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Within the last few months IRMEP covered an org run by Meir Dagan that apparently served to stigmatize folks they'd tell you were violating Iran sanctions; one victim sued and DoJ intervened.

Also recently heard the applicable section of Treasury called 'financial terrorism.' Israeli, even.

I s'pect that biz needed some PR/rehab (at least I'm sick of them); lucky they have a more popular villain to operate on. 'Look at me. I'm useful. Really I am.'

And it's really distasteful going after the buyers--just consistent with this thing where Israel freaks out about who's interacting (e.g., you weren't s'pposed to be talking to Iran, certain Palestinian factions weren't supposed to be friendly to eachother, etc.), and/or the War on Drugs. S'pposed to get everyone else scared of buying from your enemy. I'd rather that didn't become normal, and especially not laudable.

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Are they the same people before & after?

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In some jurisdictions, such as the UK, Canada, and some Australian states, "adequate provocation" is a partial defence to a charge of murder, which, if accepted by the jury, would convert what would otherwise have been murder into manslaughter.

Finally putting my finger on another thing wrong with the 'terrorist' label (other wrongs include the absolute license it provides and the impossibility of running out of enemy). In an era where 'the terrorist' wasn't The Holy Enemy, 'adequate provocation' might've already been obvious. So manslaughter could've been a reasonable compromise in court. Call it 'terrorism,' though, and he's even an extra-speshul-murderer.

The important upshot then, too: With such a label available, government can't really provoke you enough such that your technically illegal reaction is viewed as natural and obvious. And that 'you' will eventually mean YOU (given the license it gives them).

The terrorist label is the ultimate immasculator. If only who he'd whacked was the appropriate politician rather than one of Canada's Ken Dolls. Jeez, stop guarding them.

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They are 'ISIS' "unless there is explicit intelligence posthumously proving them innocent."
An implied further result being that no one will be eager to look for such intelligence.

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saying Abbas’ recent criticism of Israeli policy was incitement that led directly to terror attacks. the same way, criticism of e.g. cutting off of noses lead directly to US terrorism via e.g. Blackwater kooks....

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Another victim of 'conservatism' as sold by Zionist Jews.

By his own reasoning, perhaps they should've sentenced his family instead.

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If 'heavy rain' rain were really a deal breaker...: ( "About 70 percent of the average rainfall in the country falls between November and March; June through August are often rainless." ) ...then it's likely to continue to be.

Don't worry yet. They need to arm ISIS some more first. In the rain.

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...I wonder if this is it.

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If it's voluntary, and that's really where they're going, I suspect they have a very different perception of what ISIS is and/or what's happening in Iraq than most. E.g., decapitations with small cutlery would seem to be reliably repellent. They would likely have something else in mind. So where's their take on ISIS coming from? Are there local 'ISIS gurus?'

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...I remember writing here "you know you're an idiot when the enemy sends you thank you notes." I see now that I was wrong.

See, there are many necessities in war. Food, medicine, fuel, equipment,... Strangely, nobody includes enemy. Properly motivated (even 'supported'), troops can fight without equipment and fuel. With sufficiently aggressive recruiting (e.g. kidnapping), they can even fight without food. But wouldn't it just suck to run out of enemy? Jeez, if it weren't for treason you'd just never occupy hemispheres other than your own.