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i fail to see how some rag tag rebels who have vast support from some of the strongest countries in the world and are barely able to maintain a grip on the shattered shell of the otherwise irrelevant city of Aleppo are our generations nazis,
a simple arms embargo at the start of this war would have ended it in months,

remember this from 3 years ago?

russia does not need to level any cities, they only need to control the borders.

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so... you are saying the the united states and russia are working together because they are afraid of the eu?

A+ for creativity.

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well if they are getting 50 dollars a month then i presume no one is paying,

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you cant fight if you cant eat,

50 dollars is what a nyc panhandler can make on a good day.

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back in the old days when one state taxed its subjects in order to pay another state it was called tribute.

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at least in the later roman empire(Byzantium) the circus was not just entertainment but a highly politicized event, with the Greens (monophosites, populists) and the Blues (orthodox, elitist) where not just passive consumers of entertainment, but where highly active in politics and religion, over throwing emperors, change state policies, and generally being a nuisance to the the state by making their will known through collective violence and intrigue .

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technically he is right, the closer one watches the police the more crime one finds.

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the russian homeland is ukraine.
americans don't have one.

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well after being privy to an early draft of the saudi report i think we can all agree that all civilians killed by saudi indiscriminate bombing were in fact all killed by iran!
time for more sanctions!