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Looks like the Turks slipped another special forces battalion across the border with a resupply of weapons and munitions for the mercenaries, er the brothers in arms. How can anyone seriously believe that an "insurgent" organization is capable of driving an organized military force out of a city? Well, it turns out that ISIL publishes metrics-based annual reports: This fits with the fact that the ISIL general staff receives program analysis training from folks based in the DC area, along with other, more practical training in tactical and operational techniques:

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And most likely after having been caught spying on Russian ship movements.

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These are the same idiots who thought that by overthrowing Saddam Hussein they would get a pliable puppet state in Iraq.

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Those Russian naval bases really bother you. Did you suffer some kind of psychological setback in a Russian naval base?

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Mikey, the massacre at My Lai would have been difficult for you to discern.

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I suspect that Putin and Lavrov are still laughing about this request to the French. They could just as easily have asked for a map of the parts of Paris to be avoided in a bombing campaign to avenge the Mistral screw job.

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More hucksterism from the country that made huckstering respectable. The only way the NSA surveillance ends is when the infrastructure -- IT, budget and personnel -- is completely dismantled. They're clever to change the script occasionally, as in this case, because Americans are so gullible. The clear lesson to be learned is this: As long as the NSA has bureaucrats drawing salaries, the authority to suborn commerce to create cheats for its surveillance software and a budget to buy and maintain enormous server farms, it will continue its Orwellian system.

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The French are merely posturing for the narrative. Regime change is still the objective, and everything is shadow boxing to bamboozle the masses.

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Erdogan was very rudely reminded of his priorities during the flotilla to Palestine incident, and apparently he was reminded in a particularly humiliating way. Among other things, he was reminded that Turkey has an alliance with the Zionists, and that the alliance with Zionists trumps any Islamic solidarity. Is it any wonder then that his terrorist bands in Syria -- all of them hard core Sunni Islamic fundamentalists who lump Jews in with the Crusaders -- never make any attacks on Zionists?

Regarding the terrorists in Syria, it is crystal clear that the Russians have not only slaughtered a lot of Turkish/US/NATO terrorist assets, they have also killed a large number of embedded Turkish soldiers who were controlling the terrorist units. This explains the irrational way that Erdogan has flipped out and taken extreme measures to ratchet up a war threat against the Russians.

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Mikey is angry that a bunch of Turkish military controllers were just turned into sausage. That could also happen to the 50 Yankee special forces soldiers that are being used as human shields along the Turkish-Syrian border.