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Can you imagine if an international diplomatic figure went on and on about the world's "naivete" about Jews? There'd be widespread outrage, and deservedly so. So why is it OK to demean Arabs in this way?

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"Seceded", "secession".

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Unless it's deliberate disinformation.

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Actually a much better concept than a whole lot of the military strategies that have been employed there. Turn the Afghans into divan-potatoes.

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Yup, they have to keep their only "justification" for war against Assad alive. After all, eventually ISIS will be defeated but the permanent war must continue.

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The previous administration, who had plenty of experience with the topic, coined the term "catastrophic success". I would guess this is one more case of Obama following in Bush's footsteps. He practically says, "Mission accomplished!"

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So, who are the "allies" and as to what?

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No maybes about it. That's been the US/NATO operating method since the beginning of this conflict? Keep the propaganda flowing, count on the aftereffect of 70 years of Cold War rhetoric to avoid any scrutiny of western claims, call the Russians aggressors while driving NATO right to the gates of Moscow. A truth with as much in common with Lewis Carroll as with George Orwell. In the entire nuclear era, no top leadership of a power state has so openly flirted with the possibility of nuclear war as the Obama-Kerry clique has over demanding total Russian submission to American diktat and free Russian natural gas for the Ukrainians.

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The hegemony is utterly bipartisan, an equal opportunity exploiter, both parties are open now under the same ownership.

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But freedom. Especially the freedom to sell oil cheaply to western oil companies. The struggle endures. We stand behind these selfless patriots.