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Here it is posters - the reason why this Pope was installed. To give Obama an air of legitimacy at the expense of the Catholic Church. By the way - Moocher's gynecomastia looks spectacular. Might wanna wrap those up in a sock when meeting the fake bogus Pope.

Any Pope that would meet with this derelict after threatening to veto Planned Baby Killer Incorporated after all those Mengele-like videos deserves a false flag.

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Minion - Obama already exposed Obama. Eight years of bootlicking hasn't enlightened you one bit.

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I heard Scott Walker's concession speech a few days ago and just wanted to kick him right in the balls. He said he was getting out because the race was not turning out the way he envisioned. Then he encouraged the other retards in the GOP branch of the Uniparty to get out too so the remaining imbeciles could all attack Trump in unison.

Yep. Fer Real. What did he think was going to happen when the NWO rolled the American people right to their faces for the last 8 years. We steamrolled the NWO after ObamaCare in 2010, had our votes destroyed in 2012 - came back with the biggest landslide since Reagan and still not one item was stopped. Not one. Budget after budget was passed - and the people we elected joined the NWO right in front of our faces.

Walker must have been tone deaf to not see Trump on the horizon. And it could have been anyone who said the same things. Anyone saying what Trump says with conviction was going to go straight to the top. This isn't rocket science folks - it's the reality of the situation. Good riddance to Walker and the others like him. It's often said that America needs leaders - in my opinion - you can lead yourself and your own life without the NWO stooges backstabbing you at every turn. The faster the Uniparty dies the better it is for America and the world.

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What kind of Pope would meet with an illegal Resident that said God Bless Planned Baby Killer Inc.

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Putting a hardcore leftist in an evening gown doesn't make a legitimate Pope.

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Has Susan Sarandon murdered the fake bogus Pope yet? Or do we have to keep on waiting?

Also, I see the Pope will be holding five prayer sessions today - all asses aimed at Mecca.

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I was just reading back through some of the responses I get - sometimes I make a post and don't have time to reply to the well-thoughtout comments. Sometimes I don't get a chance to see a reply for a day or two. Life sometimes gets in the way.

I noticed this portion of a reply by SelfSovereign -

We have a herculean task before us to bring this counties civic culture back to one of individual liberty and not one morphing rapidly into collective tyranny.

First of all - let me state that I support this poster in all matters related to SovCits. Each and EVERY ONE. There is no need to have the Feds up our asses. This poster is a well versed poster that can run his / her own affairs and matters without any help from the Government. Just like the vast majority of you. We all want to be left the hell alone. What's some dang-gone hard about that.

Now to the SelfSovereign's snippet and my comment - we sure as hell have a Herculean task ahead of us. No one can look at the state of affairs and not see what's coming down the road. That's why were all still here. I know that you're all still here and BR continues because you actually care about what's left of this country. It's really that simple. You could vent to your spouse, your dog, your neighbor - but you get a chance to tell people far and wide your thoughts here.

I know there are times when you just want to throw your hands up and quit - but you won't. It's not in your nature. It's not a part of your DNA. You fight because you know in your heart that you're right - and the last 2000 years have proven you correct - you have history as your guide. So, you warn everyone you can. That's a Godly gift. You use it wisely even though you receive little to no personal benefit.

This snippet by SelfSovereign reminded me of a time when we could do anything. And that's the real treasure of living - you get to learn and pass that information down to people who have never heard it before. You become the teacher and historian of a time some want forgotten. But you can't let that happen because you understand the consequences.

I learned along the way that there are so many people that stand on the side of truth against tyranny - that want to unite and restore this country to it's greatness - and it is a Herculean task - but together we can and will do it. Remember folks - together we are strong. And we are united in one thing - the American Dream and being able to pass on what we were left.

Never let anyone put you down for believing in America - and wanting to preserve greatness.

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I noticed something interesting in a FinancialTimes article about VW - I have to admit I wasn't sure whether it was real or something the AlternativeMedia cooked up. Now it looks real. You might recall that this is alleged to be some sort of 43 trillion dollar NWO scheme - I haven't heard about it in a while and it appeared to have been swept under the rug. I also wonder if this is connected to all the bankers tossing themselves out of windows.

VW emission test cheating rocks Europe’s carmakers

Stuart Pearson, analyst at Exane BNP Paribas, said VW was unlikely to have been the only company to game the system globally. “The artificial gaming of emissions tests threatens to become the car industry’s Libor moment,” he said.

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Although I don't agree or trust Trump 100%, he drives the political establishment and media completely nuts. That alone, at this point in the race, is good enough for me.

Exactly right. And there is always the chance that he could expose the complicit. The panic is real because the treason is real.

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Don - perhaps you answered why Obama needed to be sworn in twice - once behind closed doors.