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Looks like an admission that Holder used his wife's and mother's email accounts to send out criminal directives. Several department heads are accused of similar misconduct.

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Leftists don't fear Christ - the magic spaghetti monster, so they mock Him. However, for Godless Atheistic dregs they sure fear the hell out of Allah and his messenger, piss be upon him.

They fear the death cult who might whack-off their heads. So, they bow down. Christians do not impose the same fear on Atheists.

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Probably because he applied for and accepted Foreign Student Aid status, sealed the records of such - had his law license stripped out from under his carcass for not disclosing other identities that he operated under and it's been one series after another of staying one step ahead.

Applying for aid as "Soetoro" as an adult shows intent to deceive if his real name is "Obama", and we know it's not.

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So, why is the populace taking Ebola so seriously? Because it has the potential to take down the entire globe - that's why. Notice I didn't say that any government was taking it seriously. Ebola kills indiscriminately. This isn't the kind of thing that you need to have sex with an infected person. You don't have to be a certain race, nor a certain sex. Ebola looks for a host, like government, to infect, act as a transmitter and then kill. It's a rather simple cycle. Additionally, failure to contain Ebola to the shores of Africa demonstrates the level of incompetence we see on a daily basis from radical left. A solution to a problem has been broken down to it's lowest common denominator - how to spin an event or story to benefit them personally. No solutions will be forth coming - but the problems will mount until it all goes sideways. A major malfunction within the leftist movement is thinking that the world will trust them to fix what they destroyed.

As most of us have discovered over the course of our lifetimes by watching leftists in action - they do not take real threats seriously and make up their own politically driven agenda based on the events they are able to create and then convince the public are real. This also explains why every true threat they have gotten involved with becomes exponentially worse and the problem exacerbates itself until it becomes a global problem. The laundry list of leftist muck is quite long. Due to the reactionary-leftist's historical track record of wrecking everything in sight - Ebola has the potential to become a global catastrophe.

A few days ago I said we were living in the "Era of Experts Who Know Nothing'. From Junk-Science to Junk-Finance to Junk-Medicine. No one knows anything about anything. Appointments are based purely upon political debt. And it's every sector. This is the typical leftist thought pattern - put a guy like Panetta in to run the CIA even though he has no experience. This is the paradigm throughout the Socialist/Maxrist/Communist Western Hemisphere. The reason the left thinks this strategy will work is because they think a Central Office will call all the shots and formulate the response. They only need a puppet to represent the Central Planners and act like an expert and mouthpiece. When you have a lazy unqualified buffoon at the top of the Central Office things are bound to go haywire. Central Planning takes people with experience and knowledge. Something lacking from top to bottom in this decrepit Administration.

Junk-Medicine - two of ObamaCare's finest decided to fly around the country for a bridal fitting and drove around the city to go bowling using Uber - even though they both thought they might be ill with a deadly pathogen. Did these healthcare administrators skip the classes on deadly and contagious diseases. I guess we should all be thankful for the exceptional level of precaution exercised by two professionals who will be a part of the biggest wrecking-ball the world has ever seen. When people who have been "educated" act so cavalierly we all have cause for concern. Unfortunately, that message has been lost on the Central Planners at Government House.

The Obama Administration counts on a short news cycle - they are always on watch for - or are creating - the next event to move the narrative. It's gonna take a global changing event for Ebola to move to the back of the bus and that's because most people understand the seriousness of the situation.

Most people do not feel very secure when the Central Planners are aloof, disengaged and disinterested. The Federal Government's main priority - J-O-B O-N-E - is to protect America and Americans. Allowing deadly diseases into the country and placing the entire population at risk is treasonous and a violation of the Oath of Office.

I previously said that ObamaCare has the potential to be used to deny political opposition medical care - and then yesterday I see that Ebola Care may be rationed. Knowing how leftists think and act can save your life.

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Whenever a candidate resorts to race - it's almost like saying he has a disability that has impeded his progress. He's not saying 'I have experienced some hardships, but so has everyone else. I have risen above my challenges and that makes me a better person and a better choice'.

All he's saying is 'I'm black and this is an affirmative action campaign and you owe me this job'. It also provides a nice spot on the mantle for blame when he loses. That's not American. That's someone who has failed to assimilate into a country that has given people from around the world a chance - based on nothing more than getting here. That sad part is he was born here - and couldn't assimilate into his own country.

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“Vote for Anthony Brown as Maryland’s first African-American Governor.”

Brown should have said - Vote for Anthony Brown as Maryland's first Illegal-Alien as Governor. That has more impact and Democrats love anything that has the potential to destroy America.

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Dem Gun Nut Arrested -

Busted: Ferguson Police Arrest Anti-Gun Dem. Senator with a Loaded 9mm (Maybe Drunk, Maybe Not)

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I've seen alot of posters attacking Soetoro Esquire lately, most of this is leftwing psycho-babble. However, there are some posters that think they own this site and are attempting to administrate what's posted and said. Some like to logout and then log as a guest to ram in their cheap shot. Who do you think you're fooling here?

I've yet to see the owner of this amazing site tell Soetoro Esquire to stop posting. That tells me that he has the owner's blessing to post. The owner if this site knows what's going on here night and day.

In fact - Soetoro Esquire was a guest with Mike Shoesmith. How many of you have been a guest with Mike Shoesmith? Soetoro Esquire did a nice job - laid out his thoughts and Shoesmith was intrigued by his presence on the show. Kudos to Soetoro Esquire.

I know one thing - if you're against Soetoro Esquire and his pursuit of the truth - you're my enemy. He's been polite, defined and knowledgeable. I wouldn't give you morons the compassionate beating he lays out, at all. You're not gonna drive him from this site or stop him from posting. I'm proud that someone came along and shares my passion. Someone who doesn't bow down to Alinsky tactics and uses them in reverse. That's a problem for those that want to control the dialogue.

Posting the truth is a passion - you either have it or you don't. And don't pretend you do.

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However, Mark Steyn, a conservative columnist and substitute host for Rush Limbaugh’s Thursday show, argues using the birther argument to attempt to end Obama’s presidency is the wrong way to go. You want it to end after his policies are discredited, Steyn argues.

Steyn makes my point. I have been saying forever that Limbaugh, Hannity, Levin, Coulter, Malkin, et. al., have been arguing and debating the Obama Administration on policy. They have yet to realize this isn't the Clinton Administration and this is a full-blown Communist takeover. I bet in Germany circa 1936 there were people like Steyn arguing and debating the policies of the Hitler Administration. That's the point - they want YOU debating their policies while they march in lock-step into a self-created disaster and they're gonna take everyone else down with them. The last 8 years have been evident. If they want to commit suicide - I'm all for it, but I'm not going willingly. Ever.

Someone give me a hammer - and I'll use it on Steyn's head. Worthless, like the rest of 'em.

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Sounds like what the Romans said as they watched Rome burn to the ground. Every great society collapsed under it's own weight - Democrats will have to own this destruction.