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Hey Kim, could you point them out for us busy eds to fix? Thanks ~ Khara

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Hi Anne, thanks for your comment. Having grown up on a working farm, I must say I agree with you when it comes to smaller scale farmers who are caring for their animals. It sounds like you speak with some expertise. Would you consider writing a counter to offer an alternative point of view? We welcome differing viewpoints at elephant. http://www.elephantjournal.com/submit/ ~ Khara

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Hey Simon, I've got to say I agree with you here. But that's the way with elephant journal. We're a collective of differing voices and ideas, and we don't always agree with every article we publish, but we are reader submitted and driven. I personally don't give a care for astrology, but likewise we practice a "not too hard, not too soft" approach, which means nothing is banned or off limits for our writers. Many folks find the astrology articles helpful in some way or just fun. I don't believe they should be taken too seriously. We limit the number of them on our site to make room for the stuff we're mostly passionate about: conscious living, active citizenship, green, yoga, non new-agey spirituality and all that juicy stuff. Thanks for being an elefriend and holding us accountable. We love you for it! ~ Khara

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Hi J. Smith, Thanks for your comments and to some extent I agree. Not all of our articles are equally substantial, but all serve a purpose. You'll find many folks connect with an article you may hate. We are reader submitted and we have a huge collection of voices on our site. Some articles carry more weight than others. Don't be discouraged. If you're looking for some solid and insightful articles on all things "enlightenment," I'd recommend Benjamin Riggs or Daniel Scharpenburg in particular, amongst others I can't recall by name right now. Eric Klein is also great. We have so many to choose from it'd be a shame if you were to judge us on a few you've found disappointing. ~ Khara

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That seems to have little to do with the content of this article.

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Hey Dan, thanks for your comment. We don't mind criticism, but just so you know this was written by Waylon, our founder, who, last time I checked, does live in the real world (and not in Manhattan). He bikes everywhere because he believes in walking his talk, which is largely about environmental sustainability, and less cars on the road is good for that. That said he also doesn't condemn folks who drive cars, but as an occasional car driver myself I agree that a car is a bit of a money-sucker. Also, I sympathise about the kids. I have two and getting around without the car is definitely a little more of a logistical issue than with. That said, we do try and take the bus or bike or walk wherever possible and we often have fun doing it. We could look to Europe (specifically The Netherlands for some examples of how to get around with kids sans motor-vehicle. Take it easy, Dan. Just do what you can, with what you have. We hipster bullsh*tters won't hold it against you. x ~ Khara

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Hi Peter,

Oh no, that's so unfortunate! We've never had anything like this happen before, could you please email us at support@elephantjournal.com and let us know your account details so we can look into it and make sure it never happens again, please?

With elephant love,

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Hi Andrea, thanks for reaching out. As fellow spelling and grammar nerds we can completely relate to your frustration.
We are aware that this is an area of development and behind the scenes we are implementing some new systems to stop these errors keep slipping through. Hopefully these systems give our busy team the time to address these annoying little issues. We appreciate your patience in the meantime and if you do notice any errors, please email us at write@elephantjournal.com so we can correct them immediately. Warmly, Sarah.

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We love you Devin! <3 Thank you!

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Check out the movie. We can certainly make a change that will start helping immediately.