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Interesting thought. Erdogan is attempting to re-create the Ottoman Empire just as Mussolini wanted to re-create the Roman Empire. Does he have any mistresses? If so, they should keep their distance for awhile.

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Well, if all else fails there's the ROE of "kill anything that moves." After all, it worked like a charm in Vietnam -- right, Ash?

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At least some of that $3 billion sent to Israel annually is recycled back here to purchase politicians and pundits. I suspect part of that loot is funneled to the Israel-first evangelical preachers; in fact, that might well be the source of their startup money.

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Actually you don't need to deport 11 million. Deport 10%-20% and the rest will "self-deport." That is exactly what happened in the 1950s thanks to "Operation Wetback." Eisenhower had his flaws, but for the most part he took his oath of office seriously.

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Thus saith Justin: I seem to recall a time when the news media was respected, and seen as the people’s shield against government abuse and corruption.

But was that respect ever really justified? As early as the 1950s, the CIA was influencing the MSM, co-opting many journalists, and even putting their own agents in newsrooms. More recently, the Pentagram paid retired generals to parrot its propaganda on MSM outlets. IMHO those are not different from hoods like Vito Corleone having reporters on their payrolls.

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When post-debate polls on CNBC in 2008 showed Ron Paul the overwhelming winner, the channel instantly took them down. The lame excuse: libertarian computer geeks had hacked the polls! Perhaps this rejection of the MSM is a (too long) delayed reaction to that obvious bias.

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Justin, I was in 2nd grade in 1962, and at our school we suddenly had so-called "emergency drills" to go along with the standard fire drills. They went as follows: When the principal came on the PA system and said "This is an emergency," we all grabbed our jackets, went into the hallway and put our jackets over our heads. Nothing was ever said regarding the reason for the drills. It wasn't until at least 15 years later that I connected them with the missile crisis.

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There were plenty of neocons in 1962. Several generals (esp. LeMay and Lemnitzer) actually wanted a nuclear war, believing the US could survive it. Congress also had a large number of neocons, most of them Democrats; their #1 spokesman was Sen. Scoop Jackson (D-Boeing). Heck, JFK campaigned as a hawk in 1960, accusing the Eisenhower administration of having allowed the Soviets to establish a nuclear "missile gap."

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Donald, the "national security boat" doesn't just need rocking -- it needs to be swamped, capsized and sent to the bottom of the ocean. It is a government unto itself that slaughters thousands around the world with impunity. It is the KGB, Gestapo and Stasi on steroids, whose minions are domestic enemies of the Constitution. It can no more be reformed than the Mafia can. Destroy it and start over

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From Wilson, to FDR, to Truman, to Eisenhower, to JFK and LBJ, Democrat presidents often are the ones making ill-advised sojourns into international messes.

History books to Lucy: Eisenhower was a Republican!! While he has his black marks (the 1953 Iran coup being the worst), he knew war too well to want any more. He ended the Korean War, kept the US out of any other shooting wars, and before leaving office warned the nation about the military-industrial complex. Hence Ike's generally positive reputation.

Of course, the Lizard Queen knows Obama despised her (and likely still does). By making her SecState he was channeling the spirit of fellow gangster Vito Corleone, who advised his son Michael, "Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer."