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Indeed -- the error's been fixed. Thanks for letting us know.

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Indeed we did. Fixed, thanks.

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Ha! A typo indeed, now fixed. Thanks for noting it, and for the comment.

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Agreed -- the representation here is certainly incomplete. And your view -- "It appears that this video is about fulfilling the earthly desires of the video maker. And appropriating a religion's way of being for the use of commercial purposes. "'- matches mine, the author's, here; the word co-optation isn't often used as flattery -- and wasn't here. Thanks for the comment.

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More, via Facebook:

Sean D:
great...just be ready to explain yourself if you go to any punk/hardcore shows....provided you are given the chance.

Pat H:
No way...

Susan P.K.
Thanks for the article and clarification of the Swastika. Was in a Buddhism class recently and was surprised to see a large swastika armband on a 15 foot tall Buddha.

Edward R:
The swastika carries such an enormous amount of toxic baggage as a symbol of the worst sort of human evil, and is still in use as such today by neo Nazis around the world that I don't think any number of free tattoos will or even should change that. "Learn to Love the Swastika"? No thanks...

Miz Nomer:
the effort to reclaim the swastika is a deeply worthy one and long overdue. this design (either left-to-right or vice versa) dates to earliest man and is/was found in many, many cultures and spiritual traditions. it's a beautiful, balanced shape and has, until relatively recently, always carried a positive and auspicious connotation. inked or otherwise, the swastika should not be forced to bear the negative weight of a particular political ideology.

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Reader Matthew D-H comments, via Facebook:
This is wonderful, I have worked in the body modification field for almost 13 years and I recall back when I was an apprentice reading about Manwoman and his reasoning for covering himself in swastikas... it was beautiful although I did and still do believe that to a certain extent that the Third Reich kinda tainted it, as a Buddhist and a history buff and a body modification artist, I have kind of a strange relationship with the swastika, studios that I have worked in refuse to tattoo them, my mediums are scarification and piercing, I am a part of some groups that want to reclaim it, it just goes to show that cultural appropriation can be bad

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Comments from our Facebook friends:

Thom S: LOVE this Vid. Giant was a big inspiration to me when I began practicing.

Mat W: I had no idea that Mike Giant was such an active proponant for the benefits of meditation. I'm a fan of his artwork and, I've just learnt, have had a strikingly similar path into the dhamma. Love him all the more.

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Hiya, Joe... We just read a lot -- including the music press, and so came to hear of you that way. Cheers!

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You're quite right. Thanks; will amend.