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Jim does a great job. And he has some really awesome posters there - bg being the best of all. Patty is really good too.

Jim almost died when he had a knee operation and an infection set-in last year (I think that's how it all went down, if my memory serves me well). Jim has made a few posts here on the board over the years and covers the birther issue now and then.

Jim gets a great breaking news item every now and then - in addition to covering Ferguson first hand.

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Wow, Fox News and Facebook Authorities - I'll bet that made posters shit their pants. I remember when Whoreldo got all involved in the Aruba mess - and a poster apologized for Whoreldo to Aruba before-hand, like he knew that there was gonna be some major embarrassments.

Lastly, there are few bigger racists than Gerry Rivers.

Remember, he said 'Republicans had it coming' in regards to the illegal amnesty by Hussein. Had it coming, huh? Really, because some 'archaic' people still believe that "borders" mean borders.

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Here's how you'll know that the announcement from the CCP is drawing near -

You'll hear GOP RINOs and the Black Caucus all saying - he only has two years left and we could never get the impeachment process concluded in that time frame.

When you start hearing that - know that it's all about to happen.

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@ Tony - regarding your question about the military -

I think it's a complex question - first of all we have been involved in wars a half a world away with cave dwellers and a pussified American public that has been taunting the military for 60 years. In other words - they are worn out. And the public is worn out. Most people don't even have the stomach to take it to ISIS - even with their display of brutality.

To lessen that public opinion - the DoD created departments like DARPA - and their killer robots, AI and drone divisions. Unfortunately, like all government departments - they mission statement is short lived and they venture into areas where they have no expertise. Even with the current rules of engagement it makes killing the enemy harder if not impossible. The idea is to hit them with everything you have and get the hell out as fast as possible - not be dragged into a protracted war that lasts years.

The reason wars are fought with people is so that the emotional side comes in due to the loss of life. And no one I know wants a person to lose their life - not even in a war. But that's why they are fought with people. They are fought until one side has had enough and is defeated. People don't get emotional when a robot is blown up - or when titanium and bolts are blown out of the sky in the form of a drone. No one cares. And you could theoretically build robots and drones in mass production until the end of time. However, that's not a good use of resources, materials, man-hours and humanity. This technology will eventually get away from it's handlers and cause all kinds of problems. That reminds me of ethics - which this country has certainly lost. Just because you can do something doesn't mean you should. And bio-medical ethics is a very dangerous slope. I see all kinds of things on-going that should never be attempted - and I think that's the Nazis legacy to us all, beside the horrendous loss of life. Screwing with the food supply with GMOs is extremely dangerous. But, I digress.

Your question is will the military jump in and save America from these traitors - I just don't know. I think if that were to have happened, it would have happened already. Others mentioned the "purge" and these are all essentially Caucasians. Further, if these "screw-ups" would have worked in any other department they would have been promoted using Hussein's line of thinking that the bigger the ass-hat you are the higher you rise. We saw that at the IRS, EPA, Treasury, and a host of other agencies. Yet, with the military they are punished for "perceived" crimes. This poker chip crime is real a laugher.

We have to always remember that communists aren't real smart and they can not control the future. They do dumb stuff like aligning with Muslims. And they're not known for brain power. They like to think they can control the future through their agendas, but rarely do they ever succeed. In my opinion they're gonna do something stupid, like every other time in history and the citizens will wipe them out. People are watching them very closely - so closely in fact that they gave this government one last chance to straighten it all out - that being the landslide election - if the citizens start seeing that it's all a show and start getting clued in that it's all a hoax - then you'll start seeing the the type of armed insurrection that will finally get this country back. And trust me - people are figuring out that it's all a hoax - and the communists can't let that happen. When the citizens start getting antsy - the communists are known for doing dumb things that start the whole house of cards falling.

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I wasn't real thrilled to read that a few hours ago. I'm sure no one else is anticipating the excitement. Seems these drills often go live.

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It's pretty funny about Hagel. He got rolled by some jackasses. And that's what he deserves for even joining up with these traitors. Now they say he wasn't up to the job. Most people remember Hagel as a moron from the get-go - but Obama nominated him and that's another reflection upon Obama.

Now, some woman is set to succeed Hagel - who wants to bet this is either another lesbian or a Muslim sympathizer.

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Really. Who cares if they riot. It's not like they need an excuse to riot anyway. They're all ready to riot over the "Gentle Giant" who robbed a convenience store and attacked a cop.

These #occutards are like a traveling plague of locusts that OFA and Soros ship around the country from one created "crisis" to another.

I know this much - I would never put my life in jeopardy over that thug and anyone who does deserves what they get.

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I can't wait to hear who will replace him.

Probably the head of ISIS.

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I mentioned awhile back that the new fight is for your birth right and heritage as an American and more specifically as a Natural. I made this correlation when I saw Feinstein standing next to a map of North America and it essentially said that it was ALL America. I think most would agree with that statement after the last few years.

Then lo-and-behold a group of internet hooligans starts attacking SovCits. They get their orders from OFA - so none of this is a coincidence.

After Obama's illegal blanket amnesty I believe that we are now in the home stretch of the NAFTA/CAFTA reshaping of North America. Little stands between the NWO and the final and permanent destruction of America. Literally everyone in the upper-echelon of Congress and this decrepit Administration knows where this is going. This isn't a secret to anyone paying attention and it's not just some loony conspiracy theory.

That brings me to my main point - all that stands between the final destruction of America is Zullo and Arpaio. I hate to heave such a lofty burden upon them - but that's where it stands - and people everywhere are watching.

The NWO could never accomplish this feat with a Natural Born Citizen. No NBC would intentionally destroy his own country and that's the main reason why the Founders included the NBC Clause. And why the NWO found this meat-puppet to accomplish their goals.

To the posters that have become impatient - I'm right there with them. It's impossible to watch what's happening and not want them to just let the chips fall where they may. Further, I don't believe all this "blacks will riot" non-sense if Hussein is exposed. That's just a fear tactic. And if they riot - let them riot. I just don't care. If Hussein is not removed after the pressers you can come back to my post and know I was right and America is finished and it was a 100 year scheme by the NWO and their puppets.

With each day that goes by we risk Hussein doing something that will literally collapse the country. Each day brings more risks and more damage - most of which can not be remedied.

Hussein said that everyone knows we're not gonna deport 11 million people. First of all it's more like 40 million and more arriving everyday. These people are not coming to America to become Americans - they are coming here from socialist countries to another socialist country that still has a reserve that has yet to be spent because it is produced from thin air on the bartering of future labor. This is the same group that thinks they can forcibly round up 600 million guns. And don't think that's not on the horizon. Then the scheme will be complete.

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