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Gotcha. Now I'm giving my prediction about a 20% chance...

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Could represent some kind of rhetorical retreat. Also may be the start of of a general kinda straw man strategy worth noticing: one might predict that his whores will now begin talking as though Bibi's critics got-Bibi-all-wrong, see, what-he's-really-about is PMD, not 'legitimate' purposes. Of course what he's really about is generating and maintaining popular fantasies conducive to crucifying Iran and any other real or imagined competitor convenient to distract from is own criminality. Art of missing the point, you see.

In about a week, you might meet someone who thinks "the Left's" problem with Bibi is that they think he doesn't want civilian nuclear power in Iran. He'll think that's what he knows-better-than...

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Did hear Michael Medved say "We're Going To lose this one." That is, that which he'd have "Republicans" accomplish against his Christ via USg policy aint happening according to him.

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Not an Obama fan here, but just realistically there is a crowd interested in making him look as bad as possible-- so if Centcom passed on bad info ~'to policymakers,' are any of the former in Centcom? Or do they have influence in Centcom? A favorite Neocon-radio theme for many months has been his misunderestimationating of ISIS in particular. Getting lied-to maliciously and effectively is kinda one thing to expect expect when you p---s off a giant hive of Trotskyites.

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The idea that 'WWII' was fought for Americans is absurd on it's face, and you know it.

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Or maybe there was a solution in search of a problem.

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Don't suppose you missed that they are lying about Iran?

How'd you arrive at the figure? I take it it's supposed to shut-me-up---perhaps suggesting it's symbolic more so than academic? Had this book for years: N. G. Finkelstein's The Holocaust Industry 2000, e.g. p. 55: "Articulating the key Holocaust dogmas, much of the literature on Hitler's Final Solution is worthless as scholarship...Holocaust studies is replete with nonsense, if not sheer fraud."

Could make one feel pretty good about one's 'nonsense'---at least, relatively speaking.

If you're being honest as is, I believe you'd have some huge biases to overcome--as, in particular, the above 'Rorschach' test might indicate. Identity would probably be a hurdle....

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Calling someone a name isn't the intent. I am suggesting the very old story does jibe with what 'the lobby' is doing and that their 'pitchforks' are perhaps the oldest game in town... Further, I think you know that. I think you'd like us to forget what does resemble current events in that way--such that it's not a pattern that people feel comfortable just calling one. JC was neither the first or the last. Syria and Iran are current.

And the 'had-to' bit is a bit much. Surely for the same reason you could also say you had-to take that next shot of heroine.

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"3 Then assembled together the chief priests, and the scribes, and the elders of the people, unto the palace of the high priest, who was called Caiaphas, 4 And consulted that they might take Jesus by subtilty, and kill him. ...59 Now the chief priests, and elders, and all the council, sought false witness against Jesus, to put him to death;...."

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I do believe those people will call a tantrum 'revenge'--no evil they do they'd not blame on someone else in whatever way is most convenient.