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Has nobody ever heard of Tilley lamps? They might even add a wee bit of atmosphere? What's a bit of minor inconvenience? Okthen close everything down that might have some future potential to cause an accident. If this is what you believe then we might as well shut up shop.
We along with our children are being turned into people who are taught to fear everything, why? not because the authorities are worried that we might hurt ourselves but because of the possibility of litigation where they might be hurt financially.
ps I climbed up to see people kissing the Blarney Stone some years ago. Health and Safety was simply not allowed to ruin everything because people had a common sense adventure seeking,fun approach and there was money to be made.

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How did it come about that 'Health and Safety' now rule our world?
Has nobody ever heard of Tilley lamps? They might even bring a wee bit of ambience into the situation.

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Totally agree.

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Most of our suburban road surfaces are old well worn disasters. Uneven surfaces, potholes, often deep line tracks gouged down the middle etc. As a biker I have to be constantly alert to these constant variations in surface humps and hollows. This must be a lot worse for cyclists for if you are not careful they will to send the rider off into the face of an on coming vehicle. Very dangerous.

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Thanks futurecitizen, why folk can't work this out I just don't know.
I think people become blind to a clear truth that means that they will have to give up on something they cherish.

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This guy is so good as are many others. At least it brightens the place up and keeps a bit of life around the place.
I foresee a lot more use being made of Nathan if councils continue with high city/town rates/parking and property owners continue to stick the boot in as regards rental charges. Talk about killing the goose that laid the golden eggs. When the majority of shops shut up who they going to get the rent parking charges and rates off? Ghost, pretend towns springs to mind.
I paid nearly £3 for a half hour stay in underground car park at Victoria Square last week during the day. I' was only there because I needed to get to Apple store. I'll not be in any rush back.

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A shame and disgrace Jollybodger!

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I try and give rude grumpy people a wide birth. I can tolerate grumpy but rudeness is out. This interview was a waste of time and told me nothing. Jack Bruce spoke the truth about Baker.

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Is the council being economical with the truth in their approach?
Reminds me of the Pied Piper.

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"The law states that burning of vegetation such as heather, gorse, whin or fern must not be carried out between April 15 and August 31 and only carried out at other times of the year under controlled and expert supervision," she added.'
You may as well not bother Ms O'Neill.
The people doing the burning don't adher to burning laws or policies written in far away Belfast/Westminister/ Brussels.