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For crying out loud, people. If you need to run, go for a run. If you need to run with others, call some friends. Just do it.

I do understand that out-of-towners who bought plane tickets and made travel arrangements for the originally-scheduled race suffered financial damage, and that's a damn shame.

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Or they know (the cost) but don't want to tell us. It might dampen our already soaking-wet enthusiasm for this stupid project.

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The problem with our "green living room" is that the City has also allowed it to become a "green bedroom" and a "green bathroom" for the bums.

And city planners? They don't design for us. They design to impress other planners. So when they go to their conferences at various exotic places around the country and across the globe, they have something "cool" to show their peers. And -- city planners hire private planning firms because it allows them establish connections in the private sector, where they all hope to end up. Don't be fooled by their invitation for "public discussion." In the end, they'll decide what we want.

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What a dimwit. As a past, present & future border collie owner, and based on the details presented here, I guarantee those dogs are smarter than their owner. And they deserve better.

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"Well that's the problem with paradise - nothing attracts a serpent quite like it." Cecilia Ahern

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Interesting indeed, semiferal. Following the rationale of the author cited in the link (a gay man), it makes about as much sense to celebrate "Brown Hair Pride Day" or "Size 9 Shoe Pride Day" as to celebrate sexual orientation or gender identity "pride". None of these things speak to an act or accomplishment worthy of pride. They're just physical realities over which a person has no influence or control. I know that many gay/transgender people endure considerable confusion and, often, cruelty when they're young. it makes sense that they would want to get together with people of similar backgrounds to celebrate the freedom of being out. That's a "fest". But let's reserve "pride" as a just acknowledgement of true accomplishment, regardless of our sexual orientation or gender identity.

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"I packed 85 years of living into my life, and I'm really proud of all the things I got to do."

Inspirational! To live fully, be grateful for your experiences, and proud of your accomplishments -- what a beautiful epitaph.

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Don't you just love busy-body hikers?

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This incident supports my long-held belief that naming a girl "Crystal" is just asking for trouble.

I'd love to see a scientific study done on this. Maybe CU could put together a team of onomasticians (yes, there are "name scientists" ) for this purpose. It just seems to be a name you see disproportionately in stories involving drugs, street hoes, and domestic assaults. Then again, maybe I watch too much "Cops." And I certainly don't mean to offend all you stand-up Crystals out there -- I'm sure there are many.

I also don't mean to make light of this deputy's injury, and I wish her a speedy recovery.

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Boulder is like one of those desperate chicks who constantly post selfless on FB -- Look at me! I'm so hot! Aren't I ??!!? Please, please, pleeeeze Like me!!!