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Let's see, what should I do with my enlightened self today? Play my bongos? Maybe a little trance-dancing? Oh I know, I'm gonna flip around on the end of a hook like a fish.

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Our tax dollars at work. Another shovel-ready job. And I think we all know what they're shoveling.

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I got a call from a woman when my son was 16. Her 17-year-old son and my son had apparently done a deal concerning bicycle parts, and the deal had gone awry. She thought we should step in to arbitrate. I thought she was nuts. I told her, if my son was wrong -- it would come back to bite him in the ass. If her son was wrong -- ditto. But they didn't need their mommies getting involved. She was furious on behalf of her baby boy. Oh by the way, she was a public school teacher.

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People of Boulder: You get the city government you deserve.

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Cue the homeless advocates to tell us that if this woman had been staying in a shelter instead of a tent, the alleged assault never would've happened.

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This guy had probably just come up off Boulder Creek, where he was hangin' and drinkin' with his fellow transients. Yes, the same Boulder Creek path where you and your family should be able to push a stroller, take a walk, or ride a bike enjoyably and without incident.

As was recently made apparent, the City Council refuses to come down hard on the activity -- panhandling -- that enables these types to spend their time living, drinking, and drugging on our streets and natural areas. It's past time for the regular folks in this town to rise up and demand change in city policies which reserve de facto many of Boulder's prime spots for the enjoyment of transients. Free the Creek!

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Look how the "homeless industry" has already managed to change the tone of conversation, even among participants on this forum. PLEASE -- We should stop referring to transient bums, drug trash, and raving psychotics as HOMELESS. Most of these people don't have a physical address by their own choice. They wouldn't stay in a home if you gave it to them, rent free, with utilities and cable. They don't want, or are unable, to participate in society on anyone else's terms. Outreach won't change that.

Let's reserve the word "homeless" to describe people who are trying hard, but due to prolonged unemployment, illness, or other serious issues have lost their homes and need help getting back on their feet.

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Yes, and given her issues that's a shame. Almost any woman can technically become a mother. I'm not saying she didn't love her daughter, or that her daughter didn't love her. But I don't imagine someone with problems like Ms Fishman's would be capable of providing the stability and focus required to raise children well. More often children from such circumstances are passed around to family members or end up in the foster system. In my work with neglected children, I most often see addiction and/or mental health issues as the underlying causes of neglect.

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I've thought this many times, too. We've been giving to Step 13 for almost 20 years. Bob Cote was always adamant in his advice against giving a single penny to someone on the street. He knew, as a recovering alcoholic, where that money would be spent. He embodied the philosophy of "hand up, not handout". He knew that the way you truly respect a person is not by enabling him to continue living in his weakness and isolation, but by helping him develop his strengths so that he can more fully engage in life. Bob was a very good man.

Liberalism depends on dependency. It's requires no positive results, only "good" intentions. Hand the guy a buck, drive on to the restaurant, order a glass of Pinot, and lament to your friends how very sad it is that people "have to live that way."

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Thanks for this very comprehensive post. It's likely that most of those we see living on the streets lack the stable, loving family connections you mention. Others are struggling with mental illness or disability that requires care even the most loving family can't provide. We may commit to a compulsory in-patient facility only the most dangerous mentally ill, and then usually only after they've acted out dangerously in some way. The conditions in which these people live definitely provoke compassion.

But the bottom line is this: None of these people wear signs saying, "I'm dirty, but I'm harmless." or "I'm a ticking time bomb." Maybe the people at the shelters think they can tell one from the other. But the people, especially the parents, of Boulder don't know. And for this reason, the very presence of these people discourages us from using our parks, creek corridor, and even our library. That's just wrong, and it falls to City government to change the conditions which have allowed the 99% to be displaced in favor of the 1%.