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Of course that occurred to me as well. I looked online for the New Balances with the blue tip - I used 2012 as a search criteria and found none. Those appear to be the shoes in the USA Track Jacket photo and the soles may have been photochopped in yellow.

Not sure what's going on here - but I know Parker loves running shoes - and that guy in the USA Track Jacket is Parker.

If you leave those shoes yellow - Parker is photoed in other images with yellow shoes. Someone would have connected that in a second flat.

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Here is the other image of Parker - one above posted yet has no library image.No idea how that occurred.

 photo RobbieParker3_zps87065780.jpg


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The other day I noticed this picture posted by FatherTime. It's been posted before. And then it occurred to me - THAT'S Robbie Parker in the USA Track Jacket. Follow me here. If that's Robbie Parker, and I'm 98 percent sure due to head shape, hair, and overall-posture and body type - it means that Robbie Parker was at the school before the Sandy Hoax shooting was alleged to have occurred. Wait a second - how could Robbie Parker be at the school BEFORE the shooting? I spent the last two days looking at thousands of Sandy Hook images - and guess what - this guy in the USA Track Jacket is no where to be seen in any other picture. Notice the jeans. Continued below -

PhotoBucket will not allow the upload of this complete image - I had to open it and screen capture then crop it to remove formatting cues embedded in the image to prevent a PB blackout. This is Parker in my opinion. PhotoBucket blocking the image reinforces that in my mind.

 photo USATrackJacket3_zpsd267911b.jpg

Here's an iconic image of Robbie Parker - the heroic father running to save lives. Parker removes the USA Track Jacket circles around to make his grand entrance. Notice the jeans. They're the same. Are these the same shoes? Or did he change those when he removed the track jacket.

 photo RobbieParker_zpsc717edfd.jpg

Robbie Parker - now the inconsolable crisis actor.

 photo RobbieParker2_zps6b3e370c.jpeg

More images of Robbie Parker and his favorite footwear - running shoes. Always New Balance or Asics.

 photo RobbieParker4_zps3acf6615.jpg

This image is also blocked by PhotoBucket. I had to screen capture, crop and remove embedded codes to get it to load.

 photo RobbieParker7_zps63db184b.jpg

In the event that these images did not load - here are the direct links.

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In the mind of an O-Hole - it's a good idea to overtake one sixth of the US economy with a new program called ObamaCare and then OVERWHELM that system with the most deadly diseases known to mankind.

Thanks Cloward / Piven.


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Where would Americans get their Ebola if not for Clinical Specialist Obama.

Obama claims he's launching a War on Ebola - it will probably last as long as the War on Poverty - and to really make matters interesting - Obama will allow the opposition troops access to our troops and borders.

I smell a Nobel for medicine on the horizon for the smartest man to have ever lived.

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If you think it's getting bad with Democrats who don't want to be tied to Obama - just wait a few more weeks and watch Zullo and Arpaio drop that Gay Indonesian Hooker down a flight of stairs.

Democrat politicians are more afraid of Obama than Ebola. It's literally the same thing. Obama is the Ebola of politics.

Dems’ West Virginia Senate Candidate Won’t Mention Obama by Name When Asked Whom She Voted For

Democrats’ Senate candidate in West Virginia, Natalie Tennant, would not mention President Obama by name when asked whom she voted for in the previous election.

Two other Democratic Senate candidates, Alison Lundergan Grimes of Kentucky and Michelle Nunn of Georgia, have recently refused to answer questions about whom they supported when President Obama, unpopular in all their states, was on the ballot.

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Ann Coulter is exceptionally deluded. I can't help but notice all the comments from alleged conservatives thinking Cruz is the man. 300 million Americans - can we find at least one Natural Born Citizen.

Ann Coulter Hopes Mitt Romney is the GOP Nominee for 2016!

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Another win for Klayman. Suck it O-Holes. Looks like Holder and Cole are going to jail to protect Obama. Expect more to go to jail for the treason in the near future.

Eric Holder’s Top DOJ Deputy Resigns After Fast And Furious Documents They Withheld Are Made Public

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This is the best line from the article -

“Fortunately, Michelle had her EBT card,” Mr. Obama said.


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Will you kindly shut the fuck up and go back to Storm Troopers. This isn't a website for you.