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His escape to America was a big win for the Castro regime.

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Louis thinks all women are icky any ways.

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"Morning Joe Hosts Receive Special Invite To Closed Koch Event, Lavish Koch Brothers With Praise"
...MSNBC’s Morning Joe hosts Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski were in attendance at the Palm Springs event and fawned over their “awesome” weekend — and about the billionaire oil magnates.

Scarborough noted that he had spoken at length with Charles Koch and found him to be a “true believer,” who is “obsessed” with “income disparity and, mainly, crony capitalism.” The former Republican Congressman from Florida added that Charles Koch “has no use for Republicans that support corporate welfare and no use for Democrats,” and “anyone who thinks that they are loyal, faithful Republicans have never talked to them for more than three minutes.” He also claimed that the anti-government activist Kochs are really mainstream social moderates with little patience for those who want “huge bloody battles on social issues”:

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I don't know how the hell you got into my house but I'd appreciate it if you would call beforehand the next time!

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Huckabee and Santorum should get the snake handler vote but even most teatards don't want a Pastor-in-Chief.

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I always wondered how the 1974 movie Earthquake might play out in NY instead of LA. Donald Trump standing in for Charlton Heston of course.

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This is probably how Sen. McCarthy got started.

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Doesn't that area also have earthquake potential? I read Manhattan had. If we're going to see apocalypse we might as well go for broke.

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I remember when one of Marge's sisters (Simpsons, obvs) told someone they had money because they "invested in pepper spray before civilization collapsed"). The Koch brothers are probably putting money into companies making batteries, flash lights, bottled water and duct tape.

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This is breaking news? I thought they were always like that.