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Figure A: the humble origins of a popular cultural phrase of the 1960s. Myrtle (far left) offers Tina (center) a ride in her husband Fred's 1968 IH pickup. Fred, looking to improve his lot in life (after all, he'd been dragged antiquing), replies, "gas, ass or grass, no one rides for free." It made sense to Tina, so she filled the truck's tank when the elderly couple dropped her off along I-80, somewhere near Lincoln.

Tina later recalled Fred's comment on her way to Woodstock later that year when attempting to convince a trucker to bring her east. Unfortunately for Tina, the trucker was not interested in diesel.

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The Suzuki Samurai: Delivering delicious lunches to bro truckers stuck on the trail since 1981.

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I grew up in the back seat of a Gold on Chocolate Brown '88 9000 Turbo watching my mom row through the 5 speed gearbox as the "turbo" gauge needle ran through its paces. With that hatchback I remember it could take almost as much cargo as a comparable wagon. CNN actually was doing an investigative journalism piece on car buying at the dealership when my parents bought the car, and apparently there was footage of a much younger me sitting in the driver's seat beamed across the world.

No question that by the end, the tin worm was starting to take its toll, and ultimately a shot master cylinder (and a potential $2000 repair bill) spelled the end around 160K (and 13 years). A spilled soda on the center-mounted window switches once caused the driver's window and sunroof to continually open themselves randomly, which wouldn't have been a problem but for the fact that it was a) January and b) we were driving between Detroit and Syracuse, NY.

In the end, I think we got $500 from the transmission shop owner for it, though the 13-year old in me was able to swipe the polished wood "Saab Scania" manual shift knob and a hub cap prior to sale. The shift knob still sits on my desk today. The shop owner fixed it, and proceeded to give it to his son (who I secretly envied); I heard it was wrecked a short time later.

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France's all new Simca Aronde...a truly liberating experience.

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I found 10 shotgun shells under the front seat and 5 more in the glove box of a rental Tahoe LTZ last summer. They were the bright red ones, similar to those used by Mel Gibson's character in the Road Warrior. I told myself that someone had taken the car on a hunting trip. Then I remembered that it was not hunting season.

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The original "Big Willie Style" had nothing jiggy about it.

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Even though some of those cars will be real money pits to fix.

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I bet you'll see them all restored, regardless of cost. For one, they almost certainly have insurance, but more importantly these aren't the appliances we drive to work each day. Each of these cars is special for a certain reason.

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Puns can't (shouldn't?) be controlled.

In other news, I think this car would look really nice as a shooting brake.

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I was wondering how they glued the vinyl top on...now it all makes sense!