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The constant "inability" of journalists to get facts straight is a result of the propaganda used by the US and NATO to drive the "narrative." Naive and stupid people lap it up, because it has the appearance of journos on the scene keeping busy, when in reality most of the so-called reporting is done by producers and editors in London, DC and New York.

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The problem with propagandizing the American public is that they're so pathetically stupid that the propagandists get really sloppy and lazy after learning that Americans, in the aggregate, are incapable of any skeptical and critical thinking. On the other hand, the kind of sloppy propaganda that DC churns out is always good for an eye roll and a laugh.

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The idea of Americans doing anything to put an end to their government's evil is a joke. Most of the Americans I talk to are squarely on the anti-Russian bandwagon, and believe every lie told to them by their media. The older ones actually seem to welcome a return of conflict with the Russians, because in American minds the Russians are still commies, just as Germans are still N-a-z-i-s. The fact that Ukrainian neo-N-a-z-i-s are among the "good guys" Americans support is a point that they either completely discount as Russian propaganda or do not know about, because their media has refused to report that there are Ukrainian neo-N-a-z-i-s.

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Yeltsin is the kind of "leader" that the FedGov wants in Moscow. Just look at Germany with Merkel. The Americans will get nothing but bleating from her.

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The visit of FedGov Chekist John Brennan to Kiev on April 12-13, 2014, received but brief and perfunctory attention at the time. Heletey was most certainly involved in those discussions, and it is obvious that his bluster now is grounded in whatever support, advice and guidance Brennan gave. Therefore, the FedGov must have given Kiev a guarantee, otherwise Heletey would have been more circumspect in his boasting. As it is, he really needs to read in-depth on the military success of Marshal Edward Rydz-Śmigły. He might learn something about guarantees and boasting.

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The "winning strategy" entails not having your regime toppled, thus defeating the purpose of the foreign-instigated insurrection. Assad is powerless to destroy the sources of the Syrian insurrection, which are located in other countries, and that means that he will always be on the strategic defensive.

It is high time that journalists of the alternative media start figuring out where all the Syrian insurrection support is coming from, and the quantities that are being delivered. This is the kind of information that makes a difference. Otherwise, it's just regurgitating the garbage from the mainstream media with some added commentary derived from intuition, supposition and guesses.

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The FedGov has only itself to blame for giving the Russians the opportunity. On a more strategic level, however, Putin's decision is very smart. Russia has its own Islamic insurrection/terror problem, and the Russians understand very clearly that the ISIS fighters in Iraq and Syria today will likely wind up in Chechnya tomorrow. Therefore, Putin has every reason to see to it that ISIS is dealt with.

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None of this will satisfy the ravening hyenas clamoring for his head. They will always hold him responsible for the release of Taliban prisoners, and they will always regard him as a traitor for being captured. His disillusionment with America enrages them to madness. Despite all that, it would be heartening if he keeps his dignity amidst all that hatred.

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I seriously doubt that the FedGov planned on ISIS destabilizing Jordan, which is about as good and compliant an auxiliary as anyone could get. On the other hand, I wouldn't be a bit surprised if Nuttyyahoo and company were to take advantage of that to seize control of the Jordan River. They have been coveting sole possession for quite awhile.

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It didn't stop them from arming the insurgents in Syria. The FedGov is quite capable of tacking in response to short outbursts of public opinion that in the end are nothing more than the sound of fury, signifying nothing. The American people have repeatedly demonstrated that their opinions can be manipulated.