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Does anyone else get the feeling that Cruz's platitudes are simply a means to gain higher national office? I don't get the impression that any of it is sincere at all. When Reagan spoke he touched your inner-being. With Cruz I just hear words strung together that his focus groups have decided sell well to an audience starving for the traditional America. Further, I think he struggles to pass the message on with any type of conviction.

I think a poster above indicated that Cruz must be comfortable with Obama as the Resident. That notion is multi-layered and deep - imagine a person who claims to be for law and order simply sitting there and never mentioning the illegal #occupation occurring - that's disturbing. Additionally, Cruz says he's all about the Constitution - yet the most important parts are devoid from his thought process. This strikes me as a man willing to go to any lengths to achieve his goals. Ultimately someone like that has to place America second in his paradigm.

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w0w, you spent your entire day in fantasy land. And then you disable the comments so you don't get your feelings hurt when the other BIN nutbags rip you a new asshole.

Way to go there Co-Intel-Phone-Company.

Oh, I almost forgot -


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I had a feeling Chuckles C. Johnson was after Walker next - I'm not crazy about Walker, but he's 300 percent more American than Johnson's tri-national candidate. Perhaps, someone should inform Johnson that Cruz may not have any type of American citizenship other than squatting on a Senate seat.

Charles C. Johnson @ChuckCJohnson · 34s 35 seconds ago

Secret $1.5 million donation from Wisconsin billionaire uncovered in Scott Walker dark-money probe https://www.yahoo.com/politics/wisconsin-gov-scot... … #TedCruz

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How cute - your best work yet. Our little internet garbage disposal has another outburst. I think a Nephilim ate your brain and then spit it back out due to decayed matter.

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When Obama appeared on the scene it revealed just how many communists are present in America - Joe MCarthy was absolutely right - and it explains the unprecedented attacks upon him. Obama received the CPUSA endorsement TWICE and they didn't run a candidate in either selection. Obama also received the al-Qaida endorsement and many were trying to distance him from that endorsement by saying - 'who wants that endorsement'. After the way things have shaken out regarding Israel and ISIS is there any doubt that Obama is man diametrically opposed to all things naturally American?

Ted Cruz's illegal power grab has revealed just how many Uniparty members are masquerading in the Republican Party. Groups like Overpasses For America and some TEA Party affiliates. I mentioned a while back that almost all of the Conservative / Republican platforms were infiltrated. The last few days have proven that hypothesis correct.

The amount of pretzel logic and mental gymnastics needed to defend foreign-born Cruz is astonishing, and expected. Qualified candidates stand on their own and do not need an online army to defend their status.

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Doesn't trying change the definition umpteen times in SUB-COMMITTEE validate your post.

Whenever I hear Gang Of . . . I know that's a group of un-American co-conspirators.

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I have to question the intelligence of anyone relying upon Dr. Pill for career and relationship advice. Especially when you consider his track-record.

Megyn Kelly credits Dr. Phil for inspiring career change

“Back in the day when I was unhappily married and unhappily working, I heard a brilliant man by the name of Dr. Phil say, ‘The only thing between you and someone you envy is that you settled for less,’” said Kelly, who is celebrating her first anniversary in primetime at Fox News.

Kelly is another reason to tune out FOX and their watered-down version of informative news.

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Lookie - you can not change the DNA of a Natural Born Citizen. It is what it is. As Commander Kerchner said; you have adjectives describing the stated and natural intent.

You can't make a dog a cat and you can't stick breast on Bruce Jenner and make him a woman. He's still a man with breasts.

At the molecular level a Natural Born Citizen has differing and distinguishable attributes - pretending they do not exist doesn't negate the fact that they're still there - under the layers and not always visible to the naked eye.

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He's already knocked Jeb around. Not sure what more he could have on him since he already did the investment scheme.

I have a feeling it's Scott Walker - he doesn't like him at all.

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So, he had to admit it before it came out and it's not a rumor any longer. Maybe he'll tell us where his father disappeared to for several years. Father fought for the Communists and this is someone Republicans are clamoring for. Chuckles C. Johnson said he vetted Cruz and there is nothing there. HA!

I wonder what his father's views are on political prisoners.