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Damage Control:

Track wound up with four cracked ribs, reports the source, which is consistent with him being at the bottom of the brawl, not the top.
About the seemingly narcissistic comment by Sarah Palin, “Don’t you know who I am,” the source tells a different story. What she is reported to have yelled is,
“Don’t you know who he is? He’s a veteran!”
A Facebook friend of Sarah Palin’s backs that part up in a comment on the birthday wishes to Todd Palin.

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The Daily Caller offers this however:
What Is Hillary Clinton’s Biggest Accomplishment?
Don’t ask her core supporters. All they can talk about are her genitals.
Yeah. Benghazi. That was definitely Hillary Clinton’s biggest accomplishment. Just ask Ambassador Christopher Stevens.
Here, let me help out these children. Here is a comprehensive list of Hillary Clinton’s accomplishments, only one of which they mentioned:
Marrying a lecherous reprobate whose political ambition is almost as insatiable as his need to rut
Riding the aforementioned satyr’s coattails all the way to the White House
Enabling his philandering because she needed him more than he needed her
Parlaying her name recognition into two undistinguished terms in the Senate
Parlaying that into an unsuccessful run for president in 2008
Parlaying that into a disastrous tenure as Secretary of State
Being a Democrat
Being a woman
That about covers it. She’s also an inveterate liar, but that’s not so much an accomplishment as a character trait.

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And then there's the comment about the father of one of the victims not mentioning that three were killed with knives. For some reason.

And just now from my inbox:

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Or Dr. Pangloss.

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In the early 1900s many bars in America had troughs right along the bar. This is before women went to bars which started during Prohibition.

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My dreams of living out my life in Europe are pretty shot now. Even if I had the money to make the move many economies are shakier than ours, distrust of foreigners is growing, and who knows what tribal/ethnic hatred will erupt next.
I may just run out the clock in the Pacific Northwest. If I can get the hell out of Texas, that is.

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Dallas would also have plenty of Alex Jones followers spying on the Illuminati and there are a lot of crazed preachers to give invocations.

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I wished they had picked Anchorage just so Sarah Palin would have to attend in person instead of using ShoutyFace for her taunts.

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Remember, it's "heritage, not hate". A heritage of lynching, violence, racism and, well, hatred. And I have roots in the place going back to before the Civil War. And relatives who are pretty much like Thurmond unfortunately.

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Well said! We also need to keep the GOP from denying CDC and other agencies the money to study gun violence.