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Wee, you small little man. Still out on the forum looking for excuses to talk dirty?

You really are pathetic. There are website for that kind of thing, you can google for them probably.

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Why would I do that?
Wee, you're barking up the wrong tree, I'm not interested.

You and hero would be so happy together holding his bong and advocating for recreational drug use.

I'm still going to decline, you're not my type.

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And your idea is a dictator you won't replace.

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Yes, the headers were distracting but I realize that's the best your cranky iranian computer can do.

And it proved you were wrong and I didn't ask to probe you. Wee, I realize you're just a tiny little man. But this isn't the kind of site for dirty talk. You can google for them, but adults want to discuss the state of the country here on this one.

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Wee, why are you so desperate for man sex that you look for things that way?

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Wee, coming out of the closet in the US isn't like it is in sharia countries. Most people don't really care. I'm sure you can find someone with the same interests, Hero would be a start, but I'm just not into that kind of thing

Sorry, but the answer is still no.

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Wee quote me.

You like to spin things, and the way you're trying to spin that comment is revealing. You really need to deal with that on a different forum, this isn't that kind of web site.

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Wee, I'm not interested.
Hero may have lied to you, maybe he just enjoys talking dirty with you. I don't know or care.

But you really need to find a website for that kind of thing and let the adults talk here.

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Wee, you tiny little guy you.

Can't you google and find a site that will help you flirt with guys? This isn't geared for it here.

And frankly I'm not interested. Ask someone you have things in common with, like your buddy hero.

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No, you quoted something that explains even not agreeing with Christian organized religion that was the only religion they cared about.

Wee, you're just a tiny little 'wee' thing.