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I love it when the Drug Experts here comment so authoritatively on what a person will or will not do on a specific drug. It's just comforting to know we have their expertise to call upon.

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Yes, I worked in BVSD too. Dealing with some of those "caped crusader" parents and their entitled kids was true test of professionalism.

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I'm still gagging on "Kidical Mass."

I raised two kids in Boulder, and this obnoxious aren't-we-precious parenting isn't new. Boulder parents and their children are just a special kind of special.

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The city will be out RIGHT AWAY on their little mini-plows, clearing snow from the new bike lanes, as they already do the bike paths. Here's the hierarchy for plowing:
1) A few major streets; simultaneous with
2) All the bike paths; and then
3) (never) Residential streets.

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If I were a psychologist, I think I'd be looking at how this young man and his parents might be projecting some of the personal turmoil which is undoubtedly a big part of coming out for all parties involved -- Projecting that turmoil onto the principal and the school. The young man is immature and grappling with a reality which will be central in his life going forward -- his sexuality. His parents are probably likewise struggling to come to terms with the situation too, possibly after considerable denial on their part. It's a difficult time for everyone, and what they need is a guidance from a family counselor experienced in the difficulties around coming out. Instead they're deflecting their emotion into anger and outrage at the school and the principal. It's too bad that Jared Polis and local gay groups have reinforced their misplaced anger. I think we're all tired of various people seeing the world through a lens of discrimination and persecution.

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Or maybe just a special kind of impaired.

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Note to pedestrians: A designated crosswalk won't necessarily protect you. Flashing lights won't necessarily protect you. The green "walking man" signal won't necessarily protect you. You have to pay attention to the world around you, and stop assuming that rules and regulations will protect you.

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I cede to reality when it's prudent and appropriate, because I don't wish to make myself a victim. Predators, regardless of their species, have no respect for human rights or the laws of (wo)man. I don't hike alone in grizzly or cougar country. I have the right to do so, but I choose not to. The fact that those animals simply follow their natural biological imperative, whereas a human predator is perverted and sociopathic, is neither here nor there. They will all attack if presented with the opportunity. Your idealistic, self-righteous bubble will not protect you from any of them.

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Agreed, epstreehouse. Sometimes you just have to accept reality and deal with it appropriately to keep yourself safe. And as my dad used to say, "Don't do stupid stuff."

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"Roman-Romero, who does not speak English . . ."
"According to the affidavit, she told the detective that she came to the United States in 1999. . ."
Way to assimilate!