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"You are not to build a house for my Name, because you have shed much blood on the earth in my sight."
דברי הימים

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this will be a glorious failure.

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secret torture prisons?

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one personal letter from a British aristocrat = indisputable claim to all the land.
vote of the British Parliament = illegitimate interference

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i assume regularly visiting is more than enough to get you on some list.

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that damn draco and those damn athenians, claiming laws should be followed! nonsense.

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the armies of the roman empire continued to carry the senatus populousque romanus standard for hundreds of years after the fall of the republic.

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when you move out on to a grassy hill side, that is someone else's property but is at least for the moment undeveloped and you build a house and live in it and claim the property as your own, i will let you get away with calling your self a "settler" but when you walk in to an apartment building and kick out the tenants and move in yourself you are just a plain thief.

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they might not in fact be about anything outside of kuwait, being one of the major centers of fundraising for the jihad, the emir might be getting a bit worried about his own safety.

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they created a state, they have been on streak of incredible victories, they are successfully fighting off two states, american air power, and multiple militias.
they put down rebellion brutally and swiftly.
no one is defecting until they have suffered a very clear loss.