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When was that?

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Reckon they invoke 'democracy' vs. 'law and order' when their side isn't in command of a national military....

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Posted on National Material Support For Terrorism Day.

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Paraphrase of Huey Long: you could have terrorism in this country but you'd have to call it 'anti-terrorism.'

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pledge that the US will not provide “lethal aid”
Seem to recall that was Hillary's line on Syria. Makes me wonder if the USg is capable of non-lethal 'aid.'

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I notice this happens around the time of the Bundy & Barrie (Andy and Ceil Barrie) federal landgrabs, and the media-corrupted memory of Crimea is still fresh. Mass Psychology? Israeli influence on the Feds?

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It's nice that they at least pick a hate-able scapegoat.

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troops insisted they were there to counter Russia’s military ??? Duuh... I'd been wondering what kind of self-selection was happening during the military defections. Was it that morons stayed behind?

charged with seeking secession???? ...has that always been criminal there? Kinda makes me wanna secede from anything that'd notice...

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What's the game? Russia cuts it off, then the new Ukraine calls Russia a big meany? Then everyone else joins in? Then people in NATO countries who didn't catch the deadbeat bit buy into the Big Meany bit?

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The way it sounds in this article, we might need a master shrink to explain the self-sabotage. ...I'm not sure if age explains it.