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Surprise! 70 years of relentless Cold War propaganda about the inherently evil nature of Russians sunk in and stuck. What a surprise!.

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I wonder how we had "time to play games" when the US cruiser shot down the Iranian airliner. Our ever dutiful watchdogs were quick to sound the alarm that the Iranian jet was starting a "bombing run" against the US forces. For weeks our media, when they mentioned it at all, only served up obfuscation and justification. But I guess that's part of what makes Americans so "Exceptional".

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I'm so absolutely sure there was this much outrage and denunciation in the media when the US Navy shot down the Iranian airliner, right?

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And the context is: I'm an American. If I can't take ownership of what we did to our indigenous population, I have no room to criticize Israeli attitudes. If you are Mexican or Peruvian, by all means critique Cortez or Pizarro.

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I wouldn't call MSNBC the "polar opposite" of Fox, more the mirror image. Both dutifully serving their political masters and corporate bottom lines, staying strictly within the bounds of the hegemonic discourse, serving up and perpetuating disinformation to the masses, far more in common than what distinguishes them from each other.

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Ukraine, if the US government meant what it says in its propaganda: They're killing their own people, we have to bomb that government into "shock and awe" to make them stop. (But they're killing Russians, and according to the US government, Russians aren't really people at all, sub-humans at best.)

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Context: The arrows! The flaming arrows! If only the wild savage Indians would stop shooting the arrows at our peaceful settlers, we wouldn't have to send in the cavalry with the field artillery and gatling guns! Look at what they're forcing us to do! We would NEVER force them onto the least desirable lan d, with no water, arable land, or other desirable resources if it wasn't for the flaming arrows!

As Justin said: "a settler colony: that is, a foreign invasion, in this case one launched not by another nation-state but by a movement that was international in scope from the very beginning."

Gaza, Wounded Knee, what's the difference except 125 years? The story told remains the same, as does the genocidal outcome.

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In these reports it is increasingly important to indicate which "rebel factions" are involved. In this case, a defeat of ISIS would be far more significant than Assad's military pushing out Nusra, the Islamic Front or FSA. OTOH, a sharp battle between the government and one of the "also-ran" rebels might set up a situation ISIS could exploit.

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The Pravy Sektor thanks you for your continuing unqualified support and untiring efforts to bring their words and ways to the West.

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The current crescendo of US Cold War style rhetoric aimed at China is based on utterly ahistoric, nonsensical categories. The image is presented of China as a relentlessly expansionist and backwardsly brutal empire. This is utterly contrary to the 4000 years of Chinese history. Quite contrary to the American image of China as a militarily expansionist power, the reality is that the understood outward periphery of China has been quite stable over the millenia. The outward reach of China, in its many periods as the wealthiest and most powerful nation on earth have seen its great empires as commercial entities, not military and geographical expansionism. China as it exists today is near that outward limit. The entire premise of "containing" China is based on cultural theories that are utterly inapplicable when it comes to China, as proven by thousands of years of history. But I guess it's too much to ask our militarized bureaucracy to operate based on facts rather than belligerence.