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The two big reasons NATO still exists >20 years after its supposed raison d'etre ended:

1. keep the US military-industrial complex chugging along
2. prop up the European welfare states

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Thank you for pointing out the fundamentalist religious fervor of the environmentalists (also known as "watermelons" -- green on the outside, red on the inside). Awhile back I wrote the "Eco-Freak Prayer" to show how similar they are to Muslim jihadists:

"There is no Goddess but Gaia, and Al Gore is her prophet."

Just don't forget about the role of money in all this. Gore has probably raked in more loot from Boobus Americanus than all the televangelists combined.

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Yes, but I still prefer Vox Day's label -- the Lizard Queen. Her personality is nearly identical to that of Diana in the 1980s miniseries V. The fact that Bush the Lesser considers her a "sister-in-law" tells us all we need to know about those crime families.

I just visited the Drudge Report, and is indeed linked -- about halfway down the far left column. Only trouble is, it's spelled "ANTI-WAR". Justin, contact Matt ASAP and tell him to lose the hyphen.

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I think I like Justin's label "JSIL" even more than my "Quagmiristan" from last week. Kudos, Justin!

As for ISIS, many now say it stands for "Israeli Secret Intelligence Service" -- that is, when the much simpler "CIA-SIS" is not employed.

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This stupid law is easy to evade. Just use StartPage and/or Ixquick, which do not record IP addresses, searches, or anything else. StartPage uses the Google algorithm, while Ixquick uses Yahoo's.

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Sharyl (and anyone else who might be a surveillance target) should dump that "smart" phone and get a TracFone or other anonymous, disposable "burner" phone. Pay for everything with cash, so there is no link between you and the phone. Let no one other than family, trusted co-workers and close friends know the number. (Even better: separate burners for work and family/friends.) An hour or more of air time costs just $20 every three months. If you suspect the phone has been compromised, trash it. "Disposable" means just that.

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I see Justin has coined a new term for that wretched part of the world -- "Badlandistan." Not quite as emphatic as the original "Shitholistan," but it still works.

Hey, while writing this I thought up a new term, which IMHO is even more descriptive than those two. What say y'all (especially Justin) to "Quagmiristan"?

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The 1863 draft riots (and the war's unpopularity in NYC) are graphically portrayed in the film Gangs of New York. Many parts are unsuitable for children, so parents wishing to give a history lesson need to control the DVD player's remote and skip those scenes. IMO the most important scene is the one showing Irish immigrants being conscripted straight off the boat, while coffins are loaded on the other side of the boat for the return journey. By the time the War of Yankee Aggression ended, foreigners comprised about 1/3 of the Union army.

What we must be on guard against the most is the "special skills draft" that was proposed but never implemented during the Cheney-Bush regime. If TPTB can get away with it ("don't worry, just a few people involved," they will purr), the number of "special skills" needed will increase two or three at a time. Eventually it will morph into full-fledged conscription (except for the elites and their kids, of course) without the name ever being changed. Frog-boiling at its finest.

Mr. Porter should have noted that conscription is not universally evil or dangerous. In Switzerland all adult men are reservists who train regularly and keep their issued weapons at home, ready to use at a moment's notice. Still, the nation has been at peace for more than 160 years, even as the World Wars ravaged the rest of Europe. Perhaps the lack of either a military-industrial complex or entangling alliances has something to do with it.

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Stop-loss became so rampant under Cheney-Bush that John Kerry called it the "back-door draft" in his presidential campaign and a low-grade movie on the subject was made. It was also employed during Clinton's Wag-the-Dog War -- had I gone career in the USAF it would have hit me just before being eligible to retire.

The "inactive" service you mention is the "Individual Ready Reserve." People who were on active duty for less than 8 years (used to be 6) receive no pay or training, but are subject to recall. Many ex-soldiers in the IRR found various ways to evade recall orders; the most common was clandestinely moving to a new address.

The Army has its own interesting twist. Soldiers who re-up after 10 years' service do so without an ETS -- IOW, they are potentially stuck for life. I thought it was a sick joke when I first read about it in 2002, but the local Army recruiter confirmed it.

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Since Haim Saban apparently is prepared to hand his entire fortune over to the Lizard Queen's next campaign, Justin (and everyone else here) needs to spread the following quote far and wide. It was made at a Democrat Party confab in DC.

"The role of the president of the United States is to support the decisions that are made by the people of Israel. It is not up to us to pick and choose from among the political parties." -- Ann Lewis, adviser to Hillary Clinton campaign, March 17, 2008

The WaPo published that quote in an article titled "The Audacity of Chutzpah." I suspect Saban wanted to buy the paper so he could send the article down the memory hole.

The Bible may be silent on democracy, but 1 Samuel 8 is perfectly clear about the nasty consequences of having a king. Thomas Paine quoted that chapter in Common Sense as part of his excoriation of King George III. Now the Israelis have put themselves under the thumb of Nut-and-Yahoo, who is even more whacked-out than George III.