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Reid is just angry because his plutocratic real estate deal isn't going off too well.

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And the swine in DC continue to lecture the rest of the world on how they have to "play by the established rules."

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The American military thinks it is superior because it can throw firepower around indiscriminately. The Chinese have rightly noted that the US military will implode if it has to take massive casualties. What 60 years of bombing small countries that can't fight back very well has done is make the American military arrogant. The "hopelessly inferior" Chinese communists in 1950 gave the American army quite a shock. The Russians will be even worse for the FedGov mainline units. The Soviet military analyst, Viktor Suvorov, noted that the key to understanding the Red Army is to realize that it isn't the fact that it suffered 80% casualties in a given offensive; rather, it is to note that 80% casualties didn't stop it from prevailing in the end. Americans have no idea of how to fight a protracted conflict.

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Next we'll be hearing about Putin ordering swastikas to be spray-painted on synagogues in Slavyanka. The ADL will undoubtedly be very concerned, and the SPLC will generate an alarming newsletter to scare some more money out of their customer base.

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The FedGov, having obtained the best military repression machine the dollar can buy, arrogantly overlooked the possibility that other countries' armed forces actually care about their own people. However, Americans will be wise not to think that their military will not mow them down at a moment's notice. Marc, in his comment above, noted that the Ukrainian troops were woken up and ordered to eliminate "terrorists." The same will happen with the FedGov troops, only the FedGov troops will mercilessly carry out the orders. Even now, we see this scenario slowly unrolling in Nevada.

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Just like FDR egged the Poles into thinking that they were going to march on Berlin in 1939, and Britain and France made their worthless guarantees, Obama is encouraging them to think they're going to march on Moscow in 2014, and Britain and France are going to leave them in the lurch now, just they did in 1939. Do the Poles ever learn?

And then there are the Baltic States. The most incisive thing I've ever read about what happened to them in 1940 was a German comment from WWII which stated that it was what they got for trusting Britain to save them.

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Show them what American cuisine and culture can really do for a country!

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That provocateur who posted above sure seems to think that 25 year old Russians who can't go to Germany to become minimum wage workers are going to overthrow Putin. Sounds like the typical liberal NGO bilge.

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Brennan, who looks like he was a bouncer before being jacked up to the CIA, must be doing some serious 'splaining right now. Ha ha!

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The FedGov and the presstitute media really seem to think that there are still people that believe their garbage.