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Amazing how much killing has a Muslim behind it and Joe Biden speaking to promises by Obama is as sane as
a Jew taking refuge in a Mosque. If the Islamists were to disappear, the Earth could possibly enter into a very long
period of peace, maybe. The totalitarian extremist in the Communist, Socialist, Leftist World Order are still intent on
enslaving everyone to their failed ideas...................William

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Strange and of a curious nature.......how it plays out may give some clues but anything out
of North Korea will be absolutely weird..................William

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Oscamer on the way to Iran, there must be a Mullah or Jihadist of the year award in the offing, maybe he is going
there to bow and kiss the unmentionables of the lead rat, just could be..........and he can stay..............William

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The vast majority of users, please what vast majority, a few low information rubes, by now most all people know it
is a hoax and going into this improbable site is to offer up personal information to be misused. Health care is now
ruined by Oscamer and will possibly never be what it was in my lifetime. Putting a gun to our heads and saying we
must buy into this farce shows just how much our freedom from oppression has disappeared. I do not want to be
involved with this and be shorn of what extra money I may have after living expenses, come to think of it that
is probably all I will have if lucky, living expenses and oh yes the Government fine, come and get me if I am in
such demand........................William

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What in the world is in North Korea that anyone would want to see, it is amazing that tourists would go there_voluntarily. A starving population, fat leaders keeping everyone in line with control of food and slave labor_camps for any decenters or a grizzly death. If there was a United Nations that was a real place of support_for human rights and had the gravitas to move against oppressive tyrants rather than the corrupt cesspool_in NYC........North Korea would be and should be a target of and army of liberation...................William

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Will Obama listen? Obama only listens to what is in the Islamist playbook for the Middle East.
He will do what his Muslim Brotherhood handlers tell him to do, the fate of Israel and Peace in
the Middle East is not his concern, his golf game is more important to him...........William

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The situation surrounding Israel is becoming more dire by the day and by the actions of Obama. Logic takes the slow lane
with todays political landscape. Cutting to the center of the most dismal fact is that we can not trust Obama, no one can,
least of all the Israelis, I am coming to the belief Obama is and anarchistic megalomaniac that is so far over his head
and delivering such and underwhelming performance we are in danger as a Nation in all aspects of existence. Israel is
ready but will possibly be forced to use extensive lethal force, i.e., nukes............And American aircraft carrier will be
joining the five destroyers by tomorrow. I think one of the destroyers carries enough ordinance to decimate all of
Syria but that includes the big bad boys..........................William

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The seas will rise as his nose has grown all around the world...............NSA nosey all around..........William

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It may be that the RNC is returning some of the insult that oozes out of NBC and CNN towards them.
They do not wish to provide a forum for the remaining droid followers of CNN and NBC............William

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She may be the daughter of Chlorine Duddy..............William