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I can totally relate to that cartoon. Moved from Seattle to KC in the mid-90s, when Washington's petroleum tax added about 35 cents to the per gallon price. When I got here and saw the difference, I immediately reacquired a full-size 4x4 ... something I hadn't had in years. It was an impulse buy, one that I've never regretted, even after relegating the truck to truck-stuff only duty.

Oh, prices here for the cheap stuff are about $2.80. Forty cents more for 91 octane in my hoopties that require it.

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I do. Just don't forget us, the little people, when you're a bigshot.

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I understand the why of the rear axle placement but it doesn't mean I have to like it.

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TIL Kamil doesn't think Jeff is an automotive journalist.

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I've played the curb game more than once, it'll do in a pinch. I'm dreaming of a detached workshop that will accomodate two vehicles, tools and adequate workspace. A place that doesn't have to compete with camping gear, sporting goods, bikes and gardening supplies. One that can be sealed off to do paint. I think I deserve it.

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Sorry, the location of said vehicle is a closely guarded secret until the completion of my second garage which is proceeding at a glacial pace. Plus, keeping my other hoopties on the road is taking a disproportionate share of my energy.

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Sbarro, Mansory and Dartz.

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That is hawt! I have a buddy who has offered me one of these, gratis. A '72 with the 4.5 litre that hasn't run in 17 years. One of these days...

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Silly me, I thought the first step on the VAG ladder was a chaste kiss.

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Despite his bitching and moaning, Fred really didn't mind that the floorboards in his Olds rusted out almost immediately. In truth, he was relieved that he would never have to drag the ice house out again.