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By continuing the idiotic drug war and running guns to the cartels (remember Fast & Furious?), the US government (not just the Pentagon) is doing exactly that.

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Justin, don't forget one of Gilda's other famous characters, Roseanne Roseannadanna, who sounded a whole lot like the neocons: ""It's always something! If it's not one thing, it's another!. If it isn't the Libyans or the Syrians, it's the Yazidis on Mount Bulls--t!"

Then there was that other neocon impersonator, Jon Lovitz's "Compulsive Liar": "Tens of thousands of Yazidis? I meant a few thousand! Assad using poison gas? I meant the rebels. That's the ticket!"

Apparently we both enjoyed SNL back in the good old days, when it skewered both sides of the political debate instead of being just another leftist propaganda mill. Gilda was an amazing talent. She died way too soon.

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A lesson in American politics and very personal lesson for Obama--don't hire your opponents in a spirit of unity or some such thing.

I suspected at the time (and still do now) that Obama was channeling the spirit of fellow gangster Vito Corleone, who famously advised his son Michael, "Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer." Guess it doesn't work all the time.

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That is why I have long called that war "the Balkan War To Keep Clinton In Office."

But "Wag The Dog War" works just as well.

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Thanks for the link. The Five Towns site did indeed send the piece into "404-Land." People like Gordon need to realize that the memory hole just ain't what it used to be, thanks to the Internet.

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Bush41 had two reasons to oppose Ukrainian independence (and that of the other Soviet republics). First, the military-industrial complex needed the Big Bad Evil Empire in order to justify its existence. Even more important, endorsing independence would have exposed age-old US hypocrisy (even though the US never recognized the Soviets' annexation of Lithuania, Latvia & Estonia). A neutral observer would have asked -- with total justification -- why it was great for Lithuania and Ukraine to peacefully secede from the USSR in 1991, but totally unacceptable for Louisiana and Tennessee to peacefully secede from the US in 1861.

Along the same lines, perhaps Ike and LBJ decided not to complain too loudly about how Moscow dealt with insurrections in its colonies after recalling how the US brutally crushed the Philippine separatists after the Spanish-American War.

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In that case, Israel would simply nuke the "credible enemy" out of existence -- with the neocons and MSM cheering them on.

As I have stated here & elsewhere, if Iran really is trying to build a nuclear warhead, its goal is to deter an Israeli first strike. Until such a deterrent capacity exists somewhere in the region, Israel will use its nuclear monopoly as the ultimate hammer against all of its neighbors.

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Actually circumcision is (fortunately) on the decline in the US, after being near universal in the 1950s-70s. IMO the true impetus behind the practice here was always financial, not medical (which was just the lame excuse). It would be interesting to learn how much cash pediatricians pocket for each cutting. The medical argument is easily refuted by the lack of rampant STD infection in Mexico, where circumcision is rare. In some African tribes boys are circumcised as a puberty ritual, which is even more barbaric.

While on the subject, let us also condemn the 100% barbaric/sadistic practice of female genital mutilation, which is rife among Africans and Muslims.

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Cheney, of course, would be at the top of the execution list; trouble is, there might not be enough rope available to fit around that fat neck of his. And a firing squad's bullets might not get through all that blubber. So we must be agreeable to other methods. Drowning, asphyxiation, impaling, electrocution, splattering (drop from a great height), poison, decapitation -- whatever works.

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Justin, I'm very surprised you did not link to your equally excellent column from the summer of 2003 where you flayed Condi "Mushroom Cloud" Rice for her asinine declaration that anyone who opposed the Iraq invasion was a racist. That was at least as in-your-face PC as this tawdry spectacle. And there is no way Rice would have given such a speech without Bush's approval.