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Andrew was JUST getting started. His political emphasis is just now starting as a baby snowball. Wait till this sucker gains momentum. Get out of the way, folks... Good times are a rollin'... God Bless Andrew !

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Yes, Joey. Breitbart has a series of tapes that were scheduled for disclosure in the near term. I know
from Hannity that the tapes ARE going to be aired soon according to his wishes. It is rumored that these
tapes are disasterous to Obama and that disgusting wife of his. The tapes vet his college years and his
Marxist associations with writings. It could be historical. We shall see....

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Sincerely thank you for your service, Sir! DO have a look at Argentina... It is grossly enlightening...and scary.

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Simple solution... VOTE CONSERVATIVE or at least REPUBLICAN. To sit on yerass is a vote for the National Socialists ( we called them Nazi's in the early 30's). Study your history...seriously. These demented people are VERY SERIOUS with a defined plan. If you DO choose to study a little history have a look at Argentina from the 1930's through the 1980's. We are almost there. Have a barf bag next to your computer....likely needed.

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Yes.. You are correct. The UNION military and defense workers will suffer NO reductions. Only the life-giving unselfish soldiers who PROTECT THIS POS IN THE OVAL OFFICE face the reductions. I wanna puke..... (pardon my statement)....

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Obama is a Leftist... He grew up being indoctrinated hating the military. Study his fathers thoughts. He WILL reduce this country to third world status to the point where we are all speaking or working for the "new capitalists"... The Chinese. Your wealth (or what's left of it) is being absconded so your status is being lowered economically. More planned and deliberate dependancy on the GUBMINT. We will soon all be Obama Ghetto Rats....his prism of America.

Time to tame the beast...with your vote. Or.....

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REAL AMERICANS have finally come HOME TO ROOST ! Thank you Jeremiah Wright ! Governor Walker is a hero.

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For all you liberal "highly educated" educators... DUHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH ! ! ! !

Common sense will ALWAYS WIN over leftist political ideology !

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Hey CL ! What PUZZLES me is the outright gutless, indifferent, cowardly SOB's we call members of Congress on BOTH sides of the aisle. Will NO ONE step up to the plate and protect this country's interest ? Will no one stop this maniacal petulant arrogant bastard we have for a prezzidente ? Is there anybody in Congress who holds America above the ideology of their political affiliation ? SPINE ANYONE ? ? ? ?

Time to "march" on Washinton and drag the rat bastards from their offices.... Do we live in America anymore ? ?

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Get ready and run for cover you filthy slime covered corrupt Congressional animals. Americans are struggling and you unconscienable rats are literally stealing from your constituents. The Crimson Tide will be upon you in November. We ARE going to put people in office who will have you thoroughly investigated, prosecuted and jailed for many years. Better start the goodbyes to your friends and family now.... How could this happen in the United States ?

The Tea Party Movement will reverse this unfathomable Congressional theft and corruption ! ! !