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When the legend bullshit becomes fact, print the legend bullshit.

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It could be that the NRA is starting to pay attention to its members, most of whom are not like the fire-breathing loons that make up the board of directors. And the NRA board used to be a reasonable bunch of people before it got highly politicized in the mid-1960s.

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I really don't get out much. The last movie I saw in a real theater was in 1986. Gremlins, and it was great!

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Jesus, Bill McCollum is on the PBS Newshour and is advocating letting non-violent drug offenders out of prison and supports job training for them. Bizzaro world?

And Justice Stevens is on talking about changing the Amendments!!! !!!

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It seems to me that there could be hope in the hinterland; born and raised in the Texas panhandle I know how the whole culture is pretty rightwing. If there are pockets of the enlightened meeting in front of God and everybody I think maybe we're not facing an avalanche of the troglodytes that I had feared.

But climate change will make things hell as time goes on.

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Why doesn't the Christian God and the Muslim Allah just fight it out to see who's boss? Having the people you created fight your battles for you is pretty chickenshit.

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How about Smiley Faces on their robes? Or the arrow and 'I'm with bigot'?

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What is the Church position on spaying and neutering?

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Any idea of how many copies of these texts were sold, Dok?

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Besides not allowing comments Wonkette should just shut down its incoming email system altogether. That'll show 'em.