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I do love that Nancy gets a beat down here after getting dropped as a contributor at BIN. You have to be a real genetically altered pumpkinhead to be dropped from BIN.

Even Glenn Canady hasn't been dumped yet and that's a wild as it gets. And masquerading under some Veterans banner, Good Lord. The King of Shambhala hasn't even been banned and that freak needs a massive smack down.

Enjoy Dwayne Jessie as Otis Day -

[youtube z2JFJ6B9xoY&feature=player_embedded http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z2JFJ6B9xoY&feature=player_embedded youtube]

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@ Darkside - are you a Crazytown fan? You know the Butterfly band?

Toxic and Darkside? Mister Shifty Switchblade. Gift of the Game. Megatron. Black Cloud. Revolving Doors.

The Screen Name "Dark Side" and the correlation to Obama is "Crazy Town".

Yo, yall, just ain't knowin'.

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Yes Sho. You asked me before and I can't say because I don't know the inner workings - but it's going to happen in the relatively near future.

Not sure what that means - but that's what I hear / heard.

If I were to guess - and that's all it is, a guess - it's going to happen rather soon in the long term "descriptors" of this case.

I think they are going to embarrass Congress into action. It's going to be one branch attempting to save themselves at the expense of the other two. Obama lined the Judicial with his hand pick enablers, so watch the resignations and fireworks.

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Misses Rondeau didn't research this part properly.

Within weeks, he used these powers to exclude the communists and socialists from the parliament.

The party name was Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei - or, known to us - The National German Death Party Apparatchik. Socialists by any other name . . . still smell just as foul.

It is true that Hitler and Goebbels blew up the Reichstag and we have posted that many times before.

Tony Elliot - May 4th, 2014

America Today Parallels NAZI Germany

Bonus - Cheryl Pass -

Reichstag Fire Forever – The US In A Constant State Of Emergency

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Add a category for ISIS and very effeminate Democrat metrosexuals. That looks like a match made in Jahannam.

Club Jahannam, it's an all inclusive.

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RamboIke questioned me on that lunatic Pope - I wonder how he feels now. I knew they didn't move that Nazi Pope Ratzinger out for no reason at all.

Ike is a very good poster and I do love seeing him here - but this Pope makes everyone wonder what's going on.

You'll love this - enjoy.

[youtube P7Vjtp8E5o0&feature=player_embedded http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P7Vjtp8E5o0&feature=player_embedded youtube]

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Amen, Latina. I've learned so much here. That's a credit to BR, himself, and the posters that come here day after day.

I'm light years ahead of where I was when I was at Breitbart and CV. I thank both for the education, but I wanted to learn even more.

Recently I stopped by CV and the best poster asked me if I was back for good or just a visit - and I replied probably just a visit. That poster said he missed me. That's the best compliment I have ever received. CV is sort of a bubble, and I do love the posters there - however, I'm on a quest, like everyone else here, to get the truth, no matter where that leads. And my patience is wearing thin, like everyone else.

The good news is we won't have to wait much longer. And to paraphrase Zullo / Gallups - you'll understand why there was a delay when it all happens.

An additional thought - staying informed and educated is a requirement of the Constitution and Reagan said that Freedom is only one generation away from extinction.

Mankind's destiny is to be free - and that can't happen without education and the free-flow of information.

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With the implosion of the Soviet Union - George Herbert Walker Bush rode in with twenty billion to keep Russia as a counter balance.

Unfortunately, Prescott Bush's record is no better. We're now looking at five generations of Bushes who undermine America.

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I saw this one yesterday and couldn't help myself.

 photo Clinton2_zps2bbec55e.jpg

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Pat Dollard's site is relatively new to me and I've been all over this internet. I've only known about it for maybe a year. Someone here linked it.

Same for BR - I found this site while simply searching for information on Obama. Just five years ago the "insightful conservative" dialogue was limited to a few sites. There were other conservative sites but few offered what Conservative Treehouse or RedFlag (although it struggles to get a steady stream of posters). RF could change the format and literally conquer the whole net in 15 minutes because it's doing what Drudge refuses. A few tweeks and no one would remember Drudge.

Gateway Pundit is an obvious leader in the conservative blog-o-sphere - and not just from the author content, but from the poster perspective. The poster perspective is the most valuable part of the format in my opinion.

Malkin does a good job too - you just never known when she'll sell a property and not inform everyone.

Surprisingly, Breitbart London had over 20 thousand comments on a story this week. Seems some are dying for libertarian slash pseudo-conservatism across the pond when it relates to their internal/external dynamics.