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we got all the weapons and equipment ready to go, now we just have to find people willing to fight for us.

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if only obama had not withdrawn the troops this never would have happened!!!
oh wait...

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9-11 triggered article 5
it seems likely that if not this particular attack, some future one will trigger it.

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"Lieberman is among several former Democratic Congressmen appointed by Israeli lobbying group AIPAC"

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in iraq the kurds have a defacto state and are expanding their territory.
anyone can see we are quickly moving towards the day when it will be dejure

when turkey became a country out of an empire they did quite a bit of horrible things to ensure a turkish population.
im sure they will be willing to do far worse than back isis to keep kurdistan from forming out of iraq and syria, since they believe, as i do, that the kurd in turkey will join kurdistan and take part of turkey with them.

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his cheif of staff was rahm emanuel.

just like everything else people chose to see the obama they wanted instead of the one standing in front of their faces.

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only 200 miles of open desert to the Euphrates from there.

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"Now if he was German"
he is.

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what it oddly enough means is that the government is too right wing even for netayahu, being a hypocrite means remembering to at least say the right thing when you are doing the wrong thing, most of the MKs loudly proclaim the wrong thing.

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houthis and the socialist, first saudi had one enemy now they have two.