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The hallmark of an Obama propaganda hit-job - his trolls all disappear.

1. They don't want to defend the indefensible and waste their energy defending a moron. They know it too.

2. Blame the opposition. Launch threats.

3. Immediate residential executive or residential directive - via the pen and phone.

4. Road Show.

5. Vacation. All shootings miraculously stop while golfing. Beheadings are another story.

6. Hit-job within 48 hours of the return to Washington and a reason to look residential after bilking the taxpayers for another 10 million.

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Video -

He also confirms there was a THIRD perpetrator, who intentionally HELD THE EXIT DOOR SHUT so people inside the club COULD NOT ESCAPE.

BREAKING: Orlando Terrorist Worked For G4S, Company Hired By Obama To Transport Illegal Immigrants Inside US

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It's a well known fact that I stated that Obama brought these enemy combatants in to kill his stated political enemies. Now, some are killing his allies because they don't care about his mangled agenda. In fact, their stated goal is to kill the people with whom Obama aligns.

Everyone saw this coming.

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Today cemented Obama as America's absolute biggest failure. Slavery now second.

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First of all - there is no American ISIS. This was all created by Obama, Jarrett, Powers, Donilon, Rice, Clinton, Rhodes, Soros and Brennan. Why do you think Obama "ended the wars responsibly". He pulled the troops out of Iraq so they wouldn't witness his coming atrocities.

Further, Trump has clearly accused Obama and Clinton of creating ISIS. Something I said here years ago.

This morning - before the CIA scubbed the overnight staff's intel collection - I saw on the UK Daily US side that there is a witness claiming a second gunman. Now, I wasn't there - but how do so many witnesses keep getting it wrong about the number of gunmen and their descriptions - like at San Bernadino - and now Orlando - and before that Columbine. And so on and so on.

Will this gay shooting be a wake up call for the terminally demented? No, their Messiah has it all under control, as he targets them.

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It's the battle everyone has been waiting for - Obama's imported Islamic militants versus Obama's gay militant voting bloc. So far, usurper Obama continues to side with Islam because the winds have shifted in an ugly direction for the gays.

It's probably a good idea for the Democrats to erect a border wall around the DNC convention site - Obama's imported Muslim militants will surely stab their masters in the front and back. Perhaps, this gives Obama and Brennan due cause for drone strikes on Main Street USA.

Lastly, Trump should have demanded Obama resign because he committed multiple crimes against America and her people. It all starts and ends right there.

Good to see ya back BR.

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I mentioned a few times how I found Rush Limbaugh. I found him during a commercial break on the Dr. Dobson show - so I changed the channel and found Limbaugh - that was 1989.

About 10 years ago I really started to question his alliances. Nuff said.

Beck - owes me Event File #2 on al-Harbi before he commits suicide, at any moment.

Levin - drop dead. Useless from the beginning to the end.

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If Trump manages to navigate the remaining NWO labyrinth - and not get killed - you could see treason and sedition charges.

Pray. Hard.

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Let's break this down -

In it's purest form - the Natural Born Citizen must meet an entirely different definition than the Statutory or Naturalized Citizen. Otherwise there would be no need to define each according to a criterion. Now, remember folks, all citizens are equal - EXCEPT when it comes to the office of the Presidency. This is where the seperate set of standards are in play.

One does not wonder why - it's to prevent an immoral derelict from usurping the office and destroying the country from within. Further, any nation would want to prevent outside allegences beyond their ratified Constitution.

With Cruz's KNOWN international baggage - how could he ever meet the simpiest standard - that of the Naturalized when there are no supporting documents that can be verified by independent experts NOT tied to the RNC / DNC.

If Cruz lies about his personal and professional life to this degree - doesn't it make sense that he's lying about his status? I think it does.

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On the most basic level - how can a person born in Canada be Natural Born Citizen of America. You have to suspend all rational thought to qualify Ted Cruz.

Further, 'foreign born' and renouncing your citizenship in another country for political expediency reveals even more about Cruz's devious methods.

Not trusted by me and most others.