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Prostitution should be legalized. It's gonna happen anyway (and it always has), so why not make it safer for the women who choose to do it, eliminate the scenarios where women are coerced into it, tax it heavily, etc.?

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"Technically, Native Roots isn't in Longmont but rather surrounded by the city. The business is in unincorporated Boulder County which means they can operate here despite Longmont incorporating a moratorium on medicinal and recreational marijuana shops in 2013."

Brilliant. And good for Longmont.

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"We're not declining," ... "This is not a crisis"

Time to short the stock.

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This article is absolute BS. The poor guy just lost his daughter, and in one of the most unimaginable ways possible, and now he has to pick up the phone to answer questions from reporters about this ridiculous attempt at an article?

IF evidence emerges that he was intoxicated, THEN you run this kind of article. In the absence of EVIDENCE, this is useless, mean-spirited speculation and slander.

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Anyone ever dealt with Boulder Valley Towing? Opportunistic predators who charge twice what the "quality" company the city bankrolls for their "service".

Hope the owners of Boulder Valley Towing come up against some good old fashioned karma sometime soon.

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Several beer gardens, yes!

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The people have spoken. What do all of you want? Yet another vote? I guess we could do that.

Start all of the petitioning all over again, we'll spend a whole lot more money (and spending money is something some people really do like to whine about), and then once again Xcel will try to influence the election by spending more than any of us, but deny having done so (until caught red-handed).

Is that what you want? It's not what the majority wants. Sorry (for you).

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The number of people playing doesn't affect the odds. The odds remain at 1 in 259 million. However, when more people play, your chances of having to share the jackpot do go up.

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That's why I said "apparently it's worth 6.5M."

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The house mentioned in the opening of the article is at 1002 Mapleton. Sure, it's a spectacular home with some of the best views in town, but 7.95M seemed like an absurd asking price. But what do I know? Apparently it's worth 6.5M. Somewhere, a realtor is still pinching herself.