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I watched this on a rainy Sunday a few weekends ago when there was nothing else on. Never heard of it either. I was pleasantly surprised, though I think 23% on RT might be a bit harsh.

The pros:

If you're a Paul fan, you'll like it. I'm a big fan of Paul without the F/F entourage and this one delivers on that in spades.
The stunts/chases are pretty cool, I disagree with the RT commentariat on that point. S. Africa delivers a gorgeous visual backdrop for the action, compared with what most movies now default to (usually an Eastern European city).
Paul Walker hooning a RHD Chrysler minivan. What could be better than that?

The cons:
Story is as far fetched as they come.
Plot doesn't really go anywhere.
I never got why an American parolee randomly ends up in S. Africa, but then again I missed the first 10 minutes of the movie so maybe that was explained there.

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My goodness, officers, I guess this here Savoy is not the only thing that's midsized around these parts!

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Who knew that a Bobcat would be so effective at hauling Cougar tail?

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Reluctant thumbs up, though maybe a "too soon" kind of thing. Like where you went with it though.

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Betty's father had previously warned Fred not to "shack up" with his daughter, so he was not pleased to learn that Fred had took her out on the frozen lake anyways in his bench-seat equipped Oldsmobile.

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I'd be downright Regal driving a fine car like this one! Just imagine, parking this outside of my own personal Enclave and getting to drive it to work each day!

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After Timmy's father observed how long the front of the new Buick was, and Timmy nonchalantly dropped a "that's what she said," the entire neighborhood struggled to mask their reactions. "Where did I go wrong!" wailed Timmy's mother, hands clasped to her face. Meanwhile, the male bystanders broke out in raucous laughter.

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Human Psychology Today, June 1987, the "Field Study" issue: Figure 2B, "The Bike." Mid-20's Human Male attempts to convince Human Female of similar age that he is interested in her small and underpowered motorcycle when, in fact, he is not. Strategy of complementing Human Female's choice of riding attire appears to be successful; Older Human Males (off right) talk among themselves, knowing they have no chance with Human Female; Pubescent Human Males (extreme left) discussing the motorcycle and its viability in attracting members of the opposite sex; Finally, on the extreme right of the photograph, young actors Jeff Daniels and Erik Estrada stumble drunkenly into the photo shoot and attempt to look as though they belong.

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I buy clock radio, he buy a clock radio. I buy a Polski Fiat, my neighbor buy a Polski Fiat. I buy a Zastava from Serbia - he cannot afford. VERY NICE!

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Coming from a huge fan boy over here: it looks like a BMW X5 and a VW Touraeg went on a Swedish summer holiday and this was the result some months later.

And that's a good thing.