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Slight correction, Justin -- Jefferson was the 3rd US president. Can't forget John Adams, of Sedition Act infamy.

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Chance does not say whether he encouraged his kids to enlist or not. Once they turn 18 they no longer need a parent's permission, and everyone here knows how slick and devious the recruiters can be. Also, it was Obama policy from Day 1 to keep the civilian job market frozen so the military would be about the only alternative. Perhaps the kids wound up in the "depression draft" as untold thousands of others did.

Please understand that I am not criticizing your post -- just trying to give Chance the benefit of the doubt. (FTR, I gave you an up vote.) OTOH, if he did wave the flag in his kids' faces then he deserves every word of it. As Joe Hill notes, family pressure can be even harder to resist than peer pressure. And bemoaning the people's "lack of will" carries a strong whiff of the malodorous "stab in the back" mantra the Nazis invented to explain away their defeat in World War I (and which many embittered Vietnam vets have been repeating since 1975 to rationalize that defeat).

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Regarding what FDR said in his 1940 re-re-election campaign, everything a politician says has to be parsed in minute detail. Recall Clinton trying to find alternate definitions for nearly every word in the dictionary, including "is". So when Roosevelt proclaimed "Your boys are not going to be sent into any foreign wars," it depends on what the meaning of "foreign" is. He was making sure WW2 would not stay "foreign" much longer.

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While NATO indeed "provides power to the elite and money to the wealthy.," it also keeps the commoners hooked on welfare. After the USSR and Warsaw Pact dissolved, the NATO members' finance ministers told their bosses (in various languages): "We simply can't maintain our nanny state if we have to fully pay for our own defense. So we've gotta keep the Yanks tethered to us!" Keep that in mind the next time you hear some prog prattle on about the wonderful "free" health care systems in the UK Canada and elsewhere. American tax dollars subsidize those systems and keep them afloat.

As for the Russian "threat," we heard the same BS during the Cold War. All the doom-and-gloom propaganda about the "invincible" Soviet Red Army -- which, like the UK before it and the US after it, got its collective butt kicked in Afghanistan (and subsequently kicked out of Afghanistan).

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Elements of the Bush Regime working with their Israeli counterparts were responsible for this.

Do you really believe a plot that intricate could be hatched and carried out in under eight months? No way. That means it began under Clinton. I suspect it was part of the pre-inaugural in-briefing he gave Bush. Recall how W showed absolutely zero shock (or even surprise) in that classroom when informed of the attacks. Let us also not forget that one of the most belligerent post-9/11 warmongers in Congress was Joe Lieberman (D-Tel Aviv), Al Gore's running mate.

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By continuing the idiotic drug war and running guns to the cartels (remember Fast & Furious?), the US government (not just the Pentagon) is doing exactly that.

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Justin, don't forget one of Gilda's other famous characters, Roseanne Roseannadanna, who sounded a whole lot like the neocons: ""It's always something! If it's not one thing, it's another!. If it isn't the Libyans or the Syrians, it's the Yazidis on Mount Bulls--t!"

Then there was that other neocon impersonator, Jon Lovitz's "Compulsive Liar": "Tens of thousands of Yazidis? I meant a few thousand! Assad using poison gas? I meant the rebels. That's the ticket!"

Apparently we both enjoyed SNL back in the good old days, when it skewered both sides of the political debate instead of being just another leftist propaganda mill. Gilda was an amazing talent. She died way too soon.

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A lesson in American politics and very personal lesson for Obama--don't hire your opponents in a spirit of unity or some such thing.

I suspected at the time (and still do now) that Obama was channeling the spirit of fellow gangster Vito Corleone, who famously advised his son Michael, "Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer." Guess it doesn't work all the time.

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That is why I have long called that war "the Balkan War To Keep Clinton In Office."

But "Wag The Dog War" works just as well.

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Thanks for the link. The Five Towns site did indeed send the piece into "404-Land." People like Gordon need to realize that the memory hole just ain't what it used to be, thanks to the Internet.