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Right, of course! And the Titanic was just taking on raw materials for the next evening's ice sculpture contest.

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"Shift Focus"? The so-called "ISIS threat" was always a cats-paw. The original Obama-Kerry war plan in Syria got smacked back at the authors in humiliating fashion, but they stuck by their guns (literally). The supposed "ISIS War" was always for the sole purpose of getting authorization for the invasion of Syria, and the overthrow of the Assad regime. We will be funding and arming the greatest ethnic cleansing since WW2. And it will be done in our names, using our tax dollars. with honeyed words about liberty and democracy dripping from Presidential lips. And lots of good torture!

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Please stop perpetuating the Cold War propaganda myth that these are bombers. That is US hysteria spreading nonsense. Yes, they use the TU-95 airframe. The similarity ends there. These aircraft have no capability to deliver any sort of airborne munitions. They are permanently configured for intelligence/reconnaissance purposes. They intercept radio communications and other electronic signals, such as electronic data transmissions and radars.

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Those TU-95s aren't bombers, and never were. They're signals intelligence collection aircraft, and have been configured as such from the date of construction. For the west to engage in heavy breathing about them is the very height of hypocrisy, as it likewise engages in such flights, more often. The reality is that those missions from both sides are some of the sanest military activities of both parties, allowing an accurate look at the activities of the others. The US uses SIGINT configured C-135s for the same task. They're not tankers any more than the Russian TU-95s are bombers.

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By "moderate", we mean "receiving US money and weapons", correct?

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It would appear that this "New World Order" consists of American power brokers making demands and the rest of the world hastening to comply. Yes, it will require endless war to impose those orders on the world.

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It seems to me that the cycle of events unfolding in Ukraine has to end up at that point, with either the triumph or defeat of fascism. Much as it may be their dream come true, bourgeois oligarchs can never succeed in "using" fascism to achieve their ends. It invariably ends up either with a social rejection of fascism, or fascist victory. Von Papen and his counterparts never prevail.

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Can you imagine if an international diplomatic figure went on and on about the world's "naivete" about Jews? There'd be widespread outrage, and deservedly so. So why is it OK to demean Arabs in this way?

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"Seceded", "secession".

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Unless it's deliberate disinformation.