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So he's homeless, but he comes up with gas money in order to drive a car -- without a valid license and drunk. I hope some of our bleeding hearts will think about that the next time they're tempted to give a bum a buck.

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I learned very quickly when my kids were young that the Boulder main library was no place for children. Unless, of course, they're seated directly in front of the story lady. Of course, even then, you had to get them in and out of the place, usually through a gaggle of bums. And that little picnic we had planned down on the creek after story time? Yeah, right.

Just to give you an idea of how long ago that was -- My oldest son is now grown, married, and has a child of his own. So please don't hold it against me if I don't stand and cheer the good news that Boulder will take New! and Improved! measures to ensure the library is a safe, healthy, and appealing place for all.

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"Danica Powell, a former city Planning Board member who now represents Boulder's Trestle Group."

Just another example of the incestuous circle jerk mentality -- call it cronyism if you prefer -- and the blurred lines between private and public sector interests. From municipal, to national, and in all actuality global, levels. All parties. It's who you know and whose palms are getting greased.

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Bottom line: Barnett's peers are tenured professors. They went way out on a limb to vote for suspension, but NO WAY they'd vote for termination. No one in that club wants to challenge the sanctity of tenure. You don't poop in your own Ivory Tower.

So, to paraphrase Karl Marx, "Tenured academics are to the real world as masturbation is to sex."

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Can't believe I'm citing Marx, but --

"Philosophy is to the real world as masturbation is to sex."

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Boulder spent 30 years acquiring open space and creating zoning regs to limit residential growth. That which you make scarce, you make expensive. The outcome is that Boulder now consists largely of affluent residents, and those lucky enough to have gotten a stake early on. There are many whose affluence is entirely attributable to foreseeing the inevitable outcome of Boulder's policies. That didn't require genius, just common sense.

Now the established, affluent, liberal ruling class wring their hands over the fact that most can't afford to live here. They'd like to raise the minimum wage. Apparently, their ability to connect the dots into the future (common sense) is still lacking. Raising the minimum wage hits employers, who raise prices or cut jobs to protect the profit margin they must have to stay in business. Either way, the poor take the hit. Raising wages creates more demand for housing, which drives prices up. The poor take the hit. This is economics 101. Once a manipulation in the system takes place, there is no unringing the bell.

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Oh goodie. A talk on "research". "Ethnographic field research", at that. Wake me up when you've solved the problem, Ms. Potter.

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The fact that the this city wants to micro-manage minor changes on isolated parcels, while going full-steam-ahead in allowing big, ugly, intrusive crap-condos and apartments on major swaths of Boulder, is pretty ridiculous.

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Yes, shame on me (and Chris Rock) for making light of such serious matters. But in all good humor, there's a kernel of truth.