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Excellent, dear lady! More than a century ago some Americans thought we should invade Cuba and make it an American state. They dodged a bullet.
I took a series of classes on cocktails and the history of drink. We were treated to a presentation by a shill for the Bacardi corporation and received a book on their illustrious history and travails with the rebels.
I’ve been a blue collar worker all of my life, never having made even $30,000 a year. Now, at 60, I have no savings or health insurance. I’m pretty sure I would be better off with Cuba’s healthcare even if I had to live on rice and beans. If I worked as a cigar roller I could smoke while I worked and take a couple home. Do they still have readers who entertain the rollers while they work? That’s how Samuel Gompers got his start.

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So will we be able to post pictures and graphics?

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I've read that even in Cuba the only guaranteed articles are in the factory stores. And I wonder about places like Holt's and Cigar International that feature 'overruns' or 'cosmetically blemished' cigars. Especially any that have the band saying "Dog Rocket" or "Cannon Fuse".

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You can buy Cuban cigars in Canada and Mexico why not here? And nothing beats a good cigar (Macanudo Duke of Devon for me) after getting high.

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We need to have a police force to protect us from the existing police force.

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OMG. I'm gobsmacked, but also intrigued. I didn't see any trailers made from a pickup bed.

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I caught norovirus from visiting friends whose toddler had just got over it. The virus can live for weeks apparently on surfaces. The parents and son both had a couple of days with some distress but my version consisted of several days of simultaneous vomiting and diarrhea. Fortunately my toilet was next to the bathtub so I was able to vomit into the tub while I shat in the commode. Children are just walking vectors of disease.

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And by 'mentoring' I assume he means 'indoctrinating'.

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Letters from the Earth should be required reading for all high school students.

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I heard on NPR there is an estimated 50,000 Irish illegally in this country. Are they taking jobs we Americans wouldn't do? Professional drunk, potato digger, or Leprechaun trainer?