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Hi there - that's too bad. Could you be more specific about what you like and don't like? Also, have you considered signing up for our daily newsletter which features our 'best of' (go here). http://www.elephantjournal.com/join-the-cause/. ~ Ed.

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I think they look strong. I've done blogs on male surfers--and they too are wearing hardly anything, and in some cases are topless. ;) Beautiful but empowered is okay by me. Sexual but unempowered, I think we can agree, is not so okay. These women seem powerful to me, and we've included their stories, not just their readily apparent and inspiring, powerful beauty.

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Thanks, Amy! All the best to you. ~ Renee

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"the use of plural pronouns to refer back to a singular subject isn’t new: it represents a revival of a practice dating from the 16th century. It’s increasingly common in current English and is now widely accepted both in speech and in writing." http://www.oxforddictionaries.com/us/words/he-or-...

The two other things you mentioned are elephant journal style choices.

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It's fixed now - thank you for pointing it out! ~ Ed.

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Lindsey Block They are too damn cute & sweet.

Rachel Brathen This is beautiful. You are beautiful. Making us cry over here in Greece!

Waylon: Oh yay! Just seeing your comment and so glad you two like it.

You were both so inspiring--Dennis so relaxed in the middle of the storm and so unconditionally in love with you, and you so fiercely yourself and generously inspiring in being open.

All thanks goes to Linus for the camera work, he and Tomas were awesome, and Lindsey for the editing.

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Sharon C What a beautiful, inspiring post. Thank you!

Christie S Very true and so beautifully put forth...I too did not grow up with some of the material advantages you mention but feel well-prepared to meet life each day. We were taught many core values like volunteering, giving, love for all people and each animal. Thanks for writing - a great way to begin today!

Tricia P What a smart man you are!

Waylon Lewis If true, it's thanks to my ma!

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Amen. Stuff doesn't matter. Enough money to afford healthcare and food and a roof over one's head does matter. Community matters. Environment matters. It's simple and always has been and always will be.

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Natalie Price This not why I signed up to elephant journal. Gloating and judging others, taking amusement from someone else's suffering is not what I thought elephant journal endorsed. I do not agree with robin thicke's recent work or actions but not sure that promoting 'trolling' is the way to go...
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Elephant Journal We offered a fair assessment, with his side. The barbs were offered, I felt, with a sense of comeuppance and humor, not "judgment." Date rape (which his and many other lyrics may or may not casually touch upon, we took pains to offer both sides) should not get a pass in contemporary lyrics.

We have also called out Terry Richardson for years. Judgment is healthy--do I want to eat an organic apple or gmo processed corn is a judgement. Pre-judgement is unhealthy--prejudice--and again we offered both sides, and the whole matter is leavened by humor.

We can share news (the tweets) and comment upon it without agreeing with the news 100%. We did not author the tweets. This is what reporting is: sharing, and offering a mindful perspective.

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You gotta mention yourself! Folks in comments on FB were asking. :) And, Fed by Threads: http://www.elephantjournal.com/2014/02/business-i...