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We've always been at war with Eurasia!

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Instant karma. The recent outburst of bogus pseudo-Constitutionalism in Congress is abruptly exposed for the utter fraud it is. Pols put on the spot to come down on one side or the other immediately search out a fence to straddle, yet they demand courage and potential sacrifice of everything from our young people. Meanwhile, Obama gets all "sanctimonious" because "folks" got beheaded. Don't know about anyone else, but my mom taught me that if you're going to have more than one standard, you apply the higher one to yourself. Otherrwise you're a scoundrel and a hypocrite, which is what Obama has made of us all.

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Haroun al-Rashid would not be impressed with such a Caliphate.

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I do wish these reports from Syria would specify which "rebel groups" are involved. If this was a government victory over ISIS, that's big news. If it was FSA, much less so. Etc.

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Political butt covering at its most obvious. If the weapons weren't for the Israeli taking, then (1) what were they doing warehoused in Israel, and (2) how were the Israelis able to walk into the warehouse and just take stuff without any paperwork specifying what they were to take? Come on, I was in the US military, we never got a damned thing without paperwork.

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A Clinton or a Bush, Lancaster or York, a Bourbon or an Orleans, a Guelph or a Ghibelline

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The ethnic cleansing will be "useful"?

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"Kidnapping", "abductors", there's no need to parrot Israeli propaganda language. Soldiers get captured in war, by captors.

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Yes, just keep celebrating in your lawn chair on the hillside as your tanks fire on refugee centers, elementary schools. I can tell how endangered you are by your cappuccinos. It must be rough, like having no power, no water, no sewage system.

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Which completely ignores the fact that Hamas was created and nurtured by Israel because it didn't want to deal with the PLO. They decided they could divide and weaken Palestinian resistance by developing a strictly Muslim opposition group that would exclude secularists, socialists and Christians. Well, they got exactly what they wanted. Israel has no one but themselves to blame for the power and prevalence of Hamas in Gaza, which it reinforces every day with these barbaric assaults.