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Thierry Meyssan is a groundbreaking scholar in his analysis of the methods of color revolutions. In the time since this article was written, the so-called "Maidan" in Kiev overthrew the elected Ukrainian government and the new Ukrainian regime selected by Victoria Nuland and Geoffrey Pyatt commenced to turning the country over to the West for looting. Like Syria, however, things did not go according to plan after that. The eastern portion of Ukraine erupted in revolt against Nuland's minions and was able to inflict military defeat on Kiev's forces. Additionally, Crimea seceded from Ukraine and voted to join Russia. Most recently, a color revolution in Macedonia was bloodily defeated when the Macedonian security forces trapped Western-backed mercenaries and killed and arrested the insurrectionists.

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Based on the FedGov's track record in Syria, the Donetsk Republic can plan on receiving new arms very soon. Maybe Obama's handlers aren't letting him see the reports on desertion from the Ukrainian Army? Or the reports on the encirclement battles that result in entire brigades of the Ukrainian Army being surrounded and forced to surrender?

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The drone strike in all likelihood killed a bunch of women and children, and no one else.

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Something went wrong with this false flag attack.

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I am rather surprised that the TSA hasn't set up strip searches for the lines of kiddies waiting to talk to Santa Claus at the malls. The NSA could also record the wish lists the kids whisper to Santa, just to make sure that no unapproved toys are requested. And the NYPD's counter-intelligence unit could start digging around to find out exactly what naughty things those kids have been up to. A few Santa poseurs on the informer payroll ought to grease that action nicely.

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Doesn't this idiot Hadi al-Bahra realize that he has been sidelined? He should study the fate of the political fortunes of Ahmed Chalabi, for therein lies a tale.

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"Economic warfare already threatens to cause significant civilian suffering, something the US seems to be comfortable with right now."

Yes, the Germans in 1919 would have had plenty to say about the moral aspects of the Hunger Blockade and the "comfort" with which the Anglo-American elites kept it up after hostilities had ceased with the so-called Armistice. This is the policy background that at length sprouted Madeleine "500,000 dead Iraqi children are worth it" Albright.

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Excellent points. I have never understood why liberals like Greenwald and Poitras do not make the necessary extrapolations. If they're waiting for someone to put the obvious agenda in a PowerPoint presentation, they will be waiting a long, long time. There are times that I think Snowden must roll his eyes at the naivete of his interviewers. On the other hand, such naivete is a huge reason we are where we are.

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Ukraine was bought by the US/EU/IMF elites, but it failed to carry out its end of the bargain, which was to prepare the way for international plundering. Any western assistance will come only because the elites decide that further investment is worth the probable outcome. This aid does not seem likely, as the oil shale regions of the Donbass have not been delivered, and indeed cannot be delivered, thanks to the defeat of the Ukrainian military.

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"Naftogaz has problems with its own customers in the rebel eastern oblasts not paying their bills, and collecting those payments is going to be a key to repaying its own debts."

Well, that's what happens when you lose a war and can't collect the pillage and loot you were counting on getting.