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The US Air Farce would lose a good number of planes, too, if it were ever to fight an enemy that was better equipped than an irregular light infantry force with nothing more destructive than mortars and RPGs.

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Probably has something to do with his last name.

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Matthew Lee's questioning was probably the toughest thing she's had to handle as a PR flak, and she was clearly ad libbing her responses. Lee's big weakness, though, is that he was too indirect about how he asked his questions, although his sarcasm was evident. He should have told Harf that if her bosses at State and CIA couldn't even bother to doctor some grainy images to bamboozle the booboisie, then they are laughing stocks and no one with a brain temperature above 95 degrees believes them.

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I only wish that she was merely an idiot. Unfortunately, her background and her style point toward something more concerning, namely the fusion of the PR efforts of the intelligence organs and the more public-facing elements of the FedGov for propaganda purposes. For this reason, she is part of the CIA's disinformation campaigns. In her back-and-forth with Matthew Lee, she very consciously played with the aspects of security classification in a way that only someone used to working with that kind of information would do.

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Harf worked an analyst in the CIA Directorate of Intelligence during the reign of Bush the Lesser. She did a transitional job as a PR flak for the CIA starting in 2008, before being assigned to the State Department for the purpose of making sure that there was a more uniform platform of agitprop in FedGov utterances.

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You are mistaken in ascribing insanity to Harf and all the others in the FedGov apparatus. They are cold-bloodedly evil.

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Harf worked from 2006 to 2008 as an analyst in the CIA's Directorate of Intelligence, before moving into a PR role at The Company for a time. She has a Master’s Degree in Foreign Affairs from the University of Virginia and a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science with concentrations in Russian and Eastern European Studies and Jewish Studies.

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No, Svoboda refused to support the IMF fleecing program and withdrew from the coalition. Yatsenyuk had no choice but to resign once his coalition fell apart. Poroshenko, meanwhile, continues to be the EU/FedGov enforcer, demanding that the Ukrainian Parliament pass the required legislation to get the fleecing underway. Of particular vehemence in his demands is the law that will fork over 49% of the Ukrainian gas transport system to EU and US investors. As I have said before, the Ukrainian fascists, no matter how useful they are to the FedGov for ginning up a war with Russia, aren't going to go along with the fleecing program, and they will be eliminated as soon as practicable. You surely do not believe that the FedGov really supports Ukrainian nationalist aspirations, do you?

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The constant "inability" of journalists to get facts straight is a result of the propaganda used by the US and NATO to drive the "narrative." Naive and stupid people lap it up, because it has the appearance of journos on the scene keeping busy, when in reality most of the so-called reporting is done by producers and editors in London, DC and New York.