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The fact that these teachers need special training to learn that kids like and need to move is disheartening.
This reminds me of when my ex was doing his elementary ed teacher certification program. He had a full-semester class on "visual stimulation in the classroom", which he said was mostly devoted to constructing bulletin boards.

Is it any wonder that "Among the 34 OECD countries, the United States performed below average in mathematics in 2012 and is ranked 27th. The United States ranks 17 in reading and 20 in science."

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Supposedly returning travelers from Ebola countries will be interviewed at their point of entry, and will truthfully divulge all pertinent facts, including where they're going to stay in the U.S. Then the Feds will contact local health departments and task them with monitoring those travelers for 21 days. What could possibly go wrong? Don't worry -- the Ebola Czar is on it!

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If you like your on-campus job, you can keep your on-campus job!

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Whew, thank god we figured this out.

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You just made my day. Thanks!

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For crying out loud, people. If you need to run, go for a run. If you need to run with others, call some friends. Just do it.

I do understand that out-of-towners who bought plane tickets and made travel arrangements for the originally-scheduled race suffered financial damage, and that's a damn shame.

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Or they know (the cost) but don't want to tell us. It might dampen our already soaking-wet enthusiasm for this stupid project.

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The problem with our "green living room" is that the City has also allowed it to become a "green bedroom" and a "green bathroom" for the bums.

And city planners? They don't design for us. They design to impress other planners. So when they go to their conferences at various exotic places around the country and across the globe, they have something "cool" to show their peers. And -- city planners hire private planning firms because it allows them establish connections in the private sector, where they all hope to end up. Don't be fooled by their invitation for "public discussion." In the end, they'll decide what we want.

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What a dimwit. As a past, present & future border collie owner, and based on the details presented here, I guarantee those dogs are smarter than their owner. And they deserve better.

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"Well that's the problem with paradise - nothing attracts a serpent quite like it." Cecilia Ahern