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many muslims came to britian when their countries were crown possessions, name an islamic country that was not part of the british empire. (or french or german)

plus there are 100,000 conversions a year to islam in the uk

if you don't want muslims in your country next time don't claim to be the ruler of just about every muslim in the world.

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i would like to remind people that there has never been a census in Afghanistan, the census of 1979 had 80 census workers killed(all of them teachers, but back then we were on the side of people who killed women for going to school)
its a ridiculous proposition to hold an election with out reliable population statistics.

oh wait here is another american successful democracy project that is deciding not to bother with any census at all.(or elections for that matter)
south sudan

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well that should end people's fantasies about the kurds being Jeffersonian champions of human rights and guarantors of equality and liberty.
just another ethnic militia that will never be able to hold any area that is not majority kurdish.

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this did not happen very fast at all, from the moment the iraqi army disbanded and the de-baathication began every step that the government in badgad has taken has been to the determent of the sunni, with the explicit message that they will be given no power, that they will get no concessions, and every single sunni leader who attempted to reconcile was mistreated or pushed to the sides.

we have been deaf dumb and blind the whole time.

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the problem is not who is good and who is bad.
but one of these leaders has consistently made statements that align very well with the facts,
while the other's seem to be based wholly upon fantasy.

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it really is amazing, you hear endlessly about how powerful israel is, about what an amazing military they have and how they can take on every one.

but then they wage a war on a small group of militants that they have imprisoned in a blockaded city and they run out of ammo right away.

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isis is in the north and east along the euphrates, it is mostly the western backed rebels that hold the area's along the border with jordan israel lebanon

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this has happened in every major attack israel carried out.

"The War Reserves Stock Allies-Israel (WRSA-I) program is run by the United States European Command (EUCOM) and includes missiles, armored vehicles and artillery ammunition.
The equipment was transferred to Israel "for use by the United States and, with U.S. permission, for use by Israel in emergency situations."

Read more:

it is simply more free handouts for israel with the slightest bit deniability.

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thanks for brightening my morning.

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just clear out the whole oval office and leave a desk a chair,
and a huge solid gold plaque that reads “Don’t do stupid shit.”