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I hate Alex White. 700 lousy points? It wasnt that good damnit. Plus he didnt shower.

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check out omnifocus, iwork, fluid (allows you to make apps out of browser windows), but truthfully, most of the default apps work just fine.

Are you switching to gmail?

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I got a Samsung Epic from Sprint, and really enjoy it. I find myself using it more often and my iphone 4 less often.

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Thanks David, although I am thinking the "grown quite a bit" line is a fat joke. Yeah, pretty sure it is.

No comics for you! :)

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What has always annoyed me about this concept is that people that truly give more than they get dont spend much time weighing the two sides, because there are not two sides to the equation. Giving and getting should never be connected.

Innate givers have an internal list that goes "shit, I just asked this dude for something, I need to remember that." And another list--that is always blank--that is the list of people that person has helped. (Why blank? Because there is no "keeping track." People ask for help, and it is given freely when appropriate AND not given when not appropriate. It just is what it is.)

Also, people that truly give more than they receive love the giving. The giving is done because its the right thing to do, not because there is some hope for future payback.

Not to sound ass-kissy, but having known you as I do Brad, thats the way you live your life. You give without expectation of return.

Im guessing you will get a bunch of comments that are "Yeah, dude, way to call it. Im all about giving more than I get." But, giving, with any expectation attached to it is not giving, its delayed getting.

"Giving more than you get" implies the weighing of both sides. Just give without expectation. Just get without requirement. Dont tie the two together. It'll work itself out appropriately.

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Congrats David and Tom!! Having talked to many people that have been interested in doing a "techstars-esque" program, Im stoked to hear that they can now do just that!

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Awesome! JM! I remember when you were just a small pup, making peanut butter sandwiches and burning the toast! (Well, not really, but it sounds good). I would say "be fantastic!" but you already are.

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16th and Wykoop in Denver. It was 900sq ft on the "garden" level of the Union Square building. It was $11/sq ft, and every time I brought my dogs into the office, we would either get yelled at for making a ruckus, or they would pee/poo in the corner.

It was glorious.

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Ben, you and Dan are two of my favorite nerds! Im proud to have watch your growth and your continued success...and, of course, anything I can do (including convince you to come work with comic books...hint, hint...) let me know!

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I echo Franks comments. (pun intended!) Travis check out http://graphic.ly/beta if you want to download it now...