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man i thought my spelling and grammar were bad.

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there are ten times more israelis who came from russia than from the united states.
3 times more israeli came from romania then from the united states.

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"Jonathan Pollard is due to be released from prison on November 21, 2015,"
to anyone who knows the details its hard to imagine how this became such a desisive issue, but i guess it just go to show that most people in america support israel, out of some emotional connection, rather than any knowledge of what is going on.
i think this could be a positive thing, since it would connect pollard definitively to the Israeli government rather than just the opportunist he was.
which would be a tacit admission that israel does spy on the united states.
and further, if pollard is exchange for Palestinian political prisoners, would imply that israel views the united states as an adversary rather than an ally/mediator.
so f it let him get out a year early, but try and use the fact that he will be viewed as a national hero in israel, to reveal the chasm between israel and the united state's "national interest".

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Ukraine has six separate arms manufacturers.
one of of whom
"In October 2008, RPC Fort and Israel Weapon Industries have reached agreements to allow Fort to license-manufacture in Ukraine firearms such as the Tavor rifle system,[7] the Negev light machinegun[8] and the Galatz sniper rifle,[9] all of which are displayed at Fort website as for early 2009."

so i think if they need a rifle or a pistol they can handle that themselves.

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cuba was excluded from the rio treaty even though it signed it fairly early on i think somewhere in 1960s
mexico withdrew in 2002
Venezuela, bolivia Nicaragua, equator, withdrew from it in 2012.

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a number of the signatories of the rio treaty have withdrawn from it since signing.

for instance the united states does claim mutual defense with Cuba

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well at least west ukrain will still have Chernobyl

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i think Israel is staying out of it, if by out of it meaning not seizing any territory or to overtly participating.
a wait and see attitude seems appropriate as long as the rebels continue to get support there is no reason for israel to do anything.
all though you may notice the Israeli strikes are exclusively against the regime and tend to come when the regime is making progress.
i don't think you will see any real isreali action as long as syria remain de jure a single state.
if any parts gain full Independence or are annexed to anyone then the gloves are off and you'll see israeli soldiers in Damascus

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ha, some one should inform this rebel that his action over the past two years already ensured isreal will hold on to the Golan and possibly gain more of it.

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quick while the world is distracted!