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I saw Sellin's article linked at the GatewayPundit earlier and have to give him credit for outstanding work.

This article dovetails with many of the suspicions many here have posted over the last two years.

I don't expect Cruz to clarify any of this because to date he relies on lies and the idiocy of his moronic base that incorrectly call themselves Conservatives.

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If Cruz were to miraculously win the nomination - Democrats will have new-found and sudden standing. This you know.

Wanna see the wheels fall off of Cruz? Watch the Democrats pin him to a courtroom for years.

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Cruz is having his presser conference now and he refused to answer how being born in Canada made him a Natural Born Citizen. He said Trump was losing it - that he is hysterical. Then went on to say that Trump would nuke Denmark. Truly outrageous statement from a man that told voters that another candidate had dropped out.

Cruz has refused to answer any issues surrounding his foreign birth with anything but disdain for citizens that want to candidates with no foreign allegiances.

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Corsi exposes Obama as a CIA operative. Falsified documents created by Brennan.

Hastings mentioned -

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I want to see Trump kick Cruz's ass as much as anyone else due to Cruz's attempted usurpation. However, he should aim some vitriol at Obama - he's the retard that started this chain-reaction.

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Tell them he was a co-sponsor of the Audit The Fed Bill - and he didn't even vote for it.

Tell them his biggest claim was the ObamaCare filibuster - and he shut that down and then voted in favor, like everyone else.

Tell them he got a loan from what most consider the most criminal banking empire on the planet - Goldman Sachs - where his wife happened to be a 'former' executive, on leave, while Ted does his illegal fundraising and cavorting. And of course, selling influence and favoritism, especially to Goldman Sachs, as needed.

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Most posters have the same thoughts on Cruz - he's a lying, deceitful, traitorous and seditious convoluted twisted bent bag of repulsion.

Last night he had the unmitigated gall to go on the offensive and question Trump's NBC status - that took a whole new level of stupidity to attack your political adversary on your weakest point - especially since that poll yesterday that indicated that 25 plus percent of the GOPe will not vote for Cruz based on one fact alone - guess which one. Yeah, that one.

Trump should ask Rubio - or Romney - why Rubio didn't get the VP nod. It was because Romney's internal polling found that 15 percent would not vote for Romney if Rubio was on the ticket. Guess why.

Then there's this - read how Cruz validates Obama. You'll see it.

"But the facts and the law here are really quite clear," the Cruz continued. "Under longstanding U.S. law, the child of a U.S. citizen born abroad is a natural born citizen. If a soldier has a child abroad that child is a natural born citizen. That's why John McCain, even though he was born in Panama, was eligible to run for president. If an American missionary has a child abroad that child is a natural born citizen. That's why George Romney, Mitt's dad, was eligible to run for president even though he was born in Mexico."


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Someone posted a link on one of the previous threads and the link is questioning whether Cruz is any kind of citizen of the United States. And under no circumstances does he meet the stringent requirements to be a Natural.

This is precisely the point I made on numerous occasions. All Citizens are equal - and that's part of the American Experiment that another poster was asking about a week or so ago. The KEY ingredient for the American Experiment is the People / Citizens would be self-ruled GOVERNED and the military would be commanded by civilians. Quite the novel concept for people working under 1500 years of the Dark Ages.

And, there were people who never thought it would work - and others that wanted to destroy it before it ever got off the ground. You see the fruits of that 300 year labor today.

In my opinion, Cruz seems like a nice enough person - until he lies, deceives and usurps. A little while back Cruz was being questioned if he was a citizen before his Senate run. On the other hand - you have to figure that any spouse of a Goldman-Sachs executive that can spew out three coherent sentences in a row WILL run for office - because that's how they roll.

Just because Cruz's mother was born in Delaware (home of Joe Biden - the Delaware Doofus, as he's unaffectionately called) - doesn't mean that she didn't relinquish that status. The Breit-Brats say she may have voted in a Canadian election. That's a no-no unless you're a citizen. If his mother was voting in elections illegally, she should just register as a Democrat and get moved to the head of the line.

Plenty of people relinquish their American Citizenship - more than ever under Obama, and move to another country - and start a new life. They have kids and those kids are generally accepted as Birth Right (Anchor Babies, in some cases) Citizens even though they are not Natural to the country. Cruz is not Natural to America - he wasn't born here, his mother left and had him in another country - and his father was never a citizen prior to his birth.

What we have here is an opportunist. Plain and Simple. Someone with so little respect for America that he's doing it great harm. It's clear - Obama doesn't love America nor Americans. With Cruz, you just expected more, well, atleast some did. Others weren't fooled and told you as much when he opened his SuperPac over a year ago.

Cruz has little chance to win - but that doesn't lessen the severity of his crimes.

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Could have saved Obama all the trouble of creating fraudulent documents since now anyone born anywhere is now eligible to rule over the serfdom.

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18 million watched Trump in the last Republican debate - 8 million watched Communist Sanders in the Commie debate.

Hillary took a two hour dump and no one missed her.