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“historic battle” for Israel’s survival.
Indeed. It's PR game was looking horribly weak. What with the failure of it's perennially bloodthirsty lobby to get us into both Iran and Syria and all. As well as the neocon involvement in Ukraine... What they surely needed was a show of the strength of their dishonesty that could only come from persuading millions of US morons that e.g. three deaths requires a military response replete with collective punishment...that one can pretty much assume their favorite witch involved in anything they don't like...that they're really a more humane type of sadist, what with the minute or so given to evacuate prior to demolition by missile, etc. Sure did need a collective pride building operation.

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It's interesting that recent cover for this mighta been Ukraine. They even got free 'nazis' thrown into the imagery soup. But, also, seems acknowledged that Ukraine/Neocons continue provoking Russia with rhetoric and maybe physical attacks against ethnic Russians. Isn't this also the Zionist strategy against Arabs/Islam? And, long ago, a strategy to draw out Germany? Kinda like when Luke Skywalker 'sensed' Han Solo was being tortured, then ran to the rescue before completing Yoda's training... Being helpless to respond really is psychologically degrading, but they'd have you take the rap when you respond to them.

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I might think that --but I happen to know people who've spoken kindly about crap like 'freedom fries' and e.g. 'homicide bombers.' What I think happens often enough is that the corrupted word(s) splits the world into a weird cult that will use it in exactly the dishonest way it had been, and folks that maybe weren't so behind-the-curve during some period the scam was most obvious. Might even hear people say they "believe in [insert weasel word here]." Then say, e.g., "I know. I'm not suposed to talk like that, but" --as if, say, "belief" in weasel word x made them a persecuted minority or a rebellious taboo-breaker. Hilarious when you hear people discount a critique because it implied their favorite sentiment or weasel-concept was 'meaningless.' Try persistently replacing certain words with 'propaganda' sometime, and watch them throw a tantrum. It really can be just like buttons... S'pect we stay out of wars as long as such people understand themselves as something like a legitimate underclass--but defeating that is Rabble-Rousing 101...

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The image I'm getting of Congress-creatures watching that PR and figuring out where to plant their lips & how ... well ... gives me minor but persistent giggles. Gotta be the most expensive genocide Jews ever ran.

Anybody following the money on Iron Dome? Who's profiting? Seems we got some idea who did with drones... but seems who-profits is an issue that tends to come up years late?

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Were any Jewish fingernails damaged?

Guess I'm not clear on Hamas' responsibility, either.
For years, it has been the same story: Israeli intelligence discovers information about an impending terrorist attack from Gaza. The Israeli Army takes pre-emptive action with an airstrike against the suspected terror cells, which are often made up of fighters from groups like Islamic Jihad, the Popular Resistance Committees or Salafi groups not under Hamas’s control but functioning within its territory. These cells launch rockets into Israeli towns near Gaza, and they often miss their targets. The Israeli Air Force responds swiftly. The typical result is between 10 and 25 casualties in Gaza, zero casualties in Israel and huge amounts of property damage on both sides.

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You could probably get a few million times 288 grams just from what the US dropped in Iraq. But it'd surely make a respectable amount of vaseline glass.

WMD was already a vague, sensationalist, PR, dumbing down name for CBR. Chemical, Radiological, Biological was a better name for what we were 'originally' supposed to think of as 'WMD.' Notice the name itself gives you an inventory or short list of things to check on in case of claims about 'threats,' and that it sounds perfectly dry, sterile, technical, not especially scary or daunting. Something one might've thought especially nice to have in case war & peace decisions are being made over it. You might then eventually come to the conclusion that 'WMD' was a word intended to expand it's meaning to include perhaps e.g., hair dye + nail polish remover (happened!!: c.f. Najibullah Zazi)...any household chemicals provided the target of 'investigation' is witchy enough...birds or housepets with scary sounding contagious diseases...any contraband with imagined potential uses scary enough to notionally justify making a police state reeeeallly nosy and invasive... your car, possibly, provided your mugshot can be sufficiently sinister-looking...certain plants...microbes...items mysteriously charged to your credit card, provided you're politics are sufficiently creepy...eye-of-newt, surprisingly...

Just to suggest that the word belongs, say, in the keywords of a web page, but only belongs in the dialogue when critiquing/mocking it's very use.

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If I had a nuclear energy program...I'd want laser enrichment and storage at 90+ % enrichment. Could always denature (dilute) later if necessary. Why? Consider the US Navy's nuclear reactors. How often do they refuel compared to crappy civilian enrichment? A lot of downtime averted, eh?

And I guess if I were Iran, I'd pretty much demand all the US Navy's missile defense secrets before negotiating further. You know, make the world safe for democracy and stuff. ...Of course, I'd also invade Mexico and Canada, occupy them for a few years while screeching to the world about USg's 'dual use' technologies... especially the plumbing and refrigeration that allows them to harbor millions of potential terrorists just begging to bomb my region.

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Democracy. D-e-m-o-c-r-a-c-y. Word which Zio-whores utter when about to whack people in the way of imposing their will on some hemisphere opposite the US. Democracy.

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sees it as unwelcome competition to its own drone overflights.
That could force some coordination. Can't do that while Bibi's looking. ...maybe that's why he's on to some other witch at the moment?

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Katz may or may not have done it intentionally, but I think the casual reader of that paragraph will half-consciously link 'brain injuries' and 'suicide.' That list could tend to affirm or contribute to the general impression that vets are Just catches my attention because Jerry Lembcke thought this was effectively the gov't agenda with the now popular 'PTSD'; the idea was that Vietnam-vets were troublesome enough to gov't that an ever-present insinuation that they're nuts might help neutralize them. Pretty sure it partly has done that.

Still wondering what happened to the Moral Injury idea. PTSD doesn't cover the vets issue in my mind at all popular it got shaded out the idea that there is a problem with the constant circumvention of legitimate shame and contempt in the military member's expression (e.g., as if all contempt had to be for 'the enemy' ... and perhaps their children... ...and perhaps all the alien folks who's land your in... vice, say, the chain and the morons at home who bought another war and called it 'support.'). Moral Injury might cover that.