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Hello, gentlemen.

I am located at a remote location at Fort Benning. I've met the men, and they seem to be the very best that America produces. By the way, my nickname is "Grandpa", as I understand.

Yesterday, we went to a 2000-yard range with the heart of the unit ... 16 sniper teams (the rest of the unit is designed to protect these teams). These 32-men looked at the length of that range and winced, and I told them it's nothing for a 50. I got on my stomach, took two shots to sight in, and then fired ten shots consecutively in the center-of-mass. Only two of the teams could accomplish this, so we've got our work cut out for us, over the next month.

When we landed at Benning, a colonel approached me and pinned on the bars of an 0-3. I told him that I didn't deserve this, because I've never been to an academy, and am way too old to go to OCS. He told me that he's looked at my jacket, and said, "You earned it." I responded, "Begging the colonel's pardon, but whacking some VC doesn't make one an officer." He responded, "Get over it, and that's an order."

"Yes, sir."

Five years of physical training paid off. I was encouraging the boys, the other night, on a 20-mile hike. I heard one fellow say something like, "Is that old man made of steel, or something?"

This is an experimental unit, based on my proposal, several years ago. Not much in the way of manpower, but one heckuva lot of firepower.

I'll talk to you again, as soon as I can ...

You guys fail me, this November, and my ghost will haunt you ...

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Hello, gentlemen.

I have a few rare moments of leisure to let you know that I'm waiting for a plane to take me, and several others, to Ft. Benning to meet up with our people. We'll be there for about a month for intensive training. I have found out that I am "in the Army, now" because I submitted a plan to the Pentagon ... about six years ago ... for a weapons-intensive infantry unit capable of holding large frontages (unless the enemy is using human wave attacks). The significance of this remains to be seen.

Take care, my friends! I'll talk to you whenever I can. Gotta go ...

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Well, the time has come. I'm spending the whole day, tomorrow, with the wife and family, and then I have to report to a local airport 0400, on Monday. So, until whenever, this is my last post here, for a while.

My friends, you had better deliver a "Conservative Victory" for me, in November! I'll get a ballot, and vote, but I have no illusions about the military vote actually being counted. We'll be counting on you!

Good health and good fortune to all of you, and God Bless America ...

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As Mark Musser, author of Nazi Oaks, pointed out, the Nazis hated Jews as an invasive species, one that used commerce to draw Mankind away from the pastoral paradise that was his birthright.

Consider that the origin of the SS was to be found in the Wandervogel ... the "Wandering Birds" ... of the 1920's, but going all the way back to 1896. Basically, they were hippies, dressed in outrageous garb, getting close to nature, lots of free sex, and so on. Freedom without fear of consequences. Consider also that Heinrich Himmler was a chicken farmer, and believed that Germans were most "Germanic" when they lived off the land, and were close to it.

There were even Jewish wandering birds groups, in spite of the increasingly anti-Semitic sentiments among members of the movement. Significantly, the Nazis outlawed the entire movement in 1933. Most of the original SS were former Wandervogeln.

Pastoral paradise, indeed ...

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Yeah, how dare they?

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Will do ...

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It is absolutely impossible to save the Kurdish Peshmerga without putting boots on the ground. It would take months to supply and train Kurdish fighters with weapons that could take on ISIS. They're going to need tanks, APCs, artillery, mortars, anti-tank weapons, and ... at least ... a couple of squadrons of fighter/bombers, attack aircraft. It will have to come from the United States. In the short run, US troops will have to supplement the Peshmerga. Why not move them from Afghanistan?

Whether Obama likes it, or not, his weakness and vacillation has brought about another war in Iraq. The goal ought to be to create an independent Kurdistan, fully-capable of defending itself. We need to let the rest of Iraq go its own way, while the Kurds have the government they want. The idea is to create a US ally, not a little America.

I fully agree with your assessment of the Mosul Dam, John.

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I'd much rather shoot at a higher target, than shoot at one lower than me. It automatically corrects for the natural problem I have with my aim. Shooting down, I have to offshoot more than I usually do to correct for that problem.

BTW, I didn't want to put this in one of the usual threads. Everybody's wished me Godspeed, good luck, and all that, and I simply don't want to go through that, again. I got a call today, to report report to a regional airport at 0400, on Monday. We're taking a C-130 to an undisclosed location for orientation, a one-week crash course in being an officer, uniforms and bdu's, and all the rest. Then ... and this is getting real for me ... we're going somewhere else where I will meet "my men".

The officer who gave me the call said, "Bring your cannon with you. You're used to it. Leave your ammo at home." He also said that it would be his honor to serve with a decorated Vietnam vet. I told him that things were moving a little fast, weren't they (it was a statement, and not a question). He said, in response, "Don't you watch the news?"

I said, "Point taken."

I guess I'll stop in here once or twice, tomorrow, and call it quits, for a while ...

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Ain't that a fact ...

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He doesn't have to. He can invite the rest of the world to come and live here ...