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I don't suppose the people in those countries need to be reminded that Muslims fighting each other is a Zionist wet dream.

Also guaranteed: they're very pleased to have 'Arabs' tilting at Iran so that it doesn't seem to the American public that they're just about the only ones who do.

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...could ask why the specific set ('...waking up and realizing...') you're talking about should not be the future soldiers and cops. Is it important that soldiers and cops remain the-dumb-ones...? Kinda noticed someone else making a similar formulation that ran something like x official is guilty like the rest because x had plenty of chances to resign... I asked, if x knew better, why should he be one to resign? I s'pect people better suited to those positions are escaping them, quitting, and possibly rejecting offers all the time...and that could be 'the problem'...

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The Iran 'issue' is a distraction from Israel's treatment of Palestinians, as well as it's own nuclear weapons program. And they know it, and that's why they reverse it in public statements. Consistently telling the opposite of the truth has landed that criminal state a lot of loony-toon, zealous sympathizers. Bibi-bots, if you will.

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Not sure it was so much a word game I was running...mighta been written crappy enough to seems so.

The relationship makes perfect sense ito 'who-whom' (contraction of a Leninism ~ politics is who-does-what-to-whom). Part of why the relationship could seem illogical, rather than as perfectly self-consistent like it is, is that the 'who' in that relationship is someone never-to-be seen as justly a 'whom.' It's still notionally a victim rather than a perp class, with the reality being nearly opposite... In nearly everyone there's a residual sympathy for that class of perp.

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Not to compare the two actions, but to illustrate something: it's also possible to stomp on someone and 'apologize' with the cop-out "I didn't mean to hurt your feelings." Always thought respectable apologies tended to omit the latter bit... I can, in addition, kick you in the balls and later say sorry, "I was so very hard on you"... . And a clever bully may 'apologize' in just such ways...

Otherwise I can't see the comment as so interesting apart from any dishonesty it represented; the focus on it is probably a back-door way to advertise 'we're a democracy, really we are,' while exploiting the usual look-how-hysterical-'the-lefties'-are about us.'

Quick searches: "Israeli population" turned up 8,296,000, "Palestinian population" --- "4.019 million (2011) Palestinian National Authority". So, correct me if I'm wrong:

20% of potential voter-elligibles are 'Arab,' but over 30% of the actual population under Israeli control not only don't get to vote, they're subject to e.g. 'rules of engagement,' bigoted whims, kidnapping and torture, and collective punishment for the remarkably small amount of retaliation attributable to that. Yet it's a 'democracy.' An amazing having-it-both-ways scam.

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...starting to think, now, that the purpose was to slip in the false assumption: 'Israel is a friend.'

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Grassley probably requires some 'Freudian' interpretation...

If true, why would it be that "Israel [is the] only friend of US"? Is USg really pandering to Israel's interest at the expense of everyone else? What kind of loser would do that, or tolerate a 'friend' that demanded it? Or is it that he's parroting the brainwashed Jew schtick ~that everyone but Jews are inherently hostile? Or is it that Grassley himself is that loser who couldn't find better friends?

I think he put more than his own foot in his mouth, there...

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All three significant words in GWoT scream 'eternal.' There was no (genuine) ambiguity in the intent to string military activity on ad infinitum. Dempsey is not that stupid...there's no shortage of obvious character issues among people who went along at the beginning.
Telling ya. Writing about 'wmd' needs to stay fairly specific. There were specific insinuations about anthrax, and I believe sarin, etc. 'WMD' is a sensational/propaganda term intended to expand to include any scary sounding contraband the public might shiver over. CBR, however, when spoken, provides both an inventory of claims to check on and a limit to how much the term could expand to include--hence is not quite the authoritarian brand name for something to screw folks on. Of the two, the latter is how sane people speak and expect to be spoken to. The former is how one speaks when the goal is to sick fools on their betters.

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If it's about trying to mimic what RT & PressTV may have accomplished in English, it'll be a huge backfire. Picture PeeWee Herman trying to persuade you of his well-developed coordination and adult masculinity...slyly.

I don't think Russians have trouble getting a sense of the 'western' perspective. Look at Bibi, look at Nuland. You're done.