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You conclude with the line, "We tell ourselves we’re free, and so long as we don’t behead people, we will keep on believing it. " Of course, not too long ago it was more like "We tell ourselves we’re free, and so long as we don’t torture people, we will keep on believing it," but we see with what negligent ease Americans accepted torture as part of the normal functioning of the American state. We stage drone strikes for the sole purpose of killing 16-year-old American citizens, and Americans are fine with that. Our Karma Cards are getting maxxed out fast, payment will have to be made.

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Have we ever had a SoS that preened and postured as much as Kerry?

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Apparently, the President of the US can take the nation to war, however and whenever he likes, regardless of what might be scribbled on old pieces of paper.

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The so-called Islamic Front overran two major FSA supply depots last winter. The spectacular growth of ISIS in recent months has drawn in significant numbers of former Islamic Front fighters to ISIS, no doubt bringing with them much of the goods and gear seized in those raids.

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Give Cass Sunstein all my love, ok?

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The banning of Russian for official use was widely reported at the time, although the MSM quickly got the word to drop it. It was the "end-zone dance" of Svoboda and Pravy Sektor at the culmination of the coup. In your faces, Russians, get used to officially being second-class citizens. I'm going to guess that one step had more to do with creating the eastern rebellion than any other factor, as much for what it implied as for what it did..

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Strictly a mercenary war. That has to be expensive.

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Yes, it's a hypocritical and knowingly false posture. But; one established to cater to public demand. The one thing America seems highly proficient in manufacturing today is havoc, we must have it as an export industry. Justification of the demand is imperative, as is repetition of the response. Principles of Marketing--War.

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This "concentional wisdom" (more like "conventional folly") covers both major parties over multiple decades. So far off track we can no longer even see the rails.

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Bit of a sticky wicket with Imran Khan seeking to bowl over Nawaz. But unlike Iran, the west could care less about Pakistan, which actually has nuclear weapons. ::crickets::