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Let's break this down -

In it's purest form - the Natural Born Citizen must meet an entirely different definition than the Statutory or Naturalized Citizen. Otherwise there would be no need to define each according to a criterion. Now, remember folks, all citizens are equal - EXCEPT when it comes to the office of the Presidency. This is where the seperate set of standards are in play.

One does not wonder why - it's to prevent an immoral derelict from usurping the office and destroying the country from within. Further, any nation would want to prevent outside allegences beyond their ratified Constitution.

With Cruz's KNOWN international baggage - how could he ever meet the simpiest standard - that of the Naturalized when there are no supporting documents that can be verified by independent experts NOT tied to the RNC / DNC.

If Cruz lies about his personal and professional life to this degree - doesn't it make sense that he's lying about his status? I think it does.

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On the most basic level - how can a person born in Canada be Natural Born Citizen of America. You have to suspend all rational thought to qualify Ted Cruz.

Further, 'foreign born' and renouncing your citizenship in another country for political expediency reveals even more about Cruz's devious methods.

Not trusted by me and most others.

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Mister Cruz - you were born in Canada. That is a stated fact. How does that make you a Natural Born Citizen of America.

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Furtive, one article is by Chuck Johnson - who doxxed his way to a ban at Twitter and threatened some 'targets'. Again, he threatened to release the jackpot on Obama and disappointed, as usual.

One link is to the DailyDildo and the other says the Wiki link was removed.

Are you trying to remain credible - or have you surrendered?

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Furtive - Are you aware that there are posters here who believe good will triumph over evil, that wrongs will be righted, those persecuted by this tyrannical administration will get their justice.

Do you know that those people are united behind Donald Trump.

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Hillary Clinton will be back on the 'birther' bandwagon as soon as Obama has her indicted for her homebrew server. And to clear her out for 'HighCheeks' Warren - the heir apparent to Obama's Communist revolution.

And she's a mega-bitch.

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Interesting article - from Taitz's site and linked at RedFlag - Clinton email scandal. Taitz suing for full access.

⚑ New Hillary emails reveal correspondence about suspicious timing of Bin Laden raid to cover for Obama’s use of stolen CT Social Security number and fabricated IDs

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Thank you Furtive. At least you didn't cannibalize another article that had nothing to do with any topic here.

Don't forget to give yourself a thumbs up from your phone.


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Furtive, I get it that you like to ride my coattails on a thoughtful and informative post. It happens all the time. We both know it. However, please try harder on any future replies.

Thank you very little.

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It dawned on me a few weeks ago that the Establishment (both Republican and Democrat) are worried to death that Trump is going to get his hands on some deep dark secrets. That's the worry.

9-11, where he lives? Stolen TARP and Stim-U-Loss. FED Reserve? Who knows, the list is endless.

Trust me my friends - they kill people for knowing too much. Ask Edward Snowden, the idiot genius who stole the Motherlode. The Establishment wanted to try him on treason - and you would have never known about the globalists violation of the Fourth Amendment.

There's something they don't want Trump to know - and that's what we all need to know.