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5 Billion dollars we paid to buy a fully operational Ukraine, B as in Bucks for Billions! We bought that naval base at Sevastopol fair and square, but that snake Putin cheated us out of the new home port of the Sixth Fleet. Mark my words: Them Rooskies are gonna pay for that dirty pool! We WILL have that naval base.

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"International Christianity"? Supposing you are already excluding the likes of gnostics, Arians and Monophysites, I urge you study up closely on the history of the Fourth Crusade. Franks and Anglo-Saxons sacking and plundering Orthodox Constantinople, by the sign of the Cross.

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Not to mention all the money for the military stashed in the Homeland Security, Veterans, and Energy Dept budgets.

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I'm sure that Michael can speak with considerable personal authority on the performance of Propagandists.

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What "large overbearing neighbors" are the Swedes of the Azov battalions liberating themselves from?

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This suggests to me that quiet studies by DC thinktanks have shown that the US people can be whipped up into war fever backing obvious Ukrainian aggression and expansion of the conflict into "continental war".

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Armed rebels, the very essence of "moderation", right?

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They'll enhance secret electronic surveillance and police crackdowns on peace groups and antiwar activists.

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So they want to set the stage to reopen discussion of the fate of 16-year-old Abdelrahman Awlaki? Let's have that conversation, it's overdue.

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I'm not one for conspiracy theories, but if anything lends credence to accusations of false-flag operations it is screeds like this from "Scoffing". It illuminates nothing but an establishmentarian's dislike for having imperialism put to question. In all its profuse verbiage, it produces not one scintilla of evidence refuting a single one of Justin's points. I'm hardly Justin's water-carrier, either, as a hard leftist I am from the opposite end of the political spectrum. Nonetheless I find that much of his analysis here holds up very well to my toughest scrutiny.