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I am rather surprised that the TSA hasn't set up strip searches for the lines of kiddies waiting to talk to Santa Claus at the malls. The NSA could also record the wish lists the kids whisper to Santa, just to make sure that no unapproved toys are requested. And the NYPD's counter-intelligence unit could start digging around to find out exactly what naughty things those kids have been up to. A few Santa poseurs on the informer payroll ought to grease that action nicely.

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Doesn't this idiot Hadi al-Bahra realize that he has been sidelined? He should study the fate of the political fortunes of Ahmed Chalabi, for therein lies a tale.

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"Economic warfare already threatens to cause significant civilian suffering, something the US seems to be comfortable with right now."

Yes, the Germans in 1919 would have had plenty to say about the moral aspects of the Hunger Blockade and the "comfort" with which the Anglo-American elites kept it up after hostilities had ceased with the so-called Armistice. This is the policy background that at length sprouted Madeleine "500,000 dead Iraqi children are worth it" Albright.

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Excellent points. I have never understood why liberals like Greenwald and Poitras do not make the necessary extrapolations. If they're waiting for someone to put the obvious agenda in a PowerPoint presentation, they will be waiting a long, long time. There are times that I think Snowden must roll his eyes at the naivete of his interviewers. On the other hand, such naivete is a huge reason we are where we are.

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Ukraine was bought by the US/EU/IMF elites, but it failed to carry out its end of the bargain, which was to prepare the way for international plundering. Any western assistance will come only because the elites decide that further investment is worth the probable outcome. This aid does not seem likely, as the oil shale regions of the Donbass have not been delivered, and indeed cannot be delivered, thanks to the defeat of the Ukrainian military.

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"Naftogaz has problems with its own customers in the rebel eastern oblasts not paying their bills, and collecting those payments is going to be a key to repaying its own debts."

Well, that's what happens when you lose a war and can't collect the pillage and loot you were counting on getting.

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The conversation between Tom Engelhardt and Laura Poitras is very informative, and gives the promise of hope that not everyone involved in the surveillance regime is beyond redemption. Yet, the puzzlement at the end regarding the objectives of the surveillance system causes me to shake my head in disbelief. In the face of the utter comprehensiveness of the surveillance, the fact that it is used as a weapon against anyone the regime deems a foe; the fact that it is used with an absolute lack of any precision, finesse or restraint; the fact that it creates enemies with reckless abandon -- all of this points toward one unavoidable conclusion: the surveillance regime is intended to be a tool of absolute power, to be wielded by people who have appointed themselves the guardians of the planet to control all others. It is the Party of Orwell's "1984" and its inescapable surveillance system, the objective of which was to establish a tyranny forever stamping its boot in the face of humanity. And even if this is not necessarily the intent of the worker drones who make the system work, there is no other possible result from having such a system. As for the policymakers - who have overseen the creation of this surveillance system - they understand exactly what they're doing.

It is easy, when looking at reams of documents that cite arcane policies and protocols, to lose sight of the fact that the people who concoct these documents, policies, and protocols are subject to all the flaws that the rest of us have. Arcane language is excellent camouflage for evil intentions. And with regard to documents and policies and protocols, I would argue that the NSA material is rather unguarded in its expressiveness - no doubt on account of the presumption that only the initiated could see this material. "I Hunt Sysadmins," for example - the author of that presentation wanted to brag to his colleagues of how he carries out corrupting and foul work. For far too long, we have erred on the side of caution, disbelieving that people would act like the cartoonish villains in a James Bond film, and yet, the NSA has pretty much done just that. It's time to quit giving the tyrants the benefit of the doubt.

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On a somewhat tangential theme, I have been studying - from the limited information available through media sources - the tactics of ISIL. What has struck me is its versatility and ability to deliver blows with enough force and precision that it defeats organized military opponents. This is not usually the case with a guerrilla force, especially one that did not seem to have any military structure until earlier this year. It bears stating that cohesive, well-oiled military units do not miraculously appear from the midst of jihadist recruits showing up from Austria and London with their travel visas.

Many have remarked that ISIL is a US/Israeli construct, and I certainly have thought so. Therefore, presuming that premise to be valid, I would argue that mercenaries make up the core of the ISIL assault troops, or at least provide cadres and leadership. That would explain the kabuki theater-like feel of the FedGov air campaign. That would also make the long suspected US and Israeli assistance to ISIL much easier to accomplish, and would further explain, at least in part, the widespread use of sophisticated weapons and equipment, which would require a good bit of technical training to use properly. Mercenaries would bring that kind of expertise with them. All that being said, I strongly suspect that Eric Prince is making quite a profit from ISIL operations.

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The best analogy I can come up with such a ridiculously implausible security claim is this: The US Border Patrol announces with great pride and fanfare that it is providing aid and assistance to the Juarez Drug Cartel to prevent "narco-terrorists" from crossing the border.

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Captain Al Shimkus just spilled the beans that the CIA is planning to have its ISIS golem spread Ebola in the United States in order to fast track the coup d'etat against the American population.