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Just revisit the link - the solution is there

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Unfortunately that's how LinkedIn reports "opt out" accounts in which user disables access to 3rd party apps such as Droidin

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This tutorial is not about different layouts but rather covers the situation where you need to know if you are in Portret or Landscape mode

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Hi David,

Try to go to www.linkedin.com on your mobile browser and login prior to starting Droidin. If you continue to have problems try to switch to wi-fi or if you are doing it on wi-fi switch to 3G (or whatever level of phone service you have). If it doesn't help let me know

Bo Stone

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Are you referring to the Android contact that was added after you sync your contacts in Droidin? This actually should happen automatically as Android OS keeps each "raw" contact separately but displays a unified contact based on the first and last name. There are some apps on Android market that allow you to do custom contact syncing based on email or even not related at all

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This seems to be local to your phone. Which version of Android OS and which device you are using? The simplest way to provide us with all the details is to send the feedback from your device using "feedback" link at the bottom of the home screen

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2-nd is easy. You are using default constructor that does not explicitly set buffer size. It's a warning anyways but you can resolve it by setting buffer size in your code.

1-st may have to do with HTTPS (my gut feeling)

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It sounds like you are trying to create LinkedIn account from your mobile browser using low-resolution device. If so - I suggest to create account using regular computer. Once you have LI account access http://linkedin.com from your mobile browser and log in. After that try Droidin login, you should not even have to enter your uname/pwd but simply click "approve" button

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As I said - the way LinkedIn provides updates is incremental, so when you delete a contact app wouldn't know that from the info it can get from LinkedIn

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Understand. Maybe I'll add "Delete contact" option for something like this. It will be confusing since the contact will need to be deleted from LinkedIn as well but that can be supplemented with info message