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Well, I'm a woman, so it was more like a cocktail dress, not a shirt and tie.

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No, I wouldn't have been profiled and harassed, even today. I camped legally on Forest Service land outside of town (not Boulder). I kept a clean campsite, didn't leave trash around. When I came into town I didn't sleep, drink, get high, urinate, or fight on public property. I didn't beg or confront people on the street looking for a handout. I went to work, saved money, and then rented a place to live. I didn't play "victim", I didn't blame anybody, I took responsibility for myself and got a job.

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Wow! I was homeless too, and never realized it. I spent a summer living in a tent on National Forest land outside Jackson, WY, dutifully changing campsites every 2 weeks per Forest Service regs. I commuted into town to waitress, bummed showers at friends' houses (I always left a couple of bucks in the bathrooms where I showered), used the local laundromat, and when I'd put together enough money for rent and security deposit I moved into a place that should've been condemned 20 years earlier. Of course, all this entailed actually looking for a job and then showing up to work -- clean and sober -- every day. And then I had to save my earnings, rather than spend them on booze and drugs. But it wasn't rocket science.

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Arrogant punk

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Boulder -- Where the rich and privileged congregate to lament income inequality.

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Foster home? Surely you're kidding. I've worked with kids "In the system" for years, and believe me, most foster homes leave a lot to be desired. "Angels in the Outfield" they're not -- that's the Disney version. This girl and her mom need real help. The Excelsior Youth Center is worth looking into in situations like this.

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Are there surviving minor children, or other members of the Wedan family, who depended on Ms. Rains-Wedan for support? If so, I could see making a claim against Mr. Frascona's estate. If not, how is depriving the legitimate heirs of Mr. Frascona's estate going to help anyone? This is an awful tragedy -- the loss of an entire family in a single event. But punishing Mr. Frascona's heirs will not make things better. But I suppose the logic is that an insurance company will actually pay, so why not go for the money.

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love your screen name

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Kill the messenger.

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Fort Collins just proposed strengthening their panhandling ordinance -- not to "outlaw", but to limit how and where people could be approached. The ACLU immediately filed suit against the city for violation of free speech. The city backed down. There you have it.