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That horrifies. At least the UN could stay out of it, rather than be a party to genocide. But it's just one more tool of US policy, not in the least a representation of human aspirations..

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Now matters are decisively getting underway, the Saudi "invasion" is having its cascading results.

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Well, Caesar, the term "byzantine" has its origin in the ridiculous level of complexity involved in middle eastern power politics. I'd say it is most appropriate as a descriptor here.

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Would the Saudis have intervened if AQAP was emerging as the dominant power in Yemen?

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Naturally, AIPAC/Beltway warmongers won't get it that there's no military solution. Neither they nor anyone they know will be doing any of the killing or the dying. As far as this forthcoming glorious Ukrainian victory, it will resemble the recent noble triumph at Debaltsevo, yes? It has been widely speculated that as a result of that glorious battle, that not only the regular Ukrainian forces but their closely allied Swedish and Chechen militias are as likely to stage an assault on Kiev as on Donetsk. Meanwhile, doing his best impression of a leader of the American Democrats, Putin is refusing to fully commit to a fight against the bared-teeth gang of the U. S. Right, hoping to appease them with half-measures. If the Russians had "invaded" Uktraine as our warmonger peers have been asserting for months, Russian tanks would be parked in the Maidan right now. No such "aggression"happened, it was about as truthful as Saddam's nukes.

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Both sides may recognize that there's no military solution to the crisis, but what even the general contours of a political "settlement" at this point could be completely escape me.

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Karma has a habit of what goes around coming back around. You have to wonder if "regime change" will fall into that pattern.

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War with Russia: it's what the DC "pragmatists" want. Very pragmatic.

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One has to assume that the US always "negotiates" in bad faith, trying to at best impose an ultimatum, or more likely, provide talking points and political cover for future military action, rather than reach an agreement.

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"Duce! Duce!"