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I'll add another Achilles, which I hope you never discover. The AC evap coil is prone to leak, requires removal of the dash to repair and is nigh on impossible to diagnose even with tracer dye. I labored through several KC summers without AC from the ennui created by that issue.

Upper rear shock mounts are also flimsy.

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ČAS... we make it simple.

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"Ah, what the hell." he sighed, "Enough of this mental Lacrosse. I should get back to work."

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Sam the window washer gazed on the lovely Buick and dreamed of the day when he'd have enough saved up from his deuce and a quarter per hour wage to make one his own.

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Every car/truck has them. My beef with our exisiting lineup...

Legacy GT - Brake calipers extremely seize prone. In my experience, they are a wear item that may not last as long as pads.
Dodge Ram (last year of the 360) - the perfect vehicle, if 11 mpg is your thing.
1954 Ford - Rearward visibility. Car appears to end at the backlight.
Alfa Spider - For a car that is substantially larger than a Miata, the mechanical packaging is super tight. Basic tasks like replacing the solenoid or tie rod end become obscenity laden half day long affairs.
Mk III VW - Over reliance on brittle plastics
Dodge Caravan - In tank fuel pumps are unreliable and tough to reach.

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It's definitely Garafalo. Sexy in a way that's more Junior Zagato than Giulia. Nevertheless, this is the first new car that's made me want to buy a new car in years.

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They stood idly by and watched it happen ... just like car buyers.

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Is the second gear synchro worn out yet?

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It's cool. I'd rock it proudly. It will never be widely desirable.

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One morning during the "Awesomeness Manifesto" days Jalopnik rolled out a whole bunch of changes to the commenting system. I was already on the fence about the place and decided to pack it in. It so happened that I was the first to comment under the new rules. Knowing how anal Wert was about the "First Post!" nonsense, I threw out a cheeky "Last Post!". One change I was unaware of was reversing the chronology of comments - newest comments on top. Thus, my smartass comment turned out to be absolutely true.