,' and they'd get-drafted-by/defect-to the 'Jihadis.' You know, Bush league, Farm teams, ...

And, of course, do c.f. Gladio B.

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First demo appears much like what you're describing: . S'pect there's a lot of video either of Russian ordinance or presumed to be.

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Vaguely recall some similar talk about ethnic Russians in Ukraine---that being protective of those garnered Putin some comparison with Hitler. So USrael/NATO is has squeezed another I-get-to-but-you-don't bit. And worse, the Turkmen, and others enabled by Turkey, are the terrorist operators against an established gov't and advancing on Russia's base...what were Ukrainian Russians?

NATO has frankly sunk low enough I'd imagine they'd lose a conventional war with Russia just because no one would fight for them.

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Has a Right to Defend Itself
...that's exactly why I keep arguing for giving Afghans & Pakistanis drone bases in Maryland and Virginia. You could even fund it with profits from 'blockbuster' drugs if congress doesn't like the idea.

That way, it's not so much murder of the defenseless so much as it's Dueling Terror Tuesdays.

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Windsocks are honorary members...

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Mid to late October there was a to-do about keeping Russia out of Iraq (JCF Gen Joe Dunford seemed to publicly overrule Hakim al-Zamli), despite Iraq's initial acceptance of Russian help vs. ISIS. Now the very NATO who aint fighting terror get a reentry/escalation in Iraq, with (it seems?) no competition from Russia. ...early November saw DoD more motivated than usual to refocus the public away from it's own war crimes and onto an enemy, what with hospitals still having a sacred 'feel' to said public... ...can't say I got it, but I s'pect there was a convergence of interests in letting-one-through. Say, who trains ISIS?

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Guess I have to ask if that result is especially an 'ISIS' interest?

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Seems like it was a good time for something like that to succeed for the NATO/Neocon agenda. US shooting up a hospital and it's internal 'investigation' will be less interesting for some time. Russia's peacemaking initiative could take a back burner under the 'West's' new "Do Something!" cry. ...and hasn't a USraeli terror been a tactic for spoiling diplomacy before; Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan,...,...? They let-one-through.

...and fourteen years of 'fighting' terror could be popularly interpreted at least two ways---failure as concept or failure to-do-enough. But the latter oughta work better after a shock.

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A connotation of 'assassination' is that you whacked someone interesting...but a striking feature of 'terrorism' is that it doesn't.

E.g., someone went to the Canadian Parliament and who'd he off? Why, none other than an insignificant one of many, many of Canada's Ken dolls--you know, the people you're to 'support' into getting shot at on the other side of the world; the most worshiped action figures in the Western PR pantheon, the people you'd actually cry about as opposed to most anyone in office or those lobbying them. And in Paris, concert-goers, "nearly three dozen foreigners," etc.

How do they manage to work so profoundly against the interests of their cause? If there's really a clear chain of command so as to order such activity, who is it so absurdly misdirecting it? Decapitations with small cutlery, highly sympathetic victims--as opposed to highly unpopular or dangerous ones, zero effective assassination--at least where most visible. Worthless to itself.

If I were evil, and hence sicking indignant do-gooders on far away enemies so as to eliminate risk of my own discovery and neutralization, I'd love having an ISIS to so sick such upon. I wouldn't even have to lose any servants to them. Can one still acquire ISISus by mail-order?

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