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Sometimes I add extra letters to words 'cause it's fancy.

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It's... um, a pipe. Which, uh, comes out the side.

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I'm in.

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Yep, I'll do another collection of weird stuff I've driven before the end of the year. The first one's here, and includes some details on that 912, weight and so on.

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Yes, that's Spanish Banks, my shot - I did a piece on it. And you should be reading the driving section of the Sun because I'm in there now, and I do all kinds of stories like this. Upcoming Noble M400 drive.

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What extra weight? This thing is a tank of gas more than a contemporary 911S.

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I've driven one of these, you know. In fact, I did a head to head vs an RS7. If the Hooniverse wants a review, let me know.

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Sure, it's not all that fast, but it's light and chuckable.

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Yeah, if only because you know what it's capable of. It's pretty well-behaved, if a little boomy at just under 2000rpm. Because it's so damn powerful, you basically only need one onramp of fun to put a grin on your face that lasts hours. We drove the car through Virginia, remember, which has low limits and lots of enforcement. Still great. Not a track-only car at all.

I'd buy a dark blue one, debadge it, and wait five minutes for the aftermarket to come up with 8-900hp-capable bolt-ons.

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Car's built in Ontario. In WWII there was a joint US-Canadian commando team called the Devil's Brigade. Roughly the progenitor to the Green Berets, they caused unbelievable havoc. This car is absolutely those guys.

Super easy to drive too, I found. Do want.