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If I'm an Afghan prosecutor, I simply say to the US: "If you don't turn over the files, then we have no evidence whatsoever about these remaining prisoners, and by all principles of law and justice we must release every one of them. Is that what you want? If not, deliver up the files now."

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"'We' are losing this war"? Hardly. The Syrian people are losing this war between a brutal regime and a variety of equally brutal "rebel" factions. The factions have reached the point where they are mainly at war with each other.

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Just a dutiful little Cass Sunstein Thought Police apparatchik.

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It would be useful to know which "rebels" are the ones strutting around with these TOW missiles. If it's the so-called "Free Syrian Army" those missiles are unlikely to ever leave Turkey. The progressively more marginalized Islamic Front? The "good al-Qaeda" of the al-Nusra Front? The most powerful "bad al-Qaeda" of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant? (NB: the US power establishment and Ayman al-Zawahiri are in 100% agreement as to who the "good" and "bad" al-Qaedas are.)

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Bipartisan imperial hegemony. The doctrine/slogan is "full-spectrum dominance", We propose to be little short of gods, with the right to intervene in and decide all affairs of all peoples everywhere.

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Michael dutifully fulfilling this month's Hitler-production quotas on behalf of our alternating neoconservative and liberal internationalist iron fists of democracy. Michael, by my count, you and your fellow neocons have declared six "new Hitlers" in the past 20 years. Milosevic, Ahmedinejad, Saddam, Gaddafi. Assad and Putin. Have I missed any Hitlers? Are Hitlers by definition either Slavic or Muslim?

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Do you truly believe the younger generations of Russians will find fulfillment and satisfaction as the obedient servants of American hegemony? I rather doubt it.

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Since 1991, I've said endless times that the US should accept victory in the Cold War, pack it up, and behave like magnanimous victors. Instead we make the French and British at Versailles look like reasonable statesmen with our continuing NATO drive eastward, forever encircling and jabbing at the fallen Russian bear. But all that does is frighten and anger the bear...

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I believe the correct spelling is USrael.

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The arrogance will only stop when a sufficient portion of the world gets over its greed for US markets and fear of US retaliation sufficiently to say, "No Nore Mendacity!" As long as US behavior, and assertion of "full-spectrum dominance" are widely tolerated by the other nations due to fear and greed, nothing will change.