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If not, would seem to mean a lot's on the conscience of the rebel-mouthpiece.

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If they'd done it from the air they'd be heroes.

Timing's interesting...torture report and all. It's not hard to harden a GWoT-Sucker's heart.

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Given that the perps can't travel abroad...I take it that anyone who can catch them can try them...

Perhaps the Senate should include an invitation to do so once DoJ shows it won't take the hint.

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Have heard that building the perception that x is 'unknowable' is the purpose of disinformation...

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Not to mention profoundly disturbing, highly un-uplifting, moderately alarming, deeply troubling, horribly saddening and certain to soil even the most hard-hearted of diapers.

If you happen to have a rich psychopathic 5 year old in your area who's come-uppance might be spoken of loosely...I'd recommend picking up the kiss-up jargon.

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I would have been extremely embarrassed if I heard that was the reason for being-on-high-alert during my enlistment. Color coding was bad enough...

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Seeing violence your whole life, having sort of an occupier to throw off, and being a bit weak-kneed or helpless yourself ... then the meaner gang makes sense. You'll rationalize it i.t.o. prior principles (/ones with notionally greater primacy). Much like over here where Consumer 'Conservatism' also still manages to call itself 'Christian' ... and apparently gravitates towards intervention...

Of course from over here it will seem worrying what they're calling 'Islamic.'

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Serena Shim may have died for reporting who she saw come over the Turkish border.

unclear what equipment was inside the boxes.
Other than ammo/arms/spy-stuff, drugs & money seem likely. Have heard that who Hez has killed among 'Syrian fighters' have had drugs (and foreign passports...if I remember right). I would guess those aren't Muslims.

'Destabilizing' neighbors is not the only thing to pay attention to now in Israel's case.
"has changed their voting records... ...but over in the House...the people who read the 28 pages are suddenly voting no to giving Israel more money...".
Tell the Congress Critters to read them, and to support 428 (to get them declassified).

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Heard on Ryan Dawson's WRH-subbing (last week of November, specifically ) that the Congressmen who read The Twenty Eight Pages (that is, the 28 redacted pages in the congressional report on 911) also voted 'no' on aid to Israel. Write your congress critters telling them to read it...'they can do it over lunch.'

Should cast some light on why they're acting as Terrorists' Air Force...

Isn't their most current stated position on Syria that they'd rather see no outcome? --that it's good for them that it just drag on forever? Well, so an Israeli terrorist attack here and there will probably be about 'rebalancing' things.