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'we tortured some folks'
it will 'cost some money'
'an unbelievably small war'
~...unless there is explicit intelligence that proves his innocence posthumously. ...~

I think I've seen this before...

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Hoover Boyz just spent the years between the Kurt Haskell/Umar Abdulmatallab and the Boston bombing entrapping dozens with their informants' own absurd and contrived plots. They began publicly pointing to their own involvement after Haskell's exposure of someone's involvement, and there was a peaking backlash against their breaking-up-their-own-plots right about the time of the Boston bombing.
So, e.g., if someone decided to 'let one through' (or instigate one to completion) the latter event served at least one obvious purpose--get the discussion back on 'Islamic terrorism' and off of the stings.

But in the case of the stings, the Hoover Boyz were revealing how they motivated their patsy--how they e.g. chatted their marks up for a year, heard him say he'll have to ask his mom first, then moved in for the kill. One important theme was Occupied Palestine /Occupied Iraq. But gov't revealing itself as often providing the theme, and what the themes were, was a net PR negative for GWoT and Israel. This had to change.

Our hypothetical ISIS recruiters have no such 'constraint' to explain themselves to the public or even at trial. They could be FBI, with an unappreciated 'transparency' constraint removed, or they could be anybody free to move among Muslims/sympathizers. The PR-positive gos to GWoT/Israel, but they may be operating through previous informants/infiltrators/handlers--i.e., old infrastructure.

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hard to see how having al-Qaeda on their border is a preferred situation.
Ask yourself "what's in a name?" It isn't much to do with the thing in itself.

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Seem to remember Richard Perle saying of Afghanistan ~we wish we could ally with Mother Theresa, but we got who we got.

But what they do have with Assad is a devil-by-policy--the usual object-type that they're obligated by Jewish lobbying to repudiate.

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They didn't need weariness to need to be tricked...though that might explain successive tries and persistent failures...

... had the weird idea that USg terror entrapments were really just recruitment rejects... They certainly demonstrate USg interest in manipulating individuals/small groups into committing to things...even punishing those that didn't really. And Muslim groups are so heavily spied upon that it should seem a little weird that 'western' Muslims end up fighting for 'the enemy.'

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“inexplicable, nihilistic, and valueless evil.”
'inexplicable': well, if Kerry can't find motives, then either the most expensive Intelligence in the world failed drastically, or there are motives he'd rather not discuss. Their motives might be explained by Gladio B... How strange that you've paid off fighters there in the past and ostensibly avoided arming them ('vetting' the 'rebels') even as they 'stole' shipments to your friends, etc., ... Aint the 'enemy' even full of Turks and Westerners? The deducible motive for the Aug '13 gas attack in Ghouta was to draw the USg in, exploiting a 'red line' declaration by goon #1. Both Syria and Iraq are important allies of Iran, and there's been a pause on propaganda against Iran as the Syria/Iraq issue grew.

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Together we slither. For divided we ... well, ...slither apart...

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Or if Russia didn't but someone said they did.

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Halbardier might be the biggest reason that we know about it now.

Mullen might have calculated: I get fired next week, but the Israeli press reports the statement...that's good publicity for the Liberty. So he probably wouldn't get fired if he could count on the Israeli press. Didn't they also want nothing to do with the flotilla ship also named Liberty?"what+...