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I'm old enough to remember Swine Flu Hoax 1.0 in 1976 -- an even bigger non-event than the sequel. It wasn't the death blow to Ford's election chances, but I suspect it played a part.

The 2009 hoax -- coming soon after Obola took office -- was the test run for Rahm Emanuel's (in)famous adage "Never let a good crisis go to waste." Heck, they even enlisted the Mexican govt. to aid the scam -- soccer games played in empty stadiums, with the TV commentators wearing masks. Great theater, but it still didn't work.

Speaking of a "steaming pile of propaganda," could anything be more blatant than the new CBS series Madam Secretary? It is nothing less than a weekly hour-long unpaid political advertisement for the future presidential candidacy of the Lizard Queen. Heck, they even got a Hillary look-alike as the star!

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Agreed. "Racist" has devolved into one of those all-purpose smear words the left employs to squelch all further discussion of anything. The modern definition is "anyone who wins an argument against a liberal." A true libertarian supports both full freedom of association and full freedom of non-association -- for any reason or none. Anyone who demands that a person be forced to associate with others at gunpoint is in effect calling for the legalization of rape.

As for why the ROK won't kick the US out, I suspect it's for the same reason NATO was not disbanded after the USSR and Warsaw Pact dissolved. Whatever welfare state South Korea has depends on the US military to backstop its own with troops & equipment. Without that subsidy, the ROK would have to foot the entire bill for its defense, which in turn would require either abandonment of the welfare state or a huge tax increase that would crush the economy.

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I agree with your scenario. IMO all of the Guardsmen should say "Sir, no sir!" when told to deploy for "Operation Contagion." They can't throw everyone in the stockade.

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Justin, given what has been going on the past 13 years I would be very reluctant to give those "worst of the evil" in DC a chance to surrender. For one thing, they're slicker than 0W-20 motor oil. For another, it's a cinch the entire neocon cabal has been pre-approved for political asylum in Israel, and they have the money (stolen from the taxpayers) to make good their escape. So it might be better to subject them to the same "pre-emptive" action that they inflicted on others. Like Chancellor/Emperor Palpatine, they are too far gone over to the dark side to ever be redeemed.

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Ladies & gentlemen, welcome to "Operation Contagion." Rahm Emanuel may have left the White House, but Obola and his henchpersons still won't let a good crisis go to waste. They will raise their own "Mission Accomplished" banner if just 10% of those 4000 troops deploying to Liberia contract Ebola and bring it back here. Heck, Liberia just suspended its elections due to Ebola; unfortunately for the Obola regime, it's probably too late to use that pretext to cancel the upcoming midterms in the US. One other thing is certain -- Tom Frieden is salivating at the prospect of a big budget increase for the CDC. Ebola to the rescue!

Apparently government bureaucrats were a lot smarter ~700 years ago. During the Black Death pandemic in the 1340s the government of Venice required all inbound ships to stay at sea for 40 days before being allowed to dock. That, BTW, is the origin of the word quarantine -- from the Italian quaranta (40). More recently, astronauts after the first few Apollo moon landings were quarantined for several weeks on the one-in-a-googol chance that some lunar superbug might get out and annihilate all life on Earth. So much for containment measures backfiring.

I leave it to the reader to decide which scenario best depicts poetic justice:

a. Justin's depiction of the subways around Daily Beast HQ as Ebola transmission belts
b. George W. Bush -- who like the rest of his clan never met an illegal alien he didn't like -- contracting Ebola from Duncan's fellow Liberian illegals in Dallas

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Ssshhh. Don't give Obola any ideas!

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That, or sell South Korea enough nukes to deter a North Korean attack. Like all other despots, the ones in Pyongyang are not about to take any action that would result in their own obliteration. Dead despots rule over nothing.

Regardless, it is past time to get our own troops out of there. As Justin accurately notes, they are little more than human tripwires -- or potential human sacrifices to the war gods.

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The new encryption standard applies only to data that is on the phone itself. The snoops can still monitor calls. Nor is iCloud protected, so the snoops can still demand Apple hand over anything there. Fortunately users can turn that option off.

The big difference with iOS8 is that Apple now cannot turn over phone data to the snoops, even with a warrant. The cops can still confiscate your phone, but without the passcode the data is secure. I do not have an iPhone, but several bloggers who do have posted that it can be set to wipe everything after 10 failed logon attempts -- a feature designed to protect data if the phone is lost or stolen. In that case, even a lousy 4-digit PIN would be 99.9% effective.

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Slight correction, Justin -- Jefferson was the 3rd US president. Can't forget John Adams, of Sedition Act infamy.

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Chance does not say whether he encouraged his kids to enlist or not. Once they turn 18 they no longer need a parent's permission, and everyone here knows how slick and devious the recruiters can be. Also, it was Obama policy from Day 1 to keep the civilian job market frozen so the military would be about the only alternative. Perhaps the kids wound up in the "depression draft" as untold thousands of others did.

Please understand that I am not criticizing your post -- just trying to give Chance the benefit of the doubt. (FTR, I gave you an up vote.) OTOH, if he did wave the flag in his kids' faces then he deserves every word of it. As Joe Hill notes, family pressure can be even harder to resist than peer pressure. And bemoaning the people's "lack of will" carries a strong whiff of the malodorous "stab in the back" mantra the Nazis invented to explain away their defeat in World War I (and which many embittered Vietnam vets have been repeating since 1975 to rationalize that defeat).