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Mr. Ringer neglects one very important aspect of America that can save the day -- the 2nd Amendment. All of Obama's attempts to destroy it have laughably had the opposite effect -- a huge increase in gun purchases and support for gun rights. (Bernie's own home state allows concealed carry without a permit.) The leftists will definitely not want to see blood running in the streets once they realize nearly all the blood is their own.

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Neocons have often been called "chickenhawks" for their refusal to take part in the wars they instigate. While that is true, the epithet is too mild. I hereby submit the stronger epithets "vampirehawks" and "vulturehawks" to illustrate how they gorge themselves on the blood and flesh of the people killed in their wars.. Show me a neocon, and I'll show you a war profiteer. Smedley Butler would have had a field day with them.

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Thanks for the link. I just converted that page to PDF and saved it.

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"Michael Kenny" is just another alias for the (in)famous Col Flagg. At least now we know where he has been hiding since the Korean War ended.

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Get an Intense Debate account. Then you can edit your posts. (I have had to do so more than once.)

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McClown is also the #1 argument for term limits.

And he is the #1 argument for repealing the 17th Amendment. (One would be hard-pressed to imagine the AZ legislature ever appointing him.) Right behind him is Shrillary, whom the NY legislature never would have appointed.

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Interesting thought. Erdogan is attempting to re-create the Ottoman Empire just as Mussolini wanted to re-create the Roman Empire. Does he have any mistresses? If so, they should keep their distance for awhile.

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Well, if all else fails there's the ROE of "kill anything that moves." After all, it worked like a charm in Vietnam -- right, Ash?

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At least some of that $3 billion sent to Israel annually is recycled back here to purchase politicians and pundits. I suspect part of that loot is funneled to the Israel-first evangelical preachers; in fact, that might well be the source of their startup money.

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Actually you don't need to deport 11 million. Deport 10%-20% and the rest will "self-deport." That is exactly what happened in the 1950s thanks to "Operation Wetback." Eisenhower had his flaws, but for the most part he took his oath of office seriously.