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As an enthusiast I'd like to see it happen. As a shareholder, I think it's unwise to introduce a car into a segment where FRS/BRZ sales have failed to meet expectations and Nissan is rumored to be preparing a competitor.

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I have a thoroughly illogical desire to own an Alfa "Sports Sedan", albeit the round eye version.

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Now wondering about the nature of your state inspections... emissions? In Missouri we have safety checks, performed by regular repair shops who are licensed to charge twelve bucks to check brakes, horn and critical steering/suspension components. After several years, I've found a place that I like ... and they like what I bring in. If I were to show up with a race tune, they'd probably give me a high five, a wink and a pass.

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Give me a few cheap boom boxes, a hacksaw blade and a hot glue gun and I'll deliver that grill insert.

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Conceptually appealing, executionally flawed...

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Interesting that they are not putting power on the driver's side now. Our '05 had them on both sides and the hatch. The lifting arm on the hatch eventually sheared at the base, in a place where I could not drill outthe stud. We sold that van to a taxi driver - I'll bet it's still driving around like that.

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"I think she needs a valve job. In the meantime, Dear, please roll up the window."

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I haven't been without one for twenty years. It's a bit rusty, guzzles gas and is annoying on the freeway due to its heavily lugged tires... but so much more convenient than hooking up a trailer. Offers a level of stability in snow and mud that is unmatched. I would not buy a new one but I expect to keep this one forever.

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It will get you anywhere you need to go at a leisurely pace. I believe this was the model that prompted Click and Clack to opine, "You know what Subaru spells backwards? U R A Bus."

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They have some real downsides, though. The power door wiring in our last Caravan was prone to failure, requiring semi-annual splicing. The power door mechanism added weight and resistance, meaning the doors were harder to open when the feature failed.

Also, my wife used the van as a floral delivery vehicle. When delivering weddings she was constantly opening and closing the door without starting the engine, draining the battery. She needed many jump starts and went through a battery every 12 to 18 months. We replaced that van with a government-spec model that doesn't have them. She says she misses the power doors but I don't miss having to wrench on them.