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The obvious answer to that dilemma is for Cuba to steadfastly refuse all foreign aid. Comercio, sí; folletos, no. (trade, yes; handouts, no) should be the motto.

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FYI, Ron was the Libertarian Party's presidential candidate in 1988. (I know that because I voted for him.) So he knows firsthand the futility of a 3rd-party bid when the Republicrat oligopoly totally controls the political process.

As for money, Ross Perot has a whole lot more of it, and he did not carry a single state in 1992. Not that he cared about winning -- his goal was to oust arch-enemy Bush41. He continued the family feud two years later when he endorsed ultra-liberal Democrat Ann Richards against W for governor of Texas. (He lost that one.)

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A treaty requires approval by at least 2/3 of the Senate. An executive agreement does not.

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Just curious -- is anyone else having flashbacks to the "5:00 Follies" of the Vietnam war, where Pentagon mouthpieces touted spectacular enemy body counts vs. few US & ARVN casualties?

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Thus saith Justin: In the absence of those Shi’ite militias . . . ISIS would already be in Baghdad, laying siege to the US Embassy.

Now wouldn't that be nostalgic? Imagine the photos of US choppers loading up with desperate Iraqis. Great bit of déjà vu from 40 years ago! (Turns out the linked photo was of a CIA-operated apartment complex nearby, not the embassy.)

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Agreed on the last part. Heck, Smedley Butler pretty much admitted that was his primary mission during his 30+ years in the USMC. That admission, in turn, inspired him to write War is a Racket.

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One thing the NYT article barely mentions, but which I have read elsewhere, is the crushing op-tempo. Drone pilots are on duty 14-18 hours a day, 7 days a week. So they barely get to see their families at all. Nor do they have time for the military education courses that are required for promotion, or for off-base college classes. No wonder an $18K bonus is not enough to keep them. By comparison, ICBM crews are on duty for 24 hours, then off for 48.

Given the critical shortage, I am very surprised the AF has not slapped stop-loss orders on the pilots. Perhaps the brass fears the rumor of such a move would accelerate the exodus.

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Justin, you and need to get the hell out of the People's Republic of Crazifornia ASAP. It is hazardous to the health of every freedom-loving American such as yourself. Signs at the state line should include a surgeon general's warning to that effect, like the ones on cigarette packs. Escape to Idaho, Montana or Wyoming and breathe the clean air. Do it before Gov. Moonbeam and his Marxist cohorts in Sacramento impose a huge exit tax on emigrants, or erect a 21st-century Iron Curtain.

Oh, I nearly forgot -- after breathing the clean air, enjoy a nice big glass of water. ;-)

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Regarding Bush, he abandoned that "ranch" as soon as he left office. He has lived at a heavily-guarded compound in Dallas ever since. I put "ranch" in quotes because as any real Texan will tell you, an actual ranch has to have livestock -- cattle, horses, sheep. hogs, chickens, something. Karl Rove told Bush to buy a parcel of empty scrub land in order to make the sheeple believe he was a regular guy.

I find it ironic that Bush would relocate to Dallas, given that it is the HQ of his family's arch-nemesis, Ross Perot. Don't forget, Perot ran for president in 1992 to siphon votes from Bush41, then endorsed liberal Democrat Ann Richards when W ran for governor in 1994.

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I can't answer your question, but I can tell you that at the 2006 World Cup (and the later ones, IIRC) the US team had to travel to and from the various stadiums incognito. The other 31 teams traveled in buses proudly emblazoned with their national flags.