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A myth is something that has been debunked over time as new information becomes available and is verified. For Obama new information became available and reinforced the belief that he usurped the office.

Further, Obama never offered anything that refuted the claims that he is a foreign born agent. When challenged - he compounded those beliefs by authorizing forged documents.

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I can deny you worked for the CIA - you're barely able to work at Sonic.

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Another gay post by you. And it proves my point that there's something wrong with your though pattern and that of the dildo that you keep supporting here.

Judging you by your posts - it won't be long until you blow your cock off. Scoots can write a ten paragraph summary.

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There's something really wrong in your head. It's time someone told you. I'm glad to do it.

Get better handlers - that response was shit.

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I like it best when BT or Scoots gets flustered and then needs to phone the home office for a response. Like when Scoots copied and pasted the response without editing and the responses was posted two times.

Not all posters are created equal - and some blow their cover.

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It's comical watching Scoots and BT latch on to what they 'consider' the biggest conspiracy in the history of the world while denying all the conspiracies committed while the conspirator pulls conspiracy after conspiracy.

Who still believes this.

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Someday - you'll write a thought provoking post like mine. Not. You're not the first, nor last, to be publicly embarrassed for your douchebaggery.

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Don't forget - you're the dick that said - 'a bridge too far' two days ago. Too far for you. Not for others.

Keep that mind closed and keep spewing - you help me make my points.

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"Provocation". HA. You attempt to steer most dialogue when your toad isn't handy.

I'll let the posters decide. Unlike you - trying to shape opinion and failing.

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O/T folks -

There's one thing in this life that I value above all others and that's the truth. It's the one reason why I hung around Birther Report for so long. Most are looking for the same things.This website doesn't backdown from DARPA agents, CIA agents and Agent Provocateurs (that means BT and his mentally challenged sidekick - Scoots).

The truth should mean something on it's human and primal level. Instead, we have people who think the truth is forbidden. And if the truth were to ever leak out - the serfs and peasants would rightfully revolt. Then we have some that are trying to prevent the truth from emerging on so many levels that it defies description.

In an era of 'selfies' and atypical narcissistic behaviors we are now being told to accept the official line of the latest 'club house' shooting - so all guns can be confiscated. Eventually, this stuff works on people with little to no ability to think beyond the first layer of 'reality TV'. It's the incrementalism of it all - it doesn't happen overnight - but over decades. I'm sure you know that.

I find it interesting that every picture of the new shooter is exactly the same - and in a era of 'selfies' the one image is of him holding a rifle. Was it taken in a Syrian 'refugee' camp? I don't know - but I wouldn't be surprised. No images of this colossal asshole other than the one that get's the Obama Administration's points front and center. You should ask why. Atleast this new shooter doesn't have the Lanza haircut.

And there were no other images of this guy from any other phone where he's eating chicken-wings and drinking a Sam Adams. You'd think that his equally-colossal-asshole friend would be willing to show everyone the good times where he's a real person. Every retard has atleast one friend - and a friend that values his relationship with that other asshole. So where are the REAL pictures. He's the one image-man with a manifesto in an era with unbridled narcissism. He has no pictures on any cell phone of himself acting even remotely normal or like an asshole. Ask yourself why. It's not my job to clue you in and most of you already know that everything that has happened over the 25 years is a total hoax. We got where we are because people are gullible. Most people who post here started to realize that a long time ago.

Obama will be going on another million dollar winter vacation - there will be no mayhem during that vacation (mayhem involves disruption from golf) - within 2 days of his return to Washington - there will be another shooting - it's clockwork folks. It fits the narrative.

Don't be dumb - because the goal of all globalists is to steal your consciousness. Only you can let that happen. Don't let anyone tell you that a Usurper isn't formulating more hoaxes to keep the population off balance and to shape the future - that's why he's here. Reject Obama and his hocus-pocus.