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The Caliphate is linked to the Paradas drug cartel - that was new to me - but appears real. This is the biggest drug cartel in the world. I'm not one hundred percent correct I have the spelling right and there is another name associated. Frankly, I never heard of this cartel until Hodges discovered the link.

That brings me to Glenn Beck - he was screaming about the Caliphate for years - he got the wrong Caliphate and that makes me wonder if he was intentionally fed bad info - especially after he hired morons from MSNBC to facilitate his move to the mainstream.

Additionally, Beck said it was all Iran and the 13th Madhi from the well. They do believe that. And that is true - but how could anyone miss this al-Baghdadi connection - unless it was intentional.

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This has been on my mind for a while and I kept forgetting to post it.

If you believe ole SerpentHead - It's the economy, Stupid. And it is. It's always the state of the American economy that determines the next election cycle.

This Obama economy is total shit. Everyone knows it. But this time around - it's not the economy - it's the Muslim invasion. Who wants their kid's school blown-up by Obama's rebels - not me, not you. Who wants to get on a subway car and see five Syrians carrying backpacks. Not me, not you. Everyone is willing to live with the horrendous economy and barely survive - IF - someone halts the monstrous vermin from the Middle East.

Trump jumped this issue first and was passionate - therefore he will capitalize the most and in all likelihood be the next LEGAL President, provided we make it to the next election without the Muslim potentate stealing it for a third time.

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That's a good point - because no one in America has a keyboard. And it does lend credence to the operation to shut down Obama dissenters.

In the meantime - Obama will continue to govern against the people and traditional American values.

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Rhodes says that Obama's strategy of containing his rebels to the Western Hemisphere is paying off.

Obama meant that ISIS had only been 'contained' GEOGRAPHICALLY, claims his adviser in damage control interview after the President was criticized for comments

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Leading is impossible - that leaves one option.

It’s time for Obama to make a choice: Lead us or resign

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I was just over at the Gateway Pundit - and Jim Hoft has a GUEST post - no idea why he has a guest post at his own site unless he wrote it for another site and copied it over. Strange, none the less.

Anyway - the post is about Obama's weakness in confronting ISIS. And how they make him look ridiculous. Hoft recounts the entire history of pulling out of Iraq and the vacuum creates ISIS. The pull out was designed to create ISIS so they could capture the area and start a civil war. Obama couldn't have our troops there and witnesses to his creation of ISIS.

ISIS was created to fight Assad when Obama was unable to convince the American public that we needed to invade Syria. Then ISIS caused so much mayhem and bloodshed that Obama thought the American people would demand he put boots on the ground - and confront Assad, Russia and Iran. The same Iran that Obama had been secretly negotiating with for well over five years. al-Baghdadi is a CIA creation, plain and simple. This guy was in an Iraqi jail until he was freed.

Wrong. Lookie guys and gals - Obama, Rice, Donilon, McCain, Graham, Clinton, Clapper, Brennan, Rhodes, Powers and Soros CREATED ISIS. They funded, directed and covered for them as the Caliphate marched unimpeded through Iraq and Syria.

I have posted this stuff repeatedly over the years. Posting it isn't enough - I posted the screen shots of the chemical weapons purchases from Saudi Arabia. You might recall this is the video were the rabbits were killed in a glass terrarium. Barrels of chems were shown in the video. These attacks killed countless civilians. I found that footage on the some Facebook version set-up for the Middle East and used by ISIS and their affiliates. They were brazen enough to video themselves launching the weapons into neighborhoods.

Obama tried to blame Assad for the chemical attacks - but by then it leaked out that Obama's rebels did it. These were the attacks by al-Nusra in Raqqa.

Then I noticed there were hundreds of brand new Toyota trucks - Soetoro Esquire also made mention of it. There is now an investigation into the Toyota trucks - turns out they were stolen from an Australian Toyota port. Problem - Australians use right hand drive cars and trucks - these were all left hand drive - like are used in America, so someone intentionally shipped those trucks from Japan to Australia and then shipped them to the Middle East. Only the State Department could have done that. It's that simple. This investigation will go nowhere because it will lead right back to the State Department and Toyota doesn't seem too concerned.

Then there were all the weapons drops and supplies that went to ISIS. Then the $500 million used to create 15 fighters to take on ISIS - where did that money go. There is so much more that links Obama and his global communists to ISIS that I could take up three pages just posting it all.

Look, Hoft can write whatever he wants - it's his site - but he's not even remotely close to the truth and he furthers the myth that Obama didn't create, fund and direct ISIS with that garbage. He's doing a disservice by propagating this nonsense.

Obama recently said that the Taliban will not be under any further assault by the US military. They're our friends now. Obama also armed al-Qaida. There's a terrorist lurking around, it doesn't take much to see his identity.

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Regarding the "Syrian Refugees" - most people got out of Syria years ago - they are mostly in Jordan in tent camps with some dispersed in neighboring countries. Anyone still left in Syria is either an ISIS militia member or an imported mercenary.

Syria is now a training ground for the Jihadis of the future - and under the NWO / UN plan those terrorists are being shuttled around the Western Hemisphere to further destabilize it.

When you have people like Merkle saying there should be tolerance for the refugees less than a day after the French attacks you have to know she is either bribed or blackmailed to sell out her country.

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And then he has Comer go on the record and say there is no way to screen them all. There's hiss escape hatch, or so he thinks.

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Brennan met with the French BEFORE terror attack -

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Tonight is a good night to ask the Utopians what happened. After 80 years of bringing everyone together - it all failed.

We couldn't have a Coke and a Smile. We couldn't be ebony and ivory. We couldn't bring the oil rich Muslims into the Western hemisphere and not be murdered. Why did you Utopians fail us all. We were here waiting - giving billions of our hard earned tax dollars and you couldn't make it work. You kept oil and fuel prices sky high so we would be sharing the wealth - and the whole thing collapsed under your half black president.

Race riots with billionaires and the middle class who pays the bills has shrunk. Any explanation for all that.

Apparently, you all were not prepared for your social utopia. So, everyone will suffer under your foolish leftist guidance. And that's always the result.

The one result we can all live with - you always create more conservatives due to your own shitty ineptitude.