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Obama: I am not responsible for the rise of Donald Trump - I didn't invite questions about my birth certificate

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Told YA -

“They’ve created ISIS. Hillary Clinton created ISIS with Obama,” Trump said.

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I'm stealing this from Don's post above -

Interviewer: “So when we get you elected, will you expose him for the usurping fraud he is?”
Cruz: “No, my main focus will be on repealing Obamacare.”

I don't know how you can look at Ted Cruz and not see a lying opportunist. He's another situational Constitutionalist, like Levin. These guys cherry pick the parts they like, will accept and will personally benefit.

Here's the deal people - Cruz filibustered funding ObamaCare - then when the filibuster was over he voted in favor of ObamaCare. So you have his supporters thinking he's some saint protecting their healthcare when all they remember is his filibuster - not the vote to fund it. In reality, he's a charlatan. What kind of a dreg would fund socialized medicine and then accept a waiver from Obama that exempted himself and his family.

Next - Ted Cruz co-sponsored a bill to audit the Fed - that's right, CO-SPONSORED. Then when the vote arose - he bailed. At least with the ineligible Rubio - you never have to worry that he's climbing on-board because he misses virtually every important vote. Again, Cruz's supporters think he's some saint that tackled the black-op Fed Reserve. Wrong. He's a fraud.

Do you happened to remember a little while back when I said that Cruz's supporters were incorrectly identifying themselves as Conservatives? Has anything happened since then to prove that statement incorrect. No, of course not. He's revealed himself to be underhanded and without scruples.

By the way folks - don't think that I consider Trump as a Conservative - and most here are on the same page - he's not. But, his value system is much more aligned with the Conservative platform on the overall shape and scope of government. Most people want government out of their lives and the faster the better. When government is smaller - they are less likely to get involved in your affairs and life. And that's what Americans want. That's why nanny Bloomberg bailed out.

Lastly, will Trump expose Obama? Who knows. I don't have any hopes for Trump other than stopping the global communists - for the moment. If that happens - America wins. You take your victories when and where you can.

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You'll know Arpaio and Zullo are ready to announce when you see bootlickers and sycophants getting Fuddied at light speed.

Dangerous times to be wrapped up in the biggest crime of all time. And quite frankly, they deserve it.

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This issue needs be concluded for the sake of the correct historical record and to save what's left of the Republic. Anything less is complicity and traitorous.

Arpaio and Zullo have little room for procrastination as most have had it with the three year delay.

That said - and against my better judgement - I'm giving them one last shot to retain credibility.

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There is an article posted at the UK Daily Mail about Carl Gallups' endorsement of Trump. Within the article the UK Daily claims that Gallups is a Sandy Hook Truther.

Actually, this is referring to Soetoro Esquire's interview with Gallups about two weeks ago. Soetoro Esquire correctly claims that David and Francine Wheeler are Hollywood actors. This is a proven fact outlined on many sites - Soetoro Esquire did nuke Sandy Hook when he established that the 'Sloppy Sniper' was David Wheeler on day two of the Sandy Hook docudrama.

The UK Daily is attempting to cast a shadow of doubt on Trump's endorsements, affiliations and associations. Soetoro Esquire is the 'guest' within the UK Daily article.

You'll be able to find the article rather easily - it's on the US side of the site.

Most here have had their issues with Gallups - but this is a stretch to say that Gallups is fringe kook that needs to be marginalized. Gallups credibility would have been off the charts had the Arpaio / Zullo pressers occurred when they were initially scheduled.

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I have a question for Cruz - where is your Selective Service Card?

If Sellin is right and I think he's over the target - Cruz could only have the card illegally and / or by fraud. The dates can not align based on Sellin's post.

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I've been reading the comments around the web on Cruz and most are calling him a fraud, liar and a conniving deceiver - especially at the GatewayPundit. That's why I believe the polls are totally skewed.

There is no way he is leading over Trump. It's simply the LSM screwing with the software to make it appear that Cruz has any chance to keep the NWO afloat.

Every week there is a new challenge to Trump's dominance that's purely fabricated.

In my opinion Trump is well over the magical fifty percent and little can stop him.

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With the Sheriff Joe endorsement for Trump - I wonder if Klayman is the attorney referenced by Trump.

That's logical.

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Kinda like when Obama got the al-Qaida and the CPUSA endorsements. Those were his most cherished.