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Here's what you won, Scott:

► The FRAUD is still in office, still living in OUR Whitehouse, still eating the best food cooked by Whitehouse chefs, still flying around in Air Force One, still protected by the Secret Service. Anyone would think he's really the President and the leader of the Free World. You and I know he's a FRAUD, but the world doesn't.

► There's no congressional investigation. There isn't one member of Congress who's willing to state for the record that the FRAUD isn't eligible for the office. Bob68 is right: Congress protects Obama to protect themselves. Of course, Bob68 isn't a woman. He can say things like that without you saying "You lost me." He's every bit as negative as I am, and says every day that nothing is going to happen to remove the FRAUD. Nobody turns on him or tries to throw him off Birther Report. Lucky him, he has a penis.

► The military isn't going to arrest the FRAUD, either. He's safe and snug right where he is.

Eight hundred and sixty days after Sheriff Arpaio said he had "a person of interest" in the forgery, he says he's getting close to figuring out who it is. Nobody has been arrested. Not one Obot has been arrested. Barry keeps trying to scare the Obots. Why should they be scared? Give me a REASON why they should be scared, Scotty.

► The LSM is still ignoring the FRAUD completely. No, even worse -- being a birther is a national joke today. That's why the Demonrat congressmen in the IRS hearing brought it up. Being called a birther is code for being called crazy and delusional, in the media and in American society. Does Sheriff Arpaio have the evidence that will change that attitude? I don't know. If he does, now would be a good time to say so. Now would be a good time to DO SOMETHING.

► Remember what the plan is, Scotty. The plan is not to make any arrests. The plan is not to file a criminal case with the Maricopa prosecutors or give the evidence to the FBI or to give the evidence to anybody at all except the enemy: The Lame Stream Media. The plan -- the whole plan -- is to hold two press conferences and then hope the LSM and Congress finally do their job. I don't think they're going to do their job. I think Bob68 is right.

► Remember when we read this in the Post & Email?

"Gallups stated that a 'definitive plan of action' is 'in place' to expose the fraud. 'We’re closer now to having something done than we have been in this whole five or six years,' Gallups said."

That was April, 2013, Scotty. Are we any closer now?

► Remember this video?
[youtube kyHJ5HJsKmk http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kyHJ5HJsKmk youtube]

That was last December, Scotty. Has any of it happened? Has ANYTHING happened to show we're moving forward?

I don't know how you can separate Zullo and Gallups, Scott. You say you've lost faith in Gallups but you still believe Zullo. But Zullo himself hasn't separated from Gallups. He said "If it doesn't come from me or Carl, pay no attention." And nothing is coming from him or Carl. For four straight weeks now, Carl hasn't said a word about the Cold Case Posse. I realize there's an unspoken consensus to never mention that on Birther Report. I disagree with the consensus. It probably doesn't help when people hope Gallups gets struck by lightning. I know I always love it when people hope my friends get suddenly killed. I bet Zullo loves reading those comments.

Since we last heard from Zullo, Mark Gillar has said he hopes A&Z Day comes before Oct. 1, but he said he has no idea if that date is realistic. Then Pat Boone predicted mid-September. That didn't come from Zullo or Gallups. As far as I know, we're still instructed by Zullo not to pay attention to it, because it didn't come from him or Gallups. But between Boone and Gillar, it's become an article of faith -- for no reason I can decipher -- that A&Z Day will be in mid-September. Good luck with that, is all I can say.

You lost me too, Scotty my boy. I'm out of here. You just keep on living in La La Land, and I'll come back and admit I was wrong if A&Z ever do reveal the universe-shattering evidence and it works and the FRAUD is removed from office. I'll also come back in October if A&Z Day doesn't come by then, just to say "I told you so."

Have a nice life, dude. Let's both hope I'm wrong and this national nightmare will be over someday soon. I doubt it, but you carry on.

