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Hey Tom! It was the one in Waltham.

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Wine Spectator Grand Tour came to Boston in 2011. Attendance wasn't spectacular so I sense it'll be a while before they come back. The event(s) in NYC are probably the nearest bet - and that comes around every year since the New York Wine Experience is separate from the Grant Tour events. The NY WIne Experience includes sit down seminars and such. The Grand Tour is just the tasting.

I do hope they come back to Boston. That was a great time.

Nice picks on the wines. The 2010 Caymus SS they were pouring at the Chicago event was a favorite. A good one to go back to for 2nds or 3rds.

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I haven't heard whether they've applied yet, but they're not exactly the most cutting edge operation in the business. I'd have to think the demand is definitely there so I hope so!

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I don't subscribe to any currently, but what I'd look for is a winery that's not so affordable that shipping costs wreck the value, and not so expensive that their wines pile up waiting for a special occasion to open them. It would have to be a producer that I consistently enjoy every vintage. And one where I'd genuinely look forward to trying some of their bottlings I cannot get locally at retail. One that comes to mind is Honig. I'll be taking a closer look at their program and others in this range for sure.

"Wine Club" vs. "Mailing List" is an interesting wine marketing topic. I meant to do a post on that a while back and ask some professionals for their thoughts on the topic. I'll hope to get around to that sooner or later.

Thanks for your comment!

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Thanks! I've added them just now. Looking *very* forward to that one.

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Thanks! We drove from Disneyland to Four Seasons Aviara. But we didn't drive to Disneyland *from* Four Seasons. It's about an hour and 15 minutes without traffic. We didn't hit any but I'm contemplating myself whether this would be enjoyable for a day trip. Seems a little far but doable if you wanted to visit Disneyland while at Aviara. But if at all possible I'd probably opt for an on-site hotel at Disneyland and enjoy the experience more than a quick in and out.

Hope this helps...

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As in TCA tainted? I don't buy a lot of wine from Whole Foods but I can't recall getting any corked bottles. They'd take them back for sure but that's really annoying. Hard to imagine anything they're doing is leading to a higher propensity for flawed bottles though.

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I'm tempted! We'll see if I can finagle it.
The lineup looks *amazing*.

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Hey Lon! The 2012 Kosta Browne lineup was showing very well - and their new facility is gorgeous. I thought all of the wines were outstanding, but the Sonoma Coast and Keefer were standouts for me - though I wasn't obsessing over each specific bottling too much. Just enjoying the experience. You know what wine has really blown me away though? Their Chardonnay. My goodness. I've only tasted it at the winery but it's like magic on the nose.

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Rodgers Creek has been terrific for me as well. 92 across the board across a number of bottles. And good point - all Sojourn single vineyards aren't priced equally. Cheers Chad!