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Someday the fact that the Democrats are just as much a bourgeois, and therefore right-wing, party as the Republicans will penetrate the bogus MSM talking points smoke screen. But I don't expect those who accept the MSM's definition of what constitutes the "Left" to get it, at least not yet.

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Them cynical manipulators, bringing up the facts on the ground as they stand, how dare they?

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In the name of Quemoy and Matsu, why are we yet again sticking our noses in the opposite side of the world?

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This whole intervention is about killing Shi'ites, nothing more, nothing less.

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"Reassuring". Bunker-busters might "reassure" the Saudi royals, but are unlikely to be terribly reassuring to Yemeni civilians.

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" Instead, inverting the Constitution on its head, Congress has arranged it so that it will need two-thirds vote to override Obama’s veto of congressional disapproval of any such nuclear agreement."

I knew Democrats played that sort of self-defeating political kabuki, I wasn't aware Republicans did as well. But there it is, large as life.

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That's quite the elaborate fantasy world you're concocting. But, first, an equivalency between V-E Day and the Fall of France? Please.

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Deliberately starving a civilian population has to be a war crime.

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Self-serving duplicity is one of those "fundamental American values" we are always hearing so much lofty talk about.

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That horrifies. At least the UN could stay out of it, rather than be a party to genocide. But it's just one more tool of US policy, not in the least a representation of human aspirations..