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For those that despise social justice warriors.
Remember Brendan Eich that was driven out of Firefox for supporting traditional marriage?

He fought back. He has his own browser and it deserves a chance, why not reward someone for having values?

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Is a tax on cigarettes targeting the behavior and punishing it?

The taxes are paid for necessities nobody complains. When taxes are imposed so they can fund why lesbians are fat, people mind. And yes, that study was funded.

Are you saying that any money that is taxes is absolutely necessary? That's what the left has been selling, and doing so badly.

Why talk about China? They're communist and they have pollution. Los Angeles used capitalist solutions and the air has gotten cleaner.

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There might be, if you fascists weren't so determined to stop it.

Why is it you can't explain what you advocate for and make a case for it? You're just not bright enough to realize how stupid you are. You don't like that I can explain why you're wrong and so you make it a personal attack and insult everyone that shows up and happens to be smarter than you. And that's everyone.

And no thanks, try hitting on guys at your local gay bar. Joe, you need to accept that your insistence that someone is gay doesn't mean they are wired to like men as you are. And give up going for guy's eye sockets.

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No. They should have their heads cut off and then f u cked in the eyeballs.

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Joe, as a deviant sexual stalker you come to a forum about politics and of course have nothing to contribute, not that makes any sense.

So, you want to make it a personal attack.

You are a bigot and a fraud, you pretend as a progressive and openly homosexual man that there is equality then use that label as an insult.

I'm not interested.

But that aside, for you to use that label as an insult shows you have no integrity and simply can't be taken seriously, and of course nobody here has done that for years.

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I see that you can't say the one thing that matters.

They can't say I'm actually wrong.

You are a smell left in the room after a dog soils the carpet.

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Joe, it always comes back to deviant sex for you, doesn't it?

Call the courts and ask them, since you feel in your sick stalker thinking that it's any of your concern.

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What is Finland known for globally?

When those top notch high school students graduate, what can they aspire to? 90% taxes?

Why would they try and excel at anything when they will be punished for it? It those children that should be the reason people want to free themselves of the tyranny of Brussels and socialism. It was Europe that brought liberty and equality of opportunity to the world.

We are not a superpower because of our military but because of what used to be a strong industrial base. General Electric, General Foods, General Motors used to be our most important Generals. And socialist policies have already decimated them.

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They had wealth generated before socialism took over, and their economies ? It depends on how much socialist punishment is meted out for production.

SAAB, Volvo and other production have failed and been bought out. Alcoholism is rampant and they reject socialism more than our media admits. So much of what is claimed for them restricts them, not rewards them. What America says works has created a super power, their influence in the world has shrunk as a result of your advocated system. Europe never needed to band together in a EU style co-op before socialism weekend them.

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Sure they are.

Crony capitalism is what we have now. The guy with friends and cash gets the contract.

Real capitalism is the best offer, with the best value wins.

The grocery store is an example of free market capitalism. You look at the different brands of milk and decide based on value, not anything else.

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His ideology doesn't end well. When students have no reason to study they don't. When the education costs them nothing they treat it as if it's worthless. A lot of parties happen on those campuses.

Bernie deserved an equal chance with voters, and the woman colliding with Russia kept him from having that.