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Along with Iran (1953), Chile (1973) and Venezuela (failed coup, 2002). And Boobus Americanus just can't understand why the people of those nations detest the US.

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Well, their lineage traces back to über-Communist Leon Trotsky, so I heartily agree. In fact, that label should have been hung on them long ago.

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Justin, don't forget about Italy, where the Northern League advocates independence for "Padania," and for the same reasons the Catalans want to leave Spain. (I saw a Padanian flag on display during the 1998 Winter Olympics!) Many residents of Sardinia and Corsica seek independence from Italy and France respectively.. The days of empire are ending, and the imperialists are running scared.

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Back in 2007 Cheney-Bush wanted to appoint a "war czar" for their Quagmiristan misadventure. Several generals declined the offer, knowing the actual position was "war scapegoat." Allen should have known better,

At any rate, Article II of the Constitution already specifies that the POTUS is the true "war czar." Truman wasn't the brightest star in the constellation, but at least he knew the buck stopped at his desk.

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The Taliban also eradicated the vast majority of Afghan poppy fields. That, of course, was bad news for the CIA, whose black-ops funding depends on drug trafficking. I have read at least one article claiming that Pat Tillman turned against the war when he saw US troops guarding newly planted poppies. Any wagers on this being the real reason for deposing the Taliban?

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It would be interesting to learn how many negative KGB reports of the Soviets' Afghan calamity were circular-filed, and how many authors of those reports were sent to Siberia. ("Give us good news or else, Comrade Intelligence Chief!") At least Gorbachev had the sense to get his troops out of there after just 10 years.

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I will consider a 100% encrypted iPhone if (and only if) the iCloud is also 100% encrypted. That has long been the ultimate "back door" for hackers and govt. snoops. Until then, I will stick with my anonymous "burner" phone, paid for with cash.

If the goons try to force your password out of you, just give 'em the wrong one, even by just one character. According to several blog posts I have read, the iPhone can be set to automatically wipe itself after 10 failed logon attempts. The purpose is to protect the data if the phone is lost or stolen, but the same principle would apply here.

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The obvious answer to that dilemma is for Cuba to steadfastly refuse all foreign aid. Comercio, sí; folletos, no. (trade, yes; handouts, no) should be the motto.

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FYI, Ron was the Libertarian Party's presidential candidate in 1988. (I know that because I voted for him.) So he knows firsthand the futility of a 3rd-party bid when the Republicrat oligopoly totally controls the political process.

As for money, Ross Perot has a whole lot more of it, and he did not carry a single state in 1992. Not that he cared about winning -- his goal was to oust arch-enemy Bush41. He continued the family feud two years later when he endorsed ultra-liberal Democrat Ann Richards against W for governor of Texas. (He lost that one.)

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A treaty requires approval by at least 2/3 of the Senate. An executive agreement does not.