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Neocons have often been called "chickenhawks" for their refusal to take part in the wars they instigate. While that is true, the epithet is too mild. I hereby submit the stronger epithets "vampirehawks" and "vulturehawks" to illustrate how they gorge themselves on the blood and flesh of the people killed in their wars.. Show me a neocon, and I'll show you a war profiteer. Smedley Butler would have had a field day with them.

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Thanks for the link. I just converted that page to PDF and saved it.

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"Michael Kenny" is just another alias for the (in)famous Col Flagg. At least now we know where he has been hiding since the Korean War ended.

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Get an Intense Debate account. Then you can edit your posts. (I have had to do so more than once.)

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McClown is also the #1 argument for term limits.

And he is the #1 argument for repealing the 17th Amendment. (One would be hard-pressed to imagine the AZ legislature ever appointing him.) Right behind him is Shrillary, whom the NY legislature never would have appointed.

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Interesting thought. Erdogan is attempting to re-create the Ottoman Empire just as Mussolini wanted to re-create the Roman Empire. Does he have any mistresses? If so, they should keep their distance for awhile.

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Well, if all else fails there's the ROE of "kill anything that moves." After all, it worked like a charm in Vietnam -- right, Ash?

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At least some of that $3 billion sent to Israel annually is recycled back here to purchase politicians and pundits. I suspect part of that loot is funneled to the Israel-first evangelical preachers; in fact, that might well be the source of their startup money.

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Actually you don't need to deport 11 million. Deport 10%-20% and the rest will "self-deport." That is exactly what happened in the 1950s thanks to "Operation Wetback." Eisenhower had his flaws, but for the most part he took his oath of office seriously.

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Thus saith Justin: I seem to recall a time when the news media was respected, and seen as the people’s shield against government abuse and corruption.

But was that respect ever really justified? As early as the 1950s, the CIA was influencing the MSM, co-opting many journalists, and even putting their own agents in newsrooms. More recently, the Pentagram paid retired generals to parrot its propaganda on MSM outlets. IMHO those are not different from hoods like Vito Corleone having reporters on their payrolls.