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As in TCA tainted? I don't buy a lot of wine from Whole Foods but I can't recall getting any corked bottles. They'd take them back for sure but that's really annoying. Hard to imagine anything they're doing is leading to a higher propensity for flawed bottles though.

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I'm tempted! We'll see if I can finagle it.
The lineup looks *amazing*.

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Hey Lon! The 2012 Kosta Browne lineup was showing very well - and their new facility is gorgeous. I thought all of the wines were outstanding, but the Sonoma Coast and Keefer were standouts for me - though I wasn't obsessing over each specific bottling too much. Just enjoying the experience. You know what wine has really blown me away though? Their Chardonnay. My goodness. I've only tasted it at the winery but it's like magic on the nose.

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Rodgers Creek has been terrific for me as well. 92 across the board across a number of bottles. And good point - all Sojourn single vineyards aren't priced equally. Cheers Chad!

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Ooo - Southern Rhone. That's not too far from some areas in the south of France I'd very much like to visit. That sounds awesome to me.

Cheers Lon!

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I have! Just looked back at my notes on their 2010 Pinot. I *did* note ample fruit and thought it was a great value in the $30 neighborhood. Solid stuff.

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New 20% promo code available: #1DAD

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I hope you're not right. I could be reading way more into the truck permitting business than is warranted. Let's hope it's not that big a deal. We shall see.

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It's been a while but I did try the 2009 Green Fin White. Not bad!

Thursday, December 02, 2010 - I think this wine would play well at a summer tiki party. On a chilly late autumn evening in New England it seemed overly sweet if guzzle-able so I'll give it a "good" rating.

83/100 points.

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I definitely sense a shift where Flowers is now vs. where I'd mentally pegged the style 5+ years ago. Will look forward to trying more! Thanks for checking in. :)