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Love it. I've also seen folks make mittens out of old sweaters. xo

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Comment from Kali:
If you go to the site, you can see scores for every individual country. I live in Canada. You also get to see that the gender gap, specifically to show the lack of females in certain areas, does not take into account more females than men ratios(although this information is shown.) You get a score from 0 to 1 based on female - male equality. If the score is over 1, that means there are more females than men. HOWEVER, this is not taken into account in the gender gap calculation. The score maxes out at 1 instead of it being penalized for having more women than men. The problem with this shows that you may have a lack of women in certain areas - such as legislation, but there is a surplus of women in other areas, such as professional or technical workers, and that technically makes up for the lack. Besides, women can still be in charge as professionals.
Again, another method for showing the significant issues in extremely patriarchal countries but exaggerates that of more civilized and equal countries. "
/end comment.
With this comment, I'd like you to realize my good intent for your site. I often find that our projections onto others defeats the purpose of growth and mindfulness - looking within. I look forward to reading more good pieces on your websites.

Thank you for taking the time to receive my opinion and correction of facts.
Kind regards,

PS- regarding gamergate(also in this article they are pinned,) there is huge media bias weighed heavily against them. They are not angry misogynists. They are simply a subculture of diverse people who donate to charities, publish facts, and do their research, all in the name of their cause for ethical journalism in video games. They have been pinned to hate crimes unjustly, and such hate crimes are commonly happening from either sides. (Sure there are bad eggs, but its apparent there are bad eggs on both sides of the fence.)

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We love Hana!

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El traductor de Google funciona muy bien. Darle una oportunidad. https://www.google.com/webhp?sourceid=chrome-inst...

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That's okay! If you're inspired, tell us why: http://www.elephantjournal.com/submit/

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Thank you for your comment! I agree, and we are working towards having more inclusivity and diversity in our article and language.

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Here's the info! http://www.elephantjournal.com/submit/

Cheers. ~ Ed.

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I don't know either Erica. It looks good on my screen. Can you or Guess Who email support@elephantjournal.com with as much detail as possible so we can do some investigating?

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Well said Waylon. Thanks for writing this :) ~ Rachel

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