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Scott said:

You lost me with that post, Rhody ... you have indicated here that you are actually carrying out a campaign of negativity toward the Arpaio investigation. You're either doing that on purpose, or you're ignoring the facts. Either way, bonsoir, baby...

Bonsoir, Scotty. For the record, I wasn't talking about the Arpaio investigation, I was talking about impeachment.

But the honest truth is, I feel the same way about the Arpaio investigation. What has Sheriff Arpaio said about it? Has he said "second, criminal investigation"? No, he hasn't. Has he said "universe shattering evidence"? No, he hasn't. All he says is they're getting close to naming the forger. Same forger he said in March 2012 that he had "a person of interest". Same forger who isn't the FRAUD. He hasn't said diddly squat about removing the FRAUD from office.

Still, you're right that this isn't the place for me. It's too childish here, although I will never apologize for being a grownup. Father Time is what, in third grade now? Barry and his weird obsession with gerbils and killing Dr. Conspiracy. You know who NEVER talks about gerbils? Obots, that's who. People complain that the graphics and advertisements take too long to load on a smart phone, so they can't use the site. That's rude and inconsiderate to the serious people who want to read about ineligibility. Does anyone pay attention? No, they don't. The only response is a lot more silly graphics. In other words, a lot more rudeness and inconsideration of your fellow birthers.

If I say "I'll believe it when I see it," which happens to be a very traditional American saying and attitude, people here turn on me like I was a criminal. They try ordering me to leave the website. They call me Obot. I hope you don't have anyone here from Missouri, the "Show Me" state. Anyone here who says "Show me" is going to be punished for it. They're going to be ordered to leave. People are going to tell them, "You lost me".

But that's OK with me. So I lost you. Big deal. We aren't friends. Furtive is right about me, but Furtive is on the blacklist, too. Anybody who doesn't celebrate victory every day here is on the blacklist, particularly if they're women with intelligence and strong personalities.

Congratulations on your great victory, Scott. You WON, pal. I'll go out with a graphic, just to show I could fit in here if I wanted to:

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I'll believe it when I see it. I refuse to celebrate until I see handcuffs. This crap about "It's happening, it's happening!" and then nothing really happens is getting very, very old.

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We already won. Little factoid, all the traitors are already under arrest.

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OMG, Scott is a congressman? Do yourself a favor, Scotty my boy -- don't let bob68 find out. ;-)

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Kudos to Linda Jordan for working so hard to reveal the truth.

It's clear that the OIP isn't going to give out an unredacted autopsy. Their attitude is the same as the FRAUD's -- "So sue me."

Sue them, then. Keep the pressure on, Linda!

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The patriot militias are hastening to gather at or near the Mexican border, so far in California and Texas. The other border states, Arizona and New Mexico, to follow. No, I'm not suggesting anyone here go down there. This one is for people who take action. It's a chance to stop the swarm of illegals and hopefully prevent the pandemic of diseases that the FRAUD is trying to spread throughout this once-great nation. One group is being led by Jim Robinson, the owner of Free Republic. Another group is calling itself Secure Our Border - Laredo (Texas). Yet another group is trying to close down the border in an attempt to pressure the FRAUD into helping get Marine soldier Tahmoressi (sp?) out of the Mexican jail. He made a wrong turn and accidentally took 3 guns into Mexico, but the FRAUD hasn't done anything to try to get him back out. He's too busy trying to get deserters back by releasing terrorists. We should give some terrorists to Mexico in exchange for our Marine. That would serve them right, huh?

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Whoever he is, he better straighten up and fly right. That sounded like dangerous defeatism to me. We have approved thoughts and unapproved thoughts here. Little factoid, Mike, all the traitors are already under arrest, and we won. Thank you for conforming.

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Careful, Mike. You seem to be hinting that maybe we haven't actually won yet against the FRAUD.

That's a hanging crime in these here parts. Are you Foggy or Squeaky?

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Do you know the name of that operation?

It's called an 'addadictomy'. ;-)