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Jeb is a textbook example of the Peter Principle -- someone looking to rise to his level of incompetence. He was an excellent governor of Florida because he was a fiscal conservative. He vetoed billions in idiotic pork, much of it pushed by Republican legislators. But those were line-item vetoes, an authority the POTUS lacks. (Reason #3,807 why the South should have won the Civil } War: the Confederate president did have that authority.) Governors are not concerned with foreign policy or (outside the NG) defense policy; on those issues Jeb is utterly clueless.

Probably the ultimate Peter Principle victims are found in the world of sports. Think of all the great college coaches who crash & burn in the pros, or the terrific assistant coaches who totally stink as head coaches.

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IIRC that was Mussolini's mistress they hung upside down next to Il Duce after shooting them, not his wife. Hanging all the politicians' mistresses would likely cause a severe shortage of rope!

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Don't forget how the Lizard Queen once claimed she had been named for Edmund Hillary, the first person to successfully climb Mt. Everest. He accomplished that feat when she was 7-8 years old!

[sarc] Her parents must have been supremely clairvoyant. [/sarc]

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Gasoline prices have come way down, but diesel -- the fuel truckers, farmers, railroads and the like use -- has not dropped nearly as much. Diesel is a distillate like home heating oil, and demand is higher during the winter. If crude prices stay down into summer (a big "if"), diesel will drop further.

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The two big reasons NATO still exists >20 years after its supposed raison d'etre ended:

1. keep the US military-industrial complex chugging along
2. prop up the European welfare states

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Thank you for pointing out the fundamentalist religious fervor of the environmentalists (also known as "watermelons" -- green on the outside, red on the inside). Awhile back I wrote the "Eco-Freak Prayer" to show how similar they are to Muslim jihadists:

"There is no Goddess but Gaia, and Al Gore is her prophet."

Just don't forget about the role of money in all this. Gore has probably raked in more loot from Boobus Americanus than all the televangelists combined.

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Yes, but I still prefer Vox Day's label -- the Lizard Queen. Her personality is nearly identical to that of Diana in the 1980s miniseries V. The fact that Bush the Lesser considers her a "sister-in-law" tells us all we need to know about those crime families.

I just visited the Drudge Report, and is indeed linked -- about halfway down the far left column. Only trouble is, it's spelled "ANTI-WAR". Justin, contact Matt ASAP and tell him to lose the hyphen.

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I think I like Justin's label "JSIL" even more than my "Quagmiristan" from last week. Kudos, Justin!

As for ISIS, many now say it stands for "Israeli Secret Intelligence Service" -- that is, when the much simpler "CIA-SIS" is not employed.

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This stupid law is easy to evade. Just use StartPage and/or Ixquick, which do not record IP addresses, searches, or anything else. StartPage uses the Google algorithm, while Ixquick uses Yahoo's.

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Sharyl (and anyone else who might be a surveillance target) should dump that "smart" phone and get a TracFone or other anonymous, disposable "burner" phone. Pay for everything with cash, so there is no link between you and the phone. Let no one other than family, trusted co-workers and close friends know the number. (Even better: separate burners for work and family/friends.) An hour or more of air time costs just $20 every three months. If you suspect the phone has been compromised, trash it. "Disposable" means just that.