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I remember when I had to take a class called World History, 10th grade, I think - long before World Cultures and long before Social Studies. I learned something very interesting. And it stuck with me over all these years. America was named for Amerigo Vespucci. It wasn't named Columbustown and it wasn't named Viking-Village and sure as hell wasn't named after Aga Khan or any other freedom oppressor - it was named after Amerigo Vespucci.

America - the land of the free. A land where people were descended to pursue freedoms - far away from the old feudal world. I often say how the old world looks like the New World Order and many others have said that the crowning achievement is America in the NWO hat - like a feather in their hat.

I often wonder what it was like to be a Jew in Germany, Poland or Czechoslovakia in 1938. Any rational and historical person must wonder the panic, horrors and frighting day to day life they faced.

They came America - where no one would ever face that horror again. So many ran to her shores. So many that we we were overrun. But, we had opportunity for all - to build homes, to feed the population, to farm - to integrate and assimilate.

Once we were honest. We upheld the ideal of America and a free land where people could escape oppression and find a new home and become an American - still the greatest of all worldly citizens - protected by the Bill of Rights and the Constitution.

Today, ask yourself how that dream has been degraded. Not because the dream is no more - but because Obama has degraded what it means to be an American.

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I made this point before - probably over a year ago. If you have citizens by decree, and that's what Obama is illegally doing, you have to give them voting rights. And Obama knows it - he also knows that the Supremes are going to rule in his favor. You can't have statutory citizens with no voting rights. I don't like it and no one else does either - but under the 14th if they are made citizens - they get voting rights.

Further - the ACLU is lined-up to make the court challenges on behalf of those illegal citizens. Now you understand why Kagan and Sotomayor are so vital to the radical intelligentsia. They're there to rubber-stamp the Communist agenda.

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Regarding Cruz, Jindal and Rubio - if we're gonna have a non-Natural Born Citizen as the nominee - I suggest Geert Wilders. Let's get someone who knows his ass from a hole in the ground and isn't an NWO ass-kisser.

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Communists don't recognize fair and unbiased court systems - that's why that was the first thing they infiltrated. If there was a fair and unbiased court system - there would have been about 5000 court-ordered executions and America would be on the road to recovery.

Further, no one takes the Obama Residency seriously, including Obama - everyone 'in the know' understands it's a redistribution and theft-scheme. There's no foreign policy achievements, no economic empowerment and certainly no monumental world peace. All notable Obama promises and failures.

Obama gives everyone a front-row seat to understanding why Muslims are at the bottom of the world pecking order. No one takes them seriously and to get your attention they are left with terror.

Hillary Clinton is easy to explain - she lives for the scandal, has no moral compass and when faced with a choice of breaking the law or not and suffering backlash - she intentionally breaks the law. There's no subconscious inside her head that tells her not to do illegal things. Common trait amongst the hardcore radical reactionary leftists.

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Funny. Not. Checkout how he knows the little nuances of every little item - like he didn't learn about them in the media. And he didn't learn about them in the media because he and Jarrett created them. Trading a deserter for killers, droning American hostages to death, standing on the 9th hole while hostages are getting beheaded, taking a nature hike while the debt imploded, pretending he's a family man while taking every opportunity to act like a flaming homosexual on another 'boy's weekend', shipping heavy combat armament all over America while he takes a bubble bath and sips pink champagne.

Yeah, that's what a gay Muslim looks like when he grabs the reigns of a free nation.

And those tools in the media - laughing like it all isn't true. Trying to convince America with their laughter that they are clueless about this imposter.

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Off Topic - for those of you noticing a series of problems at FreedomOutpost - my email to Tim this morning -

Hello Tim - Falcon here.

Over the last few months I have noticed a very annoying set of pop-ups on the site. These shutdown Flash and an assortment of other items. It's very annoying. Recently, there was a new porn type pop-up that asks you to click to actually leave the page. I guess I expect more from this site and not porn-type malware, bloatware and other unnecessary rubbish. I have every defense under the sun set up and these still get through Ghostery, ABP and my other defenses. I shouldn't have to arm myself to visit FreedomOutpost.

I think the site is too important to the Conservative cause to allow it to continue and not say something about it. I link the site almost everyday at Birther Report and have appreciated the effort of the contributors over the years. I get it that you all need to make a living - but this is the wrong way, in my opinion.

If this stuff isn't removed - I'll be forced to stop visiting - I've gotten tired of the site shutting down my Flash player every time I visit it. Further - I won't link it anymore. I think I owe it to you to tell you the truth - because you deserve an honest opinion and the truth. I used to visit five plus times per day - now I'm down to once or twice. Additionally, today I got a virus warning, again, you should know.

The content is awesome and I do appreciate the articles - but if this isn't corrected I'm moving on.

Best Regards -


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FreedomOutpost Morning Mash-Up -

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Whatta friggin' riot reading about that corrupt judge cross-examining Arpaio from the bench on his own behalf and determining of he was a target of the investigation.

Judge / Jury / Executioner / Corrupt-O-crat

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PHOTO: The Disturbing Picture Of Obama’s Kenyan Grandma He Does NOT Want You To See