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I've seen alot of posters attacking Soetoro Esquire lately, most of this is leftwing psycho-babble. However, there are some posters that think they own this site and are attempting to administrate what's posted and said. Some like to logout and then log as a guest to ram in their cheap shot. Who do you think you're fooling here?

I've yet to see the owner of this amazing site tell Soetoro Esquire to stop posting. That tells me that he has the owner's blessing to post. The owner if this site knows what's going on here night and day.

In fact - Soetoro Esquire was a guest with Mike Shoesmith. How many of you have been a guest with Mike Shoesmith? Soetoro Esquire did a nice job - laid out his thoughts and Shoesmith was intrigued by his presence on the show. Kudos to Soetoro Esquire.

I know one thing - if you're against Soetoro Esquire and his pursuit of the truth - you're my enemy. He's been polite, defined and knowledgeable. I wouldn't give you morons the compassionate beating he lays out, at all. You're not gonna drive him from this site or stop him from posting. I'm proud that someone came along and shares my passion. Someone who doesn't bow down to Alinsky tactics and uses them in reverse. That's a problem for those that want to control the dialogue.

Posting the truth is a passion - you either have it or you don't. And don't pretend you do.

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However, Mark Steyn, a conservative columnist and substitute host for Rush Limbaugh’s Thursday show, argues using the birther argument to attempt to end Obama’s presidency is the wrong way to go. You want it to end after his policies are discredited, Steyn argues.

Steyn makes my point. I have been saying forever that Limbaugh, Hannity, Levin, Coulter, Malkin, et. al., have been arguing and debating the Obama Administration on policy. They have yet to realize this isn't the Clinton Administration and this is a full-blown Communist takeover. I bet in Germany circa 1936 there were people like Steyn arguing and debating the policies of the Hitler Administration. That's the point - they want YOU debating their policies while they march in lock-step into a self-created disaster and they're gonna take everyone else down with them. The last 8 years have been evident. If they want to commit suicide - I'm all for it, but I'm not going willingly. Ever.

Someone give me a hammer - and I'll use it on Steyn's head. Worthless, like the rest of 'em.

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Sounds like what the Romans said as they watched Rome burn to the ground. Every great society collapsed under it's own weight - Democrats will have to own this destruction.

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I see Hussein is telegraphing his toxin intent all over the media. In my opinion, the period after the election and before the new Congress is sworn in will be the most dangerous in modern times. This is typically the lame duck session and little gets done. In this case it will be the defining moment of this usurpation. This is when things go from exceptionally bad to horrendous in the blink of an eye.

Like everyone else - I'm trying to remain patient and allow the CCP events to unfold in their own time and own place - however, if Zullo and Arapio are waiting for a new Congress - the country may be totally destroyed by then. Just my opinion, if Hussein is allowed to finish what he started this country will be completely decimated in less than 6 months.

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Hard to believe Arpaio and Zullo are enjoying any parts of Hussein's destruction. I disagree with them that this is not political and want it all released as soon as possible. However, I know they're doing the right thing. We're all impatient - but it's going to happen.

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Kay Hagan didn't show up for her debate last night. Typical leftist coward who doesn't want to be confronted with her Anti-American communism. Did you know that this wretched little wench skipped Armed Services committee hearings on ISIS.

And now that her little kick-back and corruption scheme has been uncovered she doesn't want to face the public. You'd have to be a huge scumbag to put any energy into helping this monster.

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Which one is the REAL Obama. Answer - Both.

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Blunts 4 Obama. He let you out of jail early. Obama gave momma foodstamps. Obama gave your girlfriend an abortion. Vote. And Vote and Vote.

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Senate Gone.

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So, the other day I'm in my car - V8, by the way, to really piss off the liberals. I'd drive a V28 if I knew it would anger them even further. I'd love drive the streets with a jet engine strapped to my car if I knew they would have such a fit it could cause cardiac arrest.

Anyway, I'm thinking - "what can Hussein do now to really screw this country". He's already brought in E68, Leprosy, and the big boy of all bad boys - EBOLA. This isn't the kind of thing people forget. I know I won't, but seriously, we have the first black president to bring his homeland contagion. To a Kenyan - this is like sharing some river rat he caught and was awarded a village idiot medal for wrestling it from the jaws of an Anaconda. This is how you get a spear with a warthog tusk nailed to it in a formal ceremony.

As I said a few weeks ago - as this election draws near and the end of the Obama residency comes to a close - expect anything and everything. We're seeing the worst of the worst in the final death throes. Hussein will hear about it on the news, like everyone else.