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I was just playing on the idea that Ukraine's 2nd gen junta will now tell you that their opponents shell their own for 'sympathy.' But I'll agree what happened to it aint a known.

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I think the military shot down it's own aircraft just to drum up sympathy. Even more likely: someone else's.

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I keep arguing for Crippling Sanctions. ...US sewer, sanitation, and any water treatment can go once a Coalition of The Willing gets their Hate Week training... carpet bombing and land invasion can follow further disingenuous negotiations...and then torture is a must...

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A pretty powerful defense of the old witch (Iran), was that it hadn't invaded anybody in hundreds of years --specifically unlike it's prolific persecutors. In fact that had to have been just plain embarrassing. At least Russia has invaded other countries in the last decade or two--whether or not you buy that Crimea constituted an 'invasion.' Plus, Russia's closer to your 'size' so-to-speak. So, have the DC terrorists moved on to them because they can persuade some fool they're not at such a moral disadvantage to the new witch?

Also, a pattern running on Russia already ran with Iran. Iraq was the USg pet project and it claimed the larger neighbor, Iran, was fighting the USg there. That claim was crap, but it found another excuse for highly visible economic terrorism and PR against Iran continued. Now Ukraine's the USg project, and it claims the larger neighbor, Russia, is fighting the gov't they installed there...

So, if what was run on Iran should have looked like what ran on Iraq (the imaginary weapons theme, etc.), USg Russia policy should look like what they already did to Iran?

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My impression thus far, too, is that it's mostly Matt who get's-away-with things. Don't quite understand: are they trying to keep it friendly--since e.g. they might like to talk privately to the spokesees--or actually scared of getting cut off somehow or another? On either 24th or yesterday Matt prefaced a question with something I remember kinda like: ~~"one question which you're probably going to take as insulting and throw a tantrum over it..." So they're wary of tripwires, but those are probably the questions that correctly challenge State's credibility. I think reporters have even tried to calm Harf down, and I wondered if she dreads having to relay that some 'intelligence' really makes State feel pretty.

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quick-googled "ukraine kills journalists" ...seems to confirm some have been killed there recently.

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No intel background here. Handled 'confidential' tech information for a few years, some of which I was supposed to know well, and most of which dem Rooskies and anyone else who cared almost certainly had before I was born. (so often wondered why it's classified...make us feel important?)
Hadn't quite occurred to me that Harf might not have anything herself. I'd buy that.
Somewhere in there, she was equating 'intelligence' and 'evidence.' Caught my attention because "Incredibly...Nides conceded that ... “There is no proof since it is just intelligence,” ... adding that no documentation could be produced and any information they theoretically have to back up the allegations was classified. Well, that's honesty. So it was probably a memorable 'error' in State internal discussions on PR, and that might contribute to her behavior. ~~'er, you know, evidence, intelligence, whatever.'
Thing is that I think I know: State needn't be as rigorous as a Court is notionally and a case for war and other forms of sucking us dry needn't be anything close to what a Court should require just to hear a case, etc... So the spokes-folks rely on projecting authority --they can even give you the giggles talking vaguely about what they're doing clearly just trying to sound professional, erudite, and clue being certain repeating weasel words ... They are entertainment.

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Thought there was other stuff kinda interesting on July 24th.

Q: Are you saying that (inaudible) had no role in escalating the crisis? Around 300 civilians have died in the shellings.
HARF: I mean, I think there’s absolutely no equivalency here. Ukraine is a country with borders that Russia violated. It’s not about not having a role. Russia --
[The 'equivalency' bit seems like a trained-in reflex she's coughing up to get her in the mode. Basically, normal people paying attention are going to make comparisons and find USg morally lacking. Their response to that--and it has to do with people who're there that shouldn't be--is to cry False Moral Equivalence (recall "immoral inequivalencies"). There is such a thing, but that's not what's happening.]

HARF: I just said I wasn’t going to give you the underlying source for it. [...] So if you prefer – if you prefer I don’t give you more information and just say nothing if I can’t give you the source --
Matthew Lee (AP): I’d prefer --
HARF: No, I’m actually asking you a question here. If I can’t give you the source and method, would you prefer I not give you the information? [...]
Matthew Lee: -- if when you make an allegation like that, you’re able to back it up with something more than just “because I say so.”
HARF: Okay. That’s not what I said. It’s based on intelligence, it’s not because I said so. [Actually, State is "saying so." Implicitly that the 'intelligence' or 'evidence' (which are not the same) is firstly factual/reliable and secondly actually supports what they're telling us it does]
Matthew Lee: Well, it’s not me that’s making these allegations. I mean, you guys get up at the UN Security Council and make these allegations. The Secretary gets on the Sunday shows to make these allegations. And then when you present your evidence to back up those allegations, it has appeared to, at least for some, fall short of definitive proof. Do you --
HARF: I would strongly disagree with that. [why?]

Almost 'till the end there, she's circumvented the issue that State has no standing to assert what 'intelligence' sez. Mighta resolved the issue, e.g., by asking her to apply the Iraq-Scale:
Are you saying this 'evidence' or 'intelligence' is better than what you used to get us into Iraq? How much better? Is it, say, three times better than what got us into Iraq? Would you give it four Iraqs, maybe? Come on, tell us how confident you really are.

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For Israeli strategy, I keep remembering that scene in The Empire Strikes Back where Vader tortures Han Solo ... thus enticing Luke to the rescue. It's psychological torture of Arabs & Muslims --or just humans-- all over the world. And any response, however appropriate, is going to be met in the JMSM with a Drowning Out The Name of Haman type ritual: noise, insinuation, and absurd accusation. And since everyone sorta knows that, they may have to make up a more exaggerated response themselves... but Khameni may have provided some fodder today.

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“historic battle” for Israel’s survival.
Indeed. It's PR game was looking horribly weak. What with the failure of it's perennially bloodthirsty lobby to get us into both Iran and Syria and all. As well as the neocon involvement in Ukraine... What they surely needed was a show of the strength of their dishonesty that could only come from persuading millions of US morons that e.g. three deaths requires a military response replete with collective punishment...that one can pretty much assume their favorite witch involved in anything they don't like...that they're really a more humane type of sadist, what with the minute or so given to evacuate prior to demolition by missile, etc. Sure did need a collective pride building operation.