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For whatever it's worth - I listened to the first fifteen or so minutes and was embarrassed for Gallups. You could hear in his voice he didn't believe a word he was saying. I thought someone tazed the poor son of a gun before the show. He sounded like he was shaking trying to put that schlock together and make it sound even remotely credible.

Investigations and evidence stand on their own - those are called facts. They don't need updates and spin. And Zullo - starts a new investigation with new techniques - what's this the third? How about concluding the other two.

To the Guest poster above - what was clarified? Nothing. That's what. On top of that - Gallups blatantly misrepresented - he did tell everyone that he would tell everyone what the investigation found if Zullo didn't. Classic backtracking tonight. Why is a small town pastor even involved in a criminal investigation. Makes no sense, but that's been said many times.

Further, Gallups does know critical details and admitted such in tonight's broadcast - so, again, he said previously that he didn't know ALL the details and maybe he doesn't, but he knows enough that he's not going to say anything because someone could get killed. Yet, tonight he made clear that he does know them - he just expects Zullo to have his back and not make anyone force him. They made this mess on their own.

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Likewise Vic - and thanks for the sentiments. It's mutual. Keep up the good work. Remember these dildos, like Scoots, sew division and they are excellent at exposing themselves.

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I hope you drop dead again and again. I would pay to see that. I mean that.

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His recent hateful screeds against Zullo and Arpaio were disgraceful

Credibility means little to you since you have none. And when Gallups and Zullo decided to screw everyone around for 17 months - I called them out - something you don't have the balls to do.

You keep pretending that this criminal investigation is gonna result in charges being filed - because that's where criminal investigations go. They can't even get Congress to cooperate and admitted as much.

I told everyone the truth - the investigation concluded and they didn't have the balls to follow through. Now they're pretending and stalling to placate you. I seriously doubt that many think you were ever on the side of justice in this case - you're here to derail the topic and and make the board your own little personal diary.

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No one agreed with you Scoots. That's why you're on your eighth screen-name and could only talk about your minuscule genitalia and your wife's cavernous moose-knuckle. Some match you make. Didn't she tell you to stay the hell off these boards, multiple times? Oh, and good job ridiculing everyone around the net - especially at BIN, Doggie Doo. You idiot. Everyone knows your inane blatherings. I remember posters here bitching to high heaven (something you know nothing about because you're an admitted atheist) for you to shut the hell up.

Not to mention the fact that you lost a handgun and bragged about it. Also, let's not forget your 'COHORT'. Got your barking points and off topic drama from some idiot and then copied and pasted it twelve or thirteen times in the same post because you we're too stupid to read your talking points and just posted whatever you're instructed, like a idiotic robot. Kinda like a moe-ron, huh.

Amazing you even have the balls to show up here - but you're a special kind of stupid, aren't ya.

"All that being said, he was obviously in a lot of pain and I truly hope he finds some peace."

Personally, I'd like to see you further exposed for the fraud you are - the fantasist and mental masturbator we've all grown to absolutely despise. Keep up the bad work - lowly standards are your specialty.

Your accusatory ramblings mean nothing because you've made yourself a target of ridicule and have zero credibility. When you feel down and lonely, remember those words.

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Have you guys been paying attention to Drudge - 017,069,346 PAST 24 HOURS. That's down 6 million in the last two weeks and almost twenty million in the last 24 months. Not to mention all his hits come from auto-refresh - same for GatewayPundit and other sites.

Seems to me that Drudge shit the bed with all his leftwing prop. Most people notice all the leftwing crap and his support for it. If I don't see ten stories about Jeb Bush and Hillary Clinton every day it must be a holiday. Tells you to have an exit plan and then continues to pump all the leftwing media he can find. This has been an ongoing and a noticeable item for quite some time. If you didn't notice it that's your own fault.

There is a reason why the alternative media exists - it's because the LSM refuses to do their job. And that's a job they were tasked to do and given special consideration and dispensation. That's why. They were protected and given special rights and abused each and everyone of them. When Drudge came along - and it was only because others wouldn't run the 'blue dress' story that he even got noticed. Drudge has been co-oped just like most others.

In my sig line I say - 'I fucking hate communists' - and there's a reason for that. Who the fuck are they to control what I know or say? They can go fuck themselves. I have the First Amendment in AMERICA. That's right - suck my balls. You don't like it - too bad.

I know the goal of all communists is to remove the FIRST Amendment and to shutter ALL speech. Meanwhile, the most abrasive speech has always come from the Communists and if any speech should be shuttered it's theirs'.

When alternative media - such as; Drudge becomes part of the echo-chamber you should ask why - you're not going to like the answer.

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No disrespect to BR - none at all. He's doing what he does - aggregating this topic. But it's getting outrageous watching O'Reilly deepthroat the LSM on Obama, Cruz, and Rubio. Does this imbecile have a gag reflex? Me thinks no.

I expect the LSM to suck so much ass that it makes a garbage disposal vomit - but this is getting ridiculous. I'm getting to the point that I expect O'Reilly to formalize an endorsement of known foreign national as his favorite.

Nothing could explain this other than this creep has a file that could be used for blackmail that's a mile wide and a mile deep. I'm getting to the point that I think O'Reilly must either be the Boston Strangler or the Central Park Rapist.

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O'Reilly knows his place in the elitist pecking order -

Rule One - when you're trying to be an elistist snob - don't overstep your boundaries with other elitist snobs.

Rule Two - if you overstep your level and attempt hobnobbery with the upper-crust of eliteism be prepare to be stomped back into place and reality. Expect your stomping to be a public humiliation.

Rule Three - once publicly stomped - it's literally impossible to get back into the elite class. No one wants to hang around with someone who dumb enough to be publicly smacked around for breaking Rule Two and was beaten down for all intelligentsia to see. Arrest and divorce records become public. Additionally, you no longer get to break the law with impunity and have a crooked judge save your ass. Sweetheart insider deals go out the window. Forget about your weekly pedophilia get-together. Forget about 100 percent pure Colombian cocaine. Tax free mansion in the Hamptons - All gone.

Rule Four - prepare to rejoin the lower tier of humanity - perish the thought. This only applies if you haven't trampled everyone on the way up the ladder otherwise you could end up dead under a bridge down by the river when the lower tier discovers you've reemerged and they want vengeance.

O'Reilly knows his place in the elite pecking order - and Trump is many levels ahead, like it or not, and I don't. O'Reilly got a recent reminder when his divorce testimony became public and there was a section where his step-daughter claimed he attempted to strangle her mother. That usually puts an uppity social climber back in line.

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Vic check out the first three videos here - most telling is the UN concealing identification on the sides of vehicles.

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According to the O-Holes - Berg is voluntarily surrendering his license - so he's not really being disbarred. He's simply putting his license in hibernation.

Plus the PA Bar Association will make sure that it's clear to all that Berg didn't get disbarred for using multiple aliases - because it doesn't say that in his public file.