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The Zionist connection with the Syrian war is becoming more and more evident.

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This website was a lonely voice of protest in the wilderness when Bush did his thing.

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The one he did manage to do was the one that destroyed European civilization.

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Attributing most everything to stupidity is a convenient way of allowing plotters to do their work unimpeded in the dark. You might as well say that the British Empire came into being because The City of London (British finance, for the philistines), the East India Company, the West India Company, the Monarchy, No. 10 Downing Street, and Whitehall were too stupid to understand what they were doing.

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Ha ha ha ha ha! This is too rich! The only "coalition of the willing" the FedGov will get is Iraq, and all the Arab Gulf states and Turkey that financed and supported ISIS from the start. The Zionists will also be on board, of course, but always in a way in which "plausible denial" will rule. This way, Nuttyyahoo can carry on with his usual game of supporting selected Muslim extremists while kvetching ad nauseam about how his country is faced with annihilation.

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The utter insanity of the FedGov/NATO/EU cabal's longing to have a war with Russia will eventually result in yet another war of annihilation, this time with nuclear weapons. The morons and sociopaths that run the cabal apparently have read 20th century history and, instead of drawing the usual conclusions based on common wisdom, have used every recognized mistake as the basis for the individual elements in their schemes.

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An Iraqi general, Manadel al-Jamadi.

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Syria is about to get a first-hand understanding of what Pakistan has to endure in the way of drones. The FedGov does not ask for permission to carry out its aggression.

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The US Air Farce would lose a good number of planes, too, if it were ever to fight an enemy that was better equipped than an irregular light infantry force with nothing more destructive than mortars and RPGs.

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Probably has something to do with his last name.