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...we must be faster than them. Gotta shoot 'em down when it's still about-to-be about-to-be a crisis.

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...but his smile won't just be painted on... ...he knows he'll still be there when we're gone...

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Think it was a story about Britain and a plague. Frustrated at the progress of an enemy that wouldn't show it's face except in the expressions of the dead and dying, Limeys seriously fired cannons at whatever-it-was. Over there, I suppose. That was probably before germ theory... Glad to see 'we've' 'progressed.'
...what exactly will they be doing again? Are they actually persuaded it's productive? Who selected them for this? What are they offering that locals can't?

Seem to remember it's actually illegal to encourage mutiny, desertion, or fragging. And because of that I never will. ...but surely there are missions where it's best to do it early and often. Or maybe much more early than so often. ...kinda like after Hamburger Hill. Only before it.

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But how many North Koreas is Iran again?

From the latest at irmep
Most Americans (63.9 percent) believe Israel has an arsenal of nuclear weapons. This belief may make them resent costly demands to buy weapons to maintain Israel's so-called "qualitative military edge" since Israel has long possessed the ultimate military deterrent.
A majority of Americans (58.5 percent) mistakenly believe that Iran also has nuclear weapons. No western government or intelligence agency claims Iran has built a weapon. However a sustained campaign by anti-Iran groups in the U.S. and news media failures have apparently led most Americans to believe an Iranian bomb already exists.

And that's obviously what he's after. There's at least one likely purpose. Israeli activity against the US since at least the 60s has left quite a trail, some of that is evidence of their theft of US nuclear material, and at least one item leads specifically to Netanyahu. Imagine the backlash if it hit a lot of people at once: not only was it their enthusiasts (and perhaps agents) that lied you into Iraq, they're also the 'wmd' / CBR kings and it came from you without your consent.

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Only heard about the clumsier encapsulation: 'humanitarian bombing.' Guess they've decided it best to slip such things, a few words apart, into complete sentences now. I wonder if it works that way generally?:
"oh, 'mutilation' just sounds 'bout 'beneficial mutilation?'" Eight guys in the room nod, then eventually learn that doesn't work either. Years later, it turns up in the mouth of one of the ranking attack dogs... only it's: "providing benefit through humane mutilation." A few decades later everyone just calls whatever they were talking about ~'surgery.'

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Of course it wasn't the planes. What with the general caution represented by launching flying high explosives from above at high speed ('don't try this at home') and all. Obviously, bin Laden strangled the civilians.

I don't suppose anyone constituting this 'procedure' they mention ever recuses himself? Didn't they used to prefer 'drop weapons'? That's the position I'd promote the latter people to, anyway, if I were evil.

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If the real USraeli Iraq war is on Iraqi/Syrian sovereignty, independence, and unity... one might expect certain strategies to be inflicted on legitimate rebellion against it... First thing to do is to absorb or lump the rebellion into some named thing and make the name whichever order... . 'AQ' 'endorsing' 'ISIS' is consistent with this strategy... this guilt by association bit had previously lost some of it's impact--people were bored with AQ, and probably sometimes laughed at if excited by it... USrael needed a name other than AQ to evoke 'evil' and 'threat.' Interesting that the two now re-associate.

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I've taken to asking them 'and did you also call it "support?"'

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Bennett went on to claim Kerry’s comments were “aiding global terrorism.”
Well, they do give the false and misleading impression that 'peace' is possible between Palestine and the terrorist state.

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So if the currently-non-existent rebel group eventually forms...will they be 'vetting' re-disgruntled ISISisis? Rigorous, lengthy interviews? Credit checks? Blood tests?

Would pale skin and red hair raise any questions then?

Well, it was either this or killing bin Laden again...