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Still have nothing to contribute?
What is rich is that you hack idiot trolls pretend spelling matters until you screw it up and I overlook it and still tear you a new one.

I notice you can't explain why I was wrong. I explained why that hack idiot troll was wrong. It must burn to be shredded so regularly.

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Still hoping for expensive gasoline, electric shortages, hungry kids in school, government controlled healthcare?

Your fantasy world is really scary.

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Why do you think Lena Dunham likes me?

Very telling.
And while you listed everyone you fear, I still notice you have nothing to advocate for. You have nothing to contribute since you have nothing that works.

That's why you deserve to be mocked and ridiculed.

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Did you mean Finally?

Well, let's move beyond where you are stupid and can't express yourself well.
The values of Israel. You can't show where the list you posted is actually used today. I can show where worse things are done by islamists today. If it's the acts that bother you, why can't you go after those who do those acts?

As you can see, you are a moron that has no problem with the acts, you just needed an excuse to attack those who remember the Almighty.

What are the values of Israel? Life matters. They provide medical care even to those trying to murder them. They have equal rights for all citizens, even arabs. They have weapons focused on defense, like Iron Dome. Their nuclear program in Dimona generates electricity, without driving the economy to the brink like Iran. They don't send suicide bombers and the press in Israel ill expose corruption within the country when they find it.

Can you show any islamist country with those values?
They are different, and that difference drives you over the edge mentally.

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You are just another faceless drone. You never had it, so you can't have lost it.

God also knew you before you existed but for some unknown reason allowed you to be born. Why? Good question, what purpose have you fulfilled? Are you like the magicians Moses faced? Just the loser that can't manage and ends up looking bad and letting everyone down?

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Integrity, difficult? I'd say 'impossible'. They simply aren't capable of it.

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Yet, you just tried to make me the issue instead of the regime that deserves impeachment by every constitutional standard.

So, what does your comment have to do with anything?

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Fennec, this may be a total shock to you.
But WTE and Alinsky hate me and I drive them over the edge by reminding them they have nothing to contribute and then laying out in clear terms why they are not just wrong but idiots.

WTE, being an angry little fella was desperate to shut me up. Alinsky hacked the system and found my ISP and they both started stalking me, describing my alleged home, neighborhood, possible pastors name, the mayors contact information and trying to cause problems at my work. They ripped my book, having the trolls post fake reviews. In short, they used typical liberal tactics of personal destruction as Hillary laid it out.

And I stayed and still kept skewering them.
The next step was to pretend I was something worse, criminal even. Something so bad that even the accusation would leave me discredited.

That was when WTE defamed me, along with Alinsky. Alinsky of course being the sick twisted deviant sexual predatory stalker went further and said he wanted to do things sexually before I was killed.

Of course there is no validity, the very question is what they were hoping for. Don't be a total moron, haven't you been watching how Obama destroys his opponents and why do you think any operative working to cover for this regime would act any differently? Haven't you read history on how other fascist regimes treated opponents? This is no longer a academic study of fascist regimes, we live under one. Ask reporters if this dictatorship goes after parents when you work on a story.
This dictatorship ignores the freedom of the press for those who are actually reporting.

This is real, and you pretend we should do less than oppose it with everything we have at our disposal?

Just a note, Hitler went from Chancellor to Fuhrer because the opposition failed to oppose. Are you part of the problem now, or part of the solution?

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She calls me limpy, I call her saggy for much the same reason. Why don't you mention 'limpy' is derogatory and attack them the way you just did me?

You know going after them is a waste of time. I know that and treat them accordlngly. Deal with it.

There is justification, and I'm still waiting for the shrew coward to prove she's not a 400 lbs lesbian hooker to the same standards that she demands from me.

Fennec, you may like to lose debates so that the continued debate is never resolved. That is the failed spineless thinking of Boehner and McConnell. I don't want to debate them, I want to prove them wrong and remove them from the realm of debate. I know that what they have offers the country nothing good. I know that a better debate is not if I am limp but if my freedoms should be restored and how to go about it.

When you want to lose, or surrender then just say so, in the meantime don't waste my time and expect me to take you seriously.

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Help me out here..

Yeah as if. You're so stupid and stuck on stupid that you think my disagreeing with Cephus on religious issues is the same as when he told Alinsky this?

"Maybe it's because you're being a whiny little shit...."