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Throw away the key.

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"Adler interviewed the sex workers in front of the class, and then allowed the students to ask the visitors questions.
Though the in-class interview didn't replace the skit, Adler said many students stayed after class to talk with the sex workers."

I smell extra credit!

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Homeowner or not, you DO pay to live in Boulder. If you buy things here, you pay sales tax, a portion of which goes to the City of Boulder. If friends or relatives come to visit and stay in a hotel, they pay an accommodation tax to the City of Boulder. There are many other "fees" built into various services, which are shared with the city. Don't worry, the City gets its pound of flesh from everyone who lives or visits here. You have a stake in this, too.

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Maybe we should use this forum to schedule an "Informal group walk" for a Saturday or Sunday in May. Signs, T-shirts, costumes -- A good, old-fashioned Boulder-style protest.! We could end up at Central Park or Eben Fine for some picnicking, frisbee-throwing fun. We've sat on our hands for years. It's time to stand up and take back our creek!


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Hey kids, it's a nice spring day! Let's take our bikes out on the Boulder Creek Path! Or maybe not.

I know this sounds flippant, but at this point it's just sheer exasperation. It's time for the City of Boulder to take back the Boulder Creek Corridor for the people of Boulder. You work for us -- remember? We pay your salaries. We want to run, walk, wade, fish, picnic, ride our bikes, and generally frolic along Boulder Creek. We want you to do what it takes to make this possible for us and our children. Put bike patrols out there. Do nightly sweeps. Issue summonses, make arrests, do whatever it takes to reclaim this beautiful resource for the community.


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Duh. First money gets printed by the government. Then the government gives the money to (certain) people. Then (certain other) people pay taxes. Then the government gets the money back. Voila!

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Ah, the ultimate liberal dilemma: Competing tax entities.

Sustainability vs. Climate Change. Open Space Acquisition vs. Maintenance of That Already Acquired. Ridiculous vs. Sublime.

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"It's amazing that a town with 6 Nobel prize winners has so little common sense."

How many geniuses does it take to change a lightbulb?
Sorry, you'll just have to sit in the dark. I'm busy thinking about stuff.

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This article just reinforces something I already knew: My border collie is smarter than the Boulder City Council.

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You remind me of a guy I met once who claimed that neutering and spaying are cruel, because it prevents dogs from living a "full" life. He was an idiot, too.

I keep my dog on a leash when around other dogs because he's a herder. That's what his breed was designed for over hundreds or thousands of generations. When off-leash around other dogs he relentlessly chases them, sometimes nipping lightly at their heels, just as he does with sheep when he has the chance. He's not otherwise mean or aggressive; he's not trying to hurt the other dogs. He's trying to herd them. Like I said, he's the product of many generations of dogs bred to herd and consolidate the flock.

Other dogs don't understand what he's doing. Often they interpret his behavior as threatening. So they respond, as dogs will do, defensively. They're not otherwise mean or aggressive dogs, either. They're just following their defense instincts. Letting my dog off leash will not make him "friendly". He's actually quite friendly. But it would allow him to follow his strong herding instinct, and risk provoking another dog, endangering them both.

Rather than ignorantly labeling people "control freaks", it would really be more appropriate to say, "Good Guardian! Thank you for making the effort to understand and acknowledge your dog's instinctual traits, and for doing what's necessary to prevent unnecessary and unfortunate conflict."