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I see as a fascist pig you still can't stand anyone that misses actual debate and discussing current issues. So, you still avoid doing so and insult those that can.

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Still the fascist pig trying to stop serious comments since you can't defend anything you believe in or stand for?

And BTW, I didn't lose. You know I didn't lose. Since you're the resident loser you know it and spam anyhow to change the subject.

How does it feel knowing marxism fails every time it's imposed and you can't pretend it doesn't.

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Joe, you are sure fixated on same sex orientation, to the point that you ignore reality.

If Shawn contacts my attorney I would imagine he would receive the same courtesy that a church lady received when she was trying to run interference.

Did Shawn put her up to it? I don't know, but I know what Shawn said to defame me and that I am depending on the civil court system to administer justice.

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Thankfully, due to the wisdom of the Founding Father's the flakes on the two coasts can't control the Presidency.
The electoral College.

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We need to secure the border. If we behaved like the coyotes then they might respect us more.

What if we adopted their tactics? Capture them, bring them to a house in squalor and tell their families that unless they pay we won't let them out alive? That's how they treat their own.

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You just proved my point.

If the site wants one word insults, or just blank lines so you can bury comments, then it deserves the type of readers it will attract.

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There was a time when there was a lot of debate going on, within the forum of Intense debate. What was your tactic then?

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Hello administrator.. Am I putting your mouth to work? Why don't you block me from making new posts?

I gues you will have to just keep deleting my comments all night.

Meanwhile you propaganda whores let these conservatives post vile comments all day long."

And when people left in disgust, what did you say?

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912wolverire is gone because of me."

And for the stubborn few that hung in there to discuss things in spite of you? What did you do to react to them?

ejdulis replied to your comment on Scratch that, trying Intense Debate. / Politics, Guns & Beer:

"I see others have taken my idea of impersonating you and others like Cowboy logic and winsorwhore.

I am glad to have made such a great contrbution to the destruction of this site."

You are a fascist pig that can't defend your values and ideas so you work to stop everyone smarter than you. You are the loser.

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Conservatives like discussing issues.
The origins, the goals, and the practical way to implement them.

I've even know some progressives that meant well, but jumped right to the idealistic outcomes they expected.

But not the trolls spamming the site, they are fascists only intent on stopping debate.

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The best way for me to illustrate how bad your comments are is to pull mine so that your lame spams stand alone.

If the site doesn't want to moderate and weed out lame comments, then it deserves them.

It's not like you ever to go a site to make that site look good, or worry about how you will drive away thinking people.

Your comments in this thread show how unthinking you are.

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No, you've been wrong on everything.

If you were accurate, you could defend your comments.