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Wayne - great catching up recently, and as usual, wonderful summary and exposition on subjects we both value - content and innovation. No surprise - we've been swimming in these waters a long time, eh?

So much opportunity to do far more on both fronts - and finally, given the impacts of SharePoint and Google - digital content is becoming recognized as the massively powerful business opportunity for companies large and small - not just for e-commerce applications, but for employees, suppliers, partners, and more.

Still a lot of maturity to run through for most companies, but Level 1 awareness of the potential is sinking in, and causing people to want to run much faster and farther than I've seen in years. Exciting times for those who are putting in the investment of skills and tech to take advantage of the still fairly early days of digital content.

Interesting twist on re-use - The P (Put to other uses) in SCAMPER (a creative problem solving technique, for those who don't use it - deceptively simple, extremely powerful - I know Wayne knows this well, given his DI background) - is one of those areas that people really seem to have a hard time focusing on.

It's often that we try to create something from nothing, and waste valuable cycles creating solutions to problems that nobody particularly cares about, when we could much more easily Observe what people are doing/saying, Orient our mindset to meet their (the user/customer) needs head on, Decide on how best to improve/tweak (or if needed, outright overhaul/innovate) to address the need, and then Act (and deliver) the proposed solution, and see what the reaction is.

Repeat and refine as needed.

I'm describing OODA loops above - fascinating back story for those who are interested (Based on John "40 Second" Boyd http://www.fastcompany.com/magazine/59/pilot.html ). For more on loops, collaboration and re-use at http://www.slideshare.net/dan.keldsen/enterprise-... - apparently that presentation has caught on, with over 10,000 views since I posted it.

Of course the realization that content and reader/usage analytics is possible is a major mental barrier to entry, as until the digital age snuck up on us, while some people (smart marketers/advertisers) would test copy and see what behaviors were driven, the vast majority of people who write (not well, to your point), have no idea that writing style is not just a personal choice, but needs to be targeted to the context of those who are going to consume it.

But once that alignment is found... and monitored/adjusted over time... it's a tremendous competitive advantage, and hits both the the top-line (revenue) and bottom-line (cost) which is where you start to unleash real, sustainable growth over competitors (rather than the pure cost reduction focus that many take).

Great post - keep up the good work!

Cheers from the road,

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Paula - thanks for the reply, for some reason was not notified. Have since downloaded Air Display - sadly, given network constraints on client sites and in hotels, have not *yet* been successful in using it.


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Matt - Well-engineered ships seem to come to no good end terribly often, eh?

"It's unsinkable!" (bonk) "Whoops!" (glug glug glug)

Great post - and whether it's the captain or the CEO, ego and over-riding the team/design can certainly cause disasters...

Any bets as to how much of this 300+ year old wisdom is paid attention to these days?

Here's to the enlightened CEOs - may we make/find/train/create/clone far more of them...


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Thanks for the comment - and I saw a few Allyis folks at the E2.0 Conference, but it was always across the room, and wasn't able to locate any of you in time to say hello. Need to check-in - it's been nearly a year since I was out at Allyis HQ, would love to hear how the evolution continues inside the organization.


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Mark - if Yammer is the communication circulatory system of the enterprise, then we're talking a zombie enterprise, in desperate need of strategy dialysis. But you probably sensed that coming, based on our interview, eh? ;)

IMHO, Yammer is yet another Enteprise 2.0 silo, and while there is always a need for real-time answers, and Twitter has proven that (although frequently dubious value) vs. the closed silo of mass e-mail, I don't personally (or professionally - this is a space I've covered for years after all) believe Yammer is ramping up fast enough to compete with all of the other E2.0 solutions that provide what they are doing (microblogging), alongside a larger suite of collaboration tools.

They are also, from what I can tell, running behind SocialCast, who is their closest direct competitor, and any way you slice it, while I wish them the best, people don't "do" microblogging or (for that matter) Enterprise 2.0 AS their job, they use the capabilities as part of whatever they ACTUALLY do for a job, and no job that I know of requires a single tool in the toolkit.

On the integration front - SharePoint 2007 integration is weeks away? My god, MOSS 2007 came out, well, 3 years ago. What's the rush? The swarm around MOSS 2010, unless Yammer has carved out some space with Microsoft directly, is going to be incredibly crowded, right out of the gate. BTW - integration code is almost literally free at this point, license it, or hire an offshore team in Russia, Korea or Taiwan, and you'll have your enterprise connectors in no time. If they are building all of that themselves, that's another major warning sign that they are not going to live much longer.

It's high time for convergence, folks. And it's completely in your grasp. Don't confuse easy to deploy and easy to use, with long-term value. I'm all for providing entry points to E2.0 within organizations, but think larger than microblogging - there's no need to limit to such a narrow toolset at this point.

Agree that doing nothing is not a good strategy, and neither is "run with a tool that only solves 10% of your collaboration problems." Hit pause for a second, and throw out a handful of the collaboration scenarios you might need and THEN take a look at what would solve those problems.

BTW - I described several ways to look at the need for (or lack of need) for real-time collaboration, and how to frame the capabilities to support those needs in a webinar hosted by AIIM and Google a few months ago. See IA Webinar: Real-time Working with Collaboration.

In all honesty, when we do consulting work, frequently the answer is not any MORE technology (freemium or not), but the reapplication/deployment of investments a business has already made. No capital expenditures, no new POs, just fix what was broken and get back on to BUSINESS, not chasing a featureset.

As a former CTO, and now consultant, I don't care whether you're in IT, or on the business side, focus on the BUSINESS VALUE first, and not the features, or you're only making the problem worse.

And in 2010, that shouldn't be good enough. Your business, your employees and your customers deserve more. Think Macro, not Micro.
My recent post IA Webinar: Real-time Working with Collaboration

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Geoff - great catch, thanks for pointing out Active Navigation. State of the art and state of adoption continue to lead and lag (as expected). What else rounds out your Findability toolkit? What are the business drivers that you're aiming to and successfully solving?


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Chris - always great to hear I've served as inspiration. Fire it up,
and we can keep the pace, mutually. Dan

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Kimberly - Aptara, Sitecore, there are many solutions - the BizTechTalk Briefs I post are simply bookmark reminders or pointers to circle back around later, not a definitive list or endorsement. Appreciate the reminder of Sitecore however, it's been a bit since I last checked in with them.

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Exactly - let's bump e-mail management up a notch to content management, or information management, or just plain business management.

Think of it all as warehouse inventory. Either it's worth something, or it's not - what is your process for storing, finding, destroying, sharing, etc.? Apply to all content types, and you're golden.

It's the scale of e-mail (or IM, twitter, etc.) that throws people off into thinking it's something new.