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It's rather funny watching Scoots rack-up all his indignation whenever Soetoro Esquire posts about the government sanctioned shootings. Like he was personally harmed after he ADMITTED ON A PUBLIC BOARD that he lost his handgun. Such righteous indignation like Christ had spoken - whom he denied as an atheist. And he did say that many times, publicly.

Hey fuck-nut - how many people were shot with your LOST gun. And it wasn't lost according to you - you were negligent. So don't come on here and spew to posters when you're the least responsible. Most want you to shut the hell up.

Here's a message from me to you Scoots - go fuck yourself. You're the imbecile that most hate - and most hate your childishness and crappy stories. Go back to ATS and pretend that nothing is a conspiracy - while pretending you're at the fore front of the Obama conspiracies. Hypocrite.

Remember Scoots - I loathe your slimy ass.

Lastly - remember what I said a few weeks ago - I want to see you drop dead. And your cohort too.

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Pastor Bandini - if I recall correctly, McCain actually destroyed three jets that were assigned to him - including the jet on the flight deck of the USS Forrestal. Another incident occurred when he was shot down - not sure how much of that was his fault, but he was known as a terrible aviator and student. This incident led to him being captured.

The third incident in the illustrious career of McCain is sketchy and there aren't many details other than an additional plane was destroyed. It's mentioned as almost a footnote.

If you look up the USS Forrestal fire you'll certainly see the devastation McCain brought where ever he went. It's his lifelong pattern.

I do admit reluctantly voting for him - and that's because I recognized Obama as a global threat to mankind.

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They meant the Communist Manifesto. Now it makes sense.

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That's either Jihad John or his twin - the body movements are identical. Anyone who has seen the tape can easily recognize the body structure and movements as a nearly perfect match - I say it is perfect and it is Jihad John. It also explains why the Raqqa backdrop was added later. ISIS are immoral demonic satanists - but they don't want hellfire rained down when they pop out of their liars.

Additionally, as soon as the Brits identified him he disappeared. So, where did McCain and Obama hide him?

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Ted - as I mentioned, Martin Luther King's Dream has died a miserable death. So much for the color blind society, especially from the alleged First Black President. He singly and underhandedly killed it all on his own.

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Bob - you always make good informed posts. I know you pay attention to all the national and international dynamics.

First - I don't hate Trump. Trump considered running for President in 1988. So, this isn't really anything new. I think he is a smart businessman - but yet his contributions to Democrats can not be overlooked, as Hannity suggested. Hannity said that any smart businessman would attempt to garner favor with Democrats in the areas where Trump wanted to do business. I don't necessarily believe that's a mortal lock. If you believe that you must bribe Democrats (communists) to do business - then yes, it makes sense.

It's literally impossible for me to separate those two. Those donations go to candidates that are for infanticide and the Godless selling of fetal body parts. They also go to the same candidates who support the illegal infiltration of America by the Centrals and Mexicans who are coring out America from within.

do you believe Trump can ever recover from a gaff which will subject him to the pounding his POW comments will.

It all depends on what Trump does next - and he is unpredictable. Most people on the Right already have a firm opinion of McCain - and it's not a good opinion. McCain is attempting to insulate himself from criticisms that are rightly deserved by tossing out his force-field of invincibility by using his POW status. Let's face it - McCain is responsible for much of the mess you see in every sector of America. Further, McCain helped create ISIS - these are the most barbaric sub-humans since the Nazis. Obama said they can only defeated by better ideas - I say we justifiably murder each and every last one of them no matter how long it takes and how much treasure we need to spend. And that includes those that funded and facilitated the chain reaction you see ongoing.

In my opinion - Trump is harming himself by running as a Republican because the brand has been destroyed by the likes of McCain and Graham, not to mention many others. And, again, let's face it - there is no GOP - it's a few conservatives and a hot mess of liberals in the Republican leadership and ranks. Funding and propping the Regressive Regime is not opposition.

Typically, I would tell you that Trump's economic background would be the probable cure for America - however, with 20 trillion in debt and 150 to 250 trillion in unfunded liabilities we're past the point of restructuring debt. The goals of the communists - as you mentioned - is to drag Obama across the finish line - then blame someone else when the whole thing collapses. By the way - that's not gonna happen because the economy is perilously close to a complete global meltdown. China is going into a depression and that's what happens when their number one trading partner - America - doesn't have the capacity to consume. Further, we have little manufacturing - so we won't be able to right our own ship when China slides under.

Trump should stay on the attack and continue to hammer the Uniparty - because that's what makes their blood boil and it exposes what most here already know - but it gains a wider audience.

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Devastating article I posted earlier this year about traitorous John McCain - if you can read and comprehend the meaning of words - you'll learn many new items.

John McCain: When "Tokyo Rose" Ran for President

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Interestingly enough - you're EXACTLY as stupid as I thought.

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The shooter’s real name is Mohammad Youssuf Saeed Al-Hajjaj born September 5th, 1990 and gained a temporary Jordanian passport.

Sounds like Saudi infiltrators posing as a family and acting as a sleeper cell. Probably using forged documents crafted in Riyadh. That's where this goes.