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This incident supports my long-held belief that naming a girl "Crystal" is just asking for trouble.

I'd love to see a scientific study done on this. Maybe CU could put together a team of onomasticians (yes, there are "name scientists" ) for this purpose. It just seems to be a name you see disproportionately in stories involving drugs, street hoes, and domestic assaults. Then again, maybe I watch too much "Cops." And I certainly don't mean to offend all you stand-up Crystals out there -- I'm sure there are many.

I also don't mean to make light of this deputy's injury, and I wish her a speedy recovery.

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Boulder is like one of those desperate chicks who constantly post selfless on FB -- Look at me! I'm so hot! Aren't I ??!!? Please, please, pleeeeze Like me!!!

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I feel bad for the businesses, but man that building is a dump. It's so depressing to even go in there -- so I don't. Hope the rent is really cheap.

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In some configurations, when the person in front of you reclines it puts your own tray table right in your gut, And the angle of the reclined seat prevents you from opening your laptop sufficiently to see the screen, especially if you're on the taller side.

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More troubles in the Ivory Bubble <yawn>

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I knowing it's picking a nit, but the five miles of road from Keystone to Montezuma isn't dirt -- it's paved. A short stretch of the road did suffer considerable damage and was partially closed by recent flooding.

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Two of the three photos currently accompanying the online version of this story feature "twentiesh-something" young men. Are they disabled or otherwise unemployable? Are they victims of corporate downsizing or the economic downturn? Or are they just young guys who don't want to work or take responsibility for themselves? Are they just content to sleep on the ground and let us provide them with a couple of squares a day, between which they panhandle for smoke money?

These aren't the "homeless" we should be concerned about. These lazy mooches don't deserve our compassion. But I see from the photo of "Joe and Zach" that the shelter is serving them Rudi's Organic Bread, you know the $5.00/loaf stuff? Only the best for our bums.

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Time to pull out my dad's favorite word: Malarkey.

"Chronic stress and acute shock"

A few thoughts:

First - Is this still about the flood? Cuz, I mean, the town was built in a flood zone. We were always told it would happen, it happened, and it will likely happen again. So now we're going to explore the nature of community resilience? How very "Boulder" of us.

Also -- What is an "under-the-surface social injustice"?

Further - What is a "resilience vision"?

And in conclusion - This is just more of Boulder being so special and precious and full of "lofty thinkers". BTW, what other 99 towns are on this list?

Oh, and P.S. - About the "chronic stresses" of living in Boulder. Isn't this why we legalized pot?

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Let's see, what should I do with my enlightened self today? Play my bongos? Maybe a little trance-dancing? Oh I know, I'm gonna flip around on the end of a hook like a fish.

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Our tax dollars at work. Another shovel-ready job. And I think we all know what they're shoveling.