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This is stupid. Unless we can smoke pot up there. Then it's cool.

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Food trucks are symbolic of the kind of grass-roots entrepreneurship which is re-invigorating the urban food scene across the country. How many people have the cash to lease, outfit, decorate, staff, and maintain a brick-and-mortar restaurant? And even if you do have those resources, what if that's not how you envision the relationship between people and food? And what about food patrons? We want choices. The quality and creativity in food truck offerings in Denver/Boulder/Ft. Collins is amazing! This should be a source of pride, something encouraged as a valuable part of a vibrant community. Just because I buy an amazing spicy ginger pork belly taco from a food truck today, doesn't mean I won't visit a local sit-down restaurant later this week. Regulations with respect to health and food safety are a given. But don't create arbitrary barriers and obstacles at the behest of the established restaurant community, or because you lack creative vision.

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Really? I mean, it's too bad this guy got himself and his daughters mixed up with a homicidal maniac. Maybe she was an incredibly convincing actor, or maybe he is incredibly gullible and a bad judge of character. Probably a combination of both. I feel especially bad for the daughters, who were just a captive audience to this adult insanity, and are paying a high price. They should definitely get counseling. Maybe the victims advocacy section within the police department could help arrange that, as they are victims, too. And maybe a church group will help sponsor this family to get them back on their feet. But if everyone who makes bad choices or demonstrates poor judgment were to "crowd fund" -- well, think about what that would look like.

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Accounts of crazed behavior related to a new drug called flakka have been in the news for the last month or so. Seems likely it, or something similar, was involved here. Tragic.

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Boulder should just designate a permanent vigil site -- A place where local "vigilants" can assemble every evening. There could be a changeable sign indicating to whom or to what cause the vigil is dedicated on any given night.

Seriously, this vigil stuff is so ridiculous. These "kumbaya events" do nothing to help the people who need help. They only help silly, effete Boulderites feel good about themselves.

If you want to help, go to to find an established organization that will put donations to effective use in the aftermath of the devastation in Nepal. They would love to have the $5 you'd otherwise spend on coffee and a candle.

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Well, I'm a woman, so it was more like a cocktail dress, not a shirt and tie.

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No, I wouldn't have been profiled and harassed, even today. I camped legally on Forest Service land outside of town (not Boulder). I kept a clean campsite, didn't leave trash around. When I came into town I didn't sleep, drink, get high, urinate, or fight on public property. I didn't beg or confront people on the street looking for a handout. I went to work, saved money, and then rented a place to live. I didn't play "victim", I didn't blame anybody, I took responsibility for myself and got a job.

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Wow! I was homeless too, and never realized it. I spent a summer living in a tent on National Forest land outside Jackson, WY, dutifully changing campsites every 2 weeks per Forest Service regs. I commuted into town to waitress, bummed showers at friends' houses (I always left a couple of bucks in the bathrooms where I showered), used the local laundromat, and when I'd put together enough money for rent and security deposit I moved into a place that should've been condemned 20 years earlier. Of course, all this entailed actually looking for a job and then showing up to work -- clean and sober -- every day. And then I had to save my earnings, rather than spend them on booze and drugs. But it wasn't rocket science.

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Arrogant punk

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Boulder -- Where the rich and privileged congregate to lament income inequality.