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I guess they'd tend to get included when you're trying to cover all the bases in a 'diagnosis.'

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...don't forget that we're fast approaching National Material Support for Terrorism Day, April 15th. But you understand you won't get arrested for it until "angels with flaming swords" descend to scourge the US.

Jaroboev sounds like he was either joking, heavily sheltered, or mentally challenged.

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Guessing he wasn't asked just what 'slick propaganda' he was referring to. First thought was he's telling the opposite of the truth. Propaganda is pretty slick in the US--at least ito saturation and adaptation.

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I can't believe Toto and Dorothy fell for it. The-Man-Behind-The-Curtain was really a scowling red haired Munchkin with a cain. Wrong curtain, I reckon...

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theory is ... able to get away ... with less regional backlash if ... credible progress on the peace deal.
That nixes that. Key word would be 'credible.'

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Yooz Build-up Deniers. All o' yuz.

Why just yesterday, there I was. Someone said they were really building up.

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Of course we knew all that long before Netanyahu made the claim.
Don't recall specifically if it was before Bibi blabbered --or at least what it was he was blabbering prior... But I'm pretty certain you just missed an opportunity to toot your own horn. I'd certainly heard-here-first that Mossad contradicted the claim.

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Is it that PR is more important than 'success' in a military campaign?
Rummy did something similar with 'wmd.' The claim Ray McGovern called him on in person ran "we know where they are," then he told the world 'where' 'they' 'were.' So it was apparently important that we believed 'they' 'were' 'there,' but not so important that 'the enemy' didn't know what we 'knew.'

In any case, that bank I'll be robbing tomorrow will get at least three hours notice now that I know that's the protocol. I'll also be telling them I already know where the vault is...that oughta confuse 'em.

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Kinda brings up images
-of the girl in Yoav Shamir's Defamation ~"I think that's our problem...we see their houses bulldozed...and we think oh, they have plenty of houses"
-(a man who keeps literally millions of roaches mentioned his realization ~'it's possible to think of them as a colony, not as individuals'... apparently unlike the way you think of cats...)
-The way their PR works, you're really supposed to take this as one for the-bleeding-hearts. Of course, you realize you said 'environment,' don't you? Heh, heh... .
-.. and that weird Israeli cartoon Gilad Atzmon commented on recently. one frame read: "Israel kills innocent 20 years old children." So they'll even mock over what you've got the IOF on dead to rights....

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First thought was--that's probably effectively an appeal for a deal to help him 'save face'. But USg's kind of at a 'red line' for that's probably impossible.

There's a quantitative problem for this extra weapons bit: If 6% actually showing up for their draft... who's going to be using the new super wammadyne -extra gentle and even 'defensive'- weapons? Not having done that math----I'll just slip in a total guess here: they don't mean 'weapons,' they mean mercs. ....or if not necessarily in this case, there could be merc business interests to consider as pushing wars eventually.