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What? Fascists in The Republic of Boulder? Sit down and shut up, people. You will be instructed how to think about "public art", among other things.

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Foremost, please, no ESL preschool instruction. Early immersion will produce competent English speakers, which is THE single biggest key to successfully moving through the K-12 system. Believe me, non-English-speaking parents know this and want their children to learn English ASAP.

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In 2010, Mr. Bolden told an interviewer with Al-Jazeera that President Obama had given him three charges as NASA chief, perhaps the "foremost" of which was:

"He wanted me to find a way to reach out to the Muslim world and engage much more with dominantly Muslim nations to help them feel good about their historic contribution to science, math and engineering."

Well I certainly hope he's helped the Muslim world feel better.

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Who knew there were 'philosopher's jokes'? This one isn't quite ROFLMAO material.

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Throw away the key.

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"Adler interviewed the sex workers in front of the class, and then allowed the students to ask the visitors questions.
Though the in-class interview didn't replace the skit, Adler said many students stayed after class to talk with the sex workers."

I smell extra credit!

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Homeowner or not, you DO pay to live in Boulder. If you buy things here, you pay sales tax, a portion of which goes to the City of Boulder. If friends or relatives come to visit and stay in a hotel, they pay an accommodation tax to the City of Boulder. There are many other "fees" built into various services, which are shared with the city. Don't worry, the City gets its pound of flesh from everyone who lives or visits here. You have a stake in this, too.

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Maybe we should use this forum to schedule an "Informal group walk" for a Saturday or Sunday in May. Signs, T-shirts, costumes -- A good, old-fashioned Boulder-style protest.! We could end up at Central Park or Eben Fine for some picnicking, frisbee-throwing fun. We've sat on our hands for years. It's time to stand up and take back our creek!


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Hey kids, it's a nice spring day! Let's take our bikes out on the Boulder Creek Path! Or maybe not.

I know this sounds flippant, but at this point it's just sheer exasperation. It's time for the City of Boulder to take back the Boulder Creek Corridor for the people of Boulder. You work for us -- remember? We pay your salaries. We want to run, walk, wade, fish, picnic, ride our bikes, and generally frolic along Boulder Creek. We want you to do what it takes to make this possible for us and our children. Put bike patrols out there. Do nightly sweeps. Issue summonses, make arrests, do whatever it takes to reclaim this beautiful resource for the community.


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Duh. First money gets printed by the government. Then the government gives the money to (certain) people. Then (certain other) people pay taxes. Then the government gets the money back. Voila!