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Obviously convenient for the scramble to blame-on-who-you-like that they were killed rather than captured.

Now there were witnesses to the shepherding of Abdulmatullab onto flight 253. And "On December 28, 2009, al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) claimed responsibility for the attempted bombing." "claimed to have organised the attack with Abdulmutallab; they said they supplied him with the bomb and trained him." So I'd say a claim-of-responsibility from them indicates a similar situation...guidance and aid from some gov't/security/influential entity. "We do this all the time," said the wealthy/Indian/Pakistani looking man with an American accent.

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Haven't seen anyone hit it 'right' just yet--have heard it said it's "not free speech," but by itself that's just alienating. Here gos: France's gov't is not alleged to have retaliated against the magazine, a non-gov't entity is alleged to have attacked it supposedly on the grounds they didn't like what it 'said' or drew. That's why it's not a 'free speech' issue, it's strictly one of criminal violence (plus the thought crime component that gos over well for ... er...some). Calling it a 'free speech' issue is intended to appeal to most people's live-and-let-live 'principles'...and, yes, to scapegoat the usual enemy for being less live-and-let-live-y 'than thou'. But, as non government entities ourselves, we're not required to 'respect' 'speech' at all--the gov't is...and we really don't...apart from not whacking each other over it perhaps minimally for fear of the consequences of that escalation...reasonable criminal charges or even just bad PR for 'the cause.' I don't even have to look at it long enough to notice the hypocritical manifestations you did; it was a flatly bogus use of the term (c.f. e.g. Lipstadt's published view of 'free speech')...

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Zionists have wanted Dieudonne incapacitated for a long time. They'll also prefer to call you 'racist' as they crucify you...rather than the done-to-death 'anti semite.'

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Oddly, officials insisted that the public was in no danger at any time
Hoover Boyz seemed to be in that habit when they'd been working on the individual ('stings')... Another explanation might be(?) that the target wasn't 'the public,' in their view, this time. If that were so, I like the distinction between a gov't target and the rest of us...

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DoJ claiming a 'war' on anything is an admission that 'justice' = Rules of Engagement in it's eyes---almost an implicit claim of omniscience.

But, I gotta say, I love this 'new' Lone Wolf schtick...

Entire Precinct Made Up Of Loose Cannons
News • Local • scandal • legal • movies • police • ISSUE 43•42 • Oct 19, 2007

LOS ANGELES—Thirty-four lone-wolf detectives and beat officers from Los Angeles' 77th Police Precinct received unpaid three-month suspensions Monday for unprofessional and insubordinate conduct that their chief said he's tolerated for the "last goddamn time."

The police officers have been subjected to scathing public criticism over the years for their tendency to play by their own rules, which include refusing to obtain warrants, beating up junkies to extract information, and hurling corrupt city officials through plate-glass windows on more than 60 occasions.

"I called those sons of b-tches into my office one by one and made them hand over their badges and guns," Los Angeles Police Department chief William J. Bratton said. "I know deep down that McCluskey's a good man, but he needs to shape up or ship out. Same goes for Conroy, McAdams, Peterman, Black, Grimwald, Tobias, Keating, and McAllister."

"Also Cobb, Williams, Miller, Sanchez, Rutgers, Grodinger, Spencer, Smith, Anderson, Garcia, Walker, Thompson, Nelson, Collins, Ellroy, Morris, Coleman, Gibson, Payne, Matthews, Gonzalez, Jacobs, Hoffman, Walters, and Hopkins," Bratton added.

Although the precinct has boasted a 100 percent arrest rate since 1988, fewer than 2 percent of the indicted offenders have gone to trial, since the vast majority of drug dealers, child molesters, and serial killers investigated by the 77th Precinct have died or disappeared before their court dates.

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Adm Dennis Blair in 2011 to Leslie Stahl at the Aspen Institute
...there is a Faustian bargain between elected politicians...and the intelligence community... ...all based on the idea that the intelligence can be good enough everyday, on every possible threat to the world...and this is not the way it works. ...this justification that says...unless you can tell us every single terrorist in every single place as well as exactly what China's going to do for the next 30 years... it's been an intelligence failure. Then we on the intelligence side say well if you wanna know all of that stuff-----it's gonna cost you...

So there's a scam that places expectations somewhere near omniscience such that failure of this imaginary omniscience means the machine isn't expensive enough yet. He even called it "Win-win"! meaning, additionally, that politicians also get to shift blame onto a supposedly broken or underfunded intel--I'd suppose so that they can claim to have fixed something.

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...shoulda sold your stock in ISIS last November...

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Maplethorpe etc. ...yeah, the Christians are now basically so cowed by the same kind of 'symbolic' attacks that they have no idea why anyone would fight it anymore--hence the surreal 'horror' that anyone still does (at least violently)...

And aint it great that femen doesn't field any fat ones?!! Jeez, fastest search for quality nakedness yet...

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Still thinking it's the phrase itself. If they'd spoken rigorously of what they were talking about --e.g. "chemical, biological, or radiological" it would've tended to exclude magical thinking from the issue. "WMD" basically means "scary contraband that I get to have but you don't. (or do I repeat myself?)." Not a wonder that authoritarian fools would see "it" everywhere. ...and looking up Najibullah Zazi again, looks like Hoover Boyz decided to use it to refer to their own explosives when allegedly given to Michael C. Finton... so said fools don't even mind when it's meaning predictably expanded to include stuff no one ostensibly minded that Iraq had--and really could not have persuaded anyone to 'mind' that another government had.

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Strict anti-vice enforcement may also have been troublesome to operatives with much easier access to Iraq in the post-Saddam era. But it's easy enough to believe that discipline is breaking down 'strictly' within ranks...