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Kinda like when Obama got the al-Qaida and the CPUSA endorsements. Those were his most cherished.

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Cruz says he's prepared. Yep, prepared to sit this one out. And the next one too.

Even under the ridiculous Obama standard Cruz lacks anything remotely qualifying.

Better Trump ties him up now than the Commies later.

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The fact that few in the political establishment care how he died tells you something bad happened to one of the few remaining firewalls between America and fundamental change.

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The RNC should have sued Obama - now look at the mess they created by colluding with the scuzzy Democrats. They were warned by all too many times to count.

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Trump is going to have to go hardcore 'scorched earth' to clear the field of unqualified candidates. There is no other option. Trump needs to neutralize Rubio and Cruz not because they have a chance to win - but because we have two frauds illegally raising campaign contributions and deceiving the electorate.

Tonight in South Carolina Trump should formally announce he intends to sue both Rubio and Cruz on Monday morning. The Nation needs to hear that directly from Trump.

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Scalia DEAD -

Don't forget his warning - Scalia warns of Totalitarian designs on freedom.

Scalia: ‘Kidding yourself’ if you think internment camps won’t return

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I saw Sellin's article linked at the GatewayPundit earlier and have to give him credit for outstanding work.

This article dovetails with many of the suspicions many here have posted over the last two years.

I don't expect Cruz to clarify any of this because to date he relies on lies and the idiocy of his moronic base that incorrectly call themselves Conservatives.

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If Cruz were to miraculously win the nomination - Democrats will have new-found and sudden standing. This you know.

Wanna see the wheels fall off of Cruz? Watch the Democrats pin him to a courtroom for years.

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Cruz is having his presser conference now and he refused to answer how being born in Canada made him a Natural Born Citizen. He said Trump was losing it - that he is hysterical. Then went on to say that Trump would nuke Denmark. Truly outrageous statement from a man that told voters that another candidate had dropped out.

Cruz has refused to answer any issues surrounding his foreign birth with anything but disdain for citizens that want to candidates with no foreign allegiances.

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Corsi exposes Obama as a CIA operative. Falsified documents created by Brennan.

Hastings mentioned -