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Obamacare going down in North Carolina -

Gruber Has Contracts Terminated In Vermont And North Carolina

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As I mentioned a few weeks ago - I expect Obama's agenda to go full-on nuclear during the lame duck session. These 60 days are the most dangerous America has faced since the Civil War. And Obama proves me right with every EO and PD.

As Obama becomes more desperate - expect the blow-back to intensify to DEFCON One as the Citizenry DEMANDS that Obama is brought to justice.

The ONLY thing between World Harmony AND World War Five is Obama. Don't let this faggot own your future.

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After Obama's illegal immigration abortion last night - Vega and Volin should make the point that now would be a good time to tear down that fence surrounding the illegal squatting in the White House.

Open Borders - not just for Main Street.

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I concur. Look at how long Hussein kept his new voters at arms length. Only after the titanic landslide did he act - too afraid to do it before - like every Democrat initiative.

Hussein is making all his moves now - and there is a good reason why. He'll be making no moves in the near future.

Here's the one question that came to my mind after the Gruber revelations - Who is signing all these checks for hotels rooms, personal consultants - like Gruber, AFOne, vacations, and a host of other non-royal activities. That's not a question and one that will be answered in the near future.

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Obama getting his plantation to riot will keep their focus off his plan to eliminate the few jobs they have and give them to the Democrat new voters.

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I want the "elites" to be protected by our "Declaration of Independence"

No one is "protected" by the Declaration of Independence. Americans CITIZENS are protect by the Bill of Rights.

and stand up to and defend our "US Constitution."

Why would Elites - most of whom are not even American citizens - stand up for the Constitution? They've been working for 100 years to destroy it whether they are Americans or citizens of countries that are America's enemies - Globalists.

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RS - if Zullo uncovered a plot to bomb the Capitol - or hold everyone inside hostage, do you think they would take that seriously, and at least investigate? It's the same thing, on a grander scale.

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Zullo also said that he had spoken with multiple members of Congress about the forgeries who reportedly told him, “We’re not going to do anything.”

Zullo obviously attempted to follow the proper procedures and it's not his fault that Congress is shirking their responsibilities. Zullo is on the record following the proper protocol. It appears that Zullo will now embarrass the entire Federal government and force them to act to preserve their own careers and lives. I like this method best of all the options. People won't be real happy to hear this was intentionally covered-up.

Zullo “said that the investigation that they started ‘turned very dark,’ whatever ‘dark’ means,” the individual added.

That statement could mean alot of things to alot of people - however, in my opinion, Zullo must have uncovered a plot to overthrow the country using a foreign enemy combatant - it looks like a long formulated plot to anyone paying attention. Further, the Feds have insulated themselves behind a police state in case the people ever demand accountability for their traitorous and treasonous actions. Currently, the elites fear Hussein more than the citizens - I think that dynamic will be changing shortly.

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Boortz says he used to regard birthers as nut cases, but now he is reconsidering what birthers say because it has been proven that Obama will lie about anything.

Just wait until the rest wheels fall off this dilapidated Administration. It's one thing to lie because Obama doesn't want his agenda uncovered - and it's an entirely different thing to create an agenda and then lie to keep it covered.

Once the first lie falls - it's easier to uncover many more and those will be certainly more nefarious. Nothing happening in America is happening by sheer chance - it's all part of an illegal #occupation that views Citizens as subjects. It hard to believe that anyone is so foolish that they actually believed all of the hype about socialized medicine. It's been failing wherever it's been tried for 100 years. If not America's private healthcare and private medical development they world would still be stuck in the 1600's.

With many seeing Obama for a liar - it will be relatively easy for them to then believe that he is lying about who he is and where he is from. Obama no longer gets the benefit of the doubt, on any matter. And the last election reenforces that people are fed-up with Obama and his lies.

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We get it - you voted for Obama because he's black. He's proven there is no other reason.