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It's a great moment in neocon history, Cakewalk Russia time!

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The same place both of the elite, establishment parties will take you.

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American willful ignorance starts at the top and is reiterated by our systems of "information". Little wonder most at the bottom are so confused as to not bother trying to understand. All the "facts" they are given are at best distortions and half-truths. They've hardly been educated with a set of tools to dissect propaganda and marketing slogans masquerading as truth.

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This is worse than the Cold War. At least at that time there was an explicable dynamic that drove both sides to confrontational postures. This new Cold War, like the Iraq War, has been purely an elective war of choice for the US and its henchmen.

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Poroshenko is not only threatening children as part of his war rhetoric. He intends for those children to be his own citizens! How ludicrous is that.

Saakashvili succeeded in starting a war with Russia and damned near got NATO to come in on his side. His experience that brought him the job is apparent.

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Here's the Chief Bozo talking about "winning militarily". Apparently learned nothing from his "surge", that you don't win anything "militarily" in an occupation, and the US has reached the point through its arrogant and violent mistakes, where real victory, political victory, is completely unobtainable.

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Someday the fact that the Democrats are just as much a bourgeois, and therefore right-wing, party as the Republicans will penetrate the bogus MSM talking points smoke screen. But I don't expect those who accept the MSM's definition of what constitutes the "Left" to get it, at least not yet.

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Them cynical manipulators, bringing up the facts on the ground as they stand, how dare they?

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In the name of Quemoy and Matsu, why are we yet again sticking our noses in the opposite side of the world?

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This whole intervention is about killing Shi'ites, nothing more, nothing less.