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its what the roman's called their state, Res Publica, Imperium, Saeculum, Civilitas

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evil idiots.

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christen some navy ship the uss liberty and have it deliver supplies to gaza.

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im am eagerly awaiting in the next few year some american politician saying
"we have to back al qaeda because of 9.11"

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so it's either a Freudian slip or Scott Horton is the one making your hyperlinks.

but your swipe at huckabee is a link to rand paul's twitter account praising netayahu's reelection

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there you go, not only won't he cut the military he will remove the one remaining form of accountability.

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american aggrandizement: no one in the world could be successful with out secret support from the united states.

russians don't have a drone called "Autobasa."
they do have a jamming system called "Avtobaza"
which was deliver to iran shortly before they downed the drone.

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ha! the saudies can go f*** themselves as hard as possible.
don't we still owe them a shock and awe for nine eleven?

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"as with Hitler" stopped reading there.

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wait... was that a swipe at scott horton?
the one who was right on rand all along?

i guess the realist who live in the real world will settle for a liberty movement that will cut food stamps, but not the pentagon.
hey its a start.
and come on we have to be realistic here, if you want to get elected you need aipac.
so lets just ask aipac what cuts are acceptable and build the liberty movement around that,
you know, to be practical...
or are you going to now switch your support to those other libertarian anti war politicians,you know... ole whats-his-name